Dr. Yasir Qadhi Speaks About Ilhan Omar and American Politics

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So to continue the discussion on the on the political points that we made, someone could argue right, obviously maybe polemical, whatever you want to call me, right? Someone could argue that okay, well look,

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actually voting for someone like Ilhan Omar or someone like that is more problematic because you're, it's like you're doing, you're trying to do Holocaust,

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acquire the hell

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out of alcohol free. You're pushing her towards what she's saying. We understand this. And I'm not negating it. I'm not dismissing it, there's an element of truth. Yeah. And that's why it's awkward, right? Yeah, this is not a poll of how can both deliver whether we should vote for people that is a spectrum of opinion. Yeah. And again, the thought of it was a muck in the share that in the family understands what is clear cut to me and you have consulted and what is a gray area. And this is one of those gray areas where you will find a number of opinions, and we should be wise enough to, to tolerate and understand even if we appreciate one over the other. So those who say that it is

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problematic to work with these types of candidates fully sympathize with that, and fully, at one level agree with him. The opposite side is those who say, well, the alternative is full on and who wants to defend your presence. The alternative is nothing and nothing means X, Y and Z. And they say in their position in mind that that is the lesser of two evils that also has a heart and a correct paradigm, who will decide in the end of the day, which of these Masada and repasser outweighs the other? It really is. He had it in the end of the day. But it's Wayne, the sun and the facet is not out yet. It is Monday. If I was asked now, if there could be a slippery slope in the sense that this

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person say for example, I'm not saying how I'm not particularly good. I don't know her politics too much. Or Linda sarsour. or whoever's I don't know, I'm not done so well. Yeah. But what I mean, is some someone like this, because right now, one of the controversies is that some individuals, I'm not sure if it was them or not. They came out with a question about Allah subhanaw taala. And like, kind of do an encounter of them or something like negating the punitive punishments in the in an outright sense, not in the majority sense, like, in an assembly sense if someone said, Okay, well, it's not applicable today. It's not applicable now. It could be conceived otherwise, all of those

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things, I fully appreciate what if they're coming and attacking it head on in that manner. And now we have the religious class backing those individuals, it's almost it's not an endorsement, because you'll be clear that aka we don't take that position. But it's kind of touch gi, it's kind of like encouragement for them to continue in their course of, in a sense, muddying the waters from a data perspective, and I agree with this, and I sympathize with it again. Yeah. And I say again, yeah, what you're saying is valid and right. Yeah, I flip it around and say the other group is gonna say, Sure, but the alternative is, da, da, da, da, da. And still, in spite of these ideologies, or, or

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whatnot, for the Muslim communities of our cities, and countries and lands that we live in this particular person is still beneficial, despite this aspect of injury, recovery, or whatever that might mean. So here, the muscle has to be defined. Because now when we say beneficial, I think what we're talking about is political benefit. But the question would be then what is of what's a higher muscle harder Musleh? of because you could like in the books have, they actually knew Taksim of Muslim, anti muslim? Boko like Jr, we Muslim versus ocoee? Muslim? So, so one could argue about the okra, we must have a valid argument, and I sympathize with it. Yeah, again, I say this is a

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spectrum. The flip side is Of what use is this debate if the Muslim community is no longer existing in the country? Yeah. The flip side is if they're going to ban the immigration of Muslims, or they're going to want to shut down our massages, they're going to criminalize it that do you think in America like that? Would you think it would ever go down try to do some very radical things he was successful in some and not and others. But the point is this trend, if we don't check it now, it'll be it'll be continued to exacerbate the situation. And we do not want to go down that route. It's been only one generation, one generation when the Japanese Americans were rounded up and thrown

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into concentration camps in America, in America. I don't think British people are aware of this then in the 1940s, right? Every single person have even one fourth Japanese heritage was literally rounded up in the middle of the night. The police came this is people are still alive from that dive. What is just too little too, though, is as we're in a war context, yeah, still still we are terrified because Allah knows that the point is these types of things, you know, they they are potentially possible. Our point is many of us say, we need to fight tooth and nail before it gets to that dramatic stage. We need to fight right now when things are a little bit better, so that they

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don't get worse. So for example, if somebody says, then it often is trivial, as long as they don't move with the hijab, we say no, then the cop if you're gonna ban that, it's not good to do because the next step is you're going to keep going. I've got another question. Sorry. Okay. Because the point is, look, I'm not endorsing her as a candidate, by the way. I personally haven't voted yet.

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Because I really have I have my own reasons I don't think it's how often to vote, but I've never voted. You know, when I say Muslims.

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I would say that I would say in states where every vote is essential, I would vote yes. But I've never been in that circumstance. The demographics are too large in the states I've been in is very clear cut majority. I've got a question here. Like, for example, what I've noticed in American that was a lot of people came before. And they made very clear that their position of tech lead, like, for example, Hamza Yusuf, like he was Maliki mockolate. Now the language of tech lead or following the scholars, whoever it may be like in your case, obviously, when he came up Medina was more Saudi scholars, obviously, now that's changed. But with those individuals needs to be tackled in other

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method method reforms. Now we're moving away from the language of taqlid and following the scholars to the language of which to head My only issue is that now who determines who is the most ahead in the in the American context, let me flip it around who determines who's the minister hit in the Muslim context? There's always yes contesting of authority. Yeah, always happens. Look at Pakistan. Look at Egypt. Is it one just because the governor appoints the Grand Mufti? Does everybody say think he's the Grand Mufti? And we all know that set of CRC appointment. So the same issues that apply in the shutter, a lot of applying the shutter as well, we we don't have a agreed upon

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which we think are lawful, we don't want what happened in the Gothic. Cava one person or what we don't want that. Yeah, there's a healthy diversity of opinion. And in the end of the day, every Muslim will gravitate towards that spectrum and that group of people and their Messiah that he looks up to, yes, there's no problem with that. That's the way it has always been. So the same goes for the hot. Yeah. For the sharp. This The same goes for the sharp Yeah. But what I said was that, so now in terms of because like you said before, there's the democratization of knowledge, and so on and so forth. Anyone can come out and say, I'm a Highland, Mufti and so on and so forth. How do we

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ensure that the right people, I mean, what methods would you advise for a lay person in order to be able to distinguish between the internet taught kind of share, which that to be honest with you a lot of people who acquire their qualifications fully over the internet and they just go to like watch lectures and so on, and then helaas and they can now become much tighter and someone who's done a trade endorsement of their peers by the endorsement of the people around them right Oh, look at a person and his circle of knowledge around him or her okay. And I might disagree with for example, a person on the Sufi side but I will not negate to their knowledge and their right to get

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true. I might I might disagree totally the position that full term vitacura v. But if somebody has gone through a dark room, they have been course 10 years becomes a multi hits every right to make it happen if I disagree with it, right. Versus Mauritanian comes out to Maliki and reciting watershed and hamdulillah he has every right to make it yet even if I don't agree with it, but you will find me endorsing his legitimacy to get back to you and I know he will do the same to me and others yeah whereas most of these internet Danny you know one of these nobody really any there are not people have an agenda and so they're not but the problem comes Rumia you can say as much as what their

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speaking style and their antics online we'll get we'll get there.

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Let them look bro, I've never any since my Medina days, I've never made it a priority defend myself or to get involved in these. I've never made it a priority. And I firmly believe that for Amazon to fail. Our founders if I am one of my earliest teachers that this to me, is advice I always took when he said, You be sincere in your own Dawa and Allah will bless it. Let the detractors detract. Let the critics criticize you give your Dharma for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and Allah azza wa jal will take care of the rest. And that has been my guiding philosophy for over 20 years of Dawa. I have never and I never intend to make it a priority to get involved in polemics and in defending and

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refuting Kali homea follow Maya and I have my doubts that I want to give I'm teaching this era now I'm teaching the bottles of digital smile the lives of the Sahaba in all of this that I've done, there is no question that there are mistakes How can there not be I'm a man, I mean, I have 1000s of hours you're not gonna find a mistake. A senator a hunter knows how many hours is over 100 and it's like 105 episodes and each one is an hour and something so 140 50 hours I know people

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are gonna tell me there's human effort does not have a mistake and it has a mistake or mistakes in it, but inshallah inshallah the hair is always

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right. And even the hour that I hold up every item in human history has had a position or two that is a little bit here and there you think I'm going to be any different of course I have my mistakes are not the gold is in sha Allah I want this loss tinium coupled with Allah subhana wa tada and 31 million foreigners FM could win or they want to benefit the people.

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With the most that you can, so that when you leave this world, the legacy that you have as a child, the positive legacy that is the ultimate goal.

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So if someone wants

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one last question, since we got to either wait for the camera, we're headed to the airport, and I'm going to do my flight now. So I would rather volunteer to drop a circle of Hello, would you spend more time with me, sir? Hello.

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I was gonna ask him as a final question, someone who now because we get a lot of people handle it off the streets, a lot of people into Islam knew. And they just want to get started in a very basic way with learning Islam.

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And also a very basic question. But what is the what are the first steps? What are the things that they forbid that for a fact that can anchor themselves in terms of study on the first things that they should do is to learn the basics of their shediac and their theology? The deceit of the Koran the three simple things right now, how do you worship a lot, start off with the base, go to your local shift and whatever Madhavi has no big deal follow it. Just learn the basics how to do will do how to pray that knowledge will bring about a Crusher and a sense of of a connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala learn that the seers of the Quran lose that you're reciting it's very important

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isn't a neglected simple topic is Tafseer. Just read the Quran and understand its meaning. And then obviously, of course, the basics of theology as well. Learn to be the only and, again, take your shift, no problem. But don't make your shift the cult of Islam. Yeah, okay, take a month. That's one of the issues that we do have is one of the years that your shift becomes the end all and be Oh, look, we cannot reinvent the wheel in totality. I've said this explicitly. If you become a magic if you become a selfie of you become an usher. If you become a you know as Ali and Sufi, I don't have any issue you're within the mainstream and hamdulillah but don't hate on other fidlock and other

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groups that have been around within mainstream student ism as for non Sunni Islam, let the root Ummah deal with them. And even then don't hate on the average Muslim of another group that is praying to Allah and loving the messenger. Right? Even then I say, it's not the job of the average Muslim to exacerbate the situation even if we disagree with the theologies of non Sunni Islam if you get my question, which will probably be the last question I asked you. What all I met you look up to now.

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Yeah, number one in my heart to show someone how Allah, Allah azza wa jal is released from the situation. And he is my shift. How this pattern matches. I know him personally, I've visited him many times. Personally, he knows me personally. And he is somebody that I genuinely look up to as being the shareholder some of our time. Who is Who else would you think of someone like

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PT and definitely somebody I look up to and I love Yeah, I respect immensely. immensely. And I do listen to some of his fatawa series to Ghana you know one of the few people that I'm still listening to now but not because I just know time Okay, some of the people that are still have time, I make sure to shut up and what did they do? And I met him a few times I don't think he would Remember Me By the way, but I don't maybe he does his memories amazing. Unbelievable. I remember I met him a number of times and yeah, and Serbia when I was there because when I was studying in Medina was studying and of course senior to me, and he was studying in Riyadh. So we met a few times, but

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believe it or not, I have not met him since those days but definitely should

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be coming.

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I have never met him and he's younger. He's very impressive. Mashallah very impressive. Very impressive. Very impressive. Have you met you haven't met him yet? No, I never met him that doesn't. It didn't happen to

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you guys in England have much more visits, you know, then

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drop off.