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The speaker discusses the importance of gathering things that are considered useful or valuable, such as butterflies and things that hold us from our projected life. They suggest that these things are meant to grab our attention and create value, rather than just means to steal our time. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of using things and acquiring them to create value and reward us later.

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Let me tell you another story that is falling about human life. If a man saw another man that is catching butterflies, and keeping them inside a box, beautiful butterflies, and this man as though the man, what is it you are doing? You said, I'm gathering beautiful butterflies. And the man said, Why are you getting them? He said, I don't know, just so that I can have them. It's not strange.

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Most of the time when humans gather things,

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it can be as meaningless as that sometimes. Maybe there's some things, nobody told you. Or when we're born. We were not given a manual on how to live life. So we don't really know exactly how this life works. So we do things. And at the end of it, oh, we come to wander. If not regretfully, why were we doing it.

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We keep things and things and many things, the things around us that we gather things on the tables, things on the floor, things we keep a way behind the door, things on shelves, things on the chairs, things that are dangerously balanced here and there in our homes, including by the stairways. So many crammed things that we crammed, put together,

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gather them together to fill our boxes,

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to fill our packs to fill our bags to fill our wardrobes, bundles everywhere you go heaps and piles of things that are overflowing all around us. Things, all sorts of things that we gather,

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things of value, things that are worthless, things that are trash, things that are preserved. And yet, they are going to smash

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things that are ancient, that we feel we keep them a strange of things that we just bought. We prefer the new version, things that are common to everyone. And things that are rare for people to get

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things you actually acquire food or you throw them away. Some things you hope to use them someday Do you are not using them yet. So many things that are exasperating so many things that are just amusing, so many things that are amazing. And so many things that are useless. We gather them, we pile them, we proliferate. And we fill up every way with things, think of things that we acquire in one form or the other things that take our precious time to acquire things which once we acquire them, they are meant to steal our time from us. Things that hold us from this life that we're supposed to live things that we acquire only for them to gather those things that rocks, things that

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lost things that are molded and things that freeze, things that have or diseases, things that are more costs, things that define us, things that define us,

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things that will stay with us till we die,

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things that we mean even after we have died.

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We have so many of these things around us that we acquire that we gather. And we are looking for the morning with which to gather these things that are either useless or worthless in exchange of the money we are looking for. So that when we get this morning, we're not gonna do things, things that make us look like fools sometimes. Things that make us question our sanity, sometimes. Things that should make us to think deeply about what is the use of all of the things that we are gathering. So we gather these things together, from one thing to another thing. We use things and things use us.

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We acquire things and things are aware of. We eat things and things eat boss, then all the things we've gathered

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will survive us. They will live long behind us. Other people confiscate all the things we have weathered and we are buried in our graves without anything you

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We all we seek to achieve by virtue of the world that we seek. But think about this also, when you see a very big mountain by the sea, the mountain only sips the sea, the mountain should not attempt to drink it all

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the waves and source moving towards the mountain, the mountain is only to take few sips as the wave brings it, and should be contented. Whenever you see the mountain thinking that it wants to acquire the goal of the sea, then that mountain will not be about in the market itself is not to go under the sea.

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With the wealth

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and properties and newness of this world, each human is only expected to take sips just the way the mountains take six from the sea.

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When we become full, glutinous and we want to acquire everything, then the main one of what we are seeking becomes worthless. The values that we seek

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eventually divorce