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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa sallahu wa salam ala Baraka Allah. May Allah be about the who Allah Allah He was hardly here Jemaine,

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my beloved learners in this beautiful Academy of excellence in Auckland Park,

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it really brings me great joy to be in your midst to share with you perhaps a little bit of what I have learned in my life,

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in order that you can perhaps focus better

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on where you are heading.

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I just like yourselves

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was also one day in secondary school.

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And I recall,

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bubbling and bursting with energies.

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We were at the top of our game.

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And each one felt, and at the time, we did not know it was each one we thought it was just us. Each one felt he is supposed to be the center of attraction. And he or she is supposed to be extremely important and everything is supposed to rotate around them, and it's just about them. And if I'm okay, forget about everyone else. And if I'm doing well forget about whoever else. And I'm sharp and I'm intelligent, and I'm at the top of my grades, so the rest of thick and stupid and silly.

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And such thoughts

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are nothing but a phase in your life. The shorter that phase is the greater your success will be.

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You are at a college for example right now, and I'm addressing the girls as well.

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And your time here is limited. Why are you here? Can I ask you? Let's make it a bit interactive. Why are you here? Why are you here? Can someone tell me?

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Someone from them? These guys are all quiet.

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To prepare for the future, brilliant answer. So is this the future? No, it's not agreed?

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Why here? Say it again? Allowed?

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To prepare for the future? I like that answer. It's correct.

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So would you agree that someone outside this college walking on the street would not be called into a classroom and tested? Do you agree? Why? Because

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they're not a part of the college.

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But this college, you enjoy the years in it. And you begin to love it and you make friends in it. But you know it's temporary, you know that the real reason I'm here is not for here. It's for the focus on what's too large to come after this. Do you agree? In the meantime? What's going to happen here? Is it going to be easy? Or is it going to be tough?

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It's going to be tough. Why? Tough? Because as you grow in age, they put more and more in your path to learn. And as you learn more, the examinations become more and more

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Do you get upset when the exam is tough? Or do you say wow, that was a challenge. If we had to ask simple questions to all the learners, it would be unfair on the intelligent ones.

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If we had to ask simple questions to all the learners, it would be unfair even for grading purposes.

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So therefore, every so often, you will have examinations and you will look forward to them. Do you agree? What are you guys about to write a lot of you?

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Finals? What's it called here in South Africa?

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metric, right. May Allah make it easy for you, grant you success? May the questions be easy and simple. May all of you get A's and a stars and top grades I mean,

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but I want to tell you

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if that examination is so simple and easy, and the whole country gets A's Your aim is worth nothing. Do you agree with me? Because everyone got an A the whole country got an A What was the big deal? I want questions that can separate the horse from the donkey and I don't mean it in humankind. It's just a metaphoric example. They say

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you cannot use the same rope to tie a horse and a donkey

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Okay that's the same why they look the same from a distance you come near a once a donkey when

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the horse you need to have a slightly more expensive, I guess rope

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but when the donkey is dear to those who don't have anything besides the donkey, they will make sure they tie it also with a good road. Do you agree?

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For me my Toyota is beautiful. And a man with a Mercedes will look at me and said, You know what?

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Sky doesn't even have a car. For me. It's everything when I didn't have a car, the fact that I've got four wheels and I'm moving and cruising. My friends are with me and we're enjoying it. It's good agree.

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My beloved learners, let me tell you,

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it is unfair or incorrect or actually foolish to call someone from outside and say, You know what, guys? We're writing matric, why don't you guys just come in and write the exam? They'll see what I'm not even a part of the school?

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And is it correct to call people from another school to say you guys are at that school, forget about that school come and write exams here. They haven't paid, they haven't entered, they haven't enrolled.

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And in the meantime, you know that if I get good results here,

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according to the worldly standards, it's supposed to give me a better opportunity, a better goal at that future of mine. Although in the eyes of Allah, this is only a means.

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It is destined what you're going to get. In fact, Allah has not kept a direct connection between your sustenance and your education. Do you know that Allah has not kept a direct connection between your sustenance and your education, and I use the word direct, because it's important. There may be some connection somehow, in your destiny, if it was destined by Allah, but it's not a direct connection. And proof of it is the richest in the world or the thickest, sorry.

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So if you're extremely intelligent, chances are you may, but greater that you may not be as wealthy as school dropouts, college dropouts. I'm not encouraging that. But I'm saying it's part of destiny. It's the quality of life, not everyone who's wealthy is contented and happy. That's important to know, some of the wealthiest and most popular people in the world who are

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looked up to by the globe cannot sleep except with sleeping pills, they have no peace of mind, they have no one with them, they can't even settle at home. They go through relationship after relationship and they don't know what to do, but the wealthiest guys, man.

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So it's not Allah is fair. It's not directly connected. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't learn. We are here because we'd like to strike a balance between the education that the secular world is offering us and the other. On the other hand, primarily our faith, our values, our morals. That's why we're here, this particular school

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and such schools, there wouldn't be any purpose of us having recited Quran first thing in the morning, or us having

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dressed in a specific way, for example, it wouldn't have been any importance of all that if it were, perhaps in a school that doesn't even have that ethos. Not even interested. So consider yourself fortunate. Now, where am I heading, and heading somewhere?

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I've got a powerful example for free, solid.

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Your life as a Muslim is exactly the same

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as your school days, no different.

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You enter the world. You're a Muslim, you declare your shahada, you came into the college known as Islam. Those who are outside of this are not going to have the same tests. You're going to have bigger tests, more tests, regular tests. I want your own

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room you've done all he could leave him in a rotten rotting. Allah says do they not see that we test them every year once or twice with major tests at that time, perhaps even warfare? Perhaps people harming trying to cause harm? Allah says we test you and we will test you while enabling one accom Surah Baqarah Allah says we will definitely indeed test all of you in another verse of Surah Quran Kaboo Allah says, What according Phyton leadin cobbly him Fela lemon Allah Huni let me know so that while a lemon caddy when Allah says we have tested those even before you in order to distinguish between the one who's truthful in his or her faith and the liar

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So when you're a Muslim what will happen? You will come in they are rules regulations just like they are at your college you cannot dress the way you want. You got to dress the way Islam wants just like you got to dress the way your school wants. Otherwise you're out from the door. You got to make sure that you the way you carry yourself is correct. You cannot say what you want. You cannot use vulgar words because you at the college the same applies to Islam. They will be rules you get in at this time you got to change the subject at this time you got to get out at this time you have a break at this time. The same applies to your five daily Salah you're a Muslim, those who are not

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Muslim are outside the college. You cannot call them and tell them why you're not praying why they haven't even entered the college, they're not going to have the tests you're going to have and when you have a more difficult test, you get a greater reward. Your certificate is higher. If they were to ask you matric one plus one, it's your right to take the paper and walk out and say goodbye. I don't even need this examination. It's too easy. It's unfair on everybody. Because even a great one can pass that you agree. So Allah says, well, the same applies to you oh man in Allah either a hubbub the Nutella, we're either more agile, my Eva millipede. Allah when Allah loves you, you've

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entered into this beautiful college known as Islam, you're going to be governed with so much and your life is not going to be easy to get the point.

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So you're going to have challenge upon challenge one after the other. It's not going to be simple. And each time you pass one, guess what? Another one's coming in your direction that's going to be bigger. The greater the challenge. Allah says the greater the reward, the greater the test, the greater the reward.

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And what are you on earth for as a Muslim? exactly the answer What did you say to prepare for Jana? Thank you. That's what I'm here for. So these days in my college are numbered you were here, not just for seven years for 14 years on Earth, you're going to be not for 70 years, maybe 80 If you're lucky. After that, what? Your certificate will come in handy. There is a direct connection between that certificate and where you're going to go in the case of the Ophea

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you follow what I just said? So you're going to write look at the dedication mashallah you came to college you spent money you apply early, are you up for failure because you may never ever see the next five years you might have to go into the arcade a little bit early like others have and what's going to happen What about certificate the good old days in matric

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what's the angel is going to tell you? What's that? Subhanallah meaning it's foolish, isn't it? You can't come and say I went to school every day at 7am Protect Mr. Fletcher.

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So it's a beautiful example I told you it's so powerful, so powerful. If you think about it, there's no better example that I can come up with to give you as people who are just about to write your matric

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important exam we made the DUA, but we make an even bigger to our O Allah grant is an agenda. Allah helped me I said just now Allah Who Medina was looking at the BA, we're in a battle about Dylan was OpenEdge De nada. Oh Allah show me the truth to be true. Because today we're living in an age of falsehood. Things look so real but a fake a deep fake. You see a video you hear an audio? It could have never ever happened and you're busy watching Oh, did you see what happened to that guy? Nothing happened to him at all. It was just a fake. I mean, I always say, if you watch a movie, and I'm not encouraging it, but if you probably have, you would see that it looks so real. So real people cry

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because of a soap. Next tomato sauce, my brother, it's kitchen. It's no one died. They live in they're alive. Subhanallah they say it's too late to kill Halima because her husband wasn't too happy about her being there. I don't know if it's true or not. But someone said they suddenly made it disappear. She's still alive and well, by the way, but people cried because he died. How's that?

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Right. So it's fake. If people can create such a movie that looks so real, do you really think they're not fooling you and I about other things that they want? Don't just believe everything you hear and see, you will hear lots of words of slander and backbiting and bad words and whatever. You know what, take it in your stride that happens in the world. It's okay, it's fine.

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But you need to focus on something far greater and that is the Ophira.

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So, discipline yourselves, yes important to have the certification and we would like to see that. But for the Ark era Come on, what are you going to do? Here comes the prophets of Allah. So Allah says Haven nursing, and follow holiness. And I chose this hadith for you because at your age, you need to know it. The best of people are those who benefit the rest of the people the most.

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Don't think you're a big deal.

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We did it

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It was a face short came out of it. Why? You're not a big deal. You can have achieved anything on earth in the eyes of Allah Allah Yes. Why in the law he Jana ha.

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It's not even equivalent to the wing of a flyer or mosquito in the eyes of Allah. You know what Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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if you'd like to know the greatness of Allah, obviously, as time passes, we're getting to know more and more and more. Have you ever been interested in the James Webb Telescope any one of you?

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James Webb telescope, Google it, check it.

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It's alive telescope up there. Now that's discovering everyday planets that are billion times bigger than the Earth and shoot. And it's just going on and on and the vastness of it doesn't stop billions trillions and quadrillions of kilometers, it's just going on and on the creation of Allah. And that's why now it puts into focus what Allah says that if every one who was created from the beginning of humankind to the end of humankind had to ask Allah for whatever they wanted, and Allah had to give every single person every single thing they ever wanted, it would not displace from the kingdom of Allah, more than what a pin or a needle that would be put in the ocean and taken out

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would have displaced in terms of water, Allah and you and I think we're a big deal. Big deal.

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But here we are, we are meaning we are fortunate people say, No, I've been sick for too long. And that's also part of your examination. You don't get crossed with Allah. You keep on praying to Him, you keep on asking him you keep on trying because life is going to be challenging. I remember when I understood this many years ago Alhamdulillah when I said to myself, You know what, these are challenges from Allah, I started seeing, Oh Allah, I love this test. It's very difficult, but I'm managing it. Don't take the test away. Because I know if you take this one, you're gonna give me a bigger one. Let's have this. Let's leave it and keep it out. And I'm thinking to myself, I'm

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enjoying it. Subhanallah you are going to face challenges. Allah says in this world, you will face a lot of challenges. People will talk about Muslims and Islam. People will say bad about you in person. Your family will let you down maybe your friends will let you down. Maybe it's okay. How's your connection with Allah? Is it alright? The rest of it doesn't matter. The prophets Allah Allah taught that to us when he went to ta if the you know what they did in five and guess what he says? Oh Allah, if you are pleased with me, everything else is okay. He didn't even want to make dua against them. Why? Because the world is temporary you enjoy marking enjoy whatever you do, it's okay

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man. On fantastic route in NEMA coalminer mentality, the prophets of salaam was told by Allah to tell the people wait, we're waiting with you. It's just a matter of time, you're going to see who's right and who's wrong. Don't let it put you down. But this hadith

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that says the best of you is the one who's most beneficial to the rest of you.

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That's important. As you graduate in college, become humble.

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Learn to talk to one another with utmost respect. Don't have your little dance. Do you know that sometimes Muslim schools don't have

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a good reputation sometimes. Why? Because everyone thinks he's a who's who? But you're not. They are people who are more who than you. Love aquarium.

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Do you agree?

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Yeah, more more who that you are, guess what? They are humble souls. There are people in my life. Every time I've seen someone with something I've been seeing someone with something more and more humble. And closer to Allah. I met a man humble. He wouldn't even believe you have to just look at this man. You wouldn't know that this is one of the richest guys that I'll ever meet in my life. And so humble, and you start thinking yourself and other guys but five Ramsey things is such a big deal. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. I'm giving you worldly examples because at this age, we into a little bit of materialism by nature, by a certain type of by the environment should I say maybe not nature.

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But people like good things and so on. Please be helpful to others learn to reach out learn to be courteous learn to be to everyone you have enemies make peace. That's who it should be. That's who you are. You're a leader. You don't need enemies. Make peace. If it was if it's then no problem, but you try, didn't you? Yes, you did. It's okay. Be a good person, be the bigger person. That's what will grant you the greatest of successes. And guess what, when the matric results come out, the excitement is in the air. I'm sure you're going to be called back here in order to be given your your certificates and the awards and so and so inshallah will do well, who knows? I might come back

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again here just to say mashallah, congrats on what's bigger than that.

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What's bigger than that?

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Um, ooh, the Akita be Yemeni Fiat Uno, ha

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Ah, whoa, whoa,

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whoa. On the day of pm are when people are given their books in the right hand.

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They say Check, check my results, check my book. That's true success is temporary, you know, stronger people than you and I have gone I sit and I ask myself this age I'm at an age where so many people have passed away.

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The age you X not so many people, but there are a lot of examples. Do you agree? It's not like we telling you you're gonna die tomorrow? No, it's okay. That's not what we're saying. But what we're saying is prepare for it by doing what we worshiping Allah we tried to be good Muslim in and guess what we want to help others help as much as you can be courteous and kind, Mashallah.

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That's what will make you

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a successful person in the eyes of Allah, you will be the best, because the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, Cairo NASCI and found him as the best of the people are those who are,

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are those who are

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the most beneficial to the rest of the people benefit the rest the most, and shall. So these are a few words that I wanted to attend. I wanted to bring about a comparison between your school life that you look forward to you pay to get to school, and you still suffer, and you still cry in this old world. Now you guys are happy, right? But there was a time when you used to cry, there was homework and and you look forward, and you still get up the next day, and you still go back to school with your wiping your tears. And whatever else it was, it was all along, agree. When you were younger, see them go see the little ones, they cry, and they still look forward and they still keep

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coming back. And you still follow every rule and you still get the punishment. And you still worried about your detentions and your manual Labor's and whatever else it might be. But you still keep coming and you still looking forward to a good exam. And you still come on the day of the exam and you learn and you sweat as they say, and you come in right and you're happy and you start discussing everything outside. I promise you the exact examples of your entire life.

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You get test you pass them. Oh Allah, do not test us with tests that will be too difficult for us to pass. I want to tell you one big difference. And that is one big difference is when you've written your exam, you see too late.

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You've handed everything in common. In the case of Allah, for as long as you're alive.

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And you haven't had the final graduation. You delete it by saying I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I won't do it again. It's gone. wiped out. In fact, Allah writes the correct answer for you. He swaps that sin with a good dude to say, this person turned for me.

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So if you faulted you went wrong. You're not an evil person. You have goodness in your heart. All of you have goodness in your heart. Learn to build it. All of you have kindness than to build it and Allah Almighty will grant you ease