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Finding Peace #20 Let’s open the gates of Jannah

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Wael Ibrahim

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few very simple words my brothers and sisters in Islam if you alter them between technically from that's to say Allahu Akbar in order to commence your prayer and surah to Fatiha, the doors of heavens will be open for you. Once the companions were joining the prophet SAW Selim to pray and upon saying Allahu Akbar, he heard a man amongst them saying Allahu Akbar or kaviraj while hamdulillah he kathira was so behind on Wall E book Ratan wha sila, Allah is truly the greatest and he should be praised in abundance and glory be to Him in the morning and in the evening. When they finish their prayers. The prophet SAW Selim looked back and he said, who said such words who

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authored such and such words so the man said me I was Lola when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said argit to Lucha footie, hot Lucha abueva summer, I was surprised upon hearing these words for indeed the gates of heavens, were opened for it's upon Allah love him so my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is my gift to you today from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam memorize them and start practicing them in your daily prayers upon saying Allahu Akbar, before you commence with sort of a Fatiha say these light words Allahu Akbar kaviraj well hamdu Lillahi kathira also behind Allah He buka Ratan wartsila before reciting Surah Fatiha ven. Insha Allah to Allah your prayers will be accepted a new

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Doha two will be accepted for the gates of heavens will be open for such words. Salah mala Kumar, why