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hamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay in who want to study you want to start Pharaoh 102 Billahi min terrarium for cinnamon sejati Anna Lena Maja de la who furama De La Hoya Euclid Fela howdy Allah wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah hula hula Sheree Cara or shadow under Mohammed Abu or pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad. While he was so happy he was so limited who Mata Sleeman kathira amudha all praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, today my hotbar I would like to speak to you about a fantastic for a fantastic four words that are very common, are very well known to many of us. But unfortunately, so many times we don't take advantage of the knowledge of these words. And maybe maybe because of the lack of knowledge of the amount of free word that you gain by seeing these words. I believe they are the most common words that Muslims knows when it comes to the remembrance of Allah. Now the kennametal Alba ash are my youth curfew the Maryville Muslim moon with Corona, Corona LA and they are Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah wa la ilaha

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illallah wa la Akbar the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as an Ummah Muslim reported from Anita Zamora had been done to Mohan, that in ob sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have bull calamy in Allahu taala. About the most beloved words to Allah are for Subhana Allah 100 Allahu Allah ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar. And it doesn't matter which one you start with. These are the most beloved thing to Allah subhanaw taala to hear you saying to see you saying, also Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a Muslim also reported the variety of Allah and heard the process of him saying, Lana Buddha subhana wa well hamdulillah What are ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar?

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Allah Allah He shuns Oh, allegiance, allegiance, they tend to be solipsism. Hana, la, la, la, la La kebab, more beloved to me, than anything the sun rise over. And another word, what's the sun rise over?

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Technically, everything on this earth That's right. Can you imagine anything that the sun rise over? Okay? And it'd be so subtle, I'm sad. If I would make a choice between having that thing or saying these four words, these four words are more rewarding than anything else, more beloved to me than anything else. The Sunrise over it means it's more beloved to him then getting whatever car you can think of triumph over your best dealership, you know, the best house and palace and the you know, the gold and the silver and the banks and the accounts and the money and the wealth, all this nothing comparing to these words in the VSA. lalala is a lamp saying also I'm delighted now most of

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them are said that in a B cell allowed to sell and told his companions, that is no one in the face of this earth would say la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, what I what I want to do with the 11 law, unless the sins will be forgiven, even if it is as much as the form of the seat. And there is other narration as well mentioned that the speaker hand made with the same reward. Also the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was reported by Timothy that Abdullah live in unison said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I met my father Ibrahim, the day I was risen to the heaven for our marriage. And I know a lot of people talk about the Masada montage these days because of Siobhan but just for

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the record.

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There is no proof that our marriage took place in shabang. Those people who celebrate the day of child Bangladesh, these are all, no proof for it, no authentic proof that we know exactly when it took place. Anyway, going back to the point, so he said when he went to Sierra, and I met my father Ibrahim, he said, Yeah, Mohammed give your oma you.

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We are the Omar Mohamed Salah, give them my son.

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Tell them give them my son deliver to them my son and let them know that algen netopia eba to Toba. I've been told

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that the soil of the Jenna is pure and it is great. And the water and agenda is fresh. And it is an under is a flat

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Yeah, and

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reconcile between this Hadeeth and agenda have you know trees and stuff like that. They said there is a huge space in the agenda or empty.

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You can plant it the way you want.

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And then Ibrahim Addison um said, well, rasa, and the way you plant your trees and your gardens and you expand basically your place and then through Suppan allowing him to allow and I'll allow Allahu Akbar. And we know the better backyard you have the better garden you have, you know, if any real estate here, realtor can correct me if I'm wrong, but the estimated about 23 to 25% value, the value of your property can go up. If you have an outstanding back, no backyard in front yard and greenery. And another word, the value of anything of any property goes up when there is a lot of basically plants around it. And implanted well, so even in general, the more plants you have the beautiful

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gardens you have and you and one of the way to do that to improve your status and gender through these words. Also one of the Hadith that the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we had it Abdullah had Misha dad and anaphora min Benny errata telethon at OBS or Salaam fazl. Mo, for Canon abuse of Solomon, yet Fini, him. Halla, the three of you will became Muslims from a tribe called vinyasa and then he said to them, so who will take care of them for me. But I said, I'll take care of them. See how they deal with the new Muslims. Then he said, I'll take care of them, then tell how they answered. They lived with me and we became brothers, and two of them died in the battlefield.

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And the third one died later a year later on a year after them. He died in his bed.

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I saw three of them in my dream. And they were at the gates of gender. And I saw the one who died later, the one who died a year after them on his bed, advancing to gender and leaving behind his two friends, his two friends who died as murderers I showed up. And it's like, I'm always surprised, you know, and then he was followed by the one who died later than the one who died first was the last to enter.

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I confuse I asked the companion people get confused about this dream and said maybe it's not a true dream. Then it may be so Selim came while they are talking to each other. He said why you What's happening? What is the disagreement about so they said yeah, I saw a lot. I saw this dream about his friends. And we don't think it's true. It cannot be true dream. Then in the resource of them said well, Martin Cartman Derek what is the any making you think saying that? They see the sort of law who can be better than the Shaheed the die? The one who die as a murderer? How come the one who died in his bed will advance the agenda over them would become ahead of them. Then in Debbie solum con

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Lisa had an off dollar in the law, many new amorolfine Islam little V with a kabiri he was illegally purify your amount of Islam yet through the spear who attack can be deadly.

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What can be better than a Muslim who will live longer and will be able to say subhana wa unhemmed allowed a lot more

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than those who died shortly. And another generation he said didn t pray. Didn't he live a year more than them? Or more than me said yes. He said in that year he said Subhana Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, and he prayed that was enough to raise his level in general.

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Also, an image reported that I will say the

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answer that tends to be salatu salam said in the law stuff I mean Academy Alba, Allah have chosen from all words from all statement for to be very special. very rewarding. Subhana Allah well I'm de la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar

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and in AB Salalah alayhi wa sallam also, as Herrera said,

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came one day and he said to the Sahaba, who do not take your protection, kind of Yasuda Lamanna Do we have his enemy coming? He said no. Who do you do never come in and not protect yourself from hellfire. They said How? Then he said to them, say Suppan allowing him to allow it out Illa Illa ma Allahu Akbar for in TNA Oh pm Monday at in Makkah de Martin balca to solly hat, they will come in the Day of Judgment these words when you say them, they will advance you advance you to gender before other people. And that goes along with the study that we just heard earlier. Element yet they will be protections for you from the punishment of Allah Subhana data and from hellfire. Well, who

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knows about the act of Sati hat and they are the good deeds that will remain in your records. And Allah Subhana generation the process of reciting while Bambi to Swanee had to hide your name Dora beaker

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and salted Caf, these are the remaining good we're selling stellar fulfill to any feedback yet Sally had a minimal callback yet slowly at a

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minimum, Amazon saw different muscles within apparel inside of him muscles that have been home upon so the element of human live debate over what is the remaining good means some set any good deeds, and some said no these these are specific good deeds. Then those who said they are specific good deeds debate among themselves which deeds they are. So some of them said fasting some of them said Asana, the five daily prayers like an ambassador of the lava and water law and moderation but also we found that I will say though the report and this study was reported by the magma and others that didn't allow it Salim said it stick through mineral valkia to

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make sure you put in your account more of these remaining good that the one that will all remain the good deeds that will always be there for you. They should give us sort of what are these kind of tech bureau DeLeon? What does vo and hamdulillah What are how would our quwata illa Billah again, these four words adding to them la hora patella individual allowed to sell them sun

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and Latina and Quran Allah Allah de Ned Corona de Ned Corona menjalani la him into speaking what a MIDI what a kabiri what really

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harsh Luna the Wii U the Wii U the kid never saw him in law allow him to come and lie as Allah Who in the law he knew that pure obey that can never be sold and said also

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I think it's also an aside that it'd be so solemn said when you say these words of Hana la junta de la la la la aka the echo of these words, these words will be heard around Allah's throne

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and it will be there reminding you know the angels around the throne and they have the best of angels and been been basically heard by Allah Himself. then it'd be so solemn said don't you don't you want your voice and something up? Hi there to remind me are always mentioning you before our last panel

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in the base of the loudest willemsen said, behind

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what a great What a great thing. They are. What are they? He said what a great four things or five things they will be so heavy in your skill on the Day of Judgment, kind of busting. reforms in math kind of

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five thing would be so heavy in your reward in your skill on the Day of Judgment. La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah Subhana Allah wa al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam Yuto of Cebu Lido and when you have a child who has a righteous die before you and you will remain patient

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Pamela righteous son righteous daughter blessings. If he dies before you, you reward is great. And if you die before him, your reward will continue after your death because he will continue to do good deeds. Either way, you know winning with a righteous child may Allah make us among those who have rights children may have been a bit obsessed she said, it'd be so subtle and passed by me after federal and it was all I can't, you know, stand up much sitting on a chair, like some of us in a do now hard for them to stand up. She said, borrow for just me and we can stand up. And I was sitting there maybe so went and he came back then in Ibiza LaLaurie Samson is still in the same situation. I

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left you early in the morning, she said yes. Then in the visa salon, you want me to show you something if you say it, you will get so much reward. I need another word also, you don't need to spend that. You know a great deal of time.

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She said say Subhana Allah 100 times it will be equal to free 100 slaves for the sake of Allah from the children was made saying hamdulillah 100 times and that would be equal to donating 100 horses for civilian law. Say Allahu Akbar 100 times it will be equal than offering 100 camels will be slaughtered and the meat will be distributed to the poor. Say Laila a llama 100 times and your reward will fill whatever between heavens and earth. And no one in that day will come with the deeds more than you unless someone said like you and more.

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My brother and sisters, a Bedouin came to the prophets of Salaam and said yeah, Mohammed, I hear you praying and make a daughter know what you guys saying. It's just hard for me to memorize and to remember all this. They said it came in different ration. Then he said, Yeah, Mohammed, teach me what to say make it easy for me. He doesn't even know how to read the fact and

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then in the visa Sallam told him, okay, say so Panama and hamdulillah Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar.

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For me, this is the most interesting Hadith when it comes to the virtue of these four words that up for me, that's the top. Can you think why?

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Why this handy? is the best even though I just mentioned so many, but this one is the best of all of them show you these four words out of the top three word. He said yeah, Mohammed, I don't know how to do it. Then they told him to do it. So some of them I said, because what is the greatest surah in the Quran?

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In fact,

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and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and the process of them now, giving him something can replace Al Fatiha for those who don't know how to return beside it. So you don't replace something without it unless you replace with something like equal to it. Then he told him say some Panama and him did allow it.

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Simmons said Panama

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repeated made him repeated a couple of times. Then he said that's it. Tennessee Dr. Mohammed, that's not fair. You know, all these handles are handed out a logbook for him. What's for me? You guys have salon asking things for yourself and then I'll sit off I'm stuck. I hear you. So what's for me? This is all about Tim What about me what I get that in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say, Allah.

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Allah forgive me, Allah, Mohammed II, Allah have mercy on me. Allahu madonie. Or like guide me, Allah marzocchi Allah provide for me.

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So the man starts counting them. And he's and he puts his hand together in the visa song Mahadeva Padma Eddie, he filled his hand with goodness.

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I hope

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this Hadeeth will inspire each and every one of us to take advantage of every single minute, every single moment

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that you have a chance to see some Hannah la de la la, walk into the car, getting out of the car, walking stairs, you know making your tours, whatever, you know, waiting on the phone, you know, just fill your day your days and nights and moments with these. Unbelievable. You will come with rewards and the Day of Judgment like the size of the ocean.

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I asked myself sometimes

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what's the point from all this ahaadeeth

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I think the points that are lost pantalla knows how

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We are, we make sense we don't fulfill all obligations. Nobody can claim perfection. But with doing these things which is easy, you can make up so much of your shortcoming. You can reach so high,

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all of the takes title berlei all of the things takes a heart that has awareness that thinking of our last panel is easy, but only for those who have lost faith Allah make it easy for them. That's why we've been ordered to say Allah home in Niala. The curricula Allah helped me to always remember you. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who remember him all the time Solomon and Mohammed Abu Muhammad Mustafa

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Milena de vida.

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My brothers and sisters

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also Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam said, when you go to your bed, the waiter electroshock, and you say, La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika lahu Cora handwara coalition co de la hora wala quwata illa Allah Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah who will be handling what hamdulillah what La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, for your sins will be forgiven even if it is as much as the form of the sea and many had eaten in that regard then we know the famous Heidi's talk about subpoena law handed allow 33 times 33 times, then allow about 34 times before you go to sleep before you go to sleep. Also subpanel law and Henry loudhailer law law about what ordained to be said after the Salawat

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wishes of Hannah law 33 times 133 times and Allahu Akbar 33 times after salah and all this this is our new finish that is li la la la devilishly Colorado cuando la colina Korea. So these are time were regulated for you to do but we are encouraged to say it in the day in the night, occupy your days and nights with it. Especially in Friday, from last mullet of prayer since we prayed mother yesterday and Thursday until the middle of today. This also is a very precious moments. And one of the best things to say beside these four words is to increase your salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to say Allahu Allah Allah Mohammed Allahumma salli ala Mohammed

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad or in any format that you want in Ibiza, so lambson zero female Salatu was Salam ala de increase your silence And I'd also like during the day of tomorrow Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad came so late Allah Ibrahim Ali barichara Muhammad Ali Mohammed Coronavirus Tara Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majid Allah ma Helena

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Allahu Allah nazira Allah morpholino sera

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sera Allahumma salli hodja Melina aloha Mashallah Maria. Maria. Well, if you could move to LA la la masa reaction, okay, no young Sharon Phaeton ma Amina Rama gotten a lot of muscle if I know and, you know, I'm here. I'm Mohan booty now and Marlena Kula Charlene. Oh, fitna la

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casa innovia. Nick, when I became including Sharon Casa innovia de la ilaha illa Anthony rajic now the boy jika Subhana Allah Allahu Allah now as far as you know we have not you know we're not you know, we're one you know i Baba nos have an unclear akula Arjuna Arjuna on him in whom Allah Allah when Allah we come in a shorter goodly Arjuna You are God madam. Madam Madam. Aloha my father and I'd be heavily alumni alumni be heavily alumni are gonna be hopefully, Allahu manana cynical houda what token one Asafa Latina Latina Latino Latina whether we are homina was was you know the reality no Muslim you know Muslim. I mean, you know me not even Humala. mewat Allahumma Hey, are you Yeah,

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they're gelada economia yada yada yada, Gerardo ecran Justin besonderheiten Amana imbecilic hottie I'm Elena masala humo Selena and Amina Mohammed Omar Salah.