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The speakers discuss the history and use of tools to measure things in the market, as well as the use of tools to avoid fraud and avoid double-standards. They also touch on the concept of unfairness in equity and the importance of not giving people too many false estimates. The speakers emphasize the need for caution and avoiding giving too much of one's money to make up for it, as well as avoiding double standards and not cutting corners. They also mention the importance of avoiding eye contact and not being punished for actions, and emphasize the need for consistency in daily behavior and avoiding punished actions.

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In a hamdulillah heatall and Madonna screen over here a sculpture of hula hula heated I mean surely an fusina was at our Marina de la huhtala philomela homonuclear fella has Yella or Chateau La ilaha illallah wa houda Sheree Kara wash. Mohammed and Aveda who want to be you who are pseudo? Yeah you hola Dina hamanaka por la porta potti here la mattina 11 Tomasi moon yeah you Hannah suta Pura vida como la de hola como una de wahida wirkkala caminhada verbessern humare gelang Cathy around one

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what's up hola hola de Luna v he will have him in namaha can la Kumara peba? Yeah you have Latina mano De La Hoya Hulu polenta de de la Kumara Malecon? Well, unova con woman para la hora Sula, who Papa alima all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds. for whomever Allah guides when can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves a strain on can ever guide

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and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our absolute love or absolute obedience but Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet, and his servants and His Messenger, whom Allah there was an incentive for mercy to the world. After welcoming everyone to the house of Allah villages and reminding myself and you with the greatest provision we can provide ourselves with for the Day of Judgment, the taqwa of Allah, the dutifulness and consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Abdullah is not best about the Allahu Anima he said when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first migrated to Medina

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can and Natsu.

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Can, Medina the people of Medina meaning the traders, the business people of Medina can pick up a baton, Nancy Kayla, they were the most corrupt people when it came to measure how they would measure things in the market. They would cheat it'd be fraudulent.

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And it is narrated in particular that there was a man among them, who was like their superstar, the best con artist out of them even a man his name was Abu hanaa. He said Abu hanaa basically had quick hands like the guy who shuffles guard. And he had two cups or containers by which you would measure with. And so when he would measure when he is on the receiving end, right, he would use one cup and when he would measure on the selling end he would use another cup so that he would always get the better end of the bargain.

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And so as a result of this a lot as the agenda revealed way you don't live in woe to those who shortchange others whoa to the fraudulent what was his statement of threat, meaning they are on a crash course. They are about to encounter destruction, way lonely prophecy in the fraudulent people woe to them. And then Allah is there was undefined to the mobile 15 are he says Allah Xena is actiu Allah naseous esto foun they are those that when they are on the receiving end of a benefit, they demand they're right in full what either kallu whom I was a new home, but when they're measuring for them or waiting for them

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your room, they cause them loss, they give them the short end of the stick and they take more than their full right when they are on the receiving end of the transaction. So a lot as though that threatens them for their double standard right in them for their double dealing right there swindling.

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And so this is the topic of today's multiple. This is obviously in a form of injustice, unfairness in equity, but notice how the Quran guides us to do some deep cleaning to look at some of the applications of injustice. Because you can sometimes say I'm not gonna just I don't give anybody a black guy. I'm not gonna just I don't write I don't oppress people in a different kind of way. But the Quran gives you applications of this to make sure you don't show up carrying any injustice on that day hahaha Birmingham hola as Allah says he is doomed the person that comes shouldering any injustice on that last day. The person who doesn't check his scales all his scale when how he

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measures things because Allah scale is perfect and so accurate and so insensitive. Can you imagine a day when this scale will measure the weight of a speck of dust? whomever does the speck of speck of dust weight of good will see it you know the eye and whomever does a speck of dust weight of evil will see it

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If everything will show up, then.

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And if you get more than you deserve, then it will be of mercy. It will not be a punishment. But while you're here, you need to check your scale, so that you don't take you don't use syrup, you don't collect more than you deserve. Especially when you're not giving people and this is natural, your tendency is not to give people their due. Right. That is the idea. Woe to you for having these double standards. You know, even this is across the board. Of course it applies in finance, the example is finance. The initial example. This is the same reason in finance, by the way, why scholars say that insurance is how long for sure the scholars mentioned it when there's necessity,

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like if you don't have coverage, now you will go to jail. So that's a concession is made that is allowed for the circumstances. But in principle, why is insurance How long? Of course collecting money so that we can take care of each other at a time of need is not held on? That's not the problem, right for us to pool our money together for social welfare. That's not the idea. But insurance is not like that. commercial insurance, the one we're subjected to, is a a system that is not cooperative, it is not benevolent. It's about making sure you make your premium, you make your payments in full. But when it's time for them to pay out, they want to make sure they pay out the

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lowest amount possible, right? It is a very different framework. That is what makes it how long that is unclear, and it is more than likely that you will be shortchanged.

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But how are they able to do it this fall?

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Because they can the law is behind them. Right? Sometimes you fall into the piece that is so glaring, but you think you can just because you have leverage.

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You know, many times Muslims come to me in different ways. They phrased the question and say, I don't want to do business with Muslims. I don't want to do business with Muslims.

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And this is very common, because they say when I'm dealing with Muslims, they deal with me that way, they wouldn't deal with somebody outside. They pressed me extra. And they expect of me more. And so why? Because you feel like you can with a Muslim? Because we're family. So you're supposed to give me more that can I take from you more? No, you can. That is perfect. That is a double standard we're talking about. You know, interestingly, in fact, just to get past this point, a person should be even more careful than Muslim because on top of the rights of justice that everyone has is entitled to there is the right of Islam. That is why the prophet SAW Selim even said about property and

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wealth lay a Hindu man in muslimin. In lab up BNF seen mean who it is haraam for you to take, consume, collect the wealth of another Muslim, unless they open heartedly give it

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not just they give it not just willingly give it open heartedly give it that's how sensitive, are they comfortable with this? Did I embarrass them into giving this out? Did I pressure them into giving us out? That would mean that even if they gave it you'd have to return it, and if you will consume that you'd have to compensate for it, even if it were a meal? If you passed by and said Can I have some and then they said yes, please come join us. And you felt like maybe they did that out of embarrassment. You would have to repay that meal by the way. islamically speaking just to show you the heightened sense of concern you should have with Muslims. But why is it this is not about

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Muslims By the way, statistically speaking

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a Russian person will get scammed by a Russian person before anybody and an Egyptian person will be scammed by an Egyptian person before anybody crime rates show this why because your guard down in that their family and they are not and they are more likely to press you and cheat you and bully you because your guard down is your and your family. So it's not a Muslim problem. It's a problem of the assumption of leverage, which the Quran came to uproot. What did the Quran say? Way luenell mapa 15 whoa to these people that have double standards, those who demand their rights in full but shortchange others when they're delivering their rights to them. Li avant Ola aka whomever ruhuna

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Leo Min alvim Yo, Maya Pomona sorry, Rob Bilal. I mean, don't these people realize that they will be resurrected

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on the day of debating to be made to stand in front of the Lord the Most High the most great for a great day. Your leverage that evaporates when this becomes present in your mind, I don't have leverage, I still have not gotten past the transaction. There are a lot of scales that are more accurate than my scales that will scrutinize even if the person in front of V is not able to.

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And then we want to add to the concept of puppies that it begins with finance because it's

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prevalent double standards in finance because greed is so prevalent, but it applies everywhere. Didn't the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call our attention to talk thief, double standards. When it comes to how we deal with Allah.

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We get our right from Allah in full, we get our oxygen, we get our life, we get our life, all of it. And then he says to us, well, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that some of you go to meet Allah five times a day, you make your prayers, and you don't exit your prayer, except with half of it, or a third of it, or a quarter of it, or a fifth of it, or if except until he said, a 10th of it. You only gave Allah 10% of his right in the Salah.

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And sometimes you pray your prayer in a way that you have short changed it to the extent that it has if you haven't prayed all together, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a man not coming to a full stop in his postures. Like you're bouncing in and out of positions. You don't come to a full stop and bowing and then standing in the prostrating. He said it'll just for fun leafa in a column to suddenly go back and pray for you have not prayed. This is beyond below the threshold. It doesn't count. This is a double standard in our prayers. We're stealing from our prayers. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the third Hadith in so unnecessary, aka Allah Yes,

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recomand sala de la UT Morocco. Aha wala su Judah hawala Pasha, the worst kind of thief is the one that steals from his prayers by not perfecting their bowing, nor their frustration, nor their communist their tranquility and postures.

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But then it's not just with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's not just with people in terms of

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in terms of finance, it is about how you deal with people in general, there's so many applications of it, think of the employee, any kind of employee,

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would he except for his employer to cut corners on his paycheck, like I took 10% off, because, you know, I calculated how many few extra minutes you took on your break throughout the month. And so it adds up, he would lose his mind, he would lose his legs, he would quit or start a fight. So we have no problem cutting corners around our work schedule, right? Or the amount of time that I'm doing work.

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And doing non work while in the cubicle, or whatever. It is shortchanging the rights of my employer, but I refuse that my employer shortchange my right, that's a part of it.

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Or think of teachers,

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when a teacher gives the benefit of the doubt to one student as they grade the exam, and not the benefit of a doubt to another student, right? Because one students could be in their best interest, they like them, or their parents do things for them. Whereas another student, they don't get any monetary or any material benefit. So they shortchange them.

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Or people in general, who don't give the respect that they expect from others, to others when they're sitting in front of them. You want people to respect you, but you're on your phone, don't give them eye contact, when they're having a conversation with you.

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And this goes between parents and children and children and parents, and everybody else. As a matter of fact, Omar Abdullah, who I know one time

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was approached by a man who was complaining of his child,

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that he was rebellious. And so the child said, but he was wrong to me before I was wrong to him.

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He was wrong to me first, he said how he that he named me to a foul name. And he married the woman that was not a righteous woman, my mother is she has something else going on in her life. And he continued to listen to things that his father disadvantaged him with, or almost didn't say it was right for him to rebel against his father. But they're almost appointed his father's attention to the fact that these are double standards. And he said to him, you were cruel to him, as he was younger before he was born. And now he is cruel to you when he is older.

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Why are you complaining only about this half, because it's in your best interest, then it's not about cruelty to parents. It's not about justice or righteousness. It's just about you and your greed.

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And you want to be privileged in the treatment you receive.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam By the way, in speaking of attention, he was once given a ring

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that that caught his attention to his glimmery and it had it was attractive. And so all of a sudden, the Sahaba saw him take it off and give it to somebody so get rid of it, do something with it. He said Why? He said because it distracted me. You know, like I'm talking to someone and checking it out and things it took from my attention. That is not part of prophetic etiquette. And we are the followers of Mohammed Salallahu alaihe

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Allah and we should expect from people to respect us, but do we expect of ourselves to respect them just as much? Otherwise, it's the truth. It's double standards and we need to check the scale. Apollo probably has our stuff from Malawi, Morocco

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah La vida de la ilaha illa bajo la sharika Hashana Mohammedan. Abu whenever you who are pseudo

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Abdullayev nobis are the Allahu taala and Huma being a great scholar and righteous man this interested in this world was noticed by some of the people doing something unexpected which was taking care of his physical appearance being presentable combing his hair and preparing himself not like us when we're going out but as he's heading home and they told him like why are you busy, so busy with yourself? Your look? He said, I hold myself to a higher standard basically, he said I like to adorn myself for my wife the way I expect that she adorn herself for me, because Allah azza wa jal said hula hula Miss Lula de la hidden urban model that they have similar to the rights that are

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do have them to you. They have rights the same way you have rights, you have rights of each other, the standards that they're all equal, the exception should stay the exception, small role differences, that's it.

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And he used to even say he used to even say it I'll be alone. Tyler and Homer are in Nila or Shibu. And I stand with a health claim in her Kameelah. And I do not like to demand my full rights from her. Because he's afraid if I demand my full rights from her, that means I'm going to be questioned about my full responsibilities towards her. And what if I shortchange those,

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and on the other side as well, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned the women of being ungrateful to their husbands in the way to measure and having complete and he said, lo que la cocina de tomar I mean we Omen so when a man is good to you forever and then you see one ugly day from him. You say Marina Minka halen caught we've never seen any good from you.

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These are double standards

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and also on the right of brotherhood before I close. Mohammed mysterion Rahim Allah He used to say

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that it is a volume it is such injustice from you towards your brother, that you mentioned his flaws without mentioning his good quality.

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And Sakura Massa v. What's x tumor has an Atty. And a chef curry and sushi and others used to say people are like that most people are like that. That's why the Quran tells us worry about sleep, worry about the day when Allah scales will replace yours. Don't tell yourself a lie. They used to say a shepherd and Sophia and that some people if they heard 100 words of wisdom from you, they would not repeat any of them or appreciate any of them. And if they hear one slip up from you, they will circulate it far and wide.

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These are all manifestations of this top three says the foreign Kingdom May Allah make us people that are consistent upon justice, clear us of these double standards that we tell ourselves sometimes make us not of those who are wrong any of his creation and his believing servants the Muslims in particular aloha manana silica who buck Obama you hit book wash Obama new curricula in Arabic. Allah home as you know fusina taqwa the key Hansa hi Romans Rica and 70 you help them Allah Allah Mina Mina Mina Mishima Allah manana ob can not only mount Olam when our Oh to be Jelani can be no Reba Chica Anna Konami man hammer la palma de la la hola Baraka, Vienna, Mohammed while early he

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was Sofia, Germany