Musleh Khan – Amazing Reminder for Syria!

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of people in Syria and the importance of happiness and not being killed. They emphasize the importance of not feeling sad and not giving up on one's health and support. The success of Islam and helping others is also highlighted. The "verbal act" of Islam is mentioned as a way to bring peace and encourage people to give. The segment ends with a promise to keep each other strong.
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Hello, Mario

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Brothers and Sisters of Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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First, I have to say that this event, and the purpose of this event is like no other. And I was extremely humbled and proud to be here to represent and be here for a cause that the entire world is concerned with. And I want to say that we ask a lie. So a job always and forever to indeed bring ease to our brothers and sisters in Syria, or up above. Just a couple of things I want to mention to you. Everybody here knows at some point of something that is happening to the brothers and sisters there. We all know of a particular problem or a particular story. And as the brother mentioned, we know that so many of them 1000s of them have been murdered and killed each and every day. The

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question here, brothers and sisters is what happens to them? Where do they go?

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Are they just killed and that's it and their destiny is left with a lot. So an agenda. Brothers and sisters are shortly what I want to present to you is what is happening to the shuhada after they leave this earth? Are they just being slaughtered like animals? And that's it that's the end of their life? Or is there something greater a week to them? And absolutely, as a lot so agile says it's sort of early I mean, we're on now these are yet that I will tell you about these are yet are the most profound and explicit, yet in the entire core and that talks about what will happen to the people who are murdered or killed. FISA beaten them alive. So a judge says what attacks Abendanon

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nadina hotelu FISA be relearning? Um, what, just listen to the wording of this.

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Allah says, Don't for a moment think that's so bad, don't account or even think for a moment

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that the people who have died in the sake or for the sake of a life so

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that they're dead, don't think that they are dead, alive. So agenda here now, there's a couple of things that you want to know, because really, and truly, when they're killed, they died. So what is a lot so a gentleman here that they're not dead, but rather, they are not spiritually dead? The prophet SAW the love of it, he was some of the ones told us that when the Shea needed passes away, a low removes that soul and places the soul inside of the stomach of a green bird, and that bird, it starts to fly around in the agenda. And as it's flying around in the agenda, it chirps and he makes a sound praising Allah. So again, listen to what Allah says. They are not dead, meaning spiritually

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dead. Ben. Yeah, ordinary in don't have behavioral support. But verily the Shaheed they are alive, means spiritually alive, meaning maybe their bodies are dead, but their soul is with Allah, so a job and it is still alive. How do we understand this alohar them what Allah azza wa jal tells us, he says, Yeah, this word here, it doesn't mean that they're just alive. But it also means that they are more alive when they're dead than them as opposed to when they were alive. So in other words, they are seeking or they are indulged in more about happiness in the future, than the happiness that they had in this world. How 30 ina Bhima tell whom will love woman fugly? They are so happy in the era

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with everything that Allah azzawajal gives them in the earth. How do you know this? Brothers and Sisters go back to that bird, that bird Allah azza wa jal when he places that soul in the stomach of that bird, eventually it goes back to Allah near this throne, near the out shovel large so until then it remains there. Can you imagine this is part of the reward of simply the person who dies as a shame

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The person who dies as a Shaheed they are honored not only in this world, but also in the hereafter. And as some of the scholars they say, based on the Hadith once a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, y'all are so lucky. Tell me what is the most beloved act of worship to Allah. So agenda. And the process starts listing a couple of things, but eventually can be listed the person who dies, the subete in them. So here clearly shows that the person their soul, they are being loved, they are happy in the hereafter. So when you hear brothers and sisters, that 1000s of them are dying, it's sort of a love and hate thing.

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You hate it because of why the reasons that they're dying, what they're going through all the hardship, which is why we're here today, to lend that hand to lend some assistance to show that we are here as an omen as a unit. But at the same time, your content. And this is extremely important as Muslim brothers and sisters, no matter how severe or detrimental, something looks for you, in your eyes, always understand that there could be good in it. And Allah clearly tells us that these people passed away. They are happy in the hero. They have lived their life and they've gone through each and every moment living in the duyen. Now the ultimate happiness is what they've been welcomed

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with in the alpha. and then Allah azza wa jal continues and serves why yesterday she wrote a bill levena learned how to be him in helping him Allah hopefully, he will have

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a lot as zoa just says that in the URL for the show, he is given glad tidings not to worry about the people who are still alive. So not only does unluck take care of them, but Allah also lets them know Look, your families, your friends, the people who are with you in the battleground Don't worry about love hopeful and Allium. Don't be afraid of them, whatever whom you want, and don't be sad for them. Because surely insha Allah in that position, they're eventually going to come and join you. So the shahidan the athlete off when you think that he's going through all this hardship, he's actually rejoicing with Allah isoa gym, and he is the closest to Allah than anyone else. And Allah azza wa

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jal continues the same, that this year is one of the greatest and the highest or the most Pinnacle stage in the earth at all. So brothers and sisters, I asked you,

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every single time you turn on the news, I asked you and I plead to you do whatever you can do whatever you can to show your health and your support, no matter what it is, and I know you always hear about make Dora make dourada The reality is brothers and sisters don't ever trivialize how powerful Dora is. And this is why the profits a little long while he was sitting them told us that Dora is the sealer free movement. The door is your ultimate weapon that you use to combat anything that disturbs you and disturbs the brothers and sisters around you. In another Hadith, the Prophet says send them mentions, if you make your own for someone else, and that same door is answered and

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returned back to you 10 times more. So if you ask Allah Oh Allah bring ease to the people of Syria, Allah azza wa jal will do that in sha Allah at a time that he is pleased with and then returned the same thing back to you only 10 times more, what do you have to lose? And then finally, brothers and sisters, I'm not sure how much time I have. But I was thought it was like 10 or 15 minutes, so I'll stick to that time in Sharla. Finally, I want to say to you, one of the reasons why we're here is to lend that Helping Hand meaning to lend $1 meaning to lend something, some kind of assistance to them. Because the reality is, you know, recently they just aired a story about a young child, this

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young child, he wanted to go out and get some water for his family, because for some reason, the water had been cut off in his entire village and where he was living. So this young child wanted to go out and get a pail of water just to bring back for his family. As he was walking on the street. He met two officers or two individuals.

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Those two individuals asked this young child, where are you going with that bucket. And the young child said, I'm going because I want to find water to give to my family. And these few individuals, they urinated in the bucket and said, Go back to your family with this. And they stopped him and he never was able to return back to the streets again. In addition to that, where the water has been cut off, there's people who are literally getting down on their knees and drinking from the ground.

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When you hear something like this, I want you to ensure a low pour your heart out. And this time in the month of Ramadan is a time of a rush, man. This is why some of the scholars they said that the month of Ramadan is the month of mercy. This is the time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never would think twice to give. He never said no to anybody except La Ilaha Illa LA. And he increased that in the month of Ramadan. Why? Because of all the blessings in it. That carrot is usually given in the month of Ramadan, it's usually done this time. Why? Because people want the reward from Allah can you imagine when you start donating, and you start giving to people for you

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need. And so brothers and sisters, I leave you with this. And remember that the prophets of the law while he was selling them once told us a sudden hard to borrow hand, giving charity is is an indication of who you are. So today, there is no shaitan to come to you and say don't give you're going to get for don't give you're going to lose out there is no Shakedown to do this. Everything that you give and that you want to give is an indication of what kind of person you are. So the more that you can pour your heart out, and pour whatever you can for the sake of Allah azza wa jal for the sake of our brothers and sisters. This is an indication of what kind of belief or if you are, an

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ally syllogism concludes, and so that tells us a no longer law you will do edge oral meaning that Verily Allah azza wa jal will never ever take or snip out the reward of the believers. You give one penny in sha Allah that is going to be equivalent to something great for you in the area, under the asset. And so these are the words that I'd leave you with a u haul as always and forever as a as a child in front of you standing here. I break a lot so much as you're bringing victory to our brothers and sisters in Syria. Yo Rob, we asked you sincerely and purely in the month of Rockman in the month of Dora, in the month of mercy Allah bring peace to them. And Oh Allah, we ask you and we

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pray to you and we plead to you, that every single soul that dies for your sake, raise their rank on the day of judgment and enter them and all of us regenitive fitter dosa, db is the Latin retirada These are the words that I leave you with brothers and sisters May Allah subhanahu wa taala Bless you all for being here. I think you will select more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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