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Juz’ 18 with Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

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All right sulamani calm What? I'm going to lie here, we're gonna cancel

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this one out. I

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mean, what are we wanting? I mean, what if you were to do my subpoena one must love your son I'm about to cry because

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he was alone and he will suck me here or send them to semen cathedra so we got a complaint the other day, not enough turbans on our own 3430 so we decided that you know, by but due to popular protest, we bring back turbans so we're bringing Germans back in hamdulillah so we're we have Mufti with us again and have the dinar Grameen very happy to have him with us again welcome back to the show Shea is that good luck and I appreciate that and I'm sure I'll wear my turban every time it comes up. I will

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and gelato I want to remind everyone check Abdullah said our income chef, welcome once again.

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As always, every night that we want to remind everyone inshallah that this coming Wednesday night Allah will be having our little Armstrong telethon, finished strong telephone which focuses on the last 10 nights of Ramadan in Charlottetown and making sure that we are ready and shut latos that'll be five hours it'll be from 3pm to 8pm at the end of it we'll have a draft inshallah we can all make together so you can tune in throughout the day and in the nighttime to make sure that you catch the deer at the ends when the night out as we go into the 21st nights of Ramadan We ask Allah to accept and to remind everyone in Shell you have an opportunity now in Sharla if you click on the link to

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put in your pocket to distribute over the last two nights of Ramadan inshallah tada so whatever amount it is to have something that will be that when inshallah tada enhance the chances of us catching the lives of others and support the free content that you can put out in sha Allah so does that call Hold on. And with that in sha Allah to Allah, we will start have the last lots of snow on a solo and only he will be here woman winner. So in the last slide through that Hajj, Allah Subhana Allah in verse in verse 78, galarza Joe calls us Muslims for the first time in following the tradition of Brahim it has to them and really gives us this noble title and gives us this noble

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standing in this position that we are amongst those who can make proper claims Ibrahim already has set up and then we get into sort of meat on just a teen says hello right after we're told to follow the way he might

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have Abraham and be called Muslims. Then the next surah is the believers and what are the qualities of and what we know and what are the qualities of the believers but I mean on verily the believers are successful they have succeeded. And somehow at the end of the suit oh by the way in the hula usually hold capital. So verse 117, are certain what meaning that they can feed on the disbelievers will not succeed and here but after that had what we know in the believers have attained success the first verse and it starts to give these beautiful qualities and levena home peace allottee and classroom those who in prayer humble themselves whether Dino Mandela we want to reward those who

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avoid vain talk when Latina homeless is a county fair even those who observe the cat will love you know how many Fujian Have you lost own those who strictly guard their private parts in that as watching him Obama cuts a man

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except for their wives or their right hands possess for them there is no blame or they are free from blame feminism so that he can come when i doing when the dino homie Amana TMR? fdmr on when Latina hermanos sadati him you have Anasazi and you have you don't like him and why he thought so let's translate it goes I'm just running through them quickly the qualities people that hold on to their Amanda's that hold on to their trust people that observe their prayers. And it's basically how to be decent Muslims and human beings and some kind of law it's these qualities from so it's not we don't cover everything, and they're all interconnected. Why? Because a person who has for sure in their

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salon is deeply immersed in a personal conversation with a loss of habitat and knows what it's like to dialogue with the Creator, or to have that conversation with the loss of hundreds and to be immersed in a meaningful conversation. And so what's the next I love We mourn alone, when they see vain talk. They don't bother themselves because they're more interested in the condition where the last one they see wasteful conversation. They don't immerse themselves in it to where they will inevitably fall into sin. Some of the reason that Schumpeter like him all the time, he said something very beautiful. He said an analyzer that I mentioned, those who protect their, their

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private parts, and those who protect their tracks, and basically abstaining from zinna, abstaining from adultery and fornication and maintaining modesty and chastity is like your contract with a loss of habitat. It's very easy to transgress, and to be tricky with that that same

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Quality then carries over into how we enter into business contracts and treaties and make promises and and you know and uphold our covenants with people. So it's a connection that we see between those two things. And all of these qualities are connected. And this is a very wholesome description of what a movement looks like. What does a believer look like? And how the believer is primarily focused their relationship on the last hotel and the end of have certainly known and without seeking forgiveness. I love this little Warhammer antihero. huahine Okay, well hold on Rob before Warhammer Enzo hater, I mean, to say to say, Oh, my Lord, have mercy and forgive me and you are the best of

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those who show mercy You are the best of those who show mercy. So Subhanallah you have all the qualities of me known of the believers now last time make us amongst them embodying those qualities that are prevalent and prominent in the lives of our profits in the lives of the mighty Salaam, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then we follow along and we ask Allah subhanaw taala at the end, for forgiveness and mercy for our inevitable shortcomings then comes to the note. So the North takes its name from verse 24, Allahu Allahu Allah is the light of the heavens in the earth, a beautiful iron, that could honestly take up several episodes. So I'm not going to dive in delve into

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the Tafseer of that I have a beautiful area in verse 24. And what's the connection between certain nude and sort of mean on certain, you know, and talks about the believers composition, and the way that the believer molds themselves with worship, and character, sort of the North talks about how that moment and functions in society when there are undesirable elements that are prevalent around them. So basically, it's putting it to the test. Now, here are some of the practical manifestations, the times when you're going to be put to test with how immersed you are in your prayer, how much you avoid vain talk, how you protect your private parts, how honest you are with your covenants and your

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contracts with people. It's really now how it's put to test and so these are the you know, certain note you have the verses that condemn fornication, you have the verses of hijab, the verses of lowering the gaze, the verses condemning slander, the verses condemning the mistreatment of captives, basically all of the things that go wrong when the qualities that are known are not manifest in a person. This is what happens at a societal level, when the moon when the believers are not applying the things that Allah subhana wa tada gives to them in that order. And I want to point to a few highlights here in sha Allah because obviously, the main thing is how to write the slander

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of it shall be our mother, it shall not be a lot of time. And I know chef Abdullah is going to talk about that a bit in Charlottetown. And there's a lot of commentary on heavy on the slander about you saw the alarm and what it did to the community of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But I want to point to one example of how this connects to certain let me know Allah subhanaw taala says that one of the main problems was if telephony will be elsina t calm that when the news came, you just met it with your tongue, your tongue had had had received it and spread it before you even processed it. Right? You press share without even really confirming anything in the document or paying attention

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or looking through it. It's, you know, your tongue received it and shared it received it and shared it the majority of people that were involved in the slander of it shall be a lot of time. We're not people that have malicious intent. They weren't people that were they were people whose tongues are way too busy. And that had a bad habit of when news and gossip comes their tongues receive it not their minds, not their hearts, their tongues receive it, and their tongues immediately share it and what is the last day is the first societal quality of the meaning in the previous order? Well, Lavina home Annie, lovely Marie long, those who don't waste their time with vain talk. Those who

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don't engage their tongues with vain talk because if you engage in vain, talk a lot. If you engage in wasteful talk a lot, you're inevitably going to fall into backbiting and slander and gossip and those types of things. So somehow I had you apply that guard of the tongue, you wouldn't have even found yourself in this entire drama, you would have avoided it altogether. And well, I think about this now, people the way that we press share, right now it's a button right you press share, you retweet you posted here, you post it there you forward and you better be ready to meet Allah subhana wa tada with everything that you just share. Because nothing the one who shares is just like the one

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who originates it, the one who shares it is just like the one who originates it. So when you press share, or retweet or spread, or use or you pass something on in your WhatsApp groups or whatever it is, you better be ready to meet a loss of data with it. And we asked the last panel data for safety

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for protection, so this is a this is a deep connection that we find between certain won't be known and suited to note. And by the way, these verses are not there to silence victims. They're there to silence landers. there's a there's a process there's justice in Islam, there's a way forward when people are actually in situations of harm and hardship. This is the silent gossipers and slanderers and people that have had bad intentions malicious intent that then embroil communities and drop, right and we asked the last predator either for safety and for protection to more things in child and I'll pass it on to Chicago Law, allies or justice what he asked for what he asked for Who else?

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Let them forgive and pardon, don't you want the last panel to Allah to forgive and pardon you? Of course, this was double Becker's vehicle the a lot of time I'm home to pardon Miss LA, who he was giving sadaqa to who was engaged in the slander about you shall be allowed to enter and I just want to connect it to sort that what we're doing rather than get into the specifics of that sorta at the end of sort of Milan, what are you doing, Rob? This third one? Okay, you're asking a lot for forgiveness and hear a lot is saying, don't you want a lot of forgive you remember, you make the claim that you want a lot of forgive you and have mercy upon you. So how do you show forgiveness and

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mercy to people in your life? Finally, 36 and 37, of sorts of note, the believers are focused, they're focused on doing good and so they don't waste their time and evil. They're focused. The key is to be so focused on Allah that chiffon doesn't have a playground. And so what is 36 and 37 talk about feeble uten elvina Allahu and Torah. Last parotitis says that those are those are directed to this light are found in houses which Allah subhanaw taala has allowed to be raised. Well use Gadhafi has mobile and and and his name is mentioned raised in there as well.

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remembered in there as well, you suddenly hula, you're suddenly hula hoop we have

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a slot, that they glorify a loss and how to honor it day and night with these names that have lost contact has given and some of their intimate they said that some of their intimate services referring to the massage, and some of them said this is referring to the homes of the believers that the believers engaged in viken in their homes and raise the name of the Lost parents on their homes and glorify them in these homes. And what is the last printout saying the next I need? Not and he pointed out that these are people who are not, who are not bothered or distracted by trade when they are an undeclared law, no commerce, no profit, no nothing distracts them from the remembrance of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala with a calmness allowing and establishing the prayer and giving this account the same qualities that are mentioned and suited to me known. And why is that you have one ailment it's 100 will feel

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that they are afraid of the day that all hearts will be overturned and all eyes will be petrified on that day they lost contact protected. So again, the idea of sort of new and uncertain what mean on the mean on are focused in a way that they don't get caught up in some of the drama and the sinfulness that's talked about sort of the note. So be focused on the last panel to Ireland, don't receive news with your tongue or with your finger.

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Don't bother yourself with things that are of no concern and be focused on being from those people who have to shorten their salon for sure and realizing we ask a lot to make us amongst me. publisher

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah was rubbish or any suddenly we're simply empty when we're not but there's so many so many of my hobonichi out of anatomy, Hyundai la Mashallah, you know, Shea from I mentioned that beautiful introduction. And that was a verse that I wanted to use to introduce Mashallah, it's, it's beautiful, how, you know, when I was reading this verse, you know, in the chapter of nor verse number 15, or last minute Allah mentions, after I will actually find a gym owner who will be listening to matcha kulu. Before he can Malik Salah can be here in the buena who Hainan who went into like clean. But also it does check on my mentions when you tell the

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owner will be listening to you take the news with your tongues, you don't even process and think about the benefits of the harms. You just relay it. And then you say with your mouse, it's interesting how allow us as a listener and then FYI, and with your mouse, and you think of it as something minor, but it's something major with a lot. That's the first thing that is interesting because starbond are short, he mentions with these 10 verses here like from 11 you know, onwards to 20 so kind of like it's just talking about how the news is related and how we belittle it in something great to Allah subhana wa Tada. It was a great scholar named for live in Al m Allah He has

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he says that he has many beautiful statements that are just amazing. And there's one where a man came up to him and he said, he asked him Come on Lake, and the man said situ in the center. He said Lisa, Tina set it to zero in order to use chicken and Tableau in the yard. He made the statement he said he asked him how old he was. The man said I'm 60

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Look at his answer. He says for 60 years, you've been on your way to your Lord and you're almost there. This is the kind of speech that you hear from him. And then he also said, be utterly mass subtle of Dumbo and Yaga when de la, he said as much as you belittle the sin at that level that you belittle the sin that's how great it will be with a look. Or because it will be under the mat Yazoo.

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vembu indika. Yes, oh, and the law, and to the degree of greatness that you hold the signature committing, it becomes minor to a loss of Hannah Montana. So here when we're talking about relating news, just as I mentioned, like when you press send, or you you look in the computer, you laugh, you say, oh, yo, let me share this with my mistress, my man. And Misha is my friend. And it's about someone's it's about someone's honor, it's about someone's reputation. You know, you want to just get a laugh. And it's something minor. You know, as we talked about earlier, that the sin the person will look at the sin as you know, the person that's a sinner will look at his sin like a fly on his

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nose, and just do Hakkinen. So when looking at that, you know, holding the sins to a lesser, lesser lesser than it really what it is, and not taking it seriously is something that is major. And as Omar mentioned that some of them were the mean on and some of them went within when I feel on from them, Abdullah debate about someone African that he was the one that was the head of the one African, his plotting and planning to spread this, spread these tales. In any case, the loss of control that goes on on verse number 19. And he says after barging in and Edina, your hip, bone and tissue and fascia to fillerina M and any dunya What? Well, oh, yeah. And from that time on, that

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Verily, those, verily those that like the morality, that it should be spread among the people of those that have believed, will have a painful punishment in this world and in the afterlife. And Allah knows you and you do not know, Allah knows, and you do not know. So Allah says, in the living you hip boon, and this is important. Verily those that like the morality to spread, it doesn't have to be the you're spreading the morality, you just like the fact of spread, morality spreading, you like to watch the talk shows where the person says, You are the father, or you are that you know, where it's talking about people that have committed illicit acts. They don't know who their fathers

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and mothers are. And this is spreading, and we love to watch where people slander one another and talk about one another. It's very important for us to watch our conduct, particularly when it comes to this word of Xena because the loss aparthotel even mentioned in another verse, he says, well, that took a boo Xena into who can affect us and warm up within it was that Sabina he associates fast, sharp in morality with Xena. Because fascia is something it's a

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it's something that spreads or it's it's a great amount. And what Xena does, it can spread off to people where people don't know who they were their relatives are their fathers or mothers are. And they can definitely separate and break down communities. So when one tries to spread that, and there is no confirmation of that, and it's not even their business, or they love the fact of being spread. This is where loss of control associates the punishment, punishment with just the fact of loving it, liking the fact of spreading this morality around the Earth, which separates the community and we know that is one of the mocassin of the city I wanted the Islamic objectives in which the scholars

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have mentioned of the six. One of them is preservation of the preservation of the honor and preservation of the lineage and preservation of the lineage. Anything that leads to preservation of that Islam is very strict on it. And this is one of them in the chapter of North, where loss of Potala continues on when he says don't have one limb for dealing with Africa. There's a punishment for them in this life. And then the next and then he says, Well, luckily I didn't want him lead anymore. And that's another guy that it's a very important principle for us to remember. There will be some things in Islam, we may not understand the wisdom why, but what's important for you is to

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understand the one that legislated it and to believe in him. He says Allah knows and then you don't know. He knows and you do not know trusting in his knowledge that his infinite infinite perfect without any mistakes or flaws is important for you as a believer to rely on then the last one God says hello left for gulai aleikum wa rahmatullah who will anila are often running and if it was not for the virtue of Allah, and His mercy, the ritual upon you and his mercy, and that Allah subhana wa tada is kind and merciful. One beautiful point here and then I will conclude last month as it says, and if it was not for the virtue of Allah upon you, and His mercy. In this chapter, this is repeated

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four times. Willow left fugly La Jolla, la cuchara Metro who, more than once and in different continents. Before earlier he says alignment

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That He will forgive you from Toba because of the ones that have spread this recklessly, but here when the people just they make it minor, they don't see it as something major. Allah subhanaw taala says he has a roof over our head. He is kind and merciful, that he has not punished you that it is something in this life. He's still giving you a chance because he's kind and he's merciful, being kind to the believers, as it was mentioned earlier with Abu Bakar radi Allahu anhu. You know, the individual that he was spend on minister spoke about his daughter, I Isha. Can you imagine, if you have a chance to listen to to read this story of the kisses of is so beautiful, you know, he has too

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much luck in her relationship with her mother and her father, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's a beautiful, beautiful story. And this chapter is so beautiful, because, you know, when we look at what we're going through, especially in the West, when it comes to these talk shows that we may be watching things online, offline, how we love to spread tales, and sometimes we consume our time with it. We're human beings. But it's important to realize that the virtue of Allah upon you and his mercy is always there. But when you're negligent, are you going to wake up? before last minute Allah takes your soul, please remember to be a tentative of those things that can divert

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you. And fast, fast. Also in this month, fast from electronics for a certain time period, fast from those things that will divert you from that which is most beneficial for most beneficial to you. When Allah subhanaw taala concluded his role from raw Haman, he is one that is kind and merciful to his servants. So just remember that when we speak, when we hear things, process it, ask yourself, Is this beneficial for me? What do I have? What kind of involvement do I have in this and if you don't, then stay away from that, turn away from that and advise those that may be indulging upon that. Because that is someone that could possibly be loving the fact of spreading news that is detrimental

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to other people in the last month, Allah protect us all and bless us. All.

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Right, beautiful water, coffee Shakuntala and shabbats Allah with that of the other man, please do take us away Bismillah

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Monaco shalom to shikamaru trying to beat me into this again. So he called me on this crown 3430 and sort of Under Armour and sort of made the he wanted me to speak about Helen, and there'll be hi and I didn't do it. He didn't get you didn't get me. And today he wants me to speak about pulumi Natalia.

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I'm on your team and I'm team the vihara

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why you're assuming bad things might be

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strategic behind the scenes planning? I can tell. So well, I'm gonna I'm not gonna speak about that. But before I get into what I want to speak about your home, I just want to say, just to just see a few things that you and tshabalala mentioned about slaughter, no. And at the end, Sheikh Abdullah mentioned that, you know, fast food technology so Salaam Allah says it very nicely. He says we are a nation blessed and cursed by our innovation. Right like, so like this. We it is a blessing to have this suta Nur. Honestly, if you look at Homer, it really it teaches human beings, boundaries and privacy of others. It doesn't just speak about speaking it speaks about lowering your gaze. It

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speaks about saying Salaam before entering into someone's house, it speaks about waiting outside the house. Like it tells us that people have privacy. And, and just like how the woman said and how to deal with that. The People's wealth, that people's property, that people's reputation. A secret, like today's secret, like this month is sacred like this. There's like this place where I'm standing a sacred right, Islam, it really is. It teaches us boundaries and limits. Islam promotes a sense of brotherhood, togetherness. It doesn't give anyone the license to attack anyone's reputation. It's simply not allowed. And this sutra, it gives us the the parameters of privacy to a point where even

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tells children how to enter into their own parents house because parents have also a sense of privacy. Right and emotional theory basically. And one that one portion that I want to speak about just it quickly, it says the people who brought this if it's unless there's a rose by two men come

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they were a group among you. Right. It was not an external group. It was an internal group. A lot of times the different things are happening in our community is happening because of our own happening our own or on our own doing great. Mom Sherry says no a buzzer man Ana. Paula a boo feanor Well, my Elisa Mannina I don't see why no one has to do there's a man behind them. Ben one oh nataka zemanta. Hi Jana. So Hanalei says, and this is what he said.

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Why don't abandon iron iron. He says that, you know, we

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The time that we're living in such bad time technology this that, he says but if the era could talk about some if the era had a tongue, it would have said, What are you doing here in 2020? Where the Sahaba act when they would hear something they would just put it away right? When they would come to a when the rumor mill will come to a Muslim you just say you know what, might be harder we can speak about this. And he says you don't see you don't see a fox eating the meat of another Fox. But you see, Muslim Brothers just you know that about just taking each other's flesh and just talking about it and Ava, are we talking about no Heba. So that's why this there's another poem in Urdu it says to

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either odor akibat naka de la casilla que la mujer de has no say Guillain Barre. casada he says Don't give me that excuse and that excuse for why this caravan was looted? He says I'm not worried about the looters or thieves tell me to either do the akibat naka de la que lo de mujer de Azusa galana he is have no blame I'm not blaming the thieves or anybody else but I'm blaming the way you were leading the caravan. Why did you do this? Well, what were you doing right so putting that back on ourselves so that comes back to them? That's just a small cap on sort of note I want to mention before I get into what I want to speak about, and it ties into it. The third idea and certain would

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be known as a very interesting idea. When Latina Hamza catify Lucia Homer you just ran by it but to me this is stands out for many reasons. The first first reason why it stands out is because it's the first time in the Quran Allah uses the word Zakat with fire Allah every time he uses the word Zakat he uses eata will add to soccer to add to soccer he never uses father. So that's why that's the first question to ask. Zakat means charities I got it could mean voluntary, voluntary charity or the one that's obligated upon you. That's the first question. The second question is anytime Zakat is mentioned in the Quran. It comes right away with Salah Aki masala will add to zeca Aki masala will

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add to circa over here. So now comes a one verse before leaving the Hopi Salatin portion, aluminum fuselage in question. What do you know him and love him? I don't know. Mr. catify? No, there's a gap in between. That's a second question. So it tells you what does this I actually mean? The third thing about this ayah is if we take it to the meaning of Zakat, this this Zakat was what became obligatory upon the Muslims 15 to 17 years after Prophethood. So two years or four years after his Zakat became fog. And this sutra is a murky surah

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right? this sutra is not a Madani surah So what does this mean over here? And that's the interesting discussion I want to just have with the with the audience today. This Zakat, a lot of mufa sitting, including a machete whose linguistic he says that this is a god it's come from the word zeca Yes, koo, Zacharias, who means to purify, to cleanse, and another version sort of newer Ayah verse number 21. I got my Zakat nightcap on today for sure. Verse number 21. Well, lo la familia alikum warahmatu mesenchyme and caminhada De Soto, Allah verse number 14, there you go, flamenca zeca surah two shams, verse number nine and 10 of Mohammed zeca, waka

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Turkey, though there's no way to check you on you're gonna Google it. You have to have Google in front of you have to have a Google of poetry and verse numbers I'm talking. So

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Amanda Saha, these letter these words mean purified to cleanse, and I have two three more minutes left. So I'm going to quickly talk about that. What does that mean? See, there's many words in Arabic That means cleansing and purifying. There's a word that stung leaf it means to clean up cleanse, there's a word called heat, it means to cleanse from tahara. There's a word phosphine. sapphires v means to cleanse and purify. There's three other words that mean that what stands out about this gear. And and this was this is what stands out to Ischia, this cleansing process and purification process, it only happens after you heat something. So, at such a high intensity for the

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purpose of purification, like we do with metals in order to isolate the unwanted metals from the primary metals. What What do we do we heat the metal up like gold ore, and it starts and then it goes takes away from the shape it's in from solid to liquid. And when it gets into that liquid, the unwanted materials leaves, which is it gets out of its element, which is an interesting thing. Why does Allah says over here is because he's saying that a believer is a person who is constantly concerned about his or her internal purification, right. And this purification, it's not going to be easy. It like how you have to purify this has to be heated to such a high level. Change is not that

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easy. You know, it's not easy to change from being a person who is intolerant to tolerant from stingy to too generous from selfish to selfless. It's not easy. No one is even a liasing a process of teskey and he

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To take place, this is not to discourage us. This is not to discourage us, but rather it's to just give us you know, when someone's going to med school, you don't say, Oh, yeah, it's gonna be dead. It's gonna walk in the park. You tell them yet you know what you need to have this thing you have to have this requirement, this requirement. So you prepare that person unless preparing us that it is good is sometimes gonna be tough the next time someone slanders you, the next time someone says something bad about you, the next time someone says something bad about your father, it's not going to be easy. No one said it's going to be easy. Change is never going to be easy. But the only

00:30:31--> 00:31:12

prerequisite for this med school has a prereq Law School has a prereq change that can take you to from impurity to purity. How Imam Shafi says Allah has he ever been low to battle Jimmy Oh Ha, be false in LA Canada failed some in one color, or fee him enough sun low takasugi, New fuson voila, that kind of a jello actor. He says, Look, if you try to look at my clothes, and not worth anything, but I have gone through the process of teskey as so much so much. But I can challenge you that this is pure and clean inside, you know, nine out of out of, you know, not out of pride. But he says I've been through this process, right? So it's not going to be easy. But the prereq to med school as you

00:31:12--> 00:31:55

heard all these credits, one litre less so Kareem, he's saying the prereq to change is nothing but file, meaning, intention and effort. If you combine intention and effort together, Allah says I will purify you, I will cleanse you. And then how purified and how cleanse would you get your home or just give me two minutes. This ayah ties into that idea number 34 of sorts of nor then method ludovica Muscat and fee hammer spa, if not above says this new the meal is going to the the light of a believer once this person starts purifying himself and herself and says you know I want to change myself and does something about it. Then the the example of his light is like a niche, which is in

00:31:55--> 00:32:41

the wall. So pretend the niches is a small little place in a wall, the niche. There's a niche inside the body, right and what's placed in there a lantern is placed in there. The lantern lantern is the heart of a believer, the lantern has light on its own. And the lantern is not there on its own. But the lantern is encased in the glass Sujatha. And this this glass is not an ordinary glass. But it's made from the finest crystal which has its own light of its own. So the lantern has light and the glass has light and it doesn't stop there. The oil that's going to light up this lantern is so pure, that even before the flame touches it, you're gonna you'll you'll be you will know Lampton says who

00:32:41--> 00:33:21

now you're going to say to her god, it's so bright, and it's so light that so lit up that before even it touches the flame, it has a light to it. So all three things have a shine to it. And it's saying the reason why it's saying that is the oil, it's so bright, that before it touches the flame, it could it could light up something when a person's heart is purified and it's cleansed, before even put on comes to the person's heart before even revolution comes. It already has its receptive of the why it's receptive of advice, it's receptive of good words. So Allah make us among those who have this purified heart because whoever attains a pure heart in this world has indeed attained a

00:33:21--> 00:33:38

piece of gender in this world. And that's why we have to continue ourselves in this process. And this Tafseer of this ayah while the genome is a catify alone is a is a is something to think of. And always thinking about ourselves, and always trying to help ourselves internally, just as we're helping yourselves external externally does not pay for your time.

00:33:43--> 00:33:43

on time.

00:33:47--> 00:33:54

I asked you very politely I said, No, that we have no moon siding, and no med school talk.

00:33:55--> 00:34:03

Honor. You had to bring med school into this. Why am I Why Why? What's wrong med school all these young girls want to be Medical Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, no big deal.

00:34:08--> 00:34:09

We're happy to have you here

00:34:10--> 00:34:15

in the audience. Know that it's all love. We have a lot of banter with Batman.

00:34:16--> 00:34:30

And hamdulillah I do hope you know, I do want to share kinda like last night. There was a deep sense, you know, status. His name really, really, really, I think shook us shook our hearts last night.

00:34:32--> 00:34:38

Thinking about you know, one element of this and then tonight, like very inspiring and very uplifting.

00:34:39--> 00:34:51

And the entire plan is uplifting and inspiring. But I do I do want to just say that it's really a blessing and have dinner every night. Everyone you've been seeing every night as a member of the team as a fellow scholar at the appian team.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

It's just beautiful to experience the diversity and the messaging that you bring. There is no one quite like you

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

sacral locker we love it We love having you and are you doing a three p two Are you on for a third night or do you only come Are you only on for two nights in

00:35:08--> 00:35:11

another place in the Quran that talks about who will be on there for sure

00:35:14--> 00:35:16

there's lots lots of lots of ions in

00:35:17--> 00:35:21

here she has oh you believe you should have been on cause me not you but I'll be there inshallah.

00:35:24--> 00:36:04

Good luck with Lisa we loved having you on and inshallah tada for the rest of you. We'll see you tomorrow night and then to remind you the finished strong telephone sha Allah tala on May 13 in sha Allah. And then also by the way since tomorrow suited for con to remind you that on on in the last few nights in Charlottetown, every night at 2am. Eastern, I'm going to be doing an explanation of everybody in charge of the servants of the Most Merciful, beautiful 10 ayaats are actually loving qualities that a laser that gives us at the end of certain for cancer every night of the last 10 nights and shots out we'll have a 2am session reflecting on that and shot what's happened and maybe

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we'll pull off the sidewalk maybe I'll have chef Abdullah call mostly on that. So he can join us for one of those to take it away medically from everyone ticker Sonic