How do you build up your iman

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You know, some of the stuff when you're talking about building Eman?

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It actually requires like a resolution on the part of the person.

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Like, you can hear the most beneficial knowledge in the world. And you can say in your mind, oh yeah, I'm that person, I'm gonna be that person. But it takes being resolute and saying, You know what? Okay, what is this? What does this imply for me? And I think that one of the inconvenient facts that we have to come to terms with is that if you're not feeling the climb, then perhaps you're not reading, right?

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In the sense that if you've reached a position, if Allah blessed you to reach a certain position, and you got comfortable there,

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then that's a problem. What happens to the physically fit person when they stop working out and stop setting new goals for themselves? All of their gains are eventually lost. Right? And in fact, it can get even harder to get there afterwards. And so spiritually speaking,

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discomforting oneself in order to make the next game? What does that look like? What it looks like, frankly, first and foremost is with the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. There is nothing where the downstream flow feels more natural than when everything else around me tends to be trending in that direction.

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So if

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you start with the sins,

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everyone in my space, does the exact same thing. I read that the Quran and the Sunnah find this to be

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blameworthy. Yeah. But everybody I know,

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acts this way, does this. So I feel no urgency to challenge what seems to be a collective downward, you know,

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stream. So that's why Subhan Allah when we talk about those that embrace Islam, and Subhan, Allah always done like, some of the text messages that I got today, were just, I mean, about someone that was finding difficulty in his fasting, because of the challenges of the family. Like I think to myself, subhanAllah you have people that embrace Islam, and that, in a moment become all about they become strangers to their own families, they face every single obstacle, but because they're in a mindset of overcoming obstacle, they're just climbing and climbing and climbing and climbing. And you have people that grow up in pretty comfortable surroundings, right? Grew up amongst Muslims and

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stuff like that, but they're not willing to challenge a single cultural practice, or family practice or societal practice, or what's within their friend circle. They naturally submit themselves because the very comfortable place again, I think that's what the power would have been agility Rahimullah saying here is that it's comfortable. It's comfortable, right? Like you're just flowing, you know. And so I have to actually feel some friction to make the next gain in my religion. That means that

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in a culture where things become more complacent, where people are less willing to advise each other, or receive advice, because no one no one even wants to talk with me. I'm guilty of that, right? I mean, I don't there's all of us right to an extent it's like, we don't want to give and I'll see how receiving I'll see how sometimes like well, you don't want to offend this person. So don't give them advice about something that could be doing better maybe you don't want to receive the advice you know, I love Wallach, Rahim Allah, peoples that aren't you're gonna give us an Aussie. Hi. So is there anyone left that wants to say? Like, I mean, like, if every time he gave him

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I'll see how people got mad at him. So he just said, I'm gonna stop giving, I'll see either, right? Like, what's the point of giving advice to people? So when you find people are less willing to give you I'll see her. And Trends tend to be going in a certain way, and you're flowing in that way. What does that mean? Like? You got to sit there and challenge yourself like, am I living the most compliance lifestyle? Because the Quran and Sunnah are very tangible, the reward is not yet tangible. But the guidance is, right as far as the guidelines, am I living the most compliant lifestyle to the Quran and Sunnah. That's one and then when it comes to good deeds, never become

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complacent. I can read more I can pray more, I can do more I can volunteer more. And that is Subhanallah the mindset and I'll end with this image Josie Rahim Allah.

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I think what what makes him so powerful is such a vulnerable writer. He gets so mad when people praise him. He'll actually sometimes write entire pages like someone prays them to his face and he went home and wrote this letter to his soul. Right about like, wait a minute, well, who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? You can pray this much. You can pray more. You can be this your sincerity can erode. I can tell I need to feel friction, but also keep perspective so that that's where the total leave the hope comes. That I never lose sight of the fact that it's Allah's Mercy that's going to get me to the next step. But I need to try to take the next step.

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