Omar Suleiman – Ishaa Khatira 03-31-2014

Omar Suleiman
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Yeah, John

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boy email Leo.

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Shadi the lead on more you must share on your meaning while you must share all meaning and Larry nya on Google slaw and he had the

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gentleman has an Macky Fein fe, Java Tada. As you can probably tell them, I'm not feeling the best right now. So I'm not going to go too, too deep in Charlottetown into a topic.

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But I'll just share with you all something. Anyone who's on social media would have seen that I posted this on Friday, really something amazing happened to me this Friday, and that is that Subhan Allah was giving a football on Friday it was of Houston. And I was speaking about Zachary it,

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and how this old man was worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So humbly,

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as a nine year old man asking Allah subhanaw taala for the blessing of the child and things of that sort. And how long a man came after the Salah, and he's two months away from turning 90.

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And he said that I don't have nine years of worship, but I have nine years of sin, do you think God will accept me?

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Of course, Allah will accept anybody. So he asked how to become Muslim, and SubhanAllah. Officially, the oldest shahada I've ever given in my life gives we gave shahada on Friday, to an 89 year old man. That's two months, two months away.

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Two months away from being 92 Pamela it was just such an amazing feeling. And then it reminded me, you know, the Prophet saw some stuff on a log once good for a person, then he, he guides him to faith and then you apply the plus penalty to takes his life. And so we find that this happens sometimes with the Sahaba of the prophesy. So

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I'm going to do a demo on the longtime environment. And dimorphic was an old man who became Muslim, just right before of it. Both of his sons, young man, they fought in the Battle of better two more, and they were the ones that struck a blue jacket.

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You know, from both directions, and and I'm loving the law, and we killed him. And he came to the battle with the limp. And the prophets lie. So I'm told him Yeah, and he told them Uncle, you are exempt. We said, he said, I don't want to be exempt. You know, he said, Who's going? Are you going to prevent me from joining? And so the prophets I said, Let him fight and he should have been perfect. And the prophets license that I've seen him walking in Jamna, without,

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you know, walking in Jannah, smoothly, and Subhanallah you know, it's unbelievable how Allah azza wa jal guides people sometimes towards the very end of their lives, but then that brings up this question, you know, How is that fair that this person, you know, gets to live his life away from the last time and at the end of his life, all of a sudden becomes Muslim and everything works out for him. And you have to understand him on on the local level played a loss parents had a wanted for him good for something good that he did in his life. Remember Islam as a gift amount as a gift, Allah knows what good that person might have done in his life, to where this this guidance came to him

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towards the end of his life. And a lot of times it reminds me of this, you know, of something that happened to me when I was in Hajj. Not this year, a few years ago, actually, there was someone in the hydrography complaint, he said, How come these people they get to, you know, they live in Mecca. And he said, you know, they're not the nicest people in the world. And he said that they get to get the agenda of praying, you know, salon Jamara and getting 100,000 You know, Salop with every single salon, here we are in America, they get to do hygiene, those types of things. I said some Subhanallah you know, you envy him for his situation, he envies you for your situation. You know,

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you envy him because you say this guy gets to do Hajj every year and by the way, that's a misconception. Actually, most of the people the residents of Mecca and Medina have never done this before. You ask them the cab driver, for example, taking every time I always ask the cab driver to take me to the airport. Have you ever done he says no. Why? Because that's their time in business. So every single year, the only time they make their money is when they're, you know, driving the cab or opening their business at that time, it's high time and they're not willing to close their businesses

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to do Hajj one year. And Allah knows everyone's individual circumstances, whether he has the bar, whether he's capable or not. But the point is, is that, you know, you might do Hajj, you know, 1000s of miles away multiple times, some of us have, and that person who lived there was prevented, you know, was unable to do Hutch. So you should as Paola you know, you think you know, I answered the same person. So you know, a lot of people they see us in the Middle East they say, particularly in Mecca and Medina mashallah you guys have attested new data. You can call someone to Islam and the prophets I send them said that if Allah guides through you one person than it is better for you than

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this dunya and everything that's contained within it, let's say Allah guides one, person three, and that person you know, starts to practice and you get the reward of his practice needed.

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hatch and you get the reward of that his offspring does hatch and you get the reward that they prey and you get the reward of that. The point is Allah has given each and every single one of us our individual tests, our individual opportunities to please Him. So you get these individual opportunities to please the last panel to either better unique to your situation and take advantage of those don't always look to the outside and say this person got this this person got that? You never know. Subhanallah there's some people, Allah azza wa jal makes it that easy for them. You know, but you never know. You never know. And subhanAllah the most beautiful,

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most beautiful thing I've ever heard perhaps Dr. Gerald Dirks. I don't know how many of you have heard of Dr. Joe Burke's he's written a lot of books. MashAllah Christianity, today's young, former scholar of Christianity truly taught at Harvard University Christianity, and became Muslim mashallah really written summary of some of the best academic work I've ever seen in the field down from a pure academic, he's written on the Abrahamic faiths, and things are starting to pile up.

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Someone asked him, they said, you know, aren't you glad that Allah delayed you? Because he said that he wanted to become Muslim 20 years earlier. And for 20 years, he, you know, he's he's struggled with this idea, or this, this decision whether or not he should become Muslim. And then finally, after 20 years, he finally decided to become Muslim. So someone's like, Oh, you're lucky, you know, you got to, you got to do all that you wanted to do for those 20 years. And he needs power, he teared up and he said, he said, I swear by Allah, I wish, I wish I would have become Muslim 20 years ago,

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I wish I would have become Muslim 20 years ago. Why? Because our being Muslim, our living SNAM are living with this faith and are living with salon or living with our lives surrounding the most of these types of things is a NEMA and a blessing in and of itself, and it makes dunya easier for us. So Subhan Allah don't look to that and say, hey, you know what, I wish I could have been able to just live my entire life away from Islam, and then finally, at the end of my life, become Muslim No, because that would have meant that you would have lived your entire life and Jakeem lows in the * of ignorance, the punishment of being ignorant of Allah subhanaw taala away from a loss.

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And instead a lot as a gave you a sense of purpose, and he gave you the sense of living. And he gave you this, this, this beautiful blessing of Islam, but Hamdulillah, this beautiful blessing in the Masjid Al Salam, and purpose and obligations that are good for your prohibitions that are for your own good. And so we thank Allah subhanho wa taala, that he didn't delay us until the age of 89. To find us now, we think the last time that he gave us a slap 111 that we had done, and we have

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we think loss credits out of guiding us to this beautiful message. And we asked for loss parents, to make us the cause of others accepting Islam as we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to allow us to benefit ourselves and benefit others. And to make the offer scale up to meet questions.

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The way we should look at things is a fact that night at nine years old, he made a lot of sense, even though you know, just his kids, generally, you know, like they are not Muslim, because

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he's taking a chance we born as Muslims, so at least you know, like my father in law, you know, abundant and gender, even though he has to go.

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But when you die,

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trying that, let's say that two people that did the same, and one died 1000 years before.

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And one thing died, you know, just a look of repurposing that time. Is it you know, like, relevant?

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The time so the question is the punishment? Is it like the ratio?

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So it's about the time period that you lived in or the time

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in the grave, somebody will stay in the race. So the question is the question that some people will get either public, for example, punched in the grave for me anymore than others, some people have been die closer to young piano. The answer to that is that Alonzo dump is an added and was quantized adjustment and Allah subhanaw taala is not restricted by our notions of time. So for Allah azza wa jal has the capability of making one day feel a lot longer than one day one year feeling like a lot longer than one one year, or shorter, so on so forth. And so the answer to that question is if a person died

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two days before you will move the arm or if a person died 2000 years before yeomen pm he will get his how he will get the share of punishment in the grade. The same as the other personal loss opponents either controls time in the last five minutes it controls the effect of that just

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like on the day of judgment for some people, the Day of Judgment is very, very long. For some people the day of judgment is very, very, very short. upgradeable the law on the merits in this hadith is in some nativity authentic with the province. An upset that younger piano to the movement is like that which is between a little while.

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How short is the time between luminosity, that 50,000 years allow all of that the presentation of your deeds in the scale that from the believer, it's like the time between the loss of human piano will go fast? A lot and for some people that 50,000 years will feel like 500,000 years. Imagine when you're under the hot sun. It's probably about one minute under the hot sun feels like an hour whereas one hour in the shade feels like one minute. So Allah azza wa jal controls our circumstances controls time. And the last Prince it will not be unjust

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Is there a certain age that you have to go want to go to hatch? Let's do it.

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You'll know and we'll work it out. Whenever you need to go we'll work it off, and you'll go with Michael

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