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Yaqeen Is Full Faith

Episode 29: Ask Allah for everlasting faith to obtain your biggest fulfillment in this life.

2017-06-24 – Ramadan 2017

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the faith revival. So we've talked about how Eman can be in different levels. We've talked about where you want your faith to be. We've talked about doubts being natural. Nevertheless, we want to strive to a place where the profits lies on the mentioned the best type of he man, he said, sallAllahu wasallam, eemaan en la Shakopee. Faith in which there is no doubt, faith that is certain faith that has conviction. Now, here's the thing. This is where European comes in. It'd be Mr. Little the Allahu tada I know, he said that earlier clean, who will email or Kula of love. Massoud said he is full Eman. It's one he man has been fully

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realized. In every way, what does that mean? intellectually, I afforda FIDE myself so much so that I don't have any holes in my intellectual certainty in Islam. Spiritually, I have so much Ted's robot experiential imagine that I know now that what is the most rewarding experience to me, and the most fulfillment that I achieve is through my faith. So I have no holes in my spirituality, anymore. loving people for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, I find that those are the strongest relationships. And that's the strongest love that I have, I start to fortify myself in all of these places until it reaches to as close to certainty as possible. And that yaqeen that little the old

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Thailand who spoke about I need all the law and who said that if I was to see Heaven, I would not want it. If I was to see Gemini, I would not want it more than I already want it now. And if I was to see Hellfire, I would not want to stay out of it as much as more than I already want to stay out of it now meaning that I've already developed that certainty, before I even have to see it. Okay, so ultimately, again, before I finally attained having that knowledge of certainty, or that certain knowledge, before even having to see it as if I could see it,

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as if it's right in front of me, I already have that type of conviction and that type of certainty. That's what we want to strive to, to where we can achieve what a last minute I mentioned in the very beginning of the Quran. The early can Kitab la Eva fi, that this is the book in which there is no doubt if you realize Al Fatiha is asking Allah for guidance. And bacara is that you get to a place where there is no doubt you want to get to a place where you don't have that anymore. And where you have that conviction. The more certain you are in your EMA, the more your eemaan will produce and that connection was made. So I want to teach you all a deal that was made by a public that adapted

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the law

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that is one of the most use of the companions, and he used to make this draft make this supplication after his after his classes after his doodles. He used to say a llama in nanus Okay, email and email Allahumma in Lucca Eman and Dima Oh Allah, we ask you for everlasting faith imana that we are Kenan Slavica and true certainty. Where elmen naffaa and beneficial knowledge Allahumma internists Alka Eman and EMA way attain and sadhika Wellman, Allah we ask you for faith that is everlasting certainty that is true. So conviction that is true, and knowledge that is of benefit knowledge that is beneficial. Basically, you want to get to a place where your email is producing in every single

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way and you should ask the last panel into Allah, that he fortifies you and all of these different ways. And this is what we we learn that some had a lot intellectually. The more I convinced myself of the intellectual proofs of Islam, the easier I find myself to commit to it spiritually, the more I realize its benefits in times of ease, the more my spirituality is going to hold in times of hardship, knowledge when I study the Quran and the Sunnah, and when I study Islam, with the intention of not just gaining information, but of connecting myself to Allah subhanho wa Taala with whatever I'm studying, then you have knowledge that produces the fruit of knowledge, which is

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Russia, which is that all of a loss of Hannah Montana, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for everlasting faith, we ask a lot for for certainty that is true. And we ask a lot for knowledge that is a benefit does that Willow heighten? See you all next time in shallow said I want to live in a castle