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Sh. Omar Suleiman discusses the virtues and blessings of the month of Sha’ban, specifically during the 15th night.

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So don't worry go away with a capillary. So now 100 last summer so no and he was happy he woman went up. So today we put out a short graphic and illustration of a hadith that's narrated in Havana do magic with the Prophet slice. And I'm said that when half of Siobhan has passed a lot looks out at his creation, and he forgives everyone except for one who was a mushroom who was an idolatry or Mashallah, and someone who holds maliciousness in their heart. And it stirred an interesting debate. Now, obviously, if you just click the link in that illustration, which goes to the full infographic, and you'll see the way that we spoke about shabam as a whole.

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And the fact that the vast majority of the narrations about the 15th have shot down, or in fact, weak or fabricated, even.

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And if you had, if you go through the infographic to the actual lecture, the webinar that we held two weeks ago at the beginning of this month of Siobhan then you would see a full explanation of those things, in accordance with the center of the profit slice. And the way that the scholarship the center had understood this concept understood the month of shutdown as a whole and what virtues the month of shutdown has, and then, particularly, what, if any virtues are there that are associated with the 15th night of Shabbat? And if it is a special night, if it's a night to be observed, are there any special practices or special acts of worship, to be observed? So first and

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foremost, just an advice. And I don't say this in a condescending way, well, I I love and I appreciate the people that

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feel protective of this beautiful dean of ours and do not want to permit any innovation and are afraid of innovation. That's a noble thing. And so I'm not I'm not trying to be condescending here. May Allah reward all of you who who care so deeply about the Sunnah of the Prophet slice on to preserve its practice. But you know, just to not see a hat and advice is not to be hasty in declaring something fabricated because you don't know it, or you found a hadith that sounds similar to it, and you went to summit calm, and that says mouldboard that says fabricated, or an Islam QA link, or you know, any type of QA link, in fact, which could be addressing a different concept, or

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it could be addressing a different Hadeeth narration, or it might actually be a legitimate difference of opinion amongst our scholars. But just don't be quick to dismiss a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Or to say, this is fabricated, this is weak, because that's, that's not appropriate. And again, I know it comes from a noble place. So I don't, I'm not saying that in a way of putting anyone down, but in a way of appreciating the sentiment but at the same time, just be very careful to not be hasty with something like that before you type in a comment or something of those sorts. The second thing is that there's a difference between saying that the

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knight might have some virtue to it. And there are particular x specific acts that are legislated for that night. So let's break that down a little bit. And one of the things about the Sunnah of the Prophet slice on them is it's remarkably consistent. And that's something that I love about our Prophet solo, I saw them and I love that you can find the connection between the various acts of worship the very sorry about that, and the life of the prophets like Selim. So if you went through the full webinar, and if you go through the infographic, the notes, you'll find the the way the prophet SAW some describe the month of Shabbat as a whole, is very similar to how the prophets lie.

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Some describe the days of Monday and Thursday, and then within so that's midweek, Monday and Thursday are spaced out in the week. And then within the day, the time after budget and the time after, which are you know, if you think about Monday and Thursday, they correlate to budget and also in the day, shot, bam, is the month between Roger and Ramadan, right. And that's why the prophets lie. Some said it's a forgotten month, and people overlook it. And he also sets ly send them that it is a month in which the deeds are presented to Allah. And we talked about this concept that the deeds are presented to a lot on a daily basis, in the morning and fetches time and then also in the

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afternoon, they're presented to a loss of earnings on a on a weekly basis on Monday and Thursday and then shouted down as a month as a whole. The prophets lie. Some said the deeds are presented to Allah annually in the month of Shabbat, just as we go into Ramadan. Now that Hadith where the Prophet slice on him said, that Allah looks out at his creation and forgives everyone, except for a person who is English lick or English and someone who is my daughter or holds maliciousness and malice in their hearts. There is another Hadith that is so consistent with that Hadith that I want you to just listen to it. So this hadith is from who will be a long time who the Prophet Sly Stone

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said tough tackle ababu agenda to his name. Well, Yeoman homies the gates of Paradise are opens on the day of Monday and the day of Thursday for your funeral.

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liquidity arrived in LA usually go biLlahi Shaya Illa children can at Vayner who have been a fee Shanna for your God on the roll her they had to study her on the roll her then he had to study. So the profit slice on said that the gates of Paradise are open every Monday and Thursday. And Allah forgives every single person every one of his creation, except for someone who associates a partner with him. Okay, so again mushnik which is similar to the hadith of Shabbat, and someone can attain the whole webinar of Li Shan as someone that holds deep hatred in their heart for their brother. Okay, so two people who hold spite maliciousness, hatred between each other. And Allah subhanaw

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taala says, On the one hand, and he had to study her, leave these two until they reconcile, it's probably this Hadeeth is consistent with the Hadeeth, about shodown of how the deeds are presented to a lot and what that correlates to in terms of what's expected of us in order to gain the reward, literally, to the words shook and Shana, okay, idolatry, and Shana, which is spiked hatred, malicious, so I'm going to get to shacking up in a moment and show you what that means and what we can do with it. All right. So it's very consistent. Now, what does this mean in terms of observing the night? First of all, observing the 15th day of Shabbat in fasting is sooner not because it's the

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15th of shutdown, but because it's the 15th of the month. So the 13th 14th, and 15th of every Islamic month, should be, are observed in fasting to achieve that signal. So that's number one. Number two, every single night is special. Okay? Because the ability to connect to a lot every night, as I tell people in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, don't wait until the odd night, don't wait till the 27th night to push yourself. Every night is a chance to repent every night as a chance to connect to a lot of His glory in His Majesty, as he offers that opportunity every single night, he could leave later, right? So whether it's later to other or not, you might be forgiven on that

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night, because you had a sincere moment of connection to your Creator and your Lord, that particular night. All right. So every single night is an opportunity to do something to connect to a loss of habitat. And when it comes to this night, in particular, there is nothing authentic about a particular practice a particular prayer, a particular way of observing this night. Okay, in terms of the worship, however, some of the scholars mentioned just by the collection of the narrations, even if the vast majority of them are fabricated and weak, that there's enough there to say that, you know, in general, a person should spend the night in worship. And, you know, in the way that the

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prophets lie, Selim would worship on a regular basis. So in the arm implant and things of that sort. So that's, that is there, that's what helped them in reservoir Kamala said, and I,

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you know, relied primarily on him and resurrecting Allah tala, in the collection of the entire webinar, when we spoke about the virtues of shotgun, and how to sort things out. So there's no room for innovative practice. But there is precedent that we find from the mouths of the center that in general, that a person should try to, you know, honor, a loss of habitat, honor the acts of worship that are already established the center on that night, but here's what I want to get to, as far as the very particular thing that we can work on and shot what's the greatest act of worship that one can do in this night, Monday and Thursday. 15th of Shandong, in general when the deeds are presented

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to Allah is to remove China because the same word is used twice, shall not in the Arabic language includes above law allowed our, you know, enmity, grudges, and hipped right which is, which is a very strong grudge but but the thing about shakin out, which is consistent when you read the way that the scholar spoke about it, it's a hatred that consumes your heart. It consumes your heart so much, that you don't have the ability to focus on your Creator because of how severe your hatred is for one of his creation. You are so obsessed in your hatred of someone else. And that grudge that you have with someone else that you can't move on. It's It's stuck with you. It's consuming you it's

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overwhelming you and so you're not finding the ability to connect to a loss of hundreds out of the way that you should. And that's significant because when a Saudi Salam comes when Jesus peace be upon him returns you know what the Hadith say the prophets I mentioned, we know that a sigh snoball shift, he abolishes

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idolatry or should any type of associating a partner with Allah. But he also abolishes the Prophet slice that I mentioned a Shanna that there would be no more hatred on earth when Jesus peace be upon him or a size non returns to this earth. So he establishes the purity of the worship of Allah. And he establishes the purifying of the hearts towards one another rather a lot does through him, right that we no longer hold that type of hatred towards one another. And that that has, you know, deep ramifications across the entire world when a Sati is Salaam is present. So Shanna is is a deep hatred that consumes the heart. Let's seriously think deeply about how we can make sure because on

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this night, even if you go to sleep and do nothing, which you know, according to the Scot many of the scholars that that is what it is, right? It's just another night. But just like Monday, Thursday deeds are presented to a loss of habitat. But at least I really need to think if I've been waiting to make peace with someone, if I've been waiting to remove something from my heart, now's the time, now's the time to say, you know what, I'm not going to hate that person anymore. I'm going to let it go. So that I can focus on a lot. Alright. Ramadan is coming up. And what a mercy that before the greatest month and this is the last thing I'll mention, which is consistency. Again, the consistency

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of the prophetic tradition is so beautiful. Thursday, comes before the greatest day of Friday. Right? Thursday comes before the greatest day of Friday and Sunday I had these by the way the profit slice I'm singled out to our Dharma, Yeoman homies. These are presented to a lot on Thursday. If a person fast that day, or let's say doesn't fast that date, but they focus on removing the graduates that are in their in their hearts on Thursday, that clears their heart to do right by the special day of Friday. Okay, think of shutdown like a Thursday. All right, shutdown is a Thursday, you have an opportunity to clear your heart to to prepare your heart so that it can only long for a loss of

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habitat it can only long for the creator and be focused on Allah and not anything else or anyone else. When Ramadan comes around, and May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live to see Ramadan May Allah subhanaw taala accept our deeds in Shabbat and Ramadan. And always May Allah subhana wa tada purify our hearts, purify our hearts so that they can be connected only to him, so that they can be full of His love, so that they can be dedicated solely to longing for his pleasure. And that one will bond can be the operationalizing the activation of that love and that longing of a loss of Hannah Montana, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us and forgive our brothers and sisters, who

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have harmed us, forgive us for the harm that we may have done to our brothers and sisters knowingly or unknowingly. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us give us the capacity to forgive others and give others the capacity to forgive us. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us a people that stand up in the night and long for his pleasure and his forgiveness every single night. I mean a loss of hundreds and allow our days to be in service to him by serving his creation. May Allah make us amongst those alladhina Jaco Mona lane, those that spend the night in prayer. We don't feel cornered in the heart and those that spend in charity during the day. And that anchor themselves in prayer

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throughout the remembrance of the last contact throughout the last panel to Allah allow us to have the best from a lot of our lives this year. A lot I mean, Zack and law failing to you all, check out the full infographic. And if you have the patience to watch the full lecture on the virtues of shutdown, then please do in chat. Let's add the link is there in the infographic as well. And tomorrow night, we'll be we'll be continuing our webinar series. So last week we did community next week this this week we'll be doing your kin and family in Charlottetown talking about family tension in the home. Domestic Violence obviously is an issue but how to foster a healthy environment in the

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home that is infused with all the right things with Dean with good conversation, advice for parents advice for siblings, advice from you know mental health from mental health perspective advice from an Islamic perspective on how to maintain that Sakina in the home that tranquility in the home. So tune in tomorrow and shala tomorrow at 8pm Central time at webinar that European Institute org does that from Ohio to you also don't want to come on