Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #27 – Allah Will Still Forgive Him

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various narratives and narratives that the Prophet experienced during Islam's time, including the Hoxon Hoxon Law and the Wailing Mountain. They also mention the use of "med pleasant" to describe the experience of the Prophet's visit to a mountain, and the discovery of the god's body and loss of members of the Church. The speakers also discuss the use of narratives to express their desire to die and the potential consequences of their actions.
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without the fatty or the alongside and who is one of the companions who spent a lot of time with the Prophet slicin alone. And so one of the blessings we have from without all the allowance and who is that you have multiple narrations of personal advice from the Prophet sly summed up with all the alonside on of course, he's known as the first one to use the greeting of Islam when he came in embraced Islam in Mecca was one of the first people to say a Saddam RTKL sort of Law and the Prophets license to respond to him in the same way.

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So this incident, and he's also of course, one of those who narrated the hadith of Djibouti bodyslam. This incident, he says he and the Prophet slice on them were walking out and they looked at it, so they're walking out. And as they're taking the stroll, they look at the mountain. And Rasulullah sai Salam used to love to use a hood as an example, right? I mean, it's a very prominent mountain if you're in Medina, you see, it's all the time and it really imposes his presence on you. So the Prophet SAW Salem as he's staring at a hertz he says to double double the load SATA annually says Matt or hibel and know who you how well Elisa hudon yum couture nd Minho, dinar unfocus Allah,

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Allah Dinara or sido hoody Dang. He said, without all the alarms on annual I would not like to have this mountain turned into gold for me, unless nothing of it not even a single dinar remains of it for more than three days except for that which is used for meeting the prophets. I send him a saying, when I look at this mountain, I wish I could have it and spend it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala I don't want anything of it of this dunya now, you compare that to the Hadith where the prophets lie, someone said that if the son of Adam was given a valley of gold, then he wouldn't say to him the love for the Valley of gold. He would say I want another one and another one and

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another one until that person eventually dies, and their mouth is full of dirt. So the prophets lie Selim is looking at the hood and saying I wish I could give that in South Africa. I wish I could have this in gold and give it in South Africa. Then the prophets lie some said in the UK Serena Holman Kowloon 11 Carla Denali, Hakkoda Wahaca waka Leyland Maham the prophets Isom said that those who have much in this world have little in the hereafter Subhan Allah UK 13 Those who have much in this world have little in the Hereafter, except for those who spend their money like this and like this meaning FISA be the law they give in charity right and left FISA be the law in the Cause of

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Allah subhanaw taala and the prophets licenser Colleano know how few in number are they then so the prophets lie some is making an example out of a hood and speaking just to I will double the louder and then the profit slice on here something and he says to without all the law and home mechanic Stay here and don't leave until I give you permission set without stays there and the profit slice on goes to a place and I will that will be allowed to and who hears this loud voice speaking to the prophets lie Selim are just the noise and that voice you know it scared him a bit and he wanted to go out but he remembered the order of the Prophet slice alum so he stayed in his place and also last

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night so I'm spent some time over there and then the profit slice I'm comes back and he says yeah this little love What was that noise? Or that voice that I heard on the profit slice? I'm so did you hear it? Now? You see somehow through all of these narrations? Did you see it? Did you hear it because sometimes ALLAH SubhanA allows some people to hear or see them without ICA sometimes Allah's parents attic keeps them, you know obscured, which is the majority of time and sometimes two people looking at the same angel, one can see the other can't so the prophets lie. Some says So you heard him and without says yes, yes, little law. So the prophets lie. Some said Djibouti had it his Saddam

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came to me. So he called me out and he came to me. Now before I say what he told him, there are numerous narrations of Djibouti rice lamb, calling the Prophet slice them away from the gathering, to give him some glad tidings. So the time where the prophets lie, some was called the way and he was found in sujood, praising Allah and thanking Allah because wa salam called them away from the gathering, to tell him that Allah just sent him the news that anyone who sends Salam on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanho wa Taala would send that salaam back to them 10 times and Djibouti daddy SNAM would send us alarm 10 times and then we'll be raised by 10 degrees so here

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Gibreel called the profit slice I'm away from without and the profit slice that I'm says and he told me min Mata min automatica la usually Kobe la he shader duckula Jana, I want you to know how to sort Allah whoever amongst your followers dies not associating a partner with Allah will enter into Jana. Meaning at some point

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They're entering into Janna. So, you know the narration of the Prophet slice alum. You know, crying out for his Allah and Allah sending debris nice not to comfort him. This is a glad tiding that Jovita ISON wants to share with the Prophet sallallahu already who has set up now without all the Allah Tala and who has already moved on from the surprise that this was GBI. Somebody heard talking to the prophets lie Selim, he says yada so Allah in fact, Allah cada, O Messenger of Allah, even if he did this and that, even if he committed adultery and stole, okay, and the prophets lie Selim said, even if he did this in that, so the honest Allah even if he did this, and that was another

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narration that extends this conversation, even if he did this and that so he's, he's saying, wait a minute, how will he go to Jannah and the prophets lie Selim is saying, even if he did those things, so after repeating this to the prophets lie Selim, and the Prophet slice I'm responding to him the prophets lie, some says, even if he did this, and that even if a Buddha doesn't like it,

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even if without all the Allahu Anhu objects, eventually this person will go to Jana. Now, of course, there are different ways to go to Jana, and there are some that are punished on the way to Jana, but this in and of itself was a bush shot so the prophets lie Selim, but at the same time we aspire to the death of the likes of Syed have been quiet while the allot of time and not someone that is just being mentioned in this way between WTI stem and the profit slicer.

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