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Eid Ul Fitr is just a few days away. It is a time that marks the ending of Ramadan. Should one take time off work or even school to celebrate Eid?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.

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The speaker discusses the importance of taking time off to enjoy one's day and family. They emphasize the need to show appreciation for the day and family and to make sure everyone is staying at home. The speaker also mentions the need to invest in family and attend church.

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Should Muslims in the West take a day off from school or work to celebrate eat?

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Absa flipping literally they should, I mean, it still blows my mind that this even this thought comes into our minds. And I know that people differ differentiate between either fitted and either ad hoc and optimize the miskeen one that gets left by the by. But they also were both leads, I want to say something that first of all, a lot of how Tyler made the theme of these two great days they are days which Allah subhanaw taala celebrates, and has given us as a favor, and we're so happy we eat, we drink with children, we do everything that we want to do. And we make Vicar of Allah Subhana, Allah will come to the tech of yours. And that's in a different video. But I want you to

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understand that that is something that should be respected. And when you look at what you respect from a dunya point of view, so if you're going to go on a holiday, which you respect, and you're looking forward to so much you take the time off, you want to go and see someone important, you're going to go to an interview, you're going to go to an appointment of a consultant, you take the time off, because you see it as important. So importance here is indicated by you taking time off, how are you showing eat is important by not taking time off? And how are you going to make that day anything special in any kind of way? If you're not there, because you're working in school. And more

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important than that, how are your family and your kids going to actually enjoy this day? Can you I want you to understand we're living in such a consumer led materialistic madness. Yeah, at the moment. And everyone is desperate to create a new day to celebrate every, you know, every couple of months. So obviously Christmas and Easter, you know, everyone goes to town and then you've got Valentine's Day and Halloween and anniversaries and birthdays. And people go mad on those days they do parties and food and gifts and this that and your children especially Okay, they're not maybe like you who have grown up in a in a much more educated and much more mature fashion or whatever,

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are more practicing. Now you see, they're not sensible. They're not mature, they're not disciplined. And they're just looking around to all the things that they like. And when they see all of their friends and they're enjoying Christmas so much and birthday so much. It's no wonder their hearts gravitate towards it. And they feel they want to celebrate that they want to hang around the people celebrate that. And that's that's a disaster, they've got nothing to look forward to accept desktop, which is why they gravitate towards that that profile. And we've got to be able to show you something for them that they think about the daydream about the day anticipate, you've got to put

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your hands in your pocket, you've got to start spending money, you got to give them gifts, you got to make your family feel at ease, it can't make them make it any worse than than any other normal day. And that of course, comes the idea of taking time off and giving it the only preparation and so on and so forth. I don't think this needs to be emphasized. But I do get it that from different needs from either fitting into that focus changes. And I do actually think that even fits up because we're so knackered after the one month we want that day off. So we kind of all do that, and even other how we don't but for both sides, we need to do this we've got to show the same level of

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importance. And also I want to say something else is very important, especially for our generation, the new millennial millennials that are coming up as well. Then not as connected with their with their wider families as we are and we're certainly nowhere near as connected our generation with our parents generation who can't even imagine IID without the family and I know that it's a mission man when you go you've got you know, you just bought your PlayStation for a home and you've got your I don't know your Xbox One. And you've got your whatever nonsense It is these days and you've got your bikes and you want to play all day and and your mom and dad say right, let's go now and grandpa's

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house and let's go to meet some Silverado at his house. And and you sit there all day. And you know, you're just having to be hugged and kissed by people you want to be hugged and kissed by and all that admission. And not only that, you've let's say that you've reached that killer age where you've just gone to 15 or 16, where you know what, they don't even give you an EDI anymore. They don't even give you money because they think that you're making enough money outside by yourself. That's a disaster. But you take one for the team, because family, they love to see each other at least once a year. We're not seeing them often enough. And I want to say to you that for us this is a religious

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obligations problem, like any normal student teaches a lesson at Christmas. Whatever happens they gather all the family together. We know from all their stories from all of their documentaries and films that we've seen and grown up on that that Christmas dinner is is an is a moment of complete hilarity and disaster and whatever but they always go through it. And these are people who do not have a religious mandate to maintain family's ties. And the Muslims do and we are obligated to. And so we should make sure that we invest fully in that day invest fully in our family. We might not have the greatest one at that time, but the budget is going to be a lot and there's plenty of time

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then to come back and have more fun later. So should you take time off? Are you kidding me?