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Drives a Lamborghini

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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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I was in Cape Town, and a brother had a Lamborghini that he, he gave me he told me it was a very nice one. But this is about two, three years old the story. He says, Brother, you, you can drive this thing. I said, Okay, now there is a way of driving it. And basically, I've done it. So I know, right? I told him, he said, Okay, if I repeat, he says, repeat and I said, You told that to the wrong, man.

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Okay, so basically, we kicked off and then I told myself, hang on, I need to correct my intention. I'm just appreciating the gifts of Allah. I'm just trying to check. I'm just trying to see what Allah has given us as humankind, such advancement, that we have a little contraption of this nature. And I'm going to be testing its guts in order to praise Allah for what he's given. Although it's not me but to humankind. He tells me you stretching it a bit, meaning you're trying to convert this into a good deed Anyway, when we were out and the sound was Wow, we came into Cape Town airport with such a big noise, such a big noise, and I enjoyed the you know, dropping the gear as we just entered and

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everyone just turned around and he sells me I don't think that was an act of worship at all.

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Allah, but May Allah forgive us, Allah forgive us. At least I tried, right? And I'm not trying to justify but all I'm doing is showing you that we should try to try and allow open the doors