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They Don’t Believe Until..

Episode 21: How do we get to the point where we can taste the sweetness of faith? The journey involves humbling oneself and submitting fully to Allah.

2017-06-16 – Ramadan 2017


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The speaker discusses the idea of realizing the sweetness of faith and how it takes time to get there. They also discuss the importance of the Prophet sall Boulevard and how it is a place where one is willing to settle for their current the reality of faith. The speaker also discusses the idea of finding one's own interpretation of the Prophet sall Boulevard and how it is difficult to achieve that the true meaning of the real meaning of the Prophet sallday.

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Everyone, welcome back to the faith revival. So last time we talked about this idea of realizing the sweetness of faith, but how do I even begin to get there? And the prophets lie some recognizes that there's a spectrum that it takes time to get there, but a person has to actively practice certain things before they get there. So there are many a hadith where the prophets lie someone will say, you know, I had to come Hatter, no one of you believes until, and the translation is not that you don't believe as in you're a disbeliever until such and such happens, but that you don't truly believe until such and such happens. The most famous one, the prophets lie, Selim says, they don't

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mean I had to come. No one of you truly believes until you love for your brother, what you love for yourself. Because now you are putting the love of Allah above the love of possession and the love of circumstances in this world. And it's either the love of Allah, that leads you to take care of your brother or loving your brother for a law that leads you to take care of him. So from the sweetness of emotion that we talked about last week, two of those things come into the equation. He says the lies that I'm no one of you truly believes until I become more beloved to him than his wealth, his family, and so on, so forth. So again, this is when you reach that elevated level of email. But how

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do I even begin to get there, especially when it comes to theology, especially when it comes to my update my creed, listen to this, I am sort of denisa Allah Subhana Allah says, fella, while I'm beaker law, you know, I swear by your Lord or Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam they do not truly believe what you hachimura FEMA shadowbane home until they make you the judge of all of their affairs. So it starts intellectually. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam sooner is what governs the interpretation of the Quran. It's what governs all of our affairs. When I try to find an interpretation of the Quran that's going to settle well with my current context, I will not resort to anything without first

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going to the Sunnah of the Prophet sly some of the tradition of the prophets lie some orthodoxy to find my solution theologically. I'm willing to settle on that the prophets lie Selim is our judge, we take it back to him. So Allah Hardy was seldom when we have any difference when we have anything there. But what if going back to the son of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam makes us uncomfortable. It's difficult, right? So we feel like we need to escape this interpretation for our current context, rather than, you know, maybe some things don't apply in our context. We feel like we have to escape from it so that we can feel better about it. What is the law say next? samina, edgy doofy

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unforeseen how to populate. The next level is not just intellectual, it's that they make peace with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They make peace with his judgment, it is Salatu was Salam. So they are able to resolve they don't find resistance inside themselves internally, when the sun of the prophets lie, some is put forth, there are elements of your faith that you are not going to be able to practice in your context, but you should make peace with all of them to be able to say that Allah and His Messenger do not wrong Allah and His Messenger it is Salatu was salam, everything that has been legislated through those two means of divine revelation, either the Koran, or the

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Sunnah of the Prophet slicin I'm all of it is just all of it is merciful. All of it is moral, even if my current context does not consider it as such. And even if I'm never going to practice any of these things, that they that, that all of this comes from place of morality and goodness, and I don't find that resistance inside of me. So I move from the intellectual to the breaking that resistance, I'm willing to make peace with all elements of my faith. But then look what Allah subhanaw taala says next, will you send me more tests NEMA, and they submit themselves then willingly. Now I go to a place of Sakina by understanding and contextualizing everything about my

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faith, by learning more about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam by learning Sierra Whitson, his biography with the things that come from it by learning to seed, the methodology of tough seed, the interpretation of the Quran, everything that comes from by building myself intellectually and humbling myself internally, I now come to a place where not only am I not finding resistance internally to elements of my faith, I am finding myself submitting to this faith with you know, with with a full willingness and embrace I don't find I don't find any resistance I am proud of the poor and and the sooner I feel enriched by the Quran and the Sunnah, the Quran and the Sunnah puts my

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heart to ease. So you go through intellectual resolving internally, you know, or resolving any disputes you might have with the faith to go into a place where you're satisfied with it. And that's where a person starts to taste the sweetness of faith, and they actually realize that

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The true reality of faith may Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be of that last category. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us on the way in that journey of faith when we feel that resistance and allow us to overcome that resistance alone. I mean, does that mean Oh hold on, see you all next time in sha Allah said I want to limit accounts.