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Now the last Alzheimer's Illuminati or Saudi Manuela, I personally didn't know that the video is gonna play so it's

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kind of caught me by surprise off guard. But I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow this entire event to be from his sadaqa jariya

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I certainly credit much of the opinions work to him, I credit much of the dowel work to him. And

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I know that a lot of people in here

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were close to him as well. Of the Meloche was pantile Increase your award as well

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and consult us all

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with meeting him once again with our beloved prophet Seisen llama me

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when Allah subhanaw taala says yeah you hola Dina Amanu Manuel said them in come and Dini he for so forget to La will be home and

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you have the home where you have born as election. Meaning is such an Al Kathleen Yuja Hey, doing a feasibility law. One I have phone alone. Metalla am Veronica fogal law your team and Yasha la Hawa. Sirona honey.

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It is one of the most comprehensive verses in the Quran. And it's actually one of the few verses that connects Allah's love to his letting you do Dawa.

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To his letting you work for this noble cause Dolly kufan Lulu Oh you who believe if you turn away from this faith, Allah will bring about a people that he loves and they love him. They are humble with the believers, they are proud for the disbelievers. They strive in the path of Allah, and they do not fear the blame of the blamer and that is the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala that he can FOB Lulu, that's the bounty of Allah He bestows it upon whom He wills and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah possesses all expanse and Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing.

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I think about that verse. And there are many things that you can thank Allah subhanaw taala for first and foremost Alhamdulillah for giving us Islam, and hamdulillah for giving us Islam Alhamdulillah for giving us Eman and we pray to Allah for your pain. And in hamdulillah for letting us be in any way a small part of the succession that is to come. And we pray that we don't disgrace ourselves and risk being replaced by Allah subhanaw taala

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I want to break down this verse Inshallah, to add it for a bit,

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and hopefully leave you with something instructive.

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And I want to thank everyone for being a part of this and remind you by the way that being a part of this Darrow is not just being chef Muhammad Sharif Rahim Allah and he'd be the first person to tell you that there are many people that were around him, some of them that are in this room today. There are many people that support this work in different ways. And as Dr. Nasir was speaking earlier about the capacities, the spiritual Arzak the risks, the sustenance that Allah gives us, in terms of how he divided the animal, how he divided good deeds, don't belittle your place in this community. And in the work of this, Dean, your position is important, every single person has something to

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contribute to this beautiful message and to exert themselves.

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When we talk about this verse, Allah will bring about a people. That is to show you that if Allah chooses to let you be a part of this, then that is the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala upon you. If Allah azza wa jal replaces you that is your loss, even if you don't have as much of a burden in terms of carrying this message and moving it forward. But everyone wants to be loved by ALLAH SubhanA wa itsa.

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And that description, you hit boom, where you have Boehner,

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Allah loves them and they love Allah. You know, if you were a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you had a pretty good idea about where are you stood

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in the hierarchy of believers. When the prophets lie Selim comes out the day before Haber and says, tomorrow I'm going to give this this flag this banner to someone who loves Allah and His messenger and someone who Allah and His Messenger love.

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And all of the Sahaba are competing to hope to be that person.

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And everyone wants to have their name and

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I'm not so that they can have the glory of carrying victory when they come out of Haber, not to have the spoils of war nor the celebration of their colleagues and companions, but to fit the description that the prophets lie Selim just gave.

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That Allah and His Messenger love this person. And this person loves Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and everyone was just hoping that they'd hear their name. That was the greatest price. No matter what the sacrifice was, until it was sold allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam announced that it was saved not even be thought about the Allahu Taala and

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that he was a man who loves Allah and His messenger.

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And Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved him.

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It makes everything else so irrelevant.

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And I don't want to minimize the problems or the concerns or the other pursuits that exist in our lives because Allah did not create us as angels rather a loss of data created us as human beings and sometimes we we want certain things as human beings we chart out certain trajectories, but loving Allah is so different.

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And to be loved by Allah is so different and he might have no claim Rahim Allah says laser chemically, he che, when ASA can help, be he che. There is nothing like him. And there is nothing like his love. Allah says laser committed, he shaved, there is nothing like him subhanaw taala when they suck up, shape, and there is nothing like his love, to be loved by Allah is to have the greatest companion, the greatest comfort, the greatest protector, and it gets more and more specific as you start to go through the traits of the ayat of the Quran. And by the way, we don't credit our teachers enough and those that are pioneers, you know,

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when I did this series, Allah loves that was something that I learned from a beloved teacher of mine shahada, Lashkar Rahim Allah Tala, some of you may know. Hamid Raschka Rahim Allah taught Eman taught faith in a way that he always tried to make it practical Islamic creed series, some of you might have seen it. And he said, you know, we need to teach people to long for Allah. We need to teach people to long for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to long for the day of judgment in a way that's practical. And instead of just talking about who Allah isn't, let's talk about who Allah is. And instead of just constructing the philosophy of a god,

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and you know, talking about why there must be a God, let's talk about what he's like. There's a reason why Allah gave us all these smartencity fat to know him and then to love him and then to want to do for him and then let's talk about all these qualities that he loves from you. Allah has his names and attributes, but he has his qualities for those that want to love him as well. Well either errata, untidy for mecanica and Allah fondo de la McCarran year InDeck as Imam acmella Rahim Allah said, if you want to know Allah has your position with Allah then look at his position with you. You want to know how Allah loves you. Look at how you love Allah subhana wa Tada. So to practically do

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for him and you start to see the IRS list out these different things and the Hadith and there's always something practical. The famous hadith of abodo the Allahu Taala and heard that the prophets lie. Some said that Allah azza wa jal has said manana delivery for them to who will help

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whoever takes one of my earlier one of my loved ones as an enemy, I will wage war on that person or you for for that person, Allah would wage war and doctrine other talks about that hadith a bit. Because Allah subhana wa says, You don't come close to him you don't become a leader of Allah through anything more fundamental than the facades than the mandatory deeds. And there's the hadith of ginger Bhuvan or Abdullah what are the Allahu Taala animals Han Allah man Salah Saba for whoever He then met Allah whoever prays their feathered prayer is under the protection of Allah subhana wa Tada and the Prophet slice and then goes on to say it's also an authentic hadith and listening my

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Muhammad less known but look at the implication. The prophets lysozyme says And whoever is feed the maxilla whoever is under Allah's protection

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if someone tries to harm that person,

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or Cooper who if he was he here and a couple who are under watch even now oh can I call it he saw it was some Oh ALLAH will throw that person face first into the fire. Because that person becomes overly of Allah by virtue of what some secret ingredients No.

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They kept their budget and they observe the rights of slotless budget

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and they grew. There is no greater comforter than Allah there is no greater confident than ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. There is no greater protector than Allah subhanaw taala and to be loved by Him becomes such a great pursuits

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that it just minimizes everything else,

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to where you start to love for him and hate for him. You start to want for him and not want for him. And you start to cast everything in that it overwhelms your senses, not in a way that gives you some sort of spiritual ecstasy,

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to where you feel like you're floating all the time, but in a way that you're action driven to want to hear so badly that Allah considers you amongst his Olia that Allah considers you amongst those that he loves.

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So Allah gives us these measures.

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Sofia yet Tila who will be home and you have a home where you have born as a Latin adult meaning

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the first sign of your love of Allah subhanaw taala of your belief is the way you're treating your brothers and sisters rowhammer Lena home merciful amongst themselves. You love your brothers and sisters, you are humble towards your brothers and sisters are is is that's an added caffeine and you have pride with the disbelievers that doesn't mean that you oppress them or harm them. Because the prophets lie some did not oppress and harm them. But that means that you stand your ground your principles, even when you're around people who don't hold that same faith. You don't shy away from what you have of this beautiful Deen of Islam. You practice it proudly you know they say you wear it

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proudly you practice it proudly in every way you love your deen you don't relinquish it whenever you have phone no matter lab and you don't fear the blame of the blamer

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kind of Allah. These descriptions. I want you to think about the companions that came forth and embrace this religion and how their entire worldviews were shaped and their entire interactions with everyone around them. Were shaped. Who did Allah subhanaw taala replace Abuja with Chick Yusuf was talking about so beautifully earlier on what I'm gonna call Tabata, the Allahu Taala at home, and one of the narrations where the prophets lie some was making dua for Allah subhanaw taala to guide one of the two aha moments above or Abuja, the Prophet slicin I'm sad Allahu Allah is Islam. Be a habit be her Lena Raju Lanie. Lake, oh Allah give victory to Islam, to the more beloved of these two

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men to you, the one you love more out of these two,

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let them be a source of victory for Islam.

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Now in the moment, neither one of them look like those that were beloved to Allah or who loved Allah subhanaw taala they're both trying to kill the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the most beloved person to Allah.

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But there was something in the heart that needed to be activated. There was some goodness to be salvaged. And the one who was more deserving of it, indeed was guided and suddenly or whatever know how far below the Allahu Taala

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who would be up a companion of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam for the sake of his tribe would stand in battle on behalf of those weak and meager people that were looked down upon and society would stand in battle on their behalf and fight his own tribesmen for them, and then humble himself and get on his knees and take knowledge from our beloved Mr. Little the alongside and who who was half the size and didn't have the stature or the lineage or the tribe before him, and would refer to build out all the alongside our master who has been freed by our master come forward. Suddenly, almoner Mahatama Oh, the Allahu Anhu becomes what are the Latin mean? Truly, and then

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Latin mean so humble with the believers,

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but don't cross him? If you're on the other side on the battlefield Abuja hell can walk up to Alma and say, you and I, there is no you and I that doesn't exist anymore. We're a people of principle.

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And the entire time Well, I have formula to that and look at Omaha Pablo, the Allahu Taala annual entering into Jerusalem. This is the generation of the Quran, not afraid of the blame of others not afraid of what they will say. No Pohlmann as an Allah who will Islam

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we are a people who are given their honor through Islam well enough to realize that the lady then Allah and when we seek it through anything else, Allah subhanaw taala humiliates us look at Salon and pharmacielo the Allahu Taala on home. The Latina Millionaire is it an added caffeine lie a half Yuja he doing a visa vie Allah they strive in the path of Allah while they have phone Aloma, salam, Salam will the Allah Allah who did not fear the blame of his father, he didn't fear the blame of the Persians. He didn't fear the blame of the Syrian Christians when he went there. He didn't fear the blame of the Arabs and an Hijaz he didn't fear the blame of anybody.

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Does Allah chose him? He loved the llama.

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I loved him.

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You see this love that you have of Allah subhanaw taala has to reshape everything and because I want to end with something practical for us to take because introspection to who was affected will arity Bob, actually thinking and reflecting a bit, you'll derive answers for yourself that no one else can derive for you in a speech or Halaqa. We just finished the lecture on Abu Dhabi, Allah Tala. I know this past Tuesday, such a thoughtful man as I had the aesthetic of the facade of the scholar of the facade, and he asked his wife, what was his Ibadah she said his Eva was to fetco he would sit and he would think and contemplate for an hour. Take time and think and contemplate

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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it's Aquila Hazel malkins Fear Allah wherever you are, be mindful of Allah wherever you are. Usually the word tequila is used in the capacity of what do not violate, do not violate the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala even when you are in a position to easily and readily do so.

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You need Taqwa as a foundation. And so you ask yourself when you're in business, when you're in a business transactional, you don't need the fatwa half the time, not that there isn't financial regulations. But you know, when someone comes up to me and ask me a question about some financial thing I can tell you already know It's haram before you ask the question. You sound guilty.

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Right? You ask yourself what is taqwa look like here?

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What is consciousness of Allah look like when you come to your Imam and you got a family issue and you want to talk about husband and wife and their rights versus your rights, the prophesy Some said it temple Allah have him. Be mindful of Allah with the people in your households. What does Taqwa look like? What is not taking advantage of the situation look like in this family dynamic before I go to the shift and start to you know, divide halal and haram and who owes who what and who treats who what what's Taqwa look like? I fear Allah, in how I deal with the people in my household. I fear Allah with how I deal with the people that are at my mercy. I fear Allah with how I deal with people

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in my business dealings. I fear Allah with how I deal with people with my tongue. What does it look like to not transgress that because Tanaka Innisfil Halal we left off half of Halal out of fear of the haram. We don't want to go anywhere near that.

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Next donnager.

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that next level, is when you actually examine every single situation in your life and say what does it look like to love Allah right now?

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I want you to actually pause you know Subhanallah there are times we don't know how to pause. That's actually one of the problems hasty, Rajala hasty speech, hasty action. You know, the beautiful quality that the Prophet SAW, Selim said that were so loved by a judge of no case, Hillman Anna forbearance and pause being calculated.

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When you pause in a situation, say what does it mean to love Allah right now?

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What does it mean to love Allah when I'm in this compromising situation? What does it mean to love Allah when I'm not in this compromising situation? What does it mean to love Allah when people are around? What does it mean to love Allah when it's just me in the privacy of my home? And it's nighttime, and it's for a and I see the clock and I say, what does it mean to love Allah right now?

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What does it mean to love Allah subhanaw taala when you see one of your family members or one of your friends going through something and you could easily turn away? What does it mean to love Allah subhanaw taala when your desires are becoming overpowering,

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you say I love Allah more than I love myself. And I love to please Allah more than I love to please myself. What does it mean to love Allah when there are people around you who don't love Allah subhanaw taala when you're able to pause and say, what does it mean to fear Allah right now, so that I don't violate anyone's rights? And let's say what does it mean to love Allah right now?

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Because that has to reshape every single worldview in every single world, the interaction

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what was the secret ingredient of the Sahaba and all of these different situations? Sirata Lavina Anam, Tally him. Alladhina Anam Allahu Allah hinder the generation those that Allah is pleased with what was their secret that they always loved Allah, more than anyone else loved anything or anyone else? Because laser committed he shaped when a sector could be shaped. There is nothing like Allah's love. And so they were able to outlast their enemies in battle because they out loved. They loved the law more. They were able to outwork those that plan against them despite their smaller numbers because they out loved.

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You think those people that love their data will love their data? We're more than we love our data. You think they hate us law more than we love?

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of Islam. You think they hate our prophets? Why Selim more than we love our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam can't be the case. And so I leave you with that verse Wamena Nasima tuxedomoon Duni Allah He and data you have born at home to help, beloved, well Lavina Amanu a shed do help them dilla

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from those who have taken partners besides Allah subhanaw taala they love those things. They love those people, the way that they should love Allah but you know what those who believe love Allah so much more than they love whatever it is that they love.

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Your brothers and sisters, my request for you with everything that you've learned today is to sit with it for a bit.

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I want you to sit with yourself inshallah Tada at some point tonight, maybe sit with each other as a family and say what do we take from all of this?

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What's one thing that I'm going to change about my life? What does it mean to love Allah subhanaw taala in these situations? May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those that are beloved to him. May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who love to be loved by Him more than anything else. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for any of our shortcomings and protect us from disqualifying ourselves from his love. May Allah subhanaw taala make Beloved to us every action that brings us closer to his love. And may Allah put in our hearts the love of those that are beloved to him. And at the top of them Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam His most Beloved, and may Allah subhanho

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wa Taala allow us to resemble the beloved one sallallahu alayhi wa salam in our lives, in every single facet of our lives, until we are Julian's in love with the one that we love most for his sake, our beloved one Sallalahu it was sedimented for the dose of Allah, Lama Amin, Zack Malachite on to all of you for coming here today and spending the day with us. I pray that you found benefit in it. I hope that I get to meet all of you in sha Allah to Allah I know we're going to try to arrange logistically for something to happen right now in sha Allah. But I want to ask you to first and foremost thank the volunteers on your way out. If one of them, you know, got a little rough or

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was taken aback or was getting paranoid or panicking because they're trying to organize, it's not easy to organize this crowd and organize these events. So please on your way out, just say doc Malala Phaedra and forgive them if they made you feel a certain way. And may Allah reward you all. Should we do this again next year? I'm serious. All right, so let's autumn we'll try to do it again next year. And so Zack gonna let somebody come on