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Yaser Birjas


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Sh. Yaser Birjas talks about Islamophobia in the Quran at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center


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Navara can Avira Muhammad Allah Allah Azza wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira samama. back towards the end of the recitation of surah. Allah and Ron as we listen to it tonight, Allah subhana wa tada says, a tibolone fee Amara Kumasi come with a small nominal Medina otava public when in Ludhiana Shaku adding a theorem, when possible water taco Fernanda lacunas bellomo, Allah subhana wa Taala sending us a message, that message in itself I was looking at it thinking about it or reflecting on its upon Allah. It's a message what do we need to do? What is our position? How should we treat and handle Islamophobia in our time? Yeah, Islamophobia was mentioned in the Quran, none of that term in

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itself, but the concept of principle, because what is the goal of those islamophobes those who come You know, always harassing the believers and the Muslims? It was mentioned this ayah Don't worry, I didn't forget to translate the I'm coming. So the ayah Allah subhana wa Taala says the tibolone you are going to be tested. Law says you shall be tested, you should be tried. Who is this him spoken to the speakers of Hana wattana. To the believers, those who believe in the Quran, those who believe in the message of Allah subhana wa, tada, Allah is telling us, that is not going to be an easy way, it's not going to be an easy path. That means for the believers because return understand it's a

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hazardous path.

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It's not easy. If you choose to go on this path, you're gonna have to be you're gonna have to expect that you are going to be tested.

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How lots of Analog Devices, that tibolone a monokuma on physical you shall be tried in respect to your wealth, and yourselves. What does that mean? It's terms of wealth, Allah Subhana Allah gives money and takes it back. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes sometimes you know your time your economic economy Good for you. Something that's so great, Allah subhana wa tada would cause your risk to become abundant. And then sometimes a little bit, you know, constraint. So Allah will test you with that. So when things go not so well for you, from your own perspective, you need to be grateful to law surgeon, one thing and also for him that he blessed you with, and to be patient, you know, until

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times become better shallow data, and what Allah blesses you with abundance, that you need to also continue being grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And make sure you always prepared for moments when you need to be patient in the law zone, whether it's regard to wealth or self, self in terms of what health,

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health and wealth, they come together, you have a handle on Blizzard life, sometimes you're going to be tested by one of them. And sometimes we are tested with both not so wealthy and physically not so healthy. May Allah subhana wa preserve your health and you are terrible. I mean, you don't wish for that test. But if it comes it comes, then Allah subhanho wa Taala says afterwards, while at the smallness, so basically that test and trial in regards of health and wealth, it's easy to deal with that individual level. But then he says with a smile on when a Latina woman publikum woman a Latina shampoo and coffee, and you shall hear and you will hear as part of a trial part of a test. Allah

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says this manner, which means you're going to be hearing when a Latina otava macabre come from those who be who received the scriptures from before you, the Christians, the Jewish people, it says woman Latina Ashoka the idol worshipers and then kathira so much injury, which means what comes to listen, there might not be so kind to, they might not be so nice to you. Obviously, there's always be that that fear that group of people from amongst them, whom Allah Subhana described to be among those who feel as well truly.

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But here he says that you shall be tested and tried by hearing from some of them. And then unless is Kathy RA, lots of injury.

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You know, those moments when you go to the parking lot as you go to your car and someone just drives by and throws a poisonous word that you just like,

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if you're mad enough, come and stand up, let's talk about it. But it just dropped by.

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And then cathedra

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You know, when you go shopping in a tropical grocery minding your own business, you're not even coming close to anybody just minding your own business. And some people they just choose to start, you know, throwing words here and there at you, your wife, your spouse, your children, they go to school, and they hear these words that injures them and hurts them, kids. So Pamela, just because of their name, just because of the color of their skin. Allah says that this man, you're going to hear from them as an cathedra. Lots of other and he's got lots of hands calling it, you're going to just hear it, which means there might not be any action that can come out of it. Some might take action,

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but generally speaking, the majority of what you're going to get out of this is either intimidation, threatening or

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Whatever that is, but executing this and taking actions

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lawanna but the vast majority of what that does Islamophobia that comes out actually is just intimidating techniques. And as I mentioned and other ayat as one, he said sort of last last panel to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but not Allah who has no idea Kowloon Allah subhana wa Taala we know that it hurts you what they say.

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So what the prophet SAW some hits from the people of Makkah used to hurt him, which means it's okay to hurt you. Does it bother you when people call you names that you hurt you hate specifically with regard to then to your faith and to your Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and to Islam and so on. Of course it's a it's hertz lessons canal Amano. Yasuko Olivia Quran we know that it hurts you what you hear from them. And the loss of Hannah given the good news of the Prophet salaallah Salah phenomenal you can be buena. They're not denying what you're saying? Well, I couldn't have eliminated the ayatollah Hayden. But those aalameen those transgressors, those, you know that the

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wrongdoers they're only denying what I had to love me they just kind of like denying this the clear sense of Allah subhanho wa Taala why they're so intimidated, there seems that the certainty of being and the faith that they have, or at least the path that they have adopted for themselves. It seems to be it's much more certain. They're more confident in that path than the uncertainty of going crossing the bridge to Islam.

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This is where they are.

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They're comfortable confident where they are. And they're uncomfortable with the uncertainty of crossing the bridge to Islam.

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And the last panel that again mentioned and many many other areas that you will hear from them other layer the room in LA they only got what they harm you is only just injury other which means just bluffing, you could say they're only just harassing you with these statements. So what is the solution for this? Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're in tuscarawas Taku for in Nevada command asmall Omar

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and if you exercise patience and taco

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in Adela, cumin, asmall omo. Indeed, these are the science. These are the signs of asthma are more which means those who have the strong resolution strong resolve be those who have strong and supple Eman and faith and those who are determined to move on and continue on their path. They exercise patience and taqwa patience for what patients against that injury that you're receiving from the people and taqwa so that you give them, you give them with your love and your manners, the safety to cross to the other bridge, or to the other side of the bridge.

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You need these two things. One to be patient with them. I mean, when you say patience, you have the ability to retaliate. You have the ability to curse back and cast back and hate back. You can do that if you want to. Right? No one's gonna stop doing this. But is that going to be effective? What is it going to bring to you anyway, so you need to exercise patience, lots and lots and lots of patience. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In mo for sobre una de hombre Hassan that Allah subhana wa Taala shall give reward to those who are patient without measure.

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When it comes to being patient, there is no calculated reward for it. It's without measure. That's how important patience is. And the second thing is taqwa that he exercised up what Aqua is basically protecting yourself and maintaining you being on the same path, continuing that path to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why is that? Because this is what they're lacking.

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This is what they're lacking. That tako sense of taqwa. Therefore, if you can exercise these two things, Bismillah Tada, you'll show them safety and show them certainty on the other side of the bridge, and will become much easier for them to cross. You've heard the story of the individual who came to the masjid. I have Jean Richardson. And during the rally, and he had actually shared some profanity against Islam as well. And it was running against Muslims and so on. But they were invited to come and you know, get into them as in some holla the way it started because they're the brothers Mashallah, at IIT Richardson, they handle this very well, professionally. They even they gave the

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people water actually, you know, as they were waiting, because they're getting thirsty. So if you guys want water, and then they invited some people to come in

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that individual in particular, which is this story come in the news, as a matter of fact, he got into them and he's just, you know, whatever. So he went in, he spent an hour and

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he spent an hour when he came back, the shirt was flipped inside out.

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And he realized how wrong that was. And he said, You know what, that's it. I will never come to knowledge like this again.

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Did he come out to support the Muslims Allahu Allah, but at least he realized panela

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It's safer to cross right now, halfway through the bridge mallamma came across the other side of the bridge.

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So the point I'm making here is that when it comes to Islamophobia and the time that we're living in is difficult. It's not easy being Muslim today will lie. But it's going to be an honor to be a Muslim today. What is difficult, that's when we reward these actions multiplied. So just exercise these two things, patience with them, and maintain your taqwa of Allah subhana wa tada when you do things you don't for the sake of Allah zildjian when they observe that when they see that, I hope that you will provide them with that sense of safety and security. They will be able to cross the bridge from where they are to the other side so they become safer with you and Charlotte Avada.

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Kodama Allah Subhana Mecca some of those who listen to the spiritual umbrella mean, Allah subhanho wa Taala give us all guidance Allah and God our neighbors are a Brahmin and send amongst them the Hideo philosophy Hana within their hearts and their minds Allah give them the ability to understand the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala understand the nature of Allah as the origin so that they might join us in this beautiful together You are a brand I mean Samarra continental Africa.