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Heaven’s Celebrities are Often Unknown on Earth

Fame is not a ladder to the Creator, it can actually be the greatest testimony against a person in the Hereafter. Tune in as Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects on what makes us great and what defines greatness.

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So now when it comes down to Labor Council now I

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mean, whatever you want in that a lot, I mean, we'll have to buy too much caffeine a lot more Salinas in America because we can Mohammed and sobre la and he was selling my anything most likely to sell interesting and to feel.

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So if you read what I written, just a while ago, I wrote about beautiful Uncle, uncle AJ, as we call them of the Jabbar, who passed away in New Orleans. Allah have mercy on him, and due to due to the COVID-19. So we ask Allah that'd be Shahada for him men who deeply love the masjid, who, you know, who saw his job, not the day of his death, he actually saw his paradise and was telling his family, you know, complete wellness that, you know, I want to go to my gym, and I've seen it now. It's beautiful. So make sure that you're preparing my, my, my burial for tomorrow. And, you know, I was just thinking about this that how many unclogged toolbars are there now I've not met many in my

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life. But the idea that, you know, you write about them online, and a whole bunch of people suddenly are pressing share and saying, may Allah have mercy on me and all these different things.

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And I was just thinking about this idea for a moment because I think it's very important that we take a step back, and we reflect in this world that tells you to be all that you can be, and tells you to aspire for greatness, which is a good message, but greatness is so often conflated with fame, you take headaches, like the profit slice, and I'm talking about Allah informing Tiberius, Gabriel and the angels to love a person. And they love that person. And we equate that, unfortunately, sometimes to the number of followers that a person has online, or the number of likes that a person has online.

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And I can tell you very personally, that I can't tell you how many times there has been someone in front of me that asked me to pray for them, that I was certain was way better than anything I ever have amounted to be myself. And I'm not saying that from a place of humility. I'm saying that from a place of recognition, that there are people that have come up to me and said, Make do out for me, and I'm thinking to myself, you make jobs for me, you're probably a lot better than my job. But the idea is no, he's, he's well known. And so because he's well known, his must be closer to Allah. And you need to remember that fame is not a ladder to the Creator. In fact, fame can be the greatest

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testimony against the person on the Day of Judgment.

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Legacy is not just this whole thing about your metrics online, or who knows you and who knows about you. Some of the greatest people to ever walk the face of this earth entered and left this earth with very little fanfare. Some of the greatest people to ever walk the face of this earth, some of the most beloved people to Allah that ever walked the face of this earth, had a handful of people at their funeral had no tributes done for them, had no memorials had no eulogies had had nothing written about them after their death, they came to this world and they left this world in good favor, in good standing with their Creator. And they went to their agenda, they went to what Allah

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has prepared them of the preview agenda in their graves

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with very little fanfare. And I want to speak to this concept for a moment when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when the Prophet peace be upon him, went through the heavens with Gabriel, which rewriting Islam, and he met the prophets of Allah, he smelled the sense, a very beautiful scent, and he asked, What is that beautiful scent that I'm smelling? audibly, or Gabriel? And it wasn't the scent of Jesus peace be upon him, it wasn't the scent of Moses, peace be upon him. It wasn't the sense of scent of Ibrahim Abraham, it he said on peace be upon him. It was the scent of the hairdresser, of the daughter of the hairdresser of the daughter of the Pharaoh. So how Allah who no

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one would have known about the hairdresser of the daughter of the Pharaoh, who, while she was combing the hair of the daughter of her own, she dropped the comb. And she said, Bismillah, in the name of God, in the name of Allah, the One God, and the daughter of the Pharaoh said, You mean my Father, God? And she said, No, I mean God, the Lord of your Father and the Lord of you and the Lord of me and the Lord of the worlds and she was crucified and executed, punished horribly, for believing in Allah for testifying to that oneness of Allah and she she entered into this world and she left this world relatively unknown, but how amazing that it was her sense her perfume, that the

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prophets lie, some smelled

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In the heavens on that night, right how honored and noble she was. There are many ahaadeeth and many narrations that speak to this reality of people that came into this world. And that left this world quietly, the most blessed people being those that enter into a gathering and leave the gathering without ever saying anything. They're quiet, they don't abstain, and they don't they don't involve themselves in any gossip or backbiting. They don't harm anybody. They tread this earth lightly. And as they tread this earth ever so lightly, their presence is ever so subtle in every gathering that they're in. And there's a hadith where the prophets I seldom

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actually spoke to this reality. He he was sitting with his companions, and he wanted to make this point and two men walked by the first man walked by, and the Prophet said, What do you say about this man? They said, O Messenger of Allah, he's a nobleman. If he was to request anyone's hand in marriage, then certainly they would marry him. And if he was to intercede on behalf of anyone, then certainly his intercession would be accepted. And if he speaks, he should be listened to. And then another man walked by and the Prophet slice of them said, What do you say about this man? And they said, you're sort of law or messenger of Allah. This is a man that is poor. If he proposes marriage,

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no one will accept his proposal. If He intercedes on behalf of anyone his intercession is meaningless. And if he speaks, he doesn't deserve to be listened to. And the prophets lie sometimes that the higher the higher and min min Adobe mithila haha. But this man is better than an earth full of the other man. This man who is unknown who is poor, who doesn't have much weight in this world who doesn't have much status in this world is better than an earth full think about the entire Earth's population, the world's population and this man does not equal the status of this man in the sight of God. Okay, this man is special. And there are people that walk the face of this earth that

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are very special. They don't have Facebook followings. They don't have Instagram accounts. They're quiet people. They're humble people, they tread lightly. their good work is largely unseen. And behind the scenes, they do things seeking the pleasure of the Lord they speak only when they really have to the profit slice that I'm setting in the line you have an ad Tapi and huffy and honey that barely Allah loves a person is serving to his Turkey, who is fearful, or God conscious meaning they abstain from sin, honey, they are self sufficient. So they abstain from asking others they're happy with what they have. They don't have much but they're happy with what they have coffee and they

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abstain from

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from prominence. They abstain from places of celebrity places of prestige, places of the spotlight, they just like to stay in the background. Okay. And so these three things speak to abstinence, okay, tough what they abstain from sin, Lena, they abstain from asking others, and Sufi means they abstain from being the center of attention. And the center of attention doesn't necessarily mean being online and doing whatever it is that you possibly can do to attract attention to yourself. center of attention can be a person sitting in a living room in someone's home, and saying, you know, I'm gonna, I'm going to be the one that's going to kind of abstain in this gathering. And we shame that

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sometimes, right? We look down upon that, and there's so many ideas that come to mind, and I don't want to prolong or belabor the point, but you know, the prophets lie, some saw one person that was admonishing his brother and saying to him, you know, you're too shy, and he was going off on him for being too shy and the Prophet slicin um, said, Do not, do not ever belittle a person for being too shy. It's okay to be shy, it's okay. It's okay for that person to maintain that silence and that modesty. Now, how do we balance these ahaadeeth with the ahaadeeth that talk about for example, there is no envy except in the case of a person who Allah has given knowledge and they spread it, or

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a person who has been given wealth and they spend it how do we balance those ahaadeeth that seemingly praise? Not prominence, but a person who uses their prominence for good with these IDs that seem to praise obscurity? The answer to that is twofold. Number one, the profit slice on never praises prominence for the sake of prominence. fame is not a virtue. fame is not a virtue in Islam, being well known is not a virtue in Islam. Okay. The good that you do with being well known is what the prophet slicin embraced. So if you have a platform, if you have prominence, if you if you have, if you are the center of attention, whatever capacity that you are, if you are someone who's very

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public and extroverted, it's not that part that's going to be praised. It's going to be what you do with it. Likewise, when a person is quiet and to themselves, it's not the obscurity itself, that's praiseworthy. It's the the purpose and the focus that

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That person has what drives them to be that way. Right? is just that they want to come into this world and leave this world like a wayfair. a traveler, a stranger to someone who walks by who's making a pitstop, pitstop not trying to be celebrated, not sure. I just want to come in and do what I need to do to get home and home as a gentleman. That's it. I just want to get to gentleman. So that's the first thing. It's not the prominence that the profits license ever praised the profit slice on praise. People who use positions of wealth or positions of power for good, it's the good that's being praised. And the fact that that person, you know, may Allah subhanaw taala make a

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sincere whether we're in place of prominence or obscurity, the fact that that person did not let a spiritual disease develop out of that prominence. Okay, so prominence, buries its own diseases. And by the way, obscurity, can various diseases to how a person can be obscure and not be the center of attention. And they develop a hazard, they develop envy, and they'll be punished for that right that envy, that envy is a spiritual disease. And a person could develop a complex of arrogance and pride and a place of prominence. And they'll be held accountable for that, right? It's what you do with these things. And there are so many people that come into this world and leave this world, like our

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oncologia Bob Rahim, Allah tining, who would not have been known to the vast majority of you, except to those that knew him personally,

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that just come in and leave this world. So quiet. And we and we ask Allah, that gender is their final abode, and that our final vote is gender as well on that I mean, so again, the messages.

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You know, when a log gives you a place, whether that places a place of prominence, or a place of privacy, whether you are known by a million people or known by 10, people, make sure that your purpose is to first and foremost, do what you have to do to get home which is gentleman, number two, that with whatever you've been given, whatever is around you that you're touching it in a way that's positive in a way that brings that back to Allah subhanaw taala. as well. We focus too much too much. There are so many people that are killing themselves, to get those likes and to get those follows and to get that validation that approval online or from public places. Find it in yourself

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the way that those special people find it in themselves. All of us can learn from that whether we're known or unknown, all of us can learn from that focus. And that person that's driven to just do right by what they have, and to please Allah subhanaw taala and to meet a loss of hundreds out of free from anything that would disqualify them from getting home from getting to Jen. So we asked her last time to have mercy. On her brother of the Jabbar, Rahim Allah tala who loved the masjid who loved the houses of Allah subhana wa Tada. Those of us that know him testify that he was a man who would not harm people who would come to the masjid who loved the houses of Allah Subhana Atlanta,

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who humbled himself who remain silent, we asked a lot to celebrate him in the heavens. And we ask Allah for all of those uncles and Auntie's simple people, and I don't say uncles and Auntie's in a derogatory fashion, all of those, those those sweet people that often get pushed aside that often are neglected, that are often not looked at, in a way that's that honors them. We asked the last time that he accept all of them, that Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with all of them. We asked a lot that for all of those people that enter this world and leave this world with very little fanfare, but maintain righteousness, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to celebrate them in the heavens.

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And we ask Allah to not deprive us of that reward. We ask Allah to never allow us to be amongst those that are distracted by the allure of this world in whatever fashion that is, whether its prominence, or wealth or power, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from those things that distract us from that ultimate purpose of pleasing Him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us better than what people assume of us and to allow us to be amongst those that assume good of those around us as well. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to forgive us for our shortcomings and to forgive our brothers and sisters, past, present and future for their shortcomings and their sins as

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well and to gather all of us in a place of prominence under his shade on the Day of Judgment, and a place of prominence in paradise around his prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam agenda for those alone and he has that long fight on us that I'm ready for him to live.