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I'm all equal, which means peace be unto you. You are watching the deen show. And we're here trying to help educate you on Islam and Muslims. And my next guest.

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Here he is coming in all the way from, you know what he's all over the world. No particular place. You probably recognize his laugh right there. Maybe I'll get him a crack a joke, but we're going to talk about some very serious. You probably heard some misconceptions. You probably

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heard people say certain things about Islam, but you've come to the source. So we're going to be talking about a certain issue, how we need to act with the non Muslims. What is our role in Islam as far as the Dawa and to help clarify a lot of these issues? My good friend

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aleikum wa salam. It's great to be on the deen show. Again, I love being on the deen show. It's a lot of fun for me. And I always learn something every time I come to your show. I'm serious. What do you guys bring the questions you make me think I have to research I have to study, you make me learn. And that's good. It's a good stimulus we love having. So just something you want to talk about. You've heard and you you hear some people saying that Islam says don't take Jews and Christians as friends. Yeah, what do we got to say about this? Okay, Bismillah Alhamdulillah. First of all, there is

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there is a reference for this. But it's incorrect to translate it that way. There's a reference, but it's been incorrectly translated. Quran is only in the Arabic language, as you know. And it's, it's preserved in the original. So we don't have to any doubt about what it says in Arabic. But when you try to translate, here's where the problems come in. Especially if somebody has an agenda they're working on and they have their own feelings or emotions that they're putting into it. What we find is that a lot is telling us in this case, and it's in Surah, Maya, chapter five, the table spread out, that allows telling us do not take the Jews and Christians as your only are verily they are

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only are to one another. Now, this is the word that they're translating to be friend. But that's not the word for friend in Arabic. Actually, it means allies. The word allies like for instance, when Great Britain and United States are allies, or Canada, in Great Britain, or France and another European country, their allies, one to the other, and whenever there's going to be a conflict. So they're saying if there's conflicts don't take the Jews and the Christians as your allies. And it particularly now, this is your own assignment, but in particular against each other. You have to remember that Muslims have throughout history have fought each other over money power. Well, things

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like this, it happened in Spain for many years, they they fought each other to the extent that when they brought the Catholics in, as mercenaries, they paid them in gold to serve on one side or the other. But when they got more money, they would switch to the other side. And they proved the verses to be exactly correct. Because what they were doing actually is paying somebody to help them kill each other. The whole thing is forbidden in Islam, we shouldn't be killing anybody, we shouldn't kill each other. And surely you don't hire somebody else to help you kill people. So the idea of these mercenaries really was stimulated very much by these guys at that time, those guys calling

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themselves Muslims, and that was in Spain. And basically, it's why we lost Spain in 1492. So if you said Muslims make mistakes over that, and they shouldn't do this, and that you're absolutely right, because nobody should do that. But this is what happened. And this is the verses that we would refer to talking about that as far as the people that we live with every day. Here's what a law says about that. He says he does not forbid you to deal with them with kindness, injustice, and so on and so on. Because in these talking about Jews and Christians, or any of the people but it particularly the Jews and Christians are the closest to us. These are the revealed religions before us. We consider

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the, what they call the Old Testament, the Torah, we consider the original to be a very legitimate book. Then we consider the gospel when it was revealed that the time of Jesus to be another legitimate book, but whereas the Christians will say Old Testament New Testament Jews don't say that. They would say the Torah, the testament itself, because they're not going to accept any new testament after that. But hear the words the Christians are saying New Testament,

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Old Testament, so we are Muslims, and we're saying Old Testament, New Testament and last testament, which would be cool.

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On, but it still doesn't mean we're canceling anything any more than the Christians are canceling something. And we're saying that okay guys look

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when it comes to choosing up sides, no, we're not going to prefer somebody outside of Islam to those who are inside Islam and we shouldn't divide ourselves. Let's look to another verse in chapter three before you ever get to chapter five is chapter three. The law says yo Lena Amano, a de la haka, Ducati La Tomatina elewana Muslim mon.

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Jamia varcoe. And so here Allah is saying you who have come to faith,

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have regard for your Lord, full respect and piousness fear of your Lord. It's his right, and don't die except in a state of submission to him in peace, and holdfast, all of you guys together to one rope the rope of Allah, and don't divide yourselves up. So this is clear again, Muslims should stick together and not prefer somebody outside your faith to those who are within your rights. That's very simple.

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So one point, we can say for sure that this is a misconception. Well, this is a misconception Muslims have yes, no, we don't need to talk. Because we're the non Muslims are getting this and they put it on their websites and put it in the magazines and newspapers and all they're quoting English translations. But to be fair, they're quoting English translations from people who wrote it, they translate it to Urdu. And then they translated the orlu language, which is Pakistani language, to the English language. And that was almost 100 years ago, at the time of Marmaduke pixel. And then after that there was Yusuf Ali. And both of them are giving their own interpretation. Whereas

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Marmaduke Pickthall he's coming up from the Arabic to the English and here we have use volley go in order and from Arabic to English. More as I said, in the very beginning, it has to be understood in Arabic, so nobody should be out here saying the Quran says this, the Quran says that, but they're looking at English. So if I got a date, meaning a meeting, okay with my friend, john from work, okay, we're going to use some Kentucky Fried Chicken. And a brother comes and says, look, crosses don't take Jews and Christians as friends. I can still go have my Kentucky Fried Chicken with my friend, john. It's okay. Oh, please, of course. And this, the evidence we as Muslims are going to

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use is not what somebody translates to English today, we can easily go back and look through the stories of Prophet Mohammed. That's why they're, they're called stories or Hadeeth. Those stories are very accurately narrated by people who memorize everything that happened and they wrote conveyed it to us and related this to us through change or narratives that we can prove up and look what he did. He had neighbors that were Jews and Christians. He had friends that were Jews and Christians. And he had people he did business with, that were Jewish, he had a lot of relationship with the Jewish moreso than Christian simply because there were a lot more Jews. There were Jewish tribes,

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Arab Jews who lived in the city of Medina where he retired, and that's actually where he died.

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Second point we need to be did you say? Or is this correct? kind, gentle? Oh, Allah saying that does not forbid you to be kind and gentle with them and good treatment. This is what a lot when he says he doesn't permit you, it means that you're supposed to so they're here in this on the deen show, because we have other people that would have the people believe that Islam takes everyone as a non friend who's not a Muslim, that we hate them that we despise them that if they're not Muslim, they're infidels that does that. And the other thing I'm gonna make a statement is this thing I really want to clear up this mistake, I hope that people can understand this. If you're a Jew or a

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Christian or a Muslim, isn't it correct for you when you think about this, that you don't really hate the people? But isn't it true that you hate the evil that some people do? Somebody might change and they might stop being evil, they might stop doing the bad things, then you wouldn't hate them anymore. You only hated the evil they did. So if this is the way people are understand, then we would agree with that we do hate for the sake of law. But it's not to hate humans is to hate the evil that some humans do. And just as that a human being might do these things. I don't like this. It works two ways. You also love for the sake of the law. We love the good that people do. What if

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somebody is not Muslim? They did a good deed. Don't we love it? Of course, any good that is done. We see as Even if you say well, it's only good in this world, what's still good, so we love good when it's being done. We hate even when it's being done. But this is normal. I mean, if you stop and analyze it, psychologically, there's nothing wrong with that.

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So we're clearing up these misconceptions on the deen show with shake use of estus. We mentioned before we started dating

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What is our role as Muslims? What does this word mean? And what is our role in the Dawa the the word that one is very much related to a word in Arabic and the root in Arabic to mean to call, it literally is ca Ll call. And it's interesting because we use this all the time, we have cell phones, and we're calling everybody every day will literally This is when you are at night, you get up and you cry to your Lord and you're praying or suffocating. This is called

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the means to call call on the law. And in the day, we call to the people and give them da, da, da, and as the little hiccup in the word, or, let's say you had to put that hiccup in there. And this is to call the people to what to understand what it is that we believe, if they want to accept it, okay, if not, that's okay. But at least we have to call them to sit together to come to terms to have a way to discuss which is better. All these things. I'm paraphrasing from the translation of Quran so that the Muslims can understand this is our duty. This is our responsibility. It's not just something nice that you could do on a Sunday afternoon. No, no, this is something we as Muslims are

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supposed to be calling to this, and especially by our actions and our ways and how we behave. If the people see us behaving in a good way in a proper way, wouldn't they like to imitate that if you see somebody successful, makes a lot of money. And you say, Gee, I want to be like that. Or if you see somebody, it's good in sports, and you say I want to be like that somebody that's good in music, or whatever he does. And you said, you want to be like that, whatever it is that they're doing, then somebody could be attracted to it. So in this way, as Muslims, we should be the best. And then when we're successful people see us attaining what Islam has for us, what is the benefit of Islam, by the

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way, if you want to know it's Islam, it's to gain peace. You gain peace with Islam, that's what it's all about. So when I see somebody who has gained peace, he has peace in his heart has peace in his mind. And when he's dealing with people, even on hard times comes he's at peace, when good times come, he's still at peace is not going ballistic, or crazy or over emotional. But he stays in this way. And people say, why is this guy like this, because he has gained peace. Now, I don't know if you mentioned this before, but

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one of our beautiful brothers here and actually grew up our brothers here in the Chicago area, have put together something to represent that on the internet. It's called gain And I really like that I had a lot of fun being with them. We went out, you were with us actually went out and look for the buses, it said a slam on the side of it, and talk to the people in the streets. And if you get a chance, maybe you can show some of that show some clips from that. Absolutely. Now we're going to wrap up. So what we learn here today, because we're seeking the knowledge, we covered the misconceptions about the bad translation, saying don't take Jews and Christians as friends, and

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calling them basically to the goodness that Islam offers. Yes, worshiping one God, the Creator, not his creation, leaving off drugs, alcohol, gambling, all the evil things of the world, inviting to good old wholesome goodness, that is from the Creator of the heavens and earth. Some of the straight people might say that we're boring, because you know, we don't want to go to a nightclub. Yeah. But we don't need to, why did you go to a nightclub because you need something you need to have attention or you need to have somebody listen to your stories. But we didn't need that, you know, we found a piece we've gained our peace, through our beliefs and through our understanding our

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relationship with each other. We have a beautiful relationship with each other, and Islam. And it's it's the kind of thing that transcends even brotherhood from biological brothers and sisters. It's something that goes far beyond that. It's, it's a good feeling because we know who our Lord is. We know what he wants from us. And we know what we're supposed to be doing. So is it safe to say that we want to be more than friends with them, we want them to be our brothers. Of course, submitting to the one true God, this is the goal real quick, tell them what they need to do if they want to do that right now. There's actually a one 800 number they can call but before we give them that number

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that one 800 662 Islam 66262266 to Islam, but tell them what they need to do to become our brothers, instead of just our friends. First and foremost is don't do it for the sake just to be somebody's brother. Do this for the sake of the peace in your own heart. What you want to do is open up your heart and remove any type of preconceived notions or prejudices, that you may have a act as though you don't know anything at all about religion, God, anything, just wipe it all away. Start like a child, a small baby starts with nothing and just say in this state of innocence, and purity.

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Oh god. If you're there, listening to me, guide me. These are almost the exact words that I

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I said many years ago, 1991 in Texas, oh God, if you were there guide me, I didn't know what else to say. But when I raised up my head, I had my head on the floor, begging him to give me this guidance. When I raised up my head, you know what I was thinking,

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there must be God, there's no doubt about that. It's just a matter of the way I'm behaving, or misbehaving, this is the problem. So we'll start with that asked him to guide you. And then if you come away from this, knowing that there's only one God, he has no partners, he's not two gods, six gods or three gods, but rather one.

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And that Jesus peace be upon him, is a prophet, a messenger, the Messiah, the Word of God, he's with God and be back in the last day. This is what we believe.

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But we don't accept him as a god or a part of God. But we do accept all the prophets as being the greatest amend that ever walked. And that includes also Muhammad, because he's the one who told us this. But when you accept those two things, and you're ready to put yourself forward for the sake of your God, and you said, This is my God, I want to serve him. I don't care what anybody else thinks. I'm going to do my best. Well, you probably more in Islam than some of the so called Muslims today. And you're certainly our brother, or sister in faith. Thank you very much. By the way, any we might mention to them that coming back and forth to the deen show is a good thing to do. Yeah, definitely.

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You got the deen show. We're here every week at the deen show. Calm that's th e d and You got the one 800 number. If you want to speak to somebody live. Until next time, we'll see you again on the deen show. A Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you.

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There's only one. Mohammed is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one Moses was his messenger.

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There's only one

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there's only one

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there's only one he created

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and we