Shady Alsuleiman – 40 Hadith Nawawi Series Part 11

Shady Alsuleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses Salatu's statement about the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam, which refers to the same title as the Hadith. They emphasize the importance of learning to control one's behavior and avoiding confusion, as well as the use of Shaitan, the holy grail for religion. The speaker also emphasizes the need for guidance on finding one's true self and staying in a healthy lifestyle, particularly in regards to marriage. The importance of consulting people and finding the best people for a job is also discussed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina

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Habibi, now,

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what in our call Idina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salam supposed to be mine

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along Medina nativa are in a bottle a bottle I was at NOVA aluminum and founder and founder of Mr. Lambton. I was in alma

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mater, Kwame Nkrumah binaural farm. Well under Marlena alvim Audrey westalee md. Determine listen if my bad

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala on March and glory and please pray upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam testified that there is no god except Allah. And I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah.

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Once again, my brothers and sisters with the 11th Hadith

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of the 40 hadith of empowerment, no way, we start relying on a loss of a journal, as this hadith be narrated by Ali by Al Hassan, the son of Ali, and Abby Mohammedan, Al Hassan, Ali, Ibn Abi taalib

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what I had to hear about the Allahu anhu man, all Hafiz tomentosa Leela sallallahu alayhi wa sallam da Marie book, Isla de book, lobotomy, the Oneness

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that's been narrated by Abu Mohammed, Al Hassan, the son of Ali, the son of a Vitaly, who is the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he says, that I've memorized from the Prophet Muhammad Allah is Salatu was Salam. Wa alayhi salatu was mentioned. Leave What's that for, for something that's not there for a very small, short Hadith. But with a great meaning from behind this hadith

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leave what's doubtful for something that not doubtful this hadith quani Howard is one of the great Hadith that applies in all principles of Islam.

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First of all, applies in the character of a Muslim.

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A lot of times,

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living in this world, a lot of times trying to please Allah azza wa jal, with the best of ability that we can. We do come across a lot of things that we do doubt.

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And a lot of the times we'll be in a state of confusion to take the best of decision that could be the best to us that please allies origin first, firstly, and that's the best decision that will benefit us in our life. Secondly,

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in reality, Salatu was Salam.

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O Allah azza wa jal has had sent a message to mankind. Not only he came to teach people, what's halal and what's haram? Not Allah. Allah salat wa salam, his job to tell people just pray and fast, but sallallahu alayhi wa sallam built characters and a salat wa sallam. He establishes men and he builds characters. from among, from among those advices from among those of recommendation and teachings and traditions of the profile a salat wa salam is to structure establish graduate strong, firm, wise, intelligent men

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and unlock the word of employment laws. He says that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was not like any other leader that left behind, a great and a massive building a brick of a brick. Usually when they speak about the great Napoleon there are great for around the great in a Caesar the great Hercules. And they refer to that great statue that he built or he left behind by NaVi la Salatu was Salam. He wasn't locked as leaders that he left behind a massive structured city, a massive building. La Salatu was left behind min

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left behind Rizal men as a large xojo he even says in the Quran, Karim Minami Nina region, from among the believers that I'm in. So not all places

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People are believers. And not all believers are men.

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Indeed, not all believers are men from among those believers. There's a small number of men, that are the men that stood by the prophet Muhammad.

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Allah Salatu was Salam

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established as men, not only worshipping Allah and praying to Allah, but established men with strong hearts, established men with strong minds. He stablished men with strong focus, he established men with strong mentors, he established men with strong characters. And these, and this hadith before us, is one of those a hadith that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches the companions to have the strong qualities and characters, and which Allah is salat wa salam, he tells them in your life, in all aspects of life, always resort to something that you don't doubt. And that's the case with us and a lot of things in our life, whether in our religious life, or whether

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in our business life, whether in our family life, whether in our personal life, sometimes we come to a state of confusion with to choose what's wrong, or what's what's right or what's best. Seven Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, leave What's that for, for something that's not therefore, always resort to something that's not therefore, starting with the religion. A lot of the aspects in our life in our religious life, sometimes we get confused, sometimes we get confused there or do it or didn't do it. They're always mavado.

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There are implement other implement, this habit is a strong, and one of the best principles that puts the foundation tickly.

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A lot of the times,

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people dealt people dealt in the Salah, for example, you'll be praying, and then you you know, in in the second leg, you dealt that might be the third that you dealt with this how these tools you throw the doubt, and stick to something that you don't that, throw the doubt throw it. And that's why when it comes to money, when it comes to jurisprudence to the Islamic jurisprudence, a shack delt is got nothing to play on. Delta is something that's not you establish, or something that's not to the scholars in the eyes of the scholars, it's not a principle that the scholars take that is always thrown out of the window. Always they're thrown out of the window. Someone for example, pride, and

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it doesn't matter whether it's one or two, he's got a small doubt it's one or two. And he knows it's due, but he's got he's got doubt it could be the third Raka for example, throw the doubt stick to someone, for example, after the Salah, he's got doubts that he forgot to make sure you throw the doubt. And that's what the prophet SAW Selim teaches us throw the doubts. And usually one doubt comes from the shape on sometimes, you know, this is the best thing, this is the proper thing. But shaitan keeps on throwing these doubts in your heart. So you pull away from it. And that's what delta is from the Shaitan as the scholars say, delt scheck is from the Shaitan, who always puts

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check in you always put doubt in your heart, especially in something that plays a lot of zoa john, and he wants you to turn away from it. That's why as a Muslim, you take this Hadith of the problem. homosassa law says, leave for death for something that's not there for anything you doubt in your life, Leave it, leave it and go for something you don't that law. For example, one brother told me, I've got a lot of doubts and get America this go, leave and go and get married to a girl they don't have dealt. That's what the prophet SAW Selim tours, have got one law dealt in studying this subject, leave it and go study a subject they then have dealt, always establish this principle in

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your life. When you have this hadith always in front of you. When you have that kind of this principle always in front of you. Dharma rebook Ella mela rebook, leave what's death for something that's not there for you live the best of life? It is the case in all our methods and different aspects of our life will always come to death for matters that were done. Now what's the best thing to do? Leave what's the result is something that's not doubtful? Sometimes, you can't make if sometimes, you are put in a situation we can't

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both matters that you need to choose to adapt for matters. So what did you do with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us two things is to holla and it's to Shara is the heart of my brothers and sisters is to pray the two gardens for the two gardens Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala they seek guidance from Allah azza wa jal to show you in

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Which is best, which method is best for you? And Salatu is the hora is to Raka. In the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to teach the companions the staccato prayer, the ways to teach them a verse from the Quran. In other words, he used to emphasize and used to regularly teach to companions and used to regularly

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recommend the companions to pray that it's too hard to pray to Allah azza wa jal and Allah is Salatu was Salam says anyone that has a delta delta in any matter, let them pray to Allah. Let them pray two rakaat Allah subhanaw taala to record beside that account for data and sooner and that is true like I can be prayed anytime, except after answer to measure up and after physical to summarize.

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Those two record can be prayed anytime during the day, except after also tomorrow.

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Afternoon failure to summarize because that's the time of Iraq. He pray two rakaat Allah azza wa jal simple and short and sweet rocket you read in the first like, are you healthcare Sharon, in the sakurako, hollow HUD or whatever? sorina. And after you give salami Raise your hands to Allah azza wa jal and you make the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam to us and with a law minister,

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Dr. Salah common public Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who up until the end of the dawn, he doesn't know what an Arabic he doesn't, he doesn't know of Baja in Arabic, you could open the door book in front of you and read it in Arabic. You don't know it in Arabic, you know it in English, or you don't know how to read Arabic. You know how to read English. You could read it in English. He didn't he didn't have the book. He didn't need the book, or to read from the book, raise your hands and say Allah, I am confused and choose for me which is best for my religion and for myself. And he doesn't have to go that far. Just say a lot of truth for me which is best for my

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religion of origin. And always wanting or was it one is taharah Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azzawajal The closer you are to him, the more Allah looks after you, the closer you are to Allah, the easier the answer comes to see, first of all with that it's too hard on my brothers and sisters in numbers, as I've said, for inhemeter hadoken.

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The Hadith says that if one of us is confused in a matter, so it's the hardest made an element when someone is confused. Not someone knows, this is the best

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luck, for example, on this job is the best job for me. I could see all the benefits coming to me and I could see

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it does not clash with my religious someone and I've got no confusion or doubt about it. You don't need to make us to

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take it while I'm getting engaged to a woman she's a good woman, she's religious woman, I could see everything good then I don't have any doubt to me. Talk Allah without a staccato reload Allah, y'all reload them, I'm not gonna get married till the time that you make a start is when you confused. You've got this dealt that you're done. He can't take out of your heart you make to Iraq Isola zone anytime during the day. And as we said, You pray to God and you make that draw. And as we said with the draw doesn't have to be in Arabic, you could do in any language, say I'll just choose for me which is best. And you repeatedly do that. You do it the first day, the second day, let's call a say

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after three days in a row. Well after three times, not shouldn't be three days or up to three times. Now the answer of the staccato my brothers and sisters, how does it come? A lot of people say that it's too hard or comes through the dream. No, it's not. It's not necessarily that that is the heart of the answer of this data comes through the dream. But the dream is one of the things that that is the heart or the ends of the story could come through. It's one of the things so what's the main thing? A word does the answer mainly come through it comes to your heart. A lot puts it in your heart, you'll find your heart relaxed and comfortable towards it. For example, when I get married to

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this girl while I'm using marriage, because most of the times people ask us to her when it comes to marriage. So Pamela people always nice to her or one or the other when it comes to marriage restored, but no one cares. Now.

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So someone wants to get married, and they are confused whether this girl's the most suitable go for them or not. So that make us taharah and somehow Allah after making this thought, especially this person is close to Allah azza wa jal, and he has a good relationship with Allah subhanaw taala because of his quality, and because he keeps away from the harem, this man's heart or this person's heart starts to open to this girl. And he realizes that Pamela she's the right girl frame. And she is the best kill for him. Not because unless she's attractive, is because she fits in Islam. Allah Xhosa and then Subhana Allah one of the songs of the instant

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How to make things easy for you. You realize how panela you get engaged and things go smoothly and you get married and so on. So this is the answer.

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And as we said, the closer you are to Allah azza wa jal, the easier the answer comes to you, the answer will come in direct into your life, you are far away from Allah azza wa jal, the answer could come close and easy. And the answer could take longer and even longer, as we mentioned, the dreams could be, could be, not necessarily, but could be one of the signs on which Allah subhanho wa Taala will give an answer to someone like someone makes a mistake and sees in the dream. So Pamela, something beautiful that that's a sign of them in a doing what they asked for, and happens to love. And of course, the dream is one and the dream and Madame Roja is something that the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it's one portion from 46 portions of the prophecy. And that's the only portion of the prophecy that's left. In other words, Allah Subhana Allah sometimes inspires one of his servants through the dream, one of the servants of Allah, a good dream. That's an answer to a question that this servant of Allah wanted or maybe a something a gift from Allah, Xhosa, to that person. Seeing the profile, as a lot was said was one of the greatest gifts that a human being can get us to see the profile is Salatu was Salam in the dream. So the dream could be one of the answers. Not necessarily, but could be one of the answers that a lot of xojo will answer your

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staccato. Some people over exaggerate saying you wake up and you see Riva with green grass around it with a mountain on the side of shoe and all these things. All this is a myth. It's not it does not exist and it's got nothing to do with the answer of staccato. Mainly the answer of this data comes through your heart, through your heart, you feel comfortable towards it, and a lot of xojo will open up to you. And as we said to do once, twice, and three times and each other. Some scholars say up to seven times about once, twice, three times and some scholars say you keep on doing it until Allah subhanaw taala gives you the answer.

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The other thing that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also recommended us to take the Delta almost choose what's good is to Shara mark for example is to shadow to make a consultation you consult you consult the good people or the specialist people in that field. Like for example, I want to get married as we again people always want to get married to this girl as people ask people maybe ask people who deal in marriage and who mostly most of the time is the shift that the woman asked him which is the best of quality should get merged now we saw some told us that the best of woman if you look at Hey happy because of her religion because of a Pio d f when you make a promise

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on her she fulfills your promise he protects you with a chastity and he will these the good woman and he asked Okay, I want for example, I'm confused which job Should I take as the qualified people? As someone that knows in that job? Don't go and ask a chef or like should I become an engineer? What's that got to do with engineering? And I'm gone as an engineer himself I've got this job blah blah blah consult someone and consult the right people

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says and as the people of knowledge if you don't know so these are the two main key have always taken the Delta out is istikhara and consultation. And that's what the say no one will ever regret after making istikhara and no one will ever feel sorry after making this to Shara no one ever regret after making this thought and no one ever seems to feel sorry. or guilty after making is the shadow was when you consult people and you always take the experience always gives you a picture on the right track. So Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once again, he says that Marie buka Illa mela rebook leave was doubtful for something that's not doubtful. And

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he says Bala, that is the perfection of taqwa that some of the some of the righteous people start to live some of the halaal for the sake of the fear of falling into the harem. This is the top of the taqwa. This is the strength of the taqwa that these people are so strong in the man they lift some of the Hello from the fear of falling into the heart and so sometimes that for things should always keep away from and does that for things is what we mentioned before in what is called the super hot our Mr. B hat, as the problem has a lot of said that halaal is clear and hot honestly. And what's between halaal Hello my gray area that he called it wish to be heard and unclear things. So like Sam

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said, I'm still unclear the depth of things are from the Haram. So as a Muslim who cares about his amen as a Muslim who wants to please Allah azza wa jal should always resort to things that are not therefore, take the path or do not Delta

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was taking the path or not Delta in the other days of hannula. Like, that's a simple example. I was driving with someone, and we're coming from the city. So I think I clicked on my mother said, Why don't you take Jani, the backstreets, he said, I'd rather stick to something that I know than something that I dealt and looked on myself, every time I do that I want to go the extra it will take me even hour extra, because I get lost. So leaving something they did not always get to something, they have a bit of delta in that you rather stick to something they don't doubt. Even if it takes you five minutes, then trying the trying to get into something that you've got a bit of

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delta even drag on with you many times. And it happened to me many times, or no, this is the way but ourselves go through the back streets. I want to make I want to reduce 10 minutes list or end up in the other side of the city. So Pamela says the annotated leave was definitely something that's not something that you don't stick to it. You always win something they then don't stick to it. And of course that comes to our religion. Something that adult it's halal Haram. Okay, something that adult, I'm not sure, Leave it, leave it. Like how many times a lot of people say, Well, I'm not sure if this food I'm eating halal or haram Leave it, therefore things Leave it, it's better for you.

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It's always better for you. And this guy that I'm dealing with his money is haram money, you've got that dealt, leave it. Don't put yourself in that situation. Unless along Aloma unless you are forced, that is that necessity, then that's a different case. But if you're not forced, leave something that's you then dealt with something that you can contend with. And that would content. And it may be it's not that easy. Because a membership if it says O'Connor to cancel life, being content is a trivial is a treasure or never ending treasure.

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When you content and you accept what you want, then you are the richest one. If your income is $100 a week and you contend with it, then you are living more comfortable than someone who gets 100 million dollars a week and is not contempt. Because you contempt at the end of the day, that person that's entering that 100 million dollars, he still wants more. So he's not contempt, he's still working more. But when you're content and you're happy and satisfied, even for something little, the new one, then you are the one that satisfied, then you are the one that's happy. And that's why being content is one of the hardest thing that mankind or the human being or the son of Adam can be.

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That's what I love is Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says if the son of Adam had the value of gold, we'll ask Allah for a second Valley. He's never content. He's got a valley of gods that ask a lot on the value of gold. When the results have said Who am I am law firm in Latrobe, and nothing goes fill up that mouth and the tummy of the son of them except the dust and the scent of his grave. Nothing will make a film up except the so Pamela it's the nature of human brain is always ego was once more always once more, once more once more once more and never been content. And that's why Islam teaches us to be content, even if it's the smallest thing. Even if it's more thing. That's why the law says

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it'll be malko some of low luck, tech on

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the con Atlantis except to Allah subhanho wa Taala had given you, you will be the richest one, you'll be the richest human being on Earth. Even if it's $1 a day and hamdulillah content, you happy

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content. But if someone is not content is always poor.

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If someone is not content is always poor. That's the Panama of experience. Rich people are so rich, they're not content, that are so hungry, that are so hungry of collecting more money, and they are so selfish on themselves.

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They probably don't even eat the food of a poor man that eat or drink the water that a poor man or poor man drinks, and they're not content that are not content. Once a man mentioned the story of a fisherman,

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fisherman used to be very professional, and very good in his field in his profession.

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And he knows when to fish, what time to fish and how to fish. I was one of his mates or one of his friends saw him fishing. So I was amazed from the experience that this man had, because the rod straightaway catches a fish. He goes the right time. What's the right moment knows we're deficient on some. And then that friend of his saw him. This man, this good fisherman and he collects and allocates enough fish for his day for him and his family. So one day his friend told him since you're so professional, he's so good that you could make business out of this. You could make business

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have the same said, then then what? It said, start collecting more fish and more fish and then start selling that in the market. So I told him and then what he said after he stopped selling after he stopped making more money, you start employing people working for you. He said, and then one, he said, then you get a big ship. And they get those employees working on it, catch more fish and make more money. And then he said then, and then he said, You bought a big house and relax. He said that Hampton that I have already relaxed.

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I'm already relaxed. Or should I go through the process of going all the way to be relaxed, when I am really relaxed. But the Panama the oil of the Sun of the others always big. once something is relaxed, comfortable? What's it going to make a difference? What's that sleeve going to be different in a house that big or how's that smooth. So the same is the end of the day. It's all the same. First one being content is a treasure. When the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He taught us to be pleased with what Allah has given us. You'll be the richest one. Allah subhanho wa Taala offered our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Valley of Mecca full of gold to be the richest

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mankind. So some of the law our legal system said law hospital Yum, yum and waspa wash bar Yamanashi Oh no, rather, stop one day and have patience and sha Allah azza wa jal are deserved the rewards of my patience. And one day I think a lot in return is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from our brothers and sisters live. What's Darfur for something that's not careful. This is one light one in this hadith. If you take it serious, and we put it on the forehead, you live the best life. You live the best life and you'll be content in the best way. And so Pamela that had is so it's so practical in the law of your life. It's so practical. And a lot of you think and tomorrow

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you'll see tomorrow you see how to handle you come to do a lot of things. And then you remember that had this you leave it and you feel content at the end of the day. allama john Allah venustiano, comforters Subhana calahonda Casa de La La Land Mustapha kotoba, like

Part 11 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman

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