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Other learning regimes matter of human hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a huge marine My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islam alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen operation to Allah subhana wa tada load state and Elisha of the universe, the shadow law. In the law, we have a witness that none has the rights of worship besides Allah subhana wa tada and we send our love greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family and all those who follow him soon until the end of time, we ask Allah to bless us to be on the student of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in this dunya mela, forgive us our sins of last week May this Juma be a cafaro for all the mistakes we've made in the last week May Allah God the dis Juma be alight and renewed for the week to come. I mean,

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when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah would we series on India, how Islam came to India with an emphasis on Kashmir, we get into Kashmir, but in last week's lecture, people speak to me after the lecture and it's very good. We love having that feedback. You can mail me You can my phone numbers on it, you can WhatsApp me, you can speak to me privately. If you agreed with something you want further clarification, if you disagree even better, if there was a mistake, let me know. That's my that's that's a benefit for me to correct it. And one of the comments I made last week, I said they were two mogul rulers, Akbar the great, he was very accommodating, very easy. We said he was a bit too

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relaxed, did certain things which are not permissible in the Sharia. And he was very successful with a majority non Muslim community. And then you had his grandson who was a very staunch, like volley of olivella. And he's very strict. And he failed as a ruler, fighting war after war after war. And really after him the dynasty came to an end. So how do we balance this? And that's what some people asked me, are you promoting that we should become more liberal? That we should go and mixing?

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You know, we live in it because we live in a society where we are minority, and even within our minority, you know, some some some sci fi notion about Islam, so also in that minority, so what do I do if I'm Alhamdulillah? Want to preserve my Deen? So this topic inshallah is living with a sinner title? How do we live in a multicultural, multi religious, multi,

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you know, a community that has different religious tolerances? How do we live like that? What should I do? Should I isolate? Should I assimilate these two extremes, this complete isolation, I love my own little community. We make this a caliphate of the blue cup, no sin allowed India, or complete assimilation, we just go with the flow. Those are the two extremes. How do I mix with a Muslim that is a sinner, or anyone who's committing similarly because we're all sinners, and then even further the non Muslim? How do we interact with them? And this is, as I said, it's a balancing act. You have one Hadith For example, this hadith in body, we say, the Alon mentions of the NaVi system said, soon

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there will come a time, when the best wealth a Muslim will have will be the sheep which he will take with him to the mountain places with his rainfall, and he will just stay the fearing for his religious commitment from tribulation, meaning he will go into the, into the Buddhists and he will love the away from people. Why to be safe. That's the best he can do. Another Hadees is when the Sahaba asked what is the best deed I could do. He also says, the best man can do is Jihad to strive for sebelah with his wealth and itself, not just physical warfare, jihad, but all forms of jihad. Then they asked him what next? And he said a believer living in the mountain passes, who worships

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Allah and leaves people alone. So in this Hadith, it appears that Islam is encouraging isolation.

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But then you find the end and we'll continue on the other side, another Howdy, the prophecies, the believer who isolates himself is second in virtue to the Mujahid because the one who mixes with people concerning cannot guarantee that he will be free of the sin. And these things may be greater than the rewards that Allah mentioned. We'll have even hudgell Escalante, the man who explained body he explains this Hadith, and he says that the purpose of love is encouraging isolation. in fear of your deen, it's better for you to remove yourself from that situation.

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When you find another Hadith,

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the prophet also comes is the believer who mixes with the people and patiently Bay's the annoyance will have a greater reward than the believer who does not mix with the people and does not be the patients have to had he Allah is better for me to be with the people and to mix with him. So how do I reconcile this? How do I reconcile this and this is where we struggle. We struggle when we have multiple principles for different situations. So on the one hand, for example, Allah speaks about unity. At the same time, I'll let c stand out

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against injustice, what is haram? Speak out. So how do I balance the fact between unity and also forbidding what is wrong, which might cause some disunity. Islam is a broad complex system, and you apply different principles, you apply all of them, but in different situations, the different tools need to be applied. And it's extremism. extremism is to take one aspect of the deen only, and make that your only focus and forget the rest. This is really the nature of extremist groups. Everything is a simulation. Everything is we go What is easy, middle path, middle path, whatever is hard. We just choose what is easy. When you have other extreme Jihad we always going to reject and fight and

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never there's no middle ground. This is extremism. Allah Subhana Allah says without Manuel ability with taqwa support one another in what is built in goodness and taqwa and virtue, what are the one, one, and do not help one another in sinful ways in evil with the law and fear Allah in the lush at the pub, this is sort of your underlying principle, we need to be part of society, we need to mix with people, and we support whatever is good, and play a role in what is good, and encourage it, and where these evil we have to desist from we don't participate in that. And if we can even stop that, we know even going further the proper sentences, whoever amongst you sees an evil action, and he

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should stop it with his hand and if not with his hand, when he should speak out against it. And if he can't do that, then he should at least feel something in his heart make dua, and that is the lowest level of man. So we take this broadly, we take this rules broadly, you find yourself in a situation, coworkers, maybe they want to go out for a night, it might be an inappropriate gathering. As a Muslim, you can never condone what is sinful. And you can never, you can never participate in it. And you can never condone that which is sinful. But while you might shun or you might avoid that situation, you don't check the people. Because those people also would have things that they do that

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is good. And then they you participate in those things. And you actually try, because we are minority, we must try even doubly hard to show when this goodness, when we first in line, sign us up first. But when there is something which is against our principles, then with wisdom and politeness, we disassociate ourselves from that. Let's talk a little bit about shunning the concept of shunning somebody, this is not something foreign, it's part of our Deen. We know that this is a practice form of punishment in the Sharia. And there's two types of ways in which you shun you completely isolate yourself from somebody, you don't talk to them, you might not even respond to the greeting. How do

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we apply this thing?

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So the one type of shunning is where you

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isolate someone, you don't interact with him or her for the matter because of something in the dounia. They might have been wrong. They might have harmed you cheated, you swore you saw your mother, that's a matter of the dunya they might be wrong. In this situation, you cannot change beyond three days. You cannot stop speaking to this person of the three v days, then you must reconcile it somehow, then you need to be the one that greets and try to mend bridges. If the other party doesn't want to then that party is in the sinful is wrong. This is our Deen. So personal matters. You cannot stop speaking to your brother, your mother, your friend. Because of some dunia

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reason three days is the maximum. But of course there is a shunning as a punishment. For some religious deviation. Someone who's committing a sin and out of principle will boycott them. For example, a certain country might be doing wrong. So we don't do business with you because of that, we know a certain business person maybe is doing wrong. So we say avoid that business to make that person feel. The burden of shunning is a type of punishment or type of corrective measure.

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it is prescribed in the Quran. So for example, Allah mentions in the Quran Surah Nisa that if you fear new shoes, you feel a wife that is openly lewd. She's openly flirtatious with other men. One of the forms of punishing her is to avoid her Don't be intimate with her. So this coldness the cold treatment is prescribed. We find also a few weeks ago, we spoke about the story of Kavita Malik, who must jihad. His punishment was no one speaks to him for like 15 days. No one says Salaam no one looks at him for 30 days. That was his punishment and the prophets of Salaam. In fact, if you find any sooner, perhaps the harshest thing you will do is to someone committing a sin or someone that

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did something wrong. You won't find it too easy. So and so when he starts, you know, bashing this guy, he would just be quiet he would look away.

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from him and they would use silence would be enough of an of a of a punishment for the Sahaba to understand I made a mistake. So, silence and shunning is a is a valid form of a valid form of corrective measure. So, now the question is you know Mashallah, I'm sorry, let me I'm saying you you might be a solid person but you know, people in your family, people that trains maybe not don't dress appropriately, or they do certain sinful things they might even do major sins don't perform sada

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you Ivan shun that group. And we take this even further, we find a martial law practicing Salah making five times a day in the masjid. But he's got some religious view I disagree with. He makes Moeller. He doesn't make moded for example, right. So now do I shun this person because I want to make sure he's fitna doesn't affect me. And he must know, I am disassociated from him. If I'm not always is, it is essential to note that chanting of a sinner and an innovator, someone who's corrupting, leading thinking has only been prescribed for important reasons, very, very serious reasons. major, major input major belief that is wrong, such as shunning him in order to discipline

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him, so that he will give up his sinful ways or his innovation and to warn others against by if you mix with this person, you'll be affected. But if shunning has no effect on the sinner, or it only makes him more entrenched in Islam, then there's no point in shunning him, even though he says there's no point in doing that. Because the bad consequences will lead to even a worse thing. And then perhaps the way forward is to soften this person's heart to soften this person's heart. So you need to look at each situation carefully. Maybe with that person by you, pulling away, stop greeting, showing up ugly face might be the reason that person goes further into the sun.

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Whereas the soft treatment might be better in another situation, to show to be to constantly be the same to smile and treat the person the same might be as if you condonation. Okay. And this is a balancing act that you need to do. Let's be more controversial, more that a person that becomes immortal. Allah protect us someone who leaves the deen. And it's a common practice here in Cape Town in South Africa, the person who becomes immortal, we completely you did to me, I don't speak to you, you don't speak to me anymore, which in a way is a powerful message. It's a form of corrective measure, that if you take this path, you choose to renounce your deen, then well, that you renounce

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your family, you renounce all the connections in your life, we don't want to see you. And that is a powerful deterrent, which is what stops people from falling into that. At the same token, I have personally been in contact with people who are never in touch with the deen the fault is not the own. They grew up not knowing Islam, not understanding Islam never been taught correct Islam. So now they meet someone from the opposite faith from a different faith. They don't have a strong Islamic background. So to let go of you, Islam is very easy. For such a person. If you shun that person, it actually pushes them further away from the deen it actually makes that person continue on that path

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of is it that you need to look perhaps in this situation we need to bring that person in. And that is the challenging balancing factor in Islam. This is what is called the middle path. That middle path is not in every situation that middle path may be a different path between the heart approach and the soft approach. But if you had to choose a default, the default of the believer is the soft approach. How do we know this? Well, let's sit down and be Moosa go to Pharaoh, Islam, speak to him softly. First, start with the softer approach. If that doesn't work, then we escalate. We know that Subhanallah when you deal with your kids, it will speak nicely before you take out the belt with

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your employees you first reason and discuss and educate before you issue a warning letter.

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So as a balanced oma, we have both the approach of softness and the approach of heart, apartment and punishment. And the reason for punishing is not to harm or hurt. It's like when you eat your child is not to take out your frustrations and children and sometimes it feels like that. But the real objective is to discipline to stop the bad Muslims to stop the mistake and bring you back into correct measure. Similarly, if we are going to shun someone is not to punish, but it's to teach. And if this is not working as a remedy, if the medicine isn't working, we need to try a different kind of medicine. Now in your social settings, perhaps you're not you don't have that extreme situations

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mood that suits up normally not like that, but you're going to find people

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They're more solid than you. And you're gonna find people that are perhaps in your opinion, literally for the new. How do you navigate this balance, what you need to do what I need to do, as I say, encouraging goodness, wherever there is good, encouraging that wherever there is sinful ways, we begin with soft, gentle reminders, perhaps isn't the ideal, you shouldn't be doing that. You know what you want to encourage your friend to dress appropriately or to perform on time, maybe just forward now to easily just forward a lecture. That's a great lecture, listen to it. Now you didn't say this correctly move to make it right.

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might give you some kind of thinking, beautiful example, has been presented on the lawn. They see an old man performing Voodoo and he's not performing correctly. Now for two small boys to tell the old Buta uncle You know, you're not performing we do it right, it's gonna be difficult. So what they say to his uncle, my brother and I, we are competing as to who performs will do better, can you watch the two of us and you judge which one is performing, we do better. And when he saw the two of them performing, we do realize the way he was doing it was wrong. So this is the kind of diplomatic wise ways of resolving a problem.

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That's with regards to the sinner that is a Muslim. And remember, once that person is in the fold of Islam, there is a right of love of affection, irrespective of the sin, irrespective of the matter, irrespective of the sick that they follow. They have and that brotherhood of

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second brother. Now even if your brother is a, you know, mela protect is sitting in prison, he's still your brother. You don't cut him off, you still constantly try to reconnect, try to get him to come right. And that's the same thing with a dean, someone who's within the fold of Islam, you owe that bondable Hoover remains. So we can hate the sun. And we can reject the sin. We never reject the person sin. That's why no matter how sinful The guy is, when the time comes from his janazah community has to perform genocide on him or her. The community has to bat and make dua for that person. Because Allah has a firm that you are a family. So let's take this a little further. What

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about non Muslims? In Islam you find in the Quran you find verses which will appear to some they will say we shouldn't even associate with a disbeliever. Stern yet, and then you find is that a soft that you must associate with them? So let's mention some of these irons. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, he will Edina amanu Aminu latifolia. Buddha, Natalia. Oh, you have if you have a man, then don't take the Jews and the Christians as your as your allies. Sometimes it's translated as friends, bosom friends, right? Don't take them as allies, they are allies of one another. And whoever allies himself with him becomes really one of them. He becomes with him. Bill build Allah

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does not guide the people who are unjust. The Eastern idea does this mean I can't be friends with McCleary city to meet with Nick semigloss, my neighbor, and so and so cannot be friends with a cannot be kind to her. Because this is so if I'm with him, if I'm like that, as an ally, as an ally, that I'm with him, you have another ayah that Allah speaks about the Christians in particular Allah says, you will find that he didn't know what the 10:11am and you will find the closest people to the believers, the Muslims, in a in a fiction nowadays deep love. The closest people to the believers are those who say nyanissara we are Christians. This is Grant cronica. In the Quran, that is because

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it always is amongst them are priests and monks. Yes, schilke making Jesus worshipping priests.

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We shun you now brother.

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Right? So even so you find that if you could and that one says don't take the Masada as your friends and the other is, is the closest people to the believers in mawatha? Are the Christians and not just any Christian, the priests and the monks that are not arrogant, Allah, how do I balance this? How do I balance this? Because you have different people. And if we have different rules to apply in a different situation. Allah subhana wa Taala sums our interaction with people up in one eye. He says, Oh, you who believe stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to justice be on the side of justice always. And if not the hatred of others to you, make you swerve to do wrong and depart from justice

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be just now justice. What is justice? Justice is applying the correct rule in the correct situation. In fact, it's one of the definitions of achema is to apply the correct to use the correct tool in the correct situation. So for

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This person, he deserves to be shunned for this person he deserves to be loved for that person who deserves to be educated, and even a non Muslim, you always apply justice interacting with them. Allah Subhana Allah sees and we have enjoyed upon manner. This is a very important eye and very important understanding of multiple concepts. The Ayah speaks about a parent who is on disbelief, mela to protect us. So maybe you embrace Islam, but your parents did not embrace Islam. Maybe that parent became attacked. What do I do now? On the one hand, I need to stand out against Sheldon Cooper as the Watson was the drug dealing and murdering at the same time, it's a pain and I need to

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love and my best secret How do I balance this? Allah Subhana Allah sees and we had or seen an incentive invalidity? Bill? Why didn't externa Hamlet Mu 111. And we have enjoyed upon man key for his parents. His mother carried him in weakness upon weakness, and she breastfeed him for two years. Be grateful Allah says to me and to parents, and to me is the final destination but ultimately Allah is always first with Allah says, Allah The first is is always be good to your parents. In fact, be not as iron iron will be valid, any Asana give them a son. We say this many times with accent name, what does it mean? The based not good the base, give your parents the absolute best treatment you

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can give you give a gift, give the best gift, if you speak speak in the best way. Sometimes we fall short Allah forgive us, but that's what's required.

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So is it even for a disbelieving? schilke? Making mother and dead I need to do that? Yes. Allah says and if they jaha Dhaka not only do they come a chick, they force you to come a chick. They are on your case you need to leave this Dean. What do I do then Allah and to trick me to associate a partner with me, for which they have no knowledge. They do not obey them. They do not obey them.

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Well, sorry boo Murphy Dunia meroofer but still Allah says Be a Sahaba to them like a hobby like Abu Bakar be as a hobby with them in the dunya meroofer in goodness, the same ayah that says my father that is forcing me like Nabhi Brahim, that's behind Allah. Nabi Brahim is dead is forcing a beaver on him to come a chick even went so far to try and burn him so that he could come a chick. Allah says you obviously don't obey him when he asked you to do haram but still you need to give him excellent treatment in the dunya you still need to give that person the basis of treatment.

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Allah subhanaw taala says lie and Halekulani Latina la Makati, Lucan Dini,

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Mindy ericom, and tomorrow to Allah him, Allah does not forbid you. With regards to those who do not fight you on account of your dean, and they don't take your wealth, they don't drive you out of your home, so they don't replace you from dealing kindly and justly with them kindly and justly. Justice is just you give me one day and I give you one of them. Like you know, you buy and so kindness is you know what, take it no problem, a smile, thank you an extra level of eviction. Allah says to the disbeliever I don't tell you that you should not be kind and just to them, so long as they don't discriminate against you on account of your religion. And they don't take your property, they don't

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oppress you. And Allah says and if any one of the machine seek your protection, then granting protection so that he may hear the words of Allah and then help him to get to the place of safety system. That is because they are people who don't know sometimes they should get out of ignorance. This is not an A reason of being arrogant or wrong. There's a difference between the sin of shape one and the sin the Shinnecock shape on and fit around is different to

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a Buddha both angles are gonna be so solemn, both committed chin both worshipping idols, but the one is in darkness for us in the lowest point in Jerusalem and the other one is in the highest place of genuine

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bull* but different ways different you know, ways of thinking. So again, to summarize very complicated situation, how do I interact with people around me that are sending that openly sending major sins or even non Muslims How do I do this? Number one, you always maintain your deen never compromise on your deen and your principles. And Allah one of the reasons why Alhamdulillah we are, in my opinion, the best Muslim minority on earth is because we never ever compromise on what it meant to be a Muslim Jew. Our time came Juma time we will leave work. You can. When you come back from tomorrow, you're going to punish us. You're going to duck our wages. You're going to give us

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That's okay. But this is my dream. This I can't compromise on. When it came to eating heroin, I don't take gray areas, this is what's helpful. If you're not gonna accommodate me, no problem. I'm not forcing my Deen on you, but I'm going to disassociate myself from that. But I will keep myself to one side, if there is a problem with my neighbor next door, even if she's a Muslim, non Muslim, that I'm first in line to assist at work when it comes to work. I don't say that, well, this is a bunch of too far. I don't involve myself with him. No, I'll be first to work overtime, because my Deen teaches me to be good and kind. So the non so you always have to fulfill the rights of others.

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And remember, even the non Muslim has the rights on you. Every creation has a right on you the environment as a right on me and you. Yes, the animals have a right on me and you. Similarly, your non Muslim friend and neighbor. Similarly, the sinful person in jail who committed the worst of crimes, he has a hack on you. And you need to fulfill that hack. Even if you're not happy with that person. I say this a lot in marriage clauses.

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say this about marriage classes

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is a very controversial Hadith that says that if a woman is arguing with us when they're unhappy, and then he wants to reconcile and says come to the debate, and she says no, then she's wrong. So So why is why am I wrong for that? Why is the angels cursing me for that? He upset me he was an idiot. Now I'm so go and be intimate with him. So the answer to that is that he's HAC. Because tomorrow when you are miserable and nasty, for no reason, he doesn't say, well, then I'm not good enough. I'm not gonna pay him today.

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Your Rights very important principle, your rights don't stop. Because of how that person that writes they owe that you are owed that you owe, someone else does not stop if they don't fulfill their rights to you.

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So just because your parents don't give you the hacker you deserve as a child doesn't mean you can stop giving your rights as a child to them you understand. Same with neighbors, you have a bad neighbor, and he's not fulfilling his rights as a neighbor, you cannot stop giving your rights as a neighbor to him. This is the Sharia. That's justice. So on the one hand the person might be doing they're not giving the rights to Allah in terms of sending and committing schicke. But the rights that you have with that person still remains very important. And if your corrective measures of shunning stop speaking infringes on that right, then you're actually committing when you take

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someone's rights, that you're actually oppressing that person. So need you need to ask yourself what is the right of my neighbor? My non Muslim colleague, my work my boss has a right on me, my job has a right on me, your friends, your friends, have a right on you, your siblings have a right on you, your in laws have a right on you, even when they're doing wrong. those rights remain. So always for that.

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You know, extreme I give another extreme situation? What about someone who is actively harming Islam? Or is bigoted against Islam? How do we interact with such a person? Because the I said, when it comes to someone who does not discriminate or fight you on Deen and you any harms, you will take your wealth and then you can deal with him kindly and justly but what about the one who hates you because you're a Muslim, and hamdulillah I don't think many of us experienced this. Right? We don't experience this openly or overtly in our society, what happened to the law, that's why we live in a very good situation, I'll keep it this way. But Muslims and other minority Muslim minorities in the

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rest of the world, they need to deal with co workers, neighbors that genuinely hate them because they are Muslims. So Allah sees about this this situation. Allah only forbids you from those who fight you. And because of your religion, and they expel you from your homes and aid you aid others against you, that you make allies with them. But for these people, you cannot have a cozy relationship. So if that's your boss, and let's say your boss is a islamophobe. He hates Islam, and he's bashing Islam constantly. Maybe you shouldn't be working there, but it's the only job you have. Does it mean okay, if your opportunity I get I'm going to steal from him. Coffee, whatever. Is my

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jihad against him. This money is going to use against Islam. No. It means you know what? Because a to eight to five, I'm going to make sure I do as little as possible. No, you still have to work as hard as possible. You have to give him a son. You know, the Hadeeth that even when you're floating that poor animal on corbon, or you're fighting jihad, you're about to kill someone. The professor says I've prescribed a sign in that. But even when you are fighting the enemy, you do so with perfection, with love, key justice, all these wonderful qualities. I do it quickly.

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Although sponsors are only forbids you with regards to those I said we'll fight you and removes you from your home. Those

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People you fight against them. But when they come back, if they were to stop being hostile, Allah says, those with whom you made a treaty amongst the who should be keen, and they have not been deficient toward you in anything or supporting anyone against you. So complete for them the treaty until the terms in terms, the terms come to me meaning that if you have a contract and agreement with someone,

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if they fulfill the rights, that you are bound, even if they are non Muslim, even if they were enemies yesterday, but this is a lack of this agreement. And you have we have this agreement with you. Now, it's a it's a it's a tacit agreement in our society, for being a citizen of this country. So we have an agreement with the government, that we will obey the rules and the laws of this country will respect the citizens of this country, irrespective of their religion, we'll give them the heart in terms of the laws of this country. And in return, of course, we have rights and and a safety and security which we demand from them. And this is what I will share here prescribes. So to

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summarize a very complicated situation.

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The prophets of Salaam, remember, he was the man with the perfect taqwa and human in a society that was very dark and very evil, a people that's worse than the society that we live in, he could have easily said, These people are all huddled with all evil, and going to take myself and my family, and we live outside all the MBR, all of the ambia had to be part of a society that was corrupt. The job was not to condemn anyone, the job was trying to get as many of those save as many as they could. So he has an episode since I was not seeing you to curse people, but rather as a mercy to mankind. I'm not here to send people to join them. That's a loss of man's prerogative on the left. My job, your

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job is to bring as many of those who are doing wrong into goodness, to help them into goodness and righteousness. That's our job. This is when Allah says you are the best sin to mankind is because you do this job. But we encourage people to do the best that they can. And when they do wrong, we speak out against it, we stop it. Indeed, Allah orders justice in New Year, this is every time in the dhammapada in

00:32:14--> 00:32:16

any way, even kotoba Wyandanch.

00:32:17--> 00:32:58

Allah orders that you'll be always just and give good conduct to and given to the relatives. And Allah commands you live by this footbed what is immoral, and what is bad conduct and oppression. Always be on the side of good conduct, always be in the forefront as a believer in that which is good. May certain things which are universally accepted as good. You don't have to be a Muslim to know that this is good. That is good. And a side note as Muslims in this country, our forefathers did this video. Well, they didn't only focus on building the masjid, or the Muslim orphanage, but any orphanage any struggle that was in the interest of goodness and justice, when it's our struggle?

00:32:58--> 00:33:36

Even if it doesn't involve Muslims? We don't say, well, the school that is falling apart in Galicia, that's between the government cafe and the community is our Muslim community. That's not my, my, my interest we should get involved in that brother asked me last night, can you please be part of the night shelter in district six. Now, unfortunately, either one of you might want to be to do that. Looking for treasure and maybe one of you want to support in that. We don't only sign up to Muslim organizations. Because to put a shelter on a homeless person, it's part of my Deen. It's part of my Deen. But just because the MTC didn't set it up doesn't mean now we separate ourselves. That is a

00:33:36--> 00:34:17

successful thing of our forefathers in this community. Always be on the side of goodness. Because we will take out we will associate when it's out on the floor, you need to try extra hard when is goodness to be a symbol of that. So interact with others does not mean participating and condoning the sinful conduct. You remain a good friend, neighbor colleague with everyone, but don't participate in this and I know it's challenging sometimes. I know sometimes you must you have to say I can't join the social gathering. If you call me up to to play a game of soccer, no problem. I can be there. But when you're going to go out and celebrate in the pub v. I can't do it. The in a nice

00:34:17--> 00:34:34

way. polite way. Not for me, not for me. If you ask me to do something, you need me to sit at dinner tonight Friday night. You need me to sit here till 12 o'clock help you with the report. I will do that. But if you want me to go with you to the pub to party, I can't do that. That's the believer. That's the Muslim.

00:34:35--> 00:34:56

rejection of sinful behavior should not be the same as rejecting the person. Never ever think that the sinner is you're better than the sinner, because yes, he commits sin. You know his sin, but he doesn't know the sin you do. The sooner you do might be worse in the sight of Allah and you don't know what good or bad he's doing that you're not doing. So don't judge the person.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

No matter how bad the sun is or

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

When the person is, it does not give you an excuse to disrespect that person. Never ever, ever can emotionally be disrespectful. The best example we have, that'd be Mussa cannot disrespect fear. And this is fear around. None of the people on this journey are worse than fear around and none of the people that do near as good as Mussolini's Islam, but even Musa was commanded by Allah speak to him with kindness with respect, you will not find in the Sierra, the prophets of Salaam, disrespecting Abu Jamal calling him names says at the end of the year we call Allah pious people, the masjid committee, the chef is so in so and so. And his mother is so and so it's

00:35:40--> 00:36:24

the Prophet didn't say this to Abuja, because even while we hate him from inside of them, but as a person, this must be respect. And if you want clear guidance, and that liquid Allah says, Do not insult those idols that they worship besides Allah. Allah says in the Quran, what at the zoo, don't insult Don't belittle the idols they worship, don't insult hubel and La Rosa don't call those idols names. Like the thing which is worshipped besides a lot of words of Sheikh, that object of Sheikh, you don't insult that is final. The person who commit sin deserves more than that. We are ambassadors to the team, and the way we interact with people is not just you, it's not just

00:36:24--> 00:37:05

Mohammed, people are going to look at you and judge Islam by that how you and I driving traffic, how we buy and sell, how we smile, don't smile, how we look how we speak, people are gonna judge our Deen as a minority. This is our man, whether you like it or not. You might be just, you know, in a hurry, and you burst the queue. They're gonna say they slumps. That's normal. That's the reality. So you and I have to be very careful how we interact. Every single person you interact, especially non Muslim, is a potential person that can come to the dean, and you are the one that will either bring him to the dean, or the cause that he goes away from the dean, when you go to a restaurant, how you

00:37:05--> 00:37:43

treat that waiter might be these Muslims, they treat us disrespectfully. They cheap when it comes to tipping, but that five extra rent that you paid and that smile, let me say, wow, these are good people. I know when a Muslim customer comes, I'm going to get that might be the reason between Jana and Jana or the person goes to Islam or not Islam. So every person is a potential movement. And good luck is the best form of power. You have to do the Doublelift Gemma to give down your dow isn't how you speak to your co workers, your neighbors, that is your power. People should need you know, even if he's a non Muslim, he should say, I can't speak bad about these people like nobody sauce on them,

00:37:43--> 00:37:56

the people who hated him, but he could never pick on him in terms of his character, his law, his business dealings as a person yet to concede. He's a good person, I just disagree with his religion. That's what we should be.

00:37:58--> 00:38:39

We don't compromise on your deen and we don't impose it on others. Either. We lead by example. We don't force you. We don't force you. We live in a society. We don't force you to do this the proper way. But we will show you that if you follow our example the example the deen is better for you. And therefore as I said at the beginning, the balance is between isolation and simulation. Each situation you look really carefully. I'm Allah subhanaw taala continue to bless this small community that Allah keeps us safe and sound. Allah keep us on the hook on the right. May we be ambassadors of goodness, and inshallah I won't be next week, but we'll continue after that with India. And we said

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the British arrived in India. Soon after that we arrived in South Africa. Many of your forefathers will talk about those good things in Sharla in two weeks time, just announcement the series on the Sahaba rightly guided caliphs. I'm not here for two weeks, unfortunately. So that's on pause for two weeks, but we'll continue broadcasting our back to basics on WhatsApp. Very, very excellent. next lecture, Episode Three is about responding to atheist arguments. Very big challenge today. Prove to me Allah exists. Prove to me this is correct. That's next up free of charge. If you'd like to join Oh, wait for triple to 13 Oh, wait for triple to 39 with [email protected]. So let's say Mohammed

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