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Analysing the Lives of the Prophets 32_ Shuayb Part 3 by Shaykh Hasan Ali

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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Welcome to another session, a third session of schreib alayhi salatu salam. And so far we've discussed about the harem business, the Haram means, and they got to a height where there was a lot of money coming into the city, and a lot of trade was happening. Allah had given them a blessing of all of this. And with that, they took advantage and slowly as corruption started to prevail, many of them became corrupted, save a few people who believed in schreiben, a salon salon, and those are the people who are unhappy, and they had Halla risk. And Chevrolet salon salon was one of those who stayed on a halaal pathway and he started to call them towards Allah azza wa jal. Now, they also got

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into ship worshipping other gods besides Allah azza wa jal, and he warned them against that he warned them about them. He told them to be honest, and just in dealing with one another, we talked about how they use the methods to try and divert people from from srivatsa, la la sala salaams way and his pathway. And they use the number of schemes and plots. And a lot of that was to make people believe that if they came into the religion of rival ashram, then things would go wrong for them, things would, you know, things would not be the same for them. And one of the things they told them, obviously, was that they wouldn't get much trade or business from the other people if they joined

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them. And this is very similar to what happened in Mohammed Salah last time, where they had a boycott. And the boycott was simply that anyone who supports Mohammed Saleh, listen, they're not going to trade with them. They said anyone who comes into the scene, then you know, the trade is not going to be the same. We can't trade with them, we're gonna have to have some kind of boycott. So here, Chevrolet's ally Salas, and I'm trying to reason with them. And he says to them, according to Surah, surah, number seven is number 86. He says what Kuru is to khaleel and takasaki says, please people just just think that you are a people who are small in number, when they were small in number

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when Allah azza wa jal had destroyed the cities, the different cities around them. And one of the cities that was closely destroyed before them was loot ally. So that same city. So here's tribalism says what guru Remember, you were you are people who are just a few FACA thora calm and Allah made you plenty in number today, you've got a power. And that's what it is. When people get together, you know, there's,

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I think you'll probably get the idea, you know, when you have family gatherings. I'm just, I'm just trying to make you relate to your own situation here. You know, when you've got your own family of your wife, and probably your kids, it's one setting. When you have your cousins and relatives coming and they all get together. Yep, the atmosphere changes. And when you get extended relatives all coming.

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And atmosphere completely changes. The more people you get gathered together, the more of a force of the nature of these people comes together. If they're joking, laughing Yeah, there's going to be a good laughter and so on. If they've got a cultural thing going on. They're all going to be added, you know, formalities have to be made. And this is this is one of the reasons why people sometimes go off track is that the amount of people together that are doing something, you're part of that you know, part of that culture, you're part of that nation, you're part of that society, you're part of those people you kind of feel pulled to do the thing that these people are doing so Chevrolet

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Sullivan says St. Catherine De Niro mavala the blessing of Allah is that his main you plenty but that should not mean that you take it in the wrong direction you should be getting on all floors and you should be thanking a lot of love maybe plenty and because of the force that you got, you know many people come together don't use it in the wrong way which they did because they're false made them say to share what I said that they threatened it with their force and we're going to get to that in a bit. So what we've got to understand is sometimes the might of people coming together they create a force which wasn't there when they were just a few sure but I said um, then moves on and

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says one loser, okay, if I can argue but look at what was the outcome of those who corrupted. Now people who are in a position of having a lot of wealth, their whole focus is on the

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Wealth their power of today, they can't see what might happen to them if they don't, you know, control themselves. And this is the thing that Allah has said in the hood and again and again is that you've got a pattern of people and you go straight not if you're intelligent enough if you're logical if you could use your article and intellect you hold back and say, Hey, let me stop here. I've got wealth today. People had wealth yesterday. I'm using my wealth in a haram way people use their monies before in a haram way. I'm making huge bucks today through haraam. My people before me made huge bucks through it in a haram way. I'm enjoying my life today. So Hara means they enjoy the

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light yesterday through haram means Yeah, I'm enjoying it for years and years and years, and everything's going good. And they enjoyed it for years and years, and everything went well. And I think this is gonna last forever, but never lasted forever. For any of the people before me, ah, I'm different from the people of the past. And different, different, different. This is where tribalism says, Listen, look at the outcome of all those who cause corruption. Because if you corrupt things with your wealth, in the end, you're going to face destruction yourself. And this is this is the pattern that we should look at, not the pattern of your height of where you are, but the outcome and

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the eventual, you know, downfall that you're heading for. So for example, a person who's on drugs, they don't think they don't think about tomorrow, they think about today. So they thinking about the buzz, they're thinking about, you know, spliff, they're thinking about taking the cocaine, whatever it is, and that wonderful set, you know that the head goes into this wonderful zone, whatever it is, yeah, they enjoying the whole night. And they don't want to think about tomorrow morning, how bad the body's going to feel. They don't want to think about puking up tomorrow, and feeling or kind of, you know, drugged up and feeling, you know, kind of zombie for the whole day. They don't want to

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think about that. They don't want to think about their body needing, you know, to recover, none of that they just want to enjoy tonight. And if they were to really think about what's going to happen to them, and if they were to look at cocaine addicts, and heroin addicts, and they looked at their life, and they studied heroin addicts, and they say, look, that heroin addict, busted. That one busted. That one finished that one, coupled. Yeah. So if all of them go coupled, coupled, busted, busted, and all again, stressed and depressed, and all of that by the end of it. Then logic says same thing, don't do harm to me. And that's what the ambia offered to us. They say to think where

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you're going. And this is what allows you to just sit in

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room? Where is it that you're going to end up

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the lifestyle? You're running with your haraam? Where is it that you're going to end up because I'm telling you want the brothers if there's no person who's going through harm, and he's had a wonderful life, all the way to the end, no misery with anybody. There's no one and he's got to the end, and he's died as a happiest man, you can imagine. There's no such person. In fact, what you will see is what Dr. Li Salah Salaam said to these people was that he had wealth, federalism, he had wealth. And he used his wealth in halaal way. He was a businessman, just like Rasulullah sallallahu. He was a businessman. And when you use your money in a halal way you make less than a man who spends

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it in a haraam way, you make less, and it's quite clear, don't let's not fluffer I know some people say, brother, give up your alcoholic business. inshallah, Allah will give you more. Don't tell the brother that tell the brother, when you give up your alcoholic business. Yeah, Allah might give you less.

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can say that to you, man. He's not gonna, he's

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gonna say the next part. So the next part. So when you give up your alcoholic business, Allah may give you less, but the less he's going to give you will have more Baraka and blessing than what you have today. That's the fact. And that's what Trey Sullivan said to them. And I'm going to refer to you to what add surah huzzah number 11

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I number 88. And part of what he said to them, he said yeah, oh my people.

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This this is after another conversation. I need to bring the other conversation in but since I'm on the subject, I'm gonna talk about this. Yeah. I tune in come to Alabama unit in Nairobi. Suppose that can you see that? I've got a clear evidence for you. What does that mean? Who has Allah Allah has provided me with

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Good pure provisions, my money my business is completely hilarious

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and you can see in front of you, I'm happy I'm blessed with what Allah has given me That's enough. See the thing is my brother This is I'm saying not to any one of you here you know this camera is recording this as people all over the world I wouldn't hear this inshallah vanilla. The thing is, whoever's out there earning Haram, they need to understand that you're not going to make a anything more by getting that extra money. In fact, you're going to corrupt your original halaal wealth. When somebody adds haram it corrupts original wealth. And I've explained in the first session of tribalism, how some of that happens. But I want to add one more thing to this, which is,

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if allow wants to give you

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by the end of the year, he wants to give you profit of 48,562 pounds, and 31 pence

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48 562. And how many pencils say

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that you want pens. Now you can decide to get that in a halaal way, or you can decide to get that in a haraam way is up to you. So let me give you an example here. I'm with a friend. And my friend he is you know, he's got some snacks in his bag, and I've got some snacks in my bag, or have probably have got less snacks than him. So I finished my snacks. I'm still hungry. My friend on a journey has just gone away somewhere. And he left a packet of crisps. Just the EU. The packet of crispy is just there. Oh, I'm hungry, man. I'm starving man. Come on, man. Eat a packet of crispy. I'll tell him later on Yella. Don't worry, bye. I'll explain to you later on. What you can do. You can just out of

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your non patient impatience. You can take the packet of crisps open it and yum yum yum yum eat roll up and then when he comes back, you say listen man, I was 200 maluca. Christmas.

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Now he's gonna say

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well, he's probably gonna feel inside well, so rude it is.

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So Ruby could have waited for for me to come. See what Allah put in your other is that that packet of crisps is written for you.

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It's written for you, you're going to eat a packet of crisps doesn't matter through a good way a bad way. It's written for you, you're going to get that. But what's written for you is if you have patience, and you waited, and then your friend came back and he said, Listen, man, I'm hungry, man. Can I cry? Yeah, of course.

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What do you want? What do you want this one is

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huge from history book, from from the goodness of his heart, he would have offered that packet of crisps for you. And that would have gone into your mouth, the same packet of crisps goes into your mouth in a halal way. But this way, you took it without his permission and then you're trying to get permission of him later on. Maybe he gives you the permission fine, but it becomes makrooh it becomes undesirable because you're supposed to wait to get his permission first before you eat. You can't just take it without without his permission, it is not allowed. So you probably just, you know just about maybe mcru not haraam, but mcru in between but still you could have waited so what I want

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to say to you is that when that 48,000 pounds 560 to 40,562 pounds and 31 pins got that right yeah, I just got a number of my idea. When Allah had written that for you that is written for you my friend one way or another it's gonna come to you now you could wait for it to come to Halloween or or you can wait for Halloween and you might signal ambition if I give up the alcohol right? If I give the herb how's that money gonna come to me?

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That year if you make less before you will make him 40 856 2.31 that year you gave the alcohol up and you found that you only had 30,000 pound profit. And listen my friend whichever way you win that 30,000 pounds that you got that was written for you and that's all you're gonna get. But in another way Allah will compensate you for the extra 18,000 pounds and 562 pounds and 31 pence that you think you lost alone will compensate you in a different way. How is that that 30,000 pounds you got the Baraka Allah put into it is going to be more than or equal to the 48,000 pounds. how you're going to say to me how

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you ever seen people they wear shoes and some people they wear shoe for one year and the shoe is gone. And some people wear this one shoe same shoe one man wears it for one one year gone. Another man wear the shoe for four to five

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Five years then it's gone. You ever seen that? Yes, that's one way. See Allah compensate you ever seen a man when he's got in a car he uses a car for one or two years and the car needs to be sold off of cars finished another man uses car for eight to 10 years then his cars finished Do you ever see that? Yes or no? Yes You agree yes this is how Allah compensate you our friend we don't even know mean how to lie Have you ever seen a man that his house hamdulillah things got you know everyone's house you've got you know you are repairing job to do so. So man he's got he's got a house. And every year he has to do this that oh roof and then drainage and then he's gonna do the

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new kakaka and get the flooring and on. And sometimes what happens is, you know, it doesn't need changing.

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His wife comes to him says, I want a new kitchen.

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I want a new kitchen.

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I've got to have a new kitchen.

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So the man is obliged after two years to change his whole kitchen again. I said, Okay, darling, don't worry. I'll give you a new kitchen. Now that heart that comes and says I want a new kitchen. Right? And the other man's house was the halaal and the wife's happy with our kitchen for 510 1525 years. hamdulillah hamdulillah This is a guy that I want a warrior. When you go home you

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go twice a year you want a new kitchen Did you hear what he said? So you I said I don't want the wives out there to like to come to your husband and say listen, you know there's gonna be war in the house this and I'm just giving you an example. I'm not saying every every wife that comes with a situation is going to be because of some Baraka Nabina No, please don't shoot me. I'll give you an example. You get you get weddings coming up. One man Allah gives him Baraka is able to do his whole wedding with 2000 pounds, whole wedding, everything inclusive. Allah is Baraka sends gifts from here, they're there, they're there, they're there, you name it, within within a days, he's got more

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than the other guy, the other guy he's saved 25,000 pounds, 30,000 pounds, one wedding, he blows the whole thing up. This man spends 2000 that 120 5000 this is Baraka, no Baraka, that's how Allah compensates for your rest of your 18,000 or whatever you can lose. That's how it is. My friend Baraka is something where people are happy, the hearts happy and luggages karna kanara is when your heart is happy with what Allah has given you. Then what you know what Rasulullah sallallahu says, This is not your Richmond.

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You know, Richmond and Medina. Rena local, real richness is when the heart becomes rich, when does the heart become rich, when the heart says you know what, Hamdulillah, whatever was given Alhamdulillah that's when you're rich. But when the heart is not content with how much you've got, then you're poor, doesn't matter how many houses you got, how many properties how many cars you got, how much business you got, how many, how much land you own, you're a poor man because your heart hasn't. It's not content with what Allah has given. So these are the ways that a lot compensates for a person. So anyway, what's happening here is that sure, but I said, um, is is you know, he's given

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us down. And one of the striking things he says to them according to Surah, huzzah, the 11 Anima 84 is in a halfway Lake Mahadeva you Marie says I fear on it for you, I fear that a day will come that will completely surround you with punishment, or a day they will that will surround you and that will be a day of punishment. And he gave him that hour he told him to be just and then when he when he says this is a very important part. Surah number 11 is number 86 Chevrolet Salaam says baqia to lie hydrolock whatever little you got halaal that is the best thing.

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Whatever little holla and I want to tell you brothers here, no, I've I've seen this, you know this families who stared Hello. I know. I know, too. I know two families. They got married. Around the same time, these two men come out at the same time.

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He's going back about a year 2000 or something.

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They both went onto the property ladder. One went through

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a halaal sort of mortgage and the other one went through the normal conventional mortgage. And then you wait for a good period of time another one who went through conventional mortgage he made a lot of money.

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He didn't have to pay much of that mortgage, the one who went through halaal mortgage. Now these horror movies out there, sometimes they make a new Qurbani

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they they properly slowly. I don't know why it's wrong year is wrong, but that's what some of them do. So what happened is after about 10 years, you saw that this one's made loads of money and this one will hardly any. All of a sudden, Allah azza wa jal with this second one family member passed away there was some kind of inheritance created.

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Because of that Allah gave them a wonderful house and this one is still struggling to pay for this one to pay for that one they're doing okay they got money but Allah a motive this one all of a sudden, see when Allah wants to turn things back here to light and little, you've got to keep that because keeping to yourself is new, it's light and keeping the heroine illuminates his darkness. Those people who never pay the Zakat

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in this world, they think they got away with 2.5% they got away with it. That part they didn't pay. You know what you know, what they say is the example of it is like a man who needed to go to the toilet for a number two, and he said, I'm not letting it out. It's mine.

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If the man says it's gonna go to toilet, it's gonna lay out. You know what I'm trying to say? No, it's kebabs gonna come out yet. I'm trying to say like Sheikah Bob's going to come out. So the Massena though she que la they stayed inside their mind they're not coming out what's gonna happen to me if he keeps him inside?

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He's gonna see what's going on to what's going on TV Carson keeping inside first you know if it lets a lot of wind, you know, low wind comes up after that. You know, what happens to it is that it gets dry inside. Yeah. And then what happens to me constitutes doesn't mean, once you concentrate in Alinea, is my is my wealth.

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I give you this money. What happens? What's gonna happen?

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You'd have to go to hospital. Yeah, probably some surgery, or probably first some pills and some medication to get it out. If he doesn't make it out in seven days, he's probably gonna have to go to some kind of surgery to get out. They say his car money is like the same thing. Once you got the Zakat money is like you have to let it out mandated out. If you lay out the rest of the just like the rest of the body is in harmony. The same way the rest of the world will be in harmony. But if you don't let it out, you think Nananana I've just saved 2.5%.

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And you saved that part like the kebabs inside. It's going to corrupt the whole of the stomach the same way it's going to corrupt the whole of the world. So tribalism says the little halaal you've got is good for incoterm meaning if you believe and then he adds one thing says mama and Allah can be happy. I am number 86 of pseudo hoods relevant. He says I am not a person who's going to continuously or who's going to come and watch you how you do your dealings. Why did he say that? He's trying to say that once you come into my body once you come into my religion, and you believe in Allah azza wa jal then it's up to you when you how you do your halaal Allah is the one who's

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watching as a prophet. I'm not going to go there and spy on you and see a Let me see. Let me see your apples. Let me see. Let me see how you weight them. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to leave you alone. It's up to you how you do dealings now. Why did they add this up? He added this arm because they know people who are not religious think when I become religious man, they're gonna check on me. They're gonna check if I'm doing this. If I'm doing that I have to do with this. I have to do my Salah this time. I'm gonna say I'm not religious. Look guys, I'm telling you this are you practicing brothers? We need to go easy on the non practicing brothers. You know the non practicing

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brother comes to the masjid after a long time. If you see an editor at the masjid. For a long time a non practicing brother has walked inside. You haven't seen him for a long time. He's come to the house of Allah don't go and say Salaam to say hey wavy.

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Don't do that. You're gonna make him feel awkward. The day I come You know, all this energy putting yourself just to go and see a law come to the masjid to reconcile with the law. He comes here and if he was gonna say to all Mashallah, Brava Mashallah you return back to the masjid? Mashallah, how you gonna make a few hints that he's gonna say, I'm not coming back again. These guys, the way they treat me is that you know, I feel so awkward. Don't be that when you see a non practicing brother or person or a practicing brother who hasn't come to the master for a long time. Just be normal with him like everybody else. See non religious people. They feel that once they come to religion,

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there's going to be all these people watching them. There's going to be this closeness on them. And that's why I share what I said I'm saying this that I'm not going to come and see all your wealth and look inside and spy and see what you're doing or not doing I'm going to leave it to you Don't worry you'll be free. Come to my religion into religion, Allah azza wa jal and you'll be free you'll be you'll be happy and that's that's the other thing that you know don't make people feel uncomfortable just because they took on a religious thing.

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Why are you doing this you

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you should be practicing and don't make them feel low and small because they want you to become practice and now people are you know taking a register. You didn't do this. You didn't do that right and makes them feel awkward. So he's given them a an open space to say look, you can my religion up

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Comfortable then they turn around him and they said this is our number 87 of pseudo hood. Yes Right. Oh shy, a solid Touka maruka and not rock Maya

00:25:15--> 00:25:46

said shave, you know, you praying Yeah. You know, because that and this gives the delille that Salah was something that was in many different religions before this religion, you know the Salah that we do have bombing down ruku sujood and, you know, standing in front of a line connote these this this connote Rocco sujood this was in many different religions before us and this this is the leaflet that they said a solid that your prayer that you're doing that work and not

00:25:48--> 00:25:58

what you've been praying so hard shrine, you've been praying so much right? That we think that your Salah has got you

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and your Salah has got to you, we think that you're so devoted, and you're so spiritual. I use so much into religion that now you're telling me that your Salah now tells us that we can't worship what our forefathers worship. Do you think that's wrong? First, and second enough Allah Fie enough Allah fie emmalin and Manisha, your Salah prevents us from doing what we want in our wealth.

00:26:28--> 00:27:14

Then they said iNec, Allah and Halima Rashid, come on. Sure. You are such a gentleman. haleem gentleman, you're a forbearance. You're tolerant man, you got such nice qualities inside you. Rasheed, you're a person who's guided you know, you, you're under balance you You're so well balanced and everything else. But what happened here? Why, why are you telling coming in and telling us what to do? You want to devote yourself calm, Devote yourself, don't come and tell us what to do. Now what they said to him, in effect was, and this happens in our society as well. And it's sad when it happens here. A man and a woman, they get married, and maybe both of them are practicing. And

00:27:14--> 00:27:21

suddenly the woman starts practicing, or the man starts practicing, and the other one doesn't like

00:27:22--> 00:27:26

and what the other one says is, hey, listen, says

00:27:27--> 00:27:39

you're getting too too much in this religion is religions changing you and I don't like to change. So for example, the woman wasn't wearing hijab, and the woman wears the hijab. And when she wears the hijab, the husband says, Hey,

00:27:41--> 00:27:43

you you're not looking nice in there.

00:27:44--> 00:28:26

You're not looking nice. He makes you feel awkward. Or because you know all because she's not listening to him. And then he blamed it on the religion he says, No, you you just be coming to practice and and that is getting to me and it's getting to our lives. You need to stop this kind of too much getting into Islam or Islam. Too much into it. Yeah, people blame the religion. Why? Because people want them to go back to the ways they will. I'll give you I'll give you a is a true incident. Okay. A guy came to him to me in Parliament, we must start the road. And he said to me, he said, she said, I want you to give me advice. I said, What's the matter? He said, my wife she

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doesn't like me anymore.

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She does the wife doesn't like you anymore. Yeah, she wants separation she wants this that or she did so what happened? I said I knew as I said, Have you sort of you know i don't know changed in any way since you know will complete noise come and tell me Have you changed anyway said Yeah, well, I've become practicing over the last

00:28:47--> 00:29:02

last year or so. So I said yeah, you've been practicing so tell me what was your life like before? So he said my life before we used to go out for dinners we used to go to cinema together. We used to do all of that now my wife says come to cinema I say but what about Muslim Salah

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the doom probably more

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of a Muslim Salah woman to for Asia for Muslims, especially modeling that might represent a time where you can't relate.

00:29:17--> 00:29:18

So the wife says

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what's about with you? You become so religious, so religious. So this that we can't even go together?

00:29:27--> 00:29:49

Probably more. So So what happened? She said that well, you know, she doesn't mind the kind of life you know, he goes out come to the masjid. I you know shall pray and he goes, my clock has become better. And a better person. serviceman equals that she still wants me to be like we were before. Yala. There are a lot of you know, people out there who are in the situation a

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

lot of people out there in this situation and what the what happens is that the couple's the thing that's coming between them is that the non religious one will blame the religion for it. So here that blaming tribalism

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You got to religious my friend too much religion is no good. Now your religion and this what they said to him in actual fact is what the world is saying to some of the religious people today they're saying that look if you have a Masjid and if you pray and you do your Salah and you be a little good boy okay you be good boy you work commerce Jeet Salah go back to work good boy come back to Masjid go home Good boy. Come back to Masjid nothing else Don't ask anything Don't go into any of these circles and have these you know conversations about religion and politics and on and on be good boy pray mosque pray home pray shopping center. Pray home pray mas you Good boy. We love you. You love

00:30:45--> 00:30:47

us everything hunky dory.

00:30:49--> 00:30:57

But if you come to the masjid and if you want to get into some circles, some deceit or some something you know, that tells you wakes you up.

00:30:58--> 00:31:38

And I'm saying you think well what's happening man? What's happening to this consumer is life and I've got this consumerism life that I've got this second inside is making me so mad that I can't think about market and my future and you wake up you think No, no, no, no, I'm not gonna lie to you and you have Holocaust you have gatherings and you have books of Hadith and Quran and this is not and you start changing your mindset changing Hey, listen, this is getting to be too fun. Your mustard religion is is confined to the corner of the mustard. That's it. Don't make anything more than that. The moment you make more than that, and Big Brother not happy and sad, be perfectly beat

00:31:38--> 00:31:48

you up. So if you go to the Middle East and countries that's what it is. Go to the Middle East in countries you know like for example, Dubai. Dubai has got some of the most wonderful machines,

00:31:49--> 00:31:59

Dubai and many other countries but you just basically go to the masjid Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala that's it you make Samia Samia Don't be Salaam to anybody else

00:32:02--> 00:32:23

that's what they want to see you can pray no problem. We give you lovely carpet, we give you chandeliers, we give you grants we give you all tasbeeh everything you need we give you a con in a massive we'll give you all of that. We'll even write the Imams football for Friday so he knows exactly what today what to say today. You know, he can't say more than more than that. That's what they're done.

00:32:24--> 00:32:59

And you come there you can't think outside of the box of what the what's going on. So you come there you pray you go that's it. And that's what they were telling shareholders and that if your Salah seeks your own prayer and you don't come and tell us what to do we find that we you coming to us after you pray and telling us what to do first, not to worship these loads that our forefathers did. And secondly telling us that we can't do anything in our world because of your Salah you're the religious one, you get one on nerves now. And then they use the plot they said look in Nicola and and Halima. If it doesn't work that you can, you can tell someone like Hey, listen, what's

00:32:59--> 00:33:14

happening. I'm getting angry. Now if you can't use that, then use the other one. It's a slight tactic use the what they say the sweet tongue. So they use the sweet tongue here. So number 11. And number 87. They said, Honey, come on. You're such a gentle man.

00:33:15--> 00:33:16


00:33:18--> 00:33:20

don't upset us. Oh, please.

00:33:21--> 00:33:33

This happens in in mustards. I wanna I want to tell you what happened. Right? So you said let me give the scenario here. The imam of the masjid. Now this doesn't happen every single Masjid. Right. And I hope this is not my last session in this semester.

00:33:35--> 00:33:56

Please, and Imam didn't give me an envelope before I came here. Right. So please, yeah, this happens in many machines. What happens is that the people who run the masjid and the Imams they appointed there's a difference between him and then they've got their agenda now he's got his his fight they say Ma'am, you can say what you want but

00:33:57--> 00:34:27

you don't say something about us and about what we are doing. And about our politics and about our fingers and our wealth and our monies and how we deal with it. As long as you don't do that you're fine you stay on this member as long as you like. We'll support you pay your salary we will make application try and get your family over we'll try and house you in near the muskie we'll give you a car we'll give you this will give you that a man you meet I scratch your back you scratch my back.

00:34:29--> 00:34:43

The moment the man is going to start saying something about them any corruption in the committee any corruption in the masjid any corruption about any of the members what they're doing anything like that or any conversation of that to anybody in the masjid.

00:34:45--> 00:34:47

Hey, listen, we thought you gentlemen

00:34:49--> 00:34:55

know what to say you thought gentlemen, listen, you listen to us. Otherwise you me out.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

That's what happens. Many masters across the world is

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

The sad situation not only ma'am the red tape on the mouse, the current speed, and I know for a fact because I'm a Bengali

00:35:08--> 00:35:19

and many Bengali masjids up and up north in this country in terms of a red tape, they can't talk about alcohol they can talk anybody anonymously. Anybody they want

00:35:21--> 00:35:30

they can talk about you know, this politics that thing that but they can't talk about alcohol Why? Because certain committee members they deal with alcoholic restaurants

00:35:31--> 00:35:40

and the moment they say that's it is out is finished is history. And if he doesn't say it, Mashallah

00:35:41--> 00:35:42


00:35:46--> 00:35:53

This is what happens Yeah, so you put red tape on them and that's what they train you to to shave and I celebrate take this gentleman

00:35:56--> 00:36:04

such a good man Rashid, you're a young person intelligence you're bright you're on the right track with everything else you do that's what they say to the man

00:36:05--> 00:36:42

everything you're doing martial law with the teach the kids properly you come on time you you're there for Salah you do a you know even when we want you to clean the machine you clean it you got no you know, I urban society, everything so wonderful. But why do you talk about that? We don't want you to talk about that again. If you talk about that we bought in you right now that was going to finish. And that's what happens and the moment they speak they're out of the master. So they gave him that you know, both tokens, you telling me that your salary is telling us too much. You can tell us what to do in our lives. A second is called Yoda gentle come up. That's when tribal I said and

00:36:42--> 00:37:00

said to them, Look, I brought you a clear evidence. And I've also showed you that I could help respond to Halla life look at my wealth Am I suffering my suffering Do I need to go into haram way to make money to live

00:37:01--> 00:37:14

while lying but as I'm telling you this all those people are in Haram. Well, they know you think you think a lie, lie Lie just sort of video. You know, King Abdullah, who just passed away last week, King Abdullah saw a video of his janazah

00:37:16--> 00:37:41

and they bought him all the way to an unknown grave which is a good thing Mashallah, you know, you have to give the man credit he didn't have the same way as many other kings but unknown gray, they had a golden cloth on top of his and that to remove that golden cloth and reveal the white shroud. That mean you come to that King who was a billionaire yesterday, DNA yesterday?

00:37:43--> 00:38:09

Yeah, last week, buried with three clots mean you're going to buried in tide exactly the same way as every believer on this earth is going to go and they put him in the soil in the soil of the ground that costs the same as any other soil in the whole of the world. Did you take any of these buildings with him nothing. And all these other Saudis around him with the Mashallah iron clothes in there? Yeah.

00:38:14--> 00:38:35

You know that to iron that? All the whites around them and the red scars? Well, I'm just looking, I'm thinking, Man, come on, man. You guys Wake up. Wake up. They're all millionaires as well, some of these roles that can millionaires and billionaires around the world bearing. I'm thinking Wake up, wake up. End of the day, no matter what you do. Yeah. You can't go past medical mode.

00:38:36--> 00:38:37

You can't go past

00:38:38--> 00:38:57

doesn't matter by hook or by crook. There's no way anybody's going to go past him without meeting him. And without him taking the life. That billionaire went down what happened after that? Your risk and somebody else's look, tell me this year, somebody told me this. They said, you know, when you become a rich person, what do you want to do with your money?

00:38:59--> 00:39:13

When you got a lot of money, what are you gonna do? You're gonna eat here, how much you're going to eat? Tell me, there's a limit to how much you can eat. They've actually estimated they're actually measured people's foods. And they said the average man would eat about 400 grams.

00:39:14--> 00:39:30

The average man will eat 400 grams. Whether you spend a 200 pound meal or whether you spend a 20 pound meal or a five pan meal or two per meal, your stomach is going to get full when you reach your 400 grams, you 300 grams or 350 grams when you reach that your stomach is full.

00:39:31--> 00:39:32


00:39:33--> 00:39:39

and if you're going to go for clothes, whatever, you can only wear a few pieces of clothes on your body at one time.

00:39:40--> 00:40:00

So you can do you can have a wardrobe of 50 clothes, but you can only wear one at a time. That's it and that King went down to the bottom. So Sheva Sam said look, I've got halaal take me as an example. And then he said, Well, ma ob do an OHA leafa, Camilla and Hackman. I don't want

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

To do anything that is going to be against the preaching that I'm doing, very important by the set here, because if you're telling people to do something, and you go against it, and people say, I'm not listening to him, the moment you go against your own principles, people don't want to listen to you. That's number one. Second is, he's trying to say here that I'm setting you an example of halaal. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to trade how I'm like you? If I trade like you in a haram way, then there's no difference between me and you. And then you're going to say all these days, sure, he lied to us. And I said, Sir, trebla, because if you if you say, No, I'm going to

00:40:38--> 00:41:05

change. So you want your own hug, your own hug, my friend, you got to stay. This is the what, what the Quran teaches us. Once you preach to certain people, you say, this is the truth, you got to stay on it. And people will do a lot to move you about. People do a lot to move you back and you got to stay on the truth. The moment you move away from there, and you say, Okay, I'm going to compromise. When you compromise, you dilute your deen, when you dilute your dean. And people say I see he just like us.

00:41:07--> 00:41:10

There's no difference between us and a lie combined with money.

00:41:11--> 00:41:22

Once you move a little bit, then people start accusing. That's why he's saying I'm not going to go against what I preach everything I'm preached, I'm going to stay on it. And then he said, in odd in this law,

00:41:24--> 00:41:52

to the best of my ability, all I want is I want to rectify the entire city. All the people here, it's not about you one individual. It's not about you, you you or the committee members, whoever or the the greatest, no powerful people in this city, none. It's about everybody. I want justice for everybody. I want reconciliation for everybody. I want everybody to be on holiday, everybody to have a just to have gone to the marketplace and not being cheated. I want that.

00:41:53--> 00:42:16

I want Islam and Islam. I want reconciliation and a good rectification for everybody. And that's what I'm after. And this is the this is the thing. What will happen if srivalli sam gets his way? I'm going to ask you this question insha Allah, God His way, and he made everybody be just everybody be fair, and everybody be good. What happens to those people who made the most money through corruption, what happens?

00:42:19--> 00:42:21

They lose power, or what else they lose

00:42:22--> 00:42:44

wealth, money go Brother, you're going to lose the wealth, you can lose the power, you can use the dignity, and you're going to lose that position of making loads of wealth, because you're here, you've corrupted, we've got the status, and you make loads of money, you lose that. And that's the reason why some of the corrupted governments in the world don't want

00:42:45--> 00:43:06

the justice of Islam to prevail. Because once it does, they lose the power, they lose their wealth, they lose the status, they lose all of it, because everybody becomes equal. Today, my brothers today you think how much justice in the world 1% of the population owns half of the world's wealth.

00:43:08--> 00:43:15

1% of the world's people owns half of the wealth.

00:43:16--> 00:43:43

And you find that 80% of people across the world 80% of people across the world are in some form of poverty or some form of struggle. So all you really need is to distribute that wealth in a better way. And everyone's gonna be okay, now what happens, I want to I want to break this up, okay, I want to break this up. And I want to, I want I want you to understand the chain of this.

00:43:45--> 00:44:08

When a person grows up, and I want you to get this element to be very short and succinct in this. You grew up in a family in a rich family, rich family, I've got money to send you to a private school. You go to a private school and you end up with the elite people in school. So you join with them, you join with them, you talk with them, and you have an elite mind, you see others

00:44:09--> 00:44:24

lower than you, then you kind of carry on carry on and you believe that you know you are part of the cream of the society and you know that already, you're a part of the cream of the society, your dad afforded 30,000 pounds a year to send you to school,

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

or 50 or 60,000 pounds a year to send you to school, when others are struggling to even pay 3000 pounds a year. But you got to that you join with those people you join, you join your goodgoodgood fund, then you leave the school and you leave the university and you come back and then what straightaway you are guaranteed to get a position in some high post. And when you get that there's already people like you who are already in there. And they've got a monopoly of wealth, monopoly of power. They give power to who they want to give wealth to who they want. They trade with their own likes.

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

So they'll trade with your day trading with your dad, as long as you follow your dad's footsteps they trade with you. So then you join them and you're part of the club. As long as you told the line, you're okay. You told the line of the fun of your father, you don't ask him any questions, you know, there is corruption going on, you know that no countries in the in the African world have been exploited to try and get your own, you know, monies you ignore that, you know, that countries in you know, the Far East have been exploited. But you know, that you kind of justified by by becoming a philanthropist, what you do is every year you give, you give a percent to 2% or 3% of your wealth,

00:45:42--> 00:46:01

which is huge. You're giving away 100,000 pounds, two and 1000 pounds. And there are there are these huge philanthropist across the world who give loads of money they gain 10s of millions of pounds to these countries. And they you think wow, yeah, man, whoa, given all this money, but now Hang on a minute, they robbed them billions in the first place.

00:46:02--> 00:46:07

If you robbed countries, millions and millions of dollars, and then you throw a couple of million to them, who

00:46:08--> 00:46:14

does actually say Hey, man, listen, I'm going to rob your whole house here. Now for that I'm going to give you the dogs cannot come live in there.

00:46:15--> 00:46:50

You saw I gave you a house man isn't I'll give you a house here. The dogs can only live in there. You rob him of his whole house and they give him a dog scanner. So then you part of this elite thing group and the businessman, all those associates you have, they trade with one another. And then your belief is what your belief is that if you ever give up and if you ever don't throw your father's life and your societies down and you lose the power and the wealth, you're going to be the same as all the common people outside there, or by the middle class outside so you don't want to do that you're in a battle yourself. Now there are honest people amongst it. I'm not saying they're all like

00:46:50--> 00:47:10

that, please don't get the wrong message. They're not all like that. There are good people amongst them. Who who try and get a fair world. But this is what happened. What what schabel Islam is trying to fight. He's trying to say I'm not just doing it for you few people. I'm doing for everybody, everybody. And then it says mama to Philippi lab in La

00:47:12--> 00:47:21

tofana this this couple of things. I'm gonna say I've got about five minutes left and I'm finished here. Who am I to feed De La Villa. He says that tofik What is tofield

00:47:22--> 00:47:27

tofik is when Allah azza wa jal takes one thing.

00:47:29--> 00:47:45

And another thing and he combined he makes he makes both of them come together in a way that makes these two things that be successful or make bring out success. So for example,

00:47:46--> 00:48:03

for you to be easy for you to have a great a good grade like let's say for example, you you got a nice certificate, you got an MA and a BA you got your nice CV, yep, you got your CV and now you qualify to work as let's say an engineer.

00:48:04--> 00:48:51

But for you to actually be accepted like for a company to interview you and for that company to like you to the extent they say we're gonna offer you the job out of all these other people that is now fulfill your CV and the place for you to work has come together that's two feet okay? Two things coming together making further success for yourself and further you know, it's like called facilitation making facilitation for you making it another pathway for you srei by Solomon saying that any thing in my life where I've been able to make hella money, and I've been able to stay with the halaal path and and for me to stay on the on the truth and for me to preach against you people

00:48:52--> 00:48:56

and for me to not be withered by you people all of that is from the two vehicles

00:48:57--> 00:49:27

that is put me my wealth, my heart My mind my heart My whole life together in a pure way that is from Alaska, this is not from me. Why is he saying that? Because we given down cannot become arrogant. This is a very This is very important thing brothers and sisters are listening. Yeah, just because you're on the guidance. That's because you got to be a dentist because your sisters got a job just because you've got halaal wealth just because you're in a holiday. Don't look down the other man say

00:49:29--> 00:49:30


00:49:31--> 00:49:59

Because the for you to have kept the beard for you to have the good heart for the sister to kept the hijab for you to earn the hell and stick on to that when Haram is in your face and you can make more money with a haram but you decide not to all that combination comes from who? Allah Zota and that's where we say moto vt in nebula. All of this combination together for me to be on guidance is from a lie not for myself. Any good that we do, we should not say

00:50:00--> 00:50:12

It's good to have you say this after you've done a good deed after you've done a good actor after you saw that good things have happened to you, but in a way that is facilitated in a nice way for the dean for being religious say this simple motto.

00:50:13--> 00:50:14

And then add the next part

00:50:16--> 00:50:59

to what you need upon Allah I depend why because for me to stay on the hunt for me to carry on having halaal wealth for me not to go towards haram it's all going to be because I depended on who Allah today my friend your own Dean, tomorrow you might not be in the day. Today you are you practicing tomorrow you might not be practicing I'm Mark me allows me to save me a lot save you. I mean, and that tofik everyday that we get we get ability and Allah facilitates for us to be on the truth. And for us to stay on the truth. That is from Allah azza wa jal where he lays you need and to him I completely turn to him. I turned to him to Allah azza wa jal meaning that I'm powerless I've

00:50:59--> 00:51:34

got no power Allah gave me to feel to be in this position. Now he said all of this Why? Because he's trying to remind them that look see me in this position is not because I'm I'm such a you know, they said Halima Rashid. They said, You're a gentleman is me being gentlemen. doesn't you know, I never made myself gentlemen. Allah made me the intellectual I didn't make myself clever. Allah made me clever, and that's who I depend on. And that's how the movement should depend on a lot of that in every Metro is Allah azza wa jal give us two feet. I mean, have you got a question? Then put your hands up otherwise, we've ended here

00:51:39--> 00:51:43

is Apollo Hiawatha, Donna and humbler blumen. I'll see you next week.