Omar Suleiman – Allah tests those that He loves

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of testing prophets and their actions in various ways, including their relationship with their father, their spouse, and their children. They also mention the correlation between testing and trial, including the way their father received his support from their grandparents, and their actions related to their father. The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing and finding out who one is.
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Prophets lie some also mentioned a shed the nasty Bella and that the the most

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tested of people are those who are the prophets and then the righteous and then those that follow them in righteousness in terms of their order and so while he mighty Salaam, which you notice about him as well, is that he's one of the most tested prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala tested in so many ways tested with his father tested with his people, tested with his children tested with his spouses tested with a tyrant tested with the laity tested with everybody. Right so Ibrahim it is Salaam is tested in so many ways throughout his life, and that tells us something right? The fact that despite all of these distinctions that he has, despite the righteousness that's assigned to

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him, the honor that's assigned to him the fact that he's still tested, this severely tells you something. It's not that you know, he is tested, even though he is righteous, he's tested because of how loved and righteous he is. He's tested for that reason. And so there is a correlation between Bella between test and and trial and the love of Allah subhana wa tada and we see it with the Prophet slicin. And we see it with Ibrahima Islam, we see it with au bodyslam. We see it with Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, right the great grandson of Ibrahim on Islam. So there is something to be said about the tests that come to Ibrahim Ali Salaam, despite the love of a lost parents on the high station in

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the high honor that he gave to him a lizer that also mentions him amongst those who his favor was completed upon. So again, I want you to see that these are themes in our own lives that typically

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we not only disconnect with one another but we think that one of them disqualifies the other. And so the love of Allah but then the most tested. And then here Allah completed his favor upon him. When Eliza just says Will you Tim won't matter who I like your idea who cannot attend Mahayana awakening, Ibrahim was

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in sort of use of that allow me complete his favor upon the family of Jacob the way that he has completed it upon your grandparents, Brahim and his half Abraham and Isaac peace be upon them all. So Allah mentions him amongst those whose favor has been completed upon him.

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