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Omar Suleiman
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So now when it comes to labor to catch everyone, or even robotic first of all and welcome to our final episode of the faith revival, may Allah reward you all for tuning in for all of these episodes and donating to your team so that we can continue to do this work in sha Allah Allah, what is something that we can end with? You know, all of us have tuned into the series and all of us study faith for the sake of hopefully having it for our entire lives. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, an amount of our team that actions are judged by their ending. And he mentioned to us all along it was that um, that towards the end of time, he said, a person would wake up a believer

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and they would sleep without belief, or a person would go to sleep. They believe it and they would wake up without belief. So somehow, for some people belief goes in and out in its entirety. And a lot tells us in the Quran, filata Morton loewenthal Muslim one don't die except in a state of Islam. We find the prophets of Allah saying, Yeah, Allah let our ending even the prophets of Allah saying to a loss of Hannah Montana, tawaf any Muslim and what will happen he was sleight of hand, let me die a believer, let Islam be my ending, do not let my ending be devoid of faith, I, you know, we will slip it's there's no doubt that we're going to have moments throughout our lives, where we're

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going to be away from a loss of habitat and our eemaan will be at a low point. But in our good expectation of Allah, our good assumption of Allah subhanaw taala we can only hope and pray that our last actions are the best of them and the prophets lie some heard of bedwin one time making this.

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Oh Allah make the best of my deeds of the last of them. And the prophets lie. Some said, What a blessing, supplication make the best of my deeds, the last of the meaning all this, all this up and down that I'm going to face in life, let the last of my deeds be the best of them, let the last of them beat upon a man and upon faith, and be those that are most blessed to to you. And Subhanallah if you know there are so many people that are blessed with this and such a blessing to see when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Montana, you know, kurama hula, hula in the LA, de la Jin, whoever leaves this world and their last words are La ilaha illAllah. There is no God but Allah, you

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know, so how long my entire life I've been trying struggling with La la la la struggle struggling to realize that you don't learn all of the different facets of my life. But whoever his last words are, you imagine the believer is sitting and the angels have come to collect the soul. And that person has the strength to say la ilaha illAllah de la gente the Prophet Tyson said, that person will enter Paradise. If you can bring yourself in those last moments and saying that a lot a lot at the very end is like lifting 500 pounds. You've got to prepare yourself throughout your life to be able to lift that heavy weight to say La either have a lot even in those last moments. There's a beautiful

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day. And it's so powerful, especially coming from the prophets lie some that I want you all to memorize. as we're going through the series about faith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say yeah, well he and Islam he were early Oh guardian of Islam and its people. Miss sicne be he had

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allow me to be bound to Islam until I meet you with it. Yeah, well, Leah is not only only a guardian of Islam, and its people must signal Islam had to park allow me to be bound to Islam until I meet you with it. And if you think about all the examples of profits license gives us like a person holding on to a hot coal. The believer is imprisoned in this world and then he's freed afterwards the profit slice I'm mentioning to hold on to my son now towards the end of time in particular with your back teeth with your molar teeth as if someone's trying to pull it away from you. So the profits licensing allow us to be grabbing onto it tight. Until we meet you. Yeah, Allah. And then we

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release it Yeah, Willie and islamiat early, Miss sicne B hattah. el parque Oh guardian of Islam and its people bound me to Islam until I meet you with it. Yeah, Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to meet him with faith. May Allah forgive our shortcomings throughout this journey of trying to find and maintain faith. Allah knows that we will struggle Allah knows that we will face moments of low faith, but Allah is most merciful. And as long as we don't allow low faith to become no faith than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will overlook it Bismillah out of his mercy upon us and we asked a lot to allow us to meet his mercy on the day of judgment and not His justice. And we

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asked Allah subhana wa tada to allow the best of our deeds to be the last of them. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow our hearts to be softest, in those last moments of life and we asked Allah subhanaw taala to enter us into Jonathan Farah DOS, Allah Armenia.

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Except your Ramadan except your fasting except all of your good deeds, your charity, your prayer May Allah accept your labor to others. Even if you slept through it may Allah subhana wa tada write it down for you and show mercy upon you and I did that malachite on it's been a pleasure to have your attention throughout this month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanaw taala accepted from all of us. See you all hopefully before next time alone in sha Allah. So now money commitment to liability council

The End of the Journey of Faith

This is the last episode of The Faith Revival Series.

2017-06-25 – Ramadan 2017

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