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The speaker describes a person who is seen as fearful of showing off and claims to have "one thousand people in front of them". They also mention a person who claims to have been punished by Allah's actions and advises against making "one person an example" in public. The speaker emphasizes the importance of everyone benefiting from the actions of the individual to keep the whole army collectively on the right.

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I'm sure one more thing and then if you don't mind I'll start reading.

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But before that, one thing that always moves me about him is he would be he would be seen actually, you know, sometimes he he'd come out he just see the crowd before social media Subhan Allah may Allah protect business a lot of efia Honestly, it's it's scary, like it's one of the most, you know, you got like the Sophie nfld of the world, Rahim Allah who if he saw three people in the gathering, he's going home. He's like, I'm not talking to more than three people at a time. Because he was so afraid of it. He was so afraid of that showing off. And when Josie Rahim Allah to Allah He has 1000s and 1000s of people in front of them, and he sometimes just take to a corner and cry and make dua.

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And so he has several of these narrations. One of them, he said, Yeah, Allah don't punish me. So that the people don't say that the tongue that used to remind us of Allah was punished by Allah. So don't humiliate me. Like don't don't make an example out of me. Because all these people think something about me and they're coming to Allah subhanaw taala through me, so don't do Don't punish me in a way that would make them say, Oh, look, the one he used to tell us about punished him. And he's also the one Subhanallah who would say to some of the students, if you are in Jannah, and you don't find me there Subhan Allah, I mean, then then ask about me. I mean, that's, like, if that's

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not humility, from the most prolific writer in Islamic history to actually go up to students and say, Look, if you if you're not there, if you're there, and I'm not there, ask about me ask about this, this poor person that used to teach you and so I mean, we convey that as well.

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And in all seriousness, in all seriousness, make dua for anyone that benefits you, including us. Please make dua for anyone that benefits you for their sincerity, for their steadfastness. And for Allah subhanaw taala to keep us all collectively on the right path. I love my army.