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Episode 3 – Shaky Foundations

There is a direct correlation between the actions of the tongue and the condition of the heart. If you want to receive faith, you must first settle your heart – and if you wish to settle your heart, you must settle your tongue.


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Welcome back to the faith revival. So we're talking about how to be able to receive that amount and how to be able to build it. And there's a very interesting concept that we find in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah mentions who Allah the ends of the suckiness of equal meaning. He has done do enon and Mary Imani him that he is the one who sent down tranquility to the hearts of the believers so that their faith can be increased upon increased, meaning the existing faith can continue to increase. Now, if you notice in this verse, the scholars point out that it's a man that settles the heart, it's faith that settles the heart. So when the

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heart is going all over the place, and it's inconsistent, and it's constantly moving in different places, Allah subhanaw taala sends down that faith to settle it and nothing can settle it and bring it that tranquility, except for faith and to really put it at ease. So faith is not supposed to make you erratic faith is not supposed to make you unstable. Faith is supposed to settle you on the inside. Now there's a hadith from the prophets I send them that connects that settling that foundation that's required of the heart to be able to receive faith in a very interesting way. He says a lot he was said in a hadith that scenario, Muslim, Ahmed, he said lyase the chemo Eman or

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abdon hatay is the Thema called boo that a person's faith will not settle until their heart settles. So in order for faith to settle the heart has to settle. But then he says what is the theme of balbo? What is the theme and he Sano and his heart will not be able to settle unless his tongue settles. So the prophets lie Selim is saying if you want your heart to settle and to be able to receive faith, then you need to make sure that your tongue will settle as well. And that's very interesting because typically we don't connect the actions of the tongue with faith in the heart. Right. But Lima Rahim Allah, He said that the tongue to the heart is like a spoon and food. So if if

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it tastes bad, you know, then you know that the entire plate is spoiled. Your tongue is an entrance into your heart. The way that your tongue speaks shows the condition of your heart. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was told about this woman that was abusive to her neighbors, you know, that used to be verbally abusive to them, despite the fact that she prayed and fasted extra and she used to, you know, do all of these extra ibadah. These extra acts of worship, he said now hired a fee her, she has no goodness inside of her. The fact that her tongue is abusive is a sign that her heart is abused, her heart is void of faith. Therefore her tongue does not speak

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in a faithful matter. And so the prophets lie some missing if you want to work, you've got to work backwards. So men can you know, be lucky early on in Africa, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day whoever has a man, fairly awkward. Hi, Ali Smith, speak well, or Be quiet. Right? Don't say anything if you have nothing positive to say. Any man has an embassy Rahim Allah He said, because a person who sins frequently with the tongue is reckless with the tongue. They're not conscious of allowing they speak they're not thinking when they speak. So a person cannot, cannot have a heart that is pure if they're constantly corrupting their heart with the sins of the tongue. And the

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tongue is the is the medium by which most of us constantly commit sin. So if you want to protect your heart, you need to protect your tongue. You cannot have faith settle in your heart If you cannot have your tongue settle with faith. And this is interesting, because I remember when I was reading an article on dental hygiene and how sometimes you know, if a person has bad dental hygiene, it can lead to some heart disease or some of the buildup in the mouth can actually lead to the corruption of the heart. And you think about that in the spiritual way. And what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is saying to us that we could be building plaque around the heart and

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hurting our heart and allow will not put a man in a heart that's like that. So you want a very practical way to build your Eman. Start with your tongue. When you speak everything that you say, ask yourself, how is this going to affect my emotion? How is this going to affect my faith? How is this going to affect my heart? And Allah subhanaw taala says Allah be Vickery La Palma in Norco. Lupe, is it not with the remembrance of Allah which is with the tongue, that the hearts find tranquility the heart becomes then a worthy vessel to be able to receive that eemaan Watch your tongue, take account of it, and that's where inshallah tada you'll find that faith can settle May

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Allah purify our tongues and then purify our hearts and allow a man to sell on our hearts alumna. I mean, see you all next time in sha Allah said I want to go

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Welcome to library counts.