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The speakers discuss the controversy surrounding ISIS's actions related to the loss of the Jord offline pilot and the miscalculations of the message. They stress the importance of protecting the health of its citizens and the potential for attacks on other Muslim groups. The speakers emphasize the need for an independent judge to reconcile those groups and discuss the miscalculations of ISIS's actions and the importance of protecting their own group's reputation. They also address the confusion surrounding the idea of " prowust" and the importance of not being too optimistic and not giving up on one's own feelings. The speakers stress the need for people to be cautious and show support to those who are not part of the group.

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Now Mr Heyman hem de la blandino salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. My dear brothers and sisters, I would like to comment on this incident that is attributed to the so called ISIS

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in which they burned the Jordanian pilot alive.

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First of all, before commenting on the legitimacy of this act, this brutal act, I would like to comment on the main concept of this ISIS, because arguing on a pinata might give legitimacy to the whole concept of ISIS, rather than talking about rather than showing the fallacy of the whole principle on which ISIS was built or established. So I will leave the Socratic method to for a while, and then I will comment on it. But let me first of all speak about the whole idea of ISIS and where they went completely wrong. And they went to really to be an Islamic or maybe anti Islamic or even, I don't want to emphasize on what some people may mentioned that there is a conspiracy theory

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theory behind the establishment of the whole idea of ISIS. I don't want to mention this, but I want like to mention some basic concepts that anyone who understand the basics so FileZilla will understand where they went wrong and why many scholars are against them. The first of all, the main principle that ISIS takes as an ideology is the fact that they believe that they are upon the help the truth and anyone against them or opposing them or in fact, anyone who does not join them, he is on the false hood and anyone who is fighting them, he is what the hell part of the Crusaders and therefore, he is a mortared and he is fighting the people of the half the people of the truth. So,

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first of all, if any individual or any group, they believe that they are upon the health only themselves upon the health, then you should understand that this group if it is a minority, minority number, then you should believe that this group or this individual or these individuals are upon the false hood. Why is this? Because Allah Allah Allah protected this ummah, Allah Allah Allah protected the deen of this ummah until the Day of Resurrection, and we all know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said my own mother would never unite on misguidance and Allah know Allah says woman you shut the third was sudo La La sabi Lin mini you know the one who follows when the one who are there the

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one who dispute with the profits on the line to sell them or down who goes against the professor said and he is making Misha have severe meaning means he is disputing the overwhelming majority of Muslims knowingly he mattarella which means that he will be what misguided and all the scholars of Islam agreed on the principle of Hmm, based on this a hadith and the other Hadith, and Allah, Allah Allah always addresses believers Yeah, are you 100 Dina? Manu, Allah, Allah says adnoc

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Lena and Antara him or ally guide us into life. In fact, I had that we always read or Allah guide us that said rather than stuffing what is the right path, the right path is the path of the beavers. So, we are part of Domino one, either individual or a group of people can attribute the help and can claim the help exclusively to himself or to that group. So, if we know that there is a crew, a group or an individual is acting like this, then we should realize that this individual or this group are on the misguidance on the wrong side. This is one thing. The other thing is, which is another bigger mistake, they believed because they believe that they are on the truth upon the truth. They believe

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that any other group is on the misguidance and hands dirty growth is what is more ideal. They are the helpers of the Crusaders and they are the helpers, the helpers of the Crusaders and therefore they are more ideal. They deserve to be killed. They deserve to be mutilated, and etc, etc, etc. Now, even if we say that ISIS has some help has nothing

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No one can claim that they have the exclusive or the health exclusivity. But even if we say that they have some of the health, part of the truth, and they are fighting another Muslim group, then the maximum we say is to apply on them. We're in titanium in a moment meaning and

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if two groups of believers they are fighting then reconcile between them. And then Allah, Allah, Allah says,

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Allah, Allah, Allah after you reconcile between them, which means that you have established who is in the false hood, sorry, when you reconciled between them and distill one group, one group is fighting the other group and making one against the other group, then Allah, Allah, Allah allowed Muslims, all of them to fight this oppressor group, this volume group until we bring them to the truth. So the maximum we can say about ISIS, that they hold some help. So they don't have help to fight other groups, and to oppress other groups or to make to make aggression against other groups, let alone to kill the other groups, let alone to claim that the other groups are more 13 apostates,

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and it is legitimate to kill the members of the other groups and to fight the other groups. Okay. They if Thirdly, if they say that they have some judges who judge that ISIS on the help, then they should have those judges, they should have independence judgment to judge between them and other groups who are fighting the the Syrian regime in in in Syria. They have, they should have independent judges to judge between them. In fact, my dear brothers and sisters, they should have independent judges to judge between them and the other Muslim countries. They claim that the other Muslim countries are helpers of the Crusaders, and therefore the other Muslim countries with other

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regions of the Muslim countries, the individuals of their Muslim countries who join those the troops of Muslim countries who joined the the western coalition and fighting ISIS, they believe that those individuals are more 13 as well apostates as well, and therefore they should be killed, not even killed, mutilated, etc, etc. We should say if we really want to apply Islam, we should say that this ISIS is one of the Islamic group, hypothetically, if one of the Islamic groups and other groups are Muslim groups, and there they are fighting among themselves, and we should have independent judges between them in order to reconcile and the oppressor has to be fought.

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In fact, many scholars use this against ISIS because they say that ISIS is fighting many other Muslim groups, and they are who they are the oppressors, and we should fight them until they go back to the help. But ISIS, they claim this to themselves. We haven't we said that ISIS is completely misguided on this particular point. And we also we never agreed that only the western coalition fighting ISIS because not because of fighting ISIS only. But because there will be some injustice that is taking place that will be killing for innocent people. And the most important thing, there will be an agenda that we cannot control. And then the enemies of Islam will have control of and

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they will pass this agenda through this war. It is not about just fighting ISIS.

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Another point another point, which is when ISIS is is fighting any other Muslim group, they deal with them as absolute motor D. And hence, when they when they captured any one of the army of the other group. They treat him not as a motor bus as a motor as a crusader. He has to be killed in a very brutal way. The maximum to be said if ISIS has some legitimacy, the maximum we say is this. ISIS has some legitimacy, they captured some other some some members of other groups. And once they capture them, they should deal with them, as the scholar said about how to deal with a little belly. What What is a human body and body. The scholar said please listen to this

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Carefully, my dear brothers, they said if there is a legitimate Caliphate or a like a legitimate Muslim leader, a Muslim country, and there are

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there are people who want to revolt against him, yes, they are Buddha, or they want to make who ruled against them, they are what the Buddha recommends. So those those fighters, it is allowed for the legitimate, the legitimate,

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legitimate leader to fight them. However, the scholar said, if the legitimate leader captured some of them, then he doesn't deal or the Muslims don't deal with this captive. They deal with the captives of the original kuffar who are attacking the Islamic State or the Islamic caliphate, or the real I'm talking about, I'm not talking about that Islamic caliphate, this Islamic caliphate, I'm talking about the Muslim estate, okay. So how to deal with them with those Muslims who are part of those who want to revolt against the legitimate leader. This is we are talking about the legitimate leader. So the scholar said he should be treated what kindly, none of the scholars said that he

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should be killed, go and read the chapter of Kitab.

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Yes, in the sec, none of the scholars said that he can be killed if he is a Muslim.

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Because who are Muslim mean, they revolted against the legitimate real leader, let alone to be banned, let alone to be humiliated, not of the old mutilated after even being killed. Even the scholar said, we cannot take their women as slaves, because because it happened between the Sahaba. And they haven't taken the women of the other side as the slaves, and they haven't killed even the one did people from there the other side. So this shows it plainly that what the way they are dealing with their opponents, this ISIS is against the basic Islamic principles that are stated in the books of this is something Moreover, apart from those points, my dear brothers and sisters, if

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you see that there is a group that is claiming their truth, exclusively to them, and you see, so many scholars, so many scholars are opposing them in what they do, the best thing to do, if those who group if the if this group, it claims that they have his colors, and they are upon the truth, and those his colors gave them factors. And on the other side, you see, so many scholars, the overwhelming majority of these colors, again, it's them, then you should not risk your email, you should not risk your ophira by joining a group that is going to kill other groups, or to kill the members of the other group. That's why even we said that when Muslim countries are fighting, Muslim

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countries are fighting unless all the scholars agree that I agree to support one Muslim country, against other Muslim countries, all the scholars agree on this.

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Unless they agree on this, then don't join the army of this Muslim country against the other Muslim country. Because this Muslim country has it's it's a legitimate reason to fight this country. And this country has its own legitimate reasons to fight this country. And it is updated to fit into so you should abstain from this and not to be involved in killing any member of the other group. We have said this in many conflicts that took place the Gulf War, and even now the the fight between the fight within Syria and the fight between some Muslim countries now we have said this clearly. So why don't we say the same thing.

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The same thing regarding the fight between ISIS and the other Muslim groups. This is provided that we said that ISIS is a legitimate group and they managed to establish an ideal Islamic State or ideal Muslim state. Now, they believe they believe this is another big mistake. They believe that they are they are establishing the Islamic caliphate. And we said number of times that the Islamic caliphate is that a presentation of the entire Muslim ummah. So if they do not repent

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The entire Muslim Ummah if they do not represent all Muslims or the overwhelming majority of Muslims, then they should not claim that they are what representing the oma because the Ummah is not accepting this representation. They are almost not accepting this, this caliphate. And even if they say that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whether Islam or even was a holdover even Canada, this hadith What does it mean by that Islam or even the Islam he started as a stranger, as a stranger with a few people. And then it became what it became established. What do you do honey, hurry up and come Aveda? What does it mean? Look at this cat, better al Islam or even? Yes, and then it was

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established? What do you do her even means by the end of the time of this law, after it is established, before the Day of Resurrection. As you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the Hadith, that there will be a window that will take the life of all good people. So this is the end of the time. This is the meaning. And if if this hadith has other interpretations, it doesn't mean it doesn't mean at all that this group, which is ISIS that claims that they have established the caliphate is the application of this idea. And this is one of their biggest mistakes, that they take one Hadith, and they apply it upon themselves, and they take other holidays, that gives them

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justification for killing and they apply it on their opponents. Okay.

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So this is one important point to be understood.

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Also, one of the biggest mistakes is, again, which is related to this point, their understanding of the Hadith, their interpretations of their Hadith, and the applications of the Hadith. My dear brothers and sisters, if you believe, if you believe that something done by the other person is how long? Yes, you will believe, for example, I always give this simple example, if a person believes that this is silk, and this is how long Yeah, and I don't believe in this, he cannot just jump on this and cut it and rip it off, because it is haram because it is mine. So he cannot harm me based on what based on his own HTML. So, those people cannot kill others based on their own HTML. If your

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issue has led you to the to the assumption that this person is immortal, this person committed a crime this person

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deserves this, unless you have an authority over this person or illegitimate authority over this person, then you cannot force your opinion on him. And hence, you cannot My dear brothers and sisters Be careful, you cannot kill a person based on HD heart. In fact, my dear brothers and sisters, if we are talking about a legitimate ruler, and legitimate ruler, and he wants to apply the Hadoop and there is a doubt whether this perpetrator has committed the head in a way that allows the legitimate ruler to apply the head on him Yeah. Then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said a girl who who had messed up at home and enamel on the off the tiller Apoorva stopped applying the Hadoop if

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there is a doubt regarding what regarding the application of the Hadoop or regarding a shubha I doubt whether this person have committed the this particular crime with with all the conditions fulfilled.

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Okay, so if there is a doubt the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said don't apply the head. And this principle, although they might say that this hadith is a weak Hadith, but all the scholars agreed on this principle, and that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, which is again might be a weak idea, but all the scholars agreed on this principle, go to the books or go to the books of ship, all the scholars agreed that to err on the side of caution of caution is far better than

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than punishing a person who might be innocent. Yes, and you're still in Santo Domingo, Lima mophie, LFO hieromonk annual fee Ababa, let alone just capturing a Muslim person who participated wrongly in fighting Muslims aren't killing Muslims. Yes. And then after capturing him, there, you judge it it is a mortared. He is part of the Crusaders and he should be killed.

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He should be mutilated, and he should be burned like the example of this Jordanian pilot. This is again, a very big misconception that they have and they are applying.

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Also, my dear brothers and sisters, I always warn and this collars of Islam always want to warn Muslims from being involved in killing innocent people. Now, one of their biggest problems, this ISIS, they say that these are not innocent people, so they judge you them and then they act upon their own judgment, and then they might harm or even kill, based on their judgment as we have said, No, the original principle is any human being is innocent. Now, we need to have an independent judgment in order to say that this person deserves what killing before we kill him. So therefore, the original principle is any person whether he is a Muslim, or he is what he is even a Kaffir. Yes,

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they are Hindu, Muslim, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Yes, and this led Muslim in Illa de la which means the original principle that the Muslim is what

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his life is, his blood is sacred. And the word Allah Allah said in the idea that we always quote Mankato and Epson there is no facility love the fact that Potter and NASA Jamie

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NASA Jamia Mankato and Epson builiding is the one who killed life, okay, or he takes the life of a person not for alive or not for Canadian just to reason. Yes, we allow you to help, which is a clear, clear reason, okay, then as if he has killed the entire humanity. This is an idea that we always caught now and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, for the dounia to vanish that is better on the sight of Allah than killing one Muslim person. In fact, there is another Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if the carrabelle were to be demolished a stone by a stone God is better than killing what an MSN Muslim person. Now, what does this mean? It means that the answer is the

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original principle is don't touch this area, which is killing others, okay? Don't rely on fatwas of scholars to kill others unless there is a proper rule of law and there is no doubt whatsoever, okay. There is no doubt whatsoever and the rule of law has been followed or a legitimate war where there is no no no, no doubt, then you can be involved in this legitimate war. Okay.

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So, if if it is too dangerous, if it is too risky, my dear brothers and sisters, then why are you relying on fatwa of certain people who might be biased who are unknown who are not really known as Big scholars that they have agreed on their scholarship? Why do you risk your Eman? Why do you risk your al-hurra My dear brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or a legend Oh Allah said in the Quran, woman, Mina, Madame Madame fidessa, Johanna Madiba la dee, da da da and Alina, the one who kills Muslim person Mohammedan means not out of mistake deliberately for Jessa Johanna, the punishment is the Hannam Khalid and fee her some scholars said even he will never come

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out of Ghana, he will never come out of Ghana. So why do you involve yourself in something too risky just because of effect? Well, so and so. Or the fact well, so and so. And that's why that's why brothers, once you get into this corrupted mindset, one law you will do some silly things, and you will risk your alpha, the maximum you can say the maximum you can say that this is a fitna, I don't want to be involved in this. This is the maximum you can say if things are not clear for you. I mentioned to some brothers that I was told a few years ago when some of the so some of the Somalian people were revolting against their government and there was there was or there were some killings,

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etc, etc. And again, some tech theory people were there some people with this wrong mentality. Why not?

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them they send a young boy of 16 years of age and he killed one of the soma and his colors when he was doing sujood he shooted him in his head when he was doing to do why because this is color they claim that he is a supporter of this illegitimate government and there are more today and this is Connor is also a man without mortar Dean Look how horrible this can reach to okay.

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Just Just quickly, because of time

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I would like to to come to this issue of

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of burning this pilot alive, if it is true, if it is authentic, yes. Now, whether it is authentic or it is not authentic, they put it and they attributed this to themselves which means that they believe in it, okay, they believe in it. First of all, first of all,

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none of this cannot be allowed. None of the scholars allowed burning a captive whether he is a coward, he is an enemy he is. He is he is he is none of this cannot allow to burn a captive. Some of them, some of them and this is what creates the confusion for some of those people who caught it some fatawa. Yeah. Even harder, they caught it even harder. And please go and search for the quotation of within hideout in Sahih al Bukhari, you will see that it is totally different from what they interpreted it to be. Please go and search it yourself. If you do not believe in what I'm saying. First of all, they said what they said that even harder said why don't you Allah Josie and

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this, this, this leads or this is an evidence that it is allowed to burn so on so all the enemies or the captives? Yes, something like this. First of all, this is not the statement of even harder. This is a statement that even how there was quoting it when he was explaining a hadith that in the hadith of Sahih al Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam said that no one punishes with fire except the love of the fire except Allah, Allah. And inside al Bukhari Sahih al Bukhari himself and Buhari himself. He said to Bob, now you're as liberal now your attitude will be I'd have in law no one uses the punishment of a lot. No one means which means no one can punish with the fire

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of hell except to accept the love of the fire help Allah Allah Allah. This is the ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, no one is allowed to use the punishment to follow the law. No one is allowed to use the punishment to follow the law. It is following Legendre Allah which is the fire of hell. And he caught it the Hadith, when Allah Allah and who said that to the prophets on the line you send them send us for an expedition for as well. And the province of SLM said, If you quote so and so have a lot of notice with another person, then burn them because they annoyed that they don't have the Prophet sallallahu it wasabia send them the prophet SAW Selim said if you caught them burn them.

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Then Abu hurayrah said we want to the profits of ourselves just before going to the expedition and then the professor said and said I told you to burn them those enemies of Allah Salaam and they used to harm the daughter of the prophet SAW Selim or they harm the Prophet, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when she migrated from Mecca to Medina. So the prophet SAW Selim told Abu hurayrah and told the army I commanded you to do so don't do so. Don't do so why because no one uses the adapt of Allah except him Ganga which is that now okay. Even had her coated on this and then he said that the punishment using fire to punish others or sorry, using fire to in using fire to burn

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others or burning others is of three types.

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Sending fire sending fire or firing fire again is the enemy's army, the army itself. Okay, this is one the other thing is burning a person who burned a person. Okay, this is a civilian more about burning a person who killed another person by burning him. Okay, and the third one let me

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The third one is

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Yes, it is hot sauce. Okay, the third one is a sauce Bishop Be confident elfi Halima patera kasasa Okay. So, he said that some scholars are allowed in during the fight to send fire upon the army of that

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the enemies okay which is like bombing bombing is bombing allowed Of course in a state of war bombing is allowed everyone is bombing the other side and this might lead to burning the other side this is what some scholars allowed okay then Allah sabinal a sauce in a sauce what is a sauce means retaliation, if a person killed another person by burning him then some scholars allowed that the Muslim ruler when he catches this person who killed another person by burning him to be killed by burning yes and the third one is the third one the third one

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the Attila you okay in an cartella in fighting in fighting, if you capture Okay, if you captured one of the enemies and you arrested him and he is in your hand now, none of the scholars said that you can burn and none of the scholars said that you can burn him Okay. So, this is one of their and you read what even they even put down I said okay, even Obama said while I input the Dalai Lama philosophy Daddy, if you captured him, then there is no filler in killing him by burning him. And many other scholars quoted the same thing that it is by consensus, you cannot burn a captive let alone killing what Muslim captive let alone killing Muslim captive by burning him okay. This is this

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is one thing even the statement of Ibn taymiyyah means as we said that if there is a case of fighting and you are unable to to respond to the enemies or to stop them aggression, yes, except by doing this, then you can do this which as we said in bombing, now they might call to the Hagia Sophia Iranian. Yes, they might call them hadith of an Iranian the scholar said the hadith of Allah Allah and he and all the prophets on the line is said and done that is even harder in another place. He said well, you know, Delica Allah ma Bagga t him that the prophets are seldom commanded that they will be killed first and then they will be treated like this. This is one interpretation, the other

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interpretation that it is what it is obligated, where is this interpretation from what they have done. Where is it? Okay, far it is it is totally different, which shows their ignorance and their misunderstanding even of what they caught. This is a felony. Now, as for the motor Dean, they said that the the profits on the line is that I'm sorry, or Ababa Casa de commanded harlot to burn some people that provided that this is authentic, provided that this is authentic, that is talking about a state of war and loss people individually they are what they are deemed by themselves, which they declared that they have left the state of Islam This is one interpretation of the Hadith.

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Not it is not a Muslim person who claims that he is what who he is is still Muslim, he has his own interpretation. We might disagree with this, I agree with you, but none of the scholars that this can be applied on this circumstance, none of the scholars let alone that even even burning even a car for captive none of the scholars allowed it. As we have said

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this, my dear brothers and sisters shows another big problem in their in the way they understand Sharia, which is they are really misguided ours the liberals are misguided. How are they misguided? They caught one Hadith take it out of its context. And they they make a number of mistakes. First of all, they make a mistake in their understanding of the Hadith. Then even if they understand it correctly, they make another mistake in the application of the Hadith. We always condemn the liberals that they made mistakes in these things and that's why

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They adopted a liberal version of Islam. And it is exactly the same thing. They misunderstand the Hadith, they call self to the Hadith. They forget about the other Hadith. They take one Hadith in isolation of the rest of the Sharia. Yes while Allah Jalla Allah says, Allah denominado Rufus Sidney Kapha mimouna rather than cadabra Coronavirus, do you believe in some of the book and you leave, there are other parts of the book or the other parts of the Sharia. This is a misguided way of understanding Islam, let alone that if they want to practice it, they practice it wrongly. Yes.

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And this is this is another big problem that they are having. And that's why I don't I just mentioned this issue of burning the Jordanian pilot, not to discuss this issue, but to show how they miss understood Sharia to show how they were misguided in understanding simple things that they claim for themselves. Otherwise, the whole principle of this ISIS is anti Islamic is non Islamic to say the least. So after talking about this ruling of burning the captive of their enemies, I would like to stress on one point,

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just before I stress on this point, until now, I am not 100% sure that this burning has actually took place. Okay, because, again, it's not about a conspiracy theory. But there are certain questions to be asked about the burning, but I'm talking about it. And why I mentioned this 50 points because they are claiming it to themselves. And unfortunately, many of the young brothers are disputing or arguing on social media about the permissibility of it, or they started to do this, which is really crazy. And again, I would like to stress on the fact that there is a big conspiracy around this ISIS

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what is the agenda behind it, there is a big conspiracy and future will prove this, okay.

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Even even the clips of killing the American captive or the British captive of etc, there is is Tim conspiracy around this. However, let us leave that alone. I would like to stress on if we are now we are condemning this killing this person in this way burning him, we should be even more welcome as I used to be on killing the innocent people without of cavani or other some other Muslim areas in Syria or Iraq. And if we want to imagine the, the mother of this case has been murdered, possessed by the Jordanian pilot, and when she was crying, we should also remember those hundreds of Syria mothers who were crying for their children. And in fact, we should. Yesterday I saw a picture of an

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old person in Syria, he died because of poverty.

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Sorry, he died because of hunger and poverty. Yes. And we should also remember the maybe hundreds of innocent people with the younger children, women, old people who were killed by the pilots, the coalition pirates, whether the Muslim pirates who participated in this, or the non Muslim pirates, we should also remember these things. And as we are condemning this killing, we should condemn as well, this killing, we should condemn. All killings are from both sides. And some people mentioned to me that this mother kiss was this Jordanian pilot he was half of the on etc. This is between him and Allah. Is it legitimate? what he has done to participate in these bombings again, is those ISIS

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he knows and everyone knows that it is not bombing, again, is the fighters of ISIS, but there is an agenda behind it. And the during this bombing, there will be hundreds of NSM people to be killed and to be burned by the high tech of the coalition. So we should be vocal as well. In condemning this, we should be vocal in condemning and condemning killing people and just leave from both sides. But I mentioned these points about the burning and the ISIS

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in order to warn young people, woman young people not to sympathize with this or not to accept it, and then there might be a conspiracy theory

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Behind the whole thing. And even as I said, even if there is no conspiracy theory, we should remember the mothers of all those who have been burned with the cassava one or the other Syrian people. And I am saying these things, my dear brothers and sisters on sending these messages because of you, young brothers. And that's why I am mentioning these things. And I would like to conclude by these things by these points, my dear brothers, why I'm saying these things. I am not saying these things, because I don't want the media to present me as a moderate inom or a moderate a scholar who is talking loudly against ISIS or something. I don't want this. I don't care about the media, you

00:40:49--> 00:41:22

know that I've been attacked by the media more than enough. I don't care about it. Then the most important thing for me is you younger brothers, you younger brothers, not to be misguided by those evil people. And then when you are misguided by those evil people, you are risking it. You're a man, you are risking your asset. Yes, the best you can say and this is the minimum is two days to say that this is a 15. I want to protect my Eman And I want to stay away. I don't. Okay.

00:41:23--> 00:41:50

I say it clearly that it is held on to help them by any kind of help. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam said, The Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah, the Sharia, the Sherry are considered the volume, injustice or pressure as one of the major sins. Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah de Navarra, mu Fatima sicoma. Now, don't,

00:41:51--> 00:42:29

don't side with the with the oppressors. Yes, don't side with the oppressors. Otherwise, the fire of hell will touch you. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The condemned the person who makes IANA of the volume, who helps the volume and all of us, all of us caught the eye when Allah says what Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah do and help one another on piety and taqwa and, and righteousness and don't help one another. On what on

00:42:30--> 00:43:27

him singing on one on one means one means a transgression means doing injustice against other, and this group is doing a lot of injustice against Muslims and against non Muslims, anyone, anyone who is helping them by any kind of help, whether physically, financially, even morally, some scholars said that even providing the volume with a pen is helping the volume, even helping the volume with a pen is what is helping the volume. In fact, Sophie only 30 said, Whoever makes that you're out for a while. And yes, he is sinful. Let me just go to the end. Anyway, I don't need to call to the executive statement of of Sofia. There are many statements of the scholars of the RSL club of sherry

00:43:27--> 00:44:11

alpha, about what one again is helping avoid him. Now my dear brothers and sisters, if you say that there are no they are on the app, and there, they might be misguided, they might be doing lol. So why do you ask yourself? Well, some scholars said and I will respond to you by saying some scholars also said that they are learning they are on the misguidance you might say but those scholars are sellout I might say to you, but no, there is colors are set out that are set out for that leader, you might say that then leader on the hub, I might say what other leaders on the hub. Whatever justification you bring, I can bring the same justification against it. Or I can use the same

00:44:11--> 00:44:59

justification against what you are saying. So be careful brothers, don't help the oppressor don't help the volume, especially this volume who is involved in taking the life of NSM people or taking the lives of people with their Muslims or non Muslims, and I am free from any of you who is even sympathizing with them. In fact, my dear brothers and sisters if you want to sympathize with them, then apply the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam which which is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a heart volumen I don't know who Rama and Hanuman Roma Roma help your brother without he is an oppressor or he is

00:45:00--> 00:45:51

And oppress the, the Sahaba said how to help him if he is an oppressor. You have assumed Allah. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if he's an oppressor, stop him from oppression and transgression help stop him from wanting this is how to help of volume. Because if you stop the volume from the volume, then there will be there will not be oppressed people on you will help him not to gain more say and, and hamdulillah it is clear, my dear brothers and sisters, if some of you even confused I advise you to wait for a couple of years and you will see that those people will start fighting among themselves and each group among themselves will claim the help Yes, because this mentality

00:45:51--> 00:46:24

cannot cannot remain intact cannot be united. If any person is not uniting with other Muslims, he cannot or this group cannot be united among themselves and this is one of the most important principles that you need to establish in order to know who is on the help and who is on the button. Any Muslim who is looking for, for uniting the Ummah, then in general, he is on the help because that is the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam well it doesn't have any date any

00:46:25--> 00:47:20

Muslim or Muslim and any Muslim who is dividing the oma. Then he has a big problem there are many question marks against against his or this group's manhood. We asked Allah Allah Allah to show us the help. We to show us the truth We ask Allah Allah, Allah to end this fitna sooner not later, even if ending this means even if ending this means to is to destroy this group. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to help those people who have not seen the truth and the join them to repent to Allah, Allah Allah because before they are involved in major things or major sins or killing or injustice to any of the any of the people was Allah senemo vaticana Vienna Mohammed Ali, he was such a big man