Omar Suleiman – Finding Purpose in Everything

What is your purpose in life?

What is the connection between your Lord and your purpose on earth?

When you have purpose you realize the One you’re doing those little good deeds looks at your deeds and sees what’s in your heart and your connection with Him.

Through your  small good deeds you seek Allah’s mercy. Purpose is what takes those small good habits that we do on a daily basis that connects us into Jannah.

Do not let your family and your friends distract you from your purpose. Think of your family and friends and your career  AS PART of your purpose on earth. Think of all this as a means to seek recognition from Allah. 

So set your sights on your purpose in life and strive to fulfill it today. Do not wait for tomorrow. Do not let a calamity be the factor that makes you question your purpose and seek that connection with your Creator.

Get to know Allah in times of stability so when hardship hits, your connection with Allah is so strong that  you automatically turn to Him and not to some other similar creation of His for ease. Find the purpose now. Cement that connection now. Be this purpose today. Now.