Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #21 Story of Musa And Khidr 1

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The God of the Garden uses pride and arrogance to describe actions of the God, including the use of force and knowledge to achieve success. The story of Hope's death and the "bringing of the beast" is discussed, with references to the "bringing of the beast" and "bringing of the beast" signs. The importance of humility and humility in publicity is emphasized, and a call to Fisher is made.
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what's up?

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So now on equal law

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Salam alumna main fauna on finally my limb Tana was at night in manjar hammerlock Amin.

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Allah Muharram. How do you draw an analogy? I don't but I mean, along with that Atlanta if you don't know whether they ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering, they ask Allah subhanaw taala to, to protect all these beautiful faces from the hellfire. May Allah subhanaw taala make us at the end of the gathering from the people who will be told Kumu mouthful and let them get up all your sins are forgiven. I mean

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we finished last week

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the story of the man with a two gardens

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and the next story of ShoreTel calf is the story of Musa and look at

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the story of Musa and look

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but before

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we start with that story

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remember that in the story of the man or the two gardens,

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the man was tempted

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with all that luxury he had and he was ungrateful. And we saw what happened.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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in a flash of a second he made everything disappear. Well he taught me summary.

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might not have seen

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this scenario in their life

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never experienced to have something a lot of money or a lot of businesses and all of a sudden they disappear.

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So right after that Allah subhanaw taala

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gave a general example because that story is from the past. After that Allah subhanaw taala gave an example that will apply till the Day of Judgment. Similar what the biller whom methyl ah,

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what the

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methylene hayati dunya came in

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who Nina Sena fact thermotherapy in 2000, the Hachiman through

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work on

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colletion Mahkota Euro

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even though you did not witness that, even though you were not there with them to men with the gardens, Allah subhanaw taala has given us an example similar

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just like the story of the man of the garden, the two gardens what does it have in it? It has in it to rob right garden has greenery it has water and what else it was destroyed. Right grew up and destroyed. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala give us an example what the Riblah home methanol hieratic dunya the example of this life is similar what the Riblah home method had highlighted dunya comma Anza now Mina sama just like water, the rain that falls from the sky, the rain comes down

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the octopi Hina that on it will mix with the soil and what happened, the plant come out the flowers, Everything blossoms, right and then after a few months few years, gone. This example is forever. This example every year you see it.

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You do not have to be with the people with the garden. So Allah subhanaw taala still is telling us this

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Estonia that you are so involved in that theory wanna hire to dunya.

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To a boon, Elijah,

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Allah is telling us an example, the example of this hole that I created is the same. It's going to disappear soon, it's going to finish soon. So why are you so involved in it?

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So Pamela, when we're gonna get to that, of course, when we get to the unfairness that we are taking on on Sunday morning. So the example that is valid till the Day of Judgment is this example. Then before we start the story of Musa Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the like we mentioned before, a short story, right? What was that?

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Between the two and two, there was a small mention of

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Joseph is amazing. When he couldn't leave, he got his judo.

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First surgery who in Belize, can Amin Energien FESPACO and rewrote be affected turkey?

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Only, I mean, Dooney Well, home let them

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be selling volley mean,

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right in the middle of those two, four stories to until right in the middle, Allah mentioned the story of asking the angels to make a route to Adam and the bliss bliss refused. This refused. And that is mentioned in many surah in the Quran. And every time it's mentioned, it's suitable to the surah that's mentioned in here Subhan Allah. Here, it's mentioned to tell us that

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the main reason for the disobedience of bliss was H.

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kibra. Right, arrogance, arrogance.

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If you look at the four stories,

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the fifth year of the cave, Saville calf, they had use and wealth This is the main cause of arrogance.

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But they passed.

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The man with the two gardens, he was arrogant about his garden, he felt Musa alayhis salam was tested with his knowledge, because knowledge could give you arrogance. You will know who you're talking to. He passed

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the karma Carmine was given authority, the biggest cause of arrogance. And he passed

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Allah subhanaw taala put the story right in the middle to tell us the main reason for all these fitten the fitna of

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man, the fitna of the first fitna is

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not the festival of Deen, the fitna of wealth, the fitna of knowledge and the fitna of authority, they are all caused by the shaitan.

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Let's go through the story quickly.

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Allah subhana wa Tada. He said, Well I've canal Mala ECat is Julie Adam, we have told the angels to make sujood to Adam, faster to do.

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So they make Suzhou Illa bliss.

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a bliss was exempted from the he did not he did not make social. If you read the ayah What does it mean? It means all the angels may sujood acceptably is that means if this is an angel, everybody came except Muhammad

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Yunus is an angel, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in this surah he clarified that this is not an angel. He is from the jinn because some people said he did not make sujood because he's not an angel. And Allah sent to the angels to make sure she would

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tell you why. He was punished if he was not an angel and he was not asked to make sure he was from the jinn obviously

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made up the question Allah said, we told the angels to make sujood and he please did not.

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And he is from the shin that if this was not gender was not from the angels to mix we should start with right. So why he was cursed and all this?

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Anybody knows.

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Excellent. The anima said that he was so obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he was always with the angels and he reached the level that any he is in

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obedience to Him.

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Ma Subhana wa Tada.

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So when I'm sitting with a crowd like Rasulullah SiteSell and said, when people are sitting in a gathering, they're just casually so

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when people are sitting in a hammock like this, Allah subhanaw taala said, they will all be surrounded by angels, as I said and said, they will be surrounded by angels and Sakeena descended upon them and Rama so a man said, what about this man? Yeah rasool Allah He just came to see the door but he was not coming to listen to the Halacha so as I said, and said just because he's sitting with them, he is not he will be included in all this reward. So

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a piece was always sitting with them. So when the order came,

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make Sousou he refused. And he said Anna, credo minute I'm better than him. And another place 120 Minnaar wacaco 1917 You created him from mud and You created me from now I'm better than him.

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With color didn't matter it is Julie Adam facade zhu li bliss can mean halogen. This is clarified that bliss is

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creation from vision. He is from from vision

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then Allah subhana wa Tada said

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Professor Ken Emery rob the first call.

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He says on translation

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Hero's Journey first akari and he left the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala under Europe bei Subhanallah Marilla and Emery Rob Bay

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Professor Ken Emery Robin now here look at this Subhanallah the statement here one any you fill in a scolding? You fill in the data you fill in Toby

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Taheebo now was already yet oh yeah, I mean Dooney while nakoma Don't

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do you take him

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and his progeny?

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I will Yeah.

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I will usually you take him as a lead other than me.

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And I have declared him as your hadoo

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thank you when on a daily basis,

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how much we obey the shaitan and how much we obey Allah subhanaw taala

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Can you imagine somebody is telling you that this man this man is plotting for you.

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He wants to ruin your life, your reputation, your family, everything.

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Everything guaranteed

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and you invite him every day to dinner

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and you do not eat without feeding him

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and he's in your house every single day. And every time he says something you say yes sir.

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Is that possible?

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When we obey the shaitan this is what you're doing.

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Allah said that you do who same word it because manner it to him when he said the word it means constant following

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you follow somebody constantly

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Allah said in furtherance What do I do I take him constantly all the time as your enemy here he's saying effort a turkey do now do you take him as your when he beside me other than me?

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Basically volley Mina but then what kind of

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replacement is that?

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You replacing the shaitaan other than Allah subhanaw taala

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and he called Allah subhanaw taala the people who do that as dolly mean, they are oppressing themselves or they are giving the right of somebody else to another person. This is the Willie the Willa is only to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and you're giving it to the shaitan you're giving it to the shaitan

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Luna who was really Yeto What does with Reatta homie, his progeny, Yanni that means the shaitan

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they multiply

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they have children, they multiply Lumberyard myth Hannah, Allah told us that the incentives and they multiply

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so you're following him and his story year

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year, I mean Dooney What can I do?

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If you want to speak regular Arabic supposed to be like this effort a turkey donor who was ready yet? Oh, Leah I mean Dooney while homeless

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Come are the

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plural because we're talking about plural so how can we start with

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because hardly you see all the your enemies gather and they want to ruin one same thing in you hear all the shayateen all of them

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they have united to ruin your life

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I do they are all united not either because this could be doing something this could be doing something else he is I don't all of them have gathered and united to be our enemy as at a tuxedo now whether Yetta odia min Dooney Well, I'm not gonna do bid salad volume in

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every story in

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those three story the four stories started differently. The first story started by summary in amphitheater an airman will drop by him was it now it was the kind of this week when I get too excited what happened, something exciting is coming. Some people spend 309 years in a cave, and it's very exciting. The other story started by giving an example what the biblical methodology line because it's talking, it's discussing money. And because we are meant to love money, if somebody wants to convince you not to love money, he has to give you an example by if I tell you listen, don't love money, money is not good. No, no, give me an example. Usually the example is used to

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confirm something to prove something. It was It is comes as a as a illustration as strong evidence when you use an example. So here Allah used an example with a blonde method. And now we come to the story that we have to discuss today. Allah subhanaw taala started this story with a dialogue. Where if Kinder more Sally Fatah, Abraham, Abdullah, Al Bahraini, um, the alcova. How did the story start? Obviously it looks like here that Musa alayhis salam, right after he already been with Bani Israel, you know, and now he's,

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he's preaching to them and everything. And one time somebody asked me a question, is that anyone more knowledgeable than you, Musa?

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is the only one on Earth more knowledgeable than you.

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Musa alayhis salam to His knowledge. He said no, nobody, but he did not say Allahu Adam, he said no. So Allah subhanaw taala told him no, there is someone more knowledgeable than you.

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So he said here to his Fatah Servantes you shall be known

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with Chlorophyta Abraha Abloh najmul Bahrain our under Jacoba. Allah told him that this man that is more knowledgeable than you you will meet him at a place called MeSH mile Bahrain measurement as Bahrain.

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So he told his feta I will

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not stop

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I will continue

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searching for this man until I get to that place that Allah mentioned. Even if it's gonna take me forever or if I don't find them they're finding somewhere else I'm gonna keep looking haggadah

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I'm gonna keep looking for him, you know, what does this word?

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What does it remind you of?

00:18:46 --> 00:18:48

What does that remind you of?

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That you will know by heart?

00:18:55 --> 00:18:56

Let me see in a few

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years and years and years, so here he said, it will no matter how long does it take me? I'm going to constantly continuously look for for this man. Here. It shows us Subhanallah Musa talking to his feta. Musa Musa Allah is the Muhammad of his time.

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He's the prophet of his time. So usually any you see somebody famous these days, you see big entourage with him of people bodyguards. He has only a fetter. And, you know, sometimes you go somebody who's really arrogant, he would go drive from here to Houston with somebody and he does not talk to him during the whole trip.

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But Musa alayhis salam from his humility and humbleness. He is talking to his setup that shows a Tada

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humility and that is the main

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Listen to me carefully. That is the main ingredient for

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he's going to seek, right? He's going to see who's that person better than him. Or more knowledgeable than him that's better than him because there was no battle no one better than the Prophet of the time more knowledgeable and that in certain issues. So, you need humility you need to order in order to be given

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an order to be given. And

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so Allah subhanaw taala told him

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take with you a fish hood and the place that you lose this hood, this is the place where you will find that that man so Sharla Tada. We will continue next week with the story of Musa undercover insha Allah Tala

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don't forget tomorrow, Fisher is at 615 and certain facial features, normal Jumaane here have the Salawat Allah subhanaw taala the most beloved Salaat in the sight of Allah is the site of official more official of Joomla in Joomla. So please try your best to come to Fisher tomorrow. Jacqueline Lochhead Baraka Luffy calm Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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