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Brothers and sisters, I thought about what a whole tuba to a convention about Palestine looks like. And I realized that there are multiple routes that we can take when discussing the issue of Palestine and the issue of any cause that involves oppression. And I'm going to make the assumption that anyone here already understands the sanctity of this cause, already understands and is willing to take time out and to organize for this cause, either because it is one that you have personally experienced in some capacity, or one that you have a deeply held belief in, that you would otherwise not be connected to, except for your humanity, or your deen or something else that urge you to come

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to this convention on Palestine and to be a part of this cause. And so I'm going to forego that, based on those assumptions. And challenge us a little bit. And when I say challenge us a little bit I want us to think about this cause in the capacity, not just what we can do for Philistine what we can do for this cause and for the cause of oppressed peoples. But what we must make sure we don't do that would compromise the cause. You know, when you talk about Ischia to knifes, when you talk about spiritual purification, in your journey to ALLAH SubhanA hoods Allah, it's more about what you don't do than it is about what you do do what I mean by that is that on the Day of Judgment, it is sins

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that will corrupt a person and that will ultimately Doom a person not their lack of knowledge or the lack of voluntary deeds, meaning on the Day of Judgment, you would have more to fear from your sins versus not having prayed more Fiamma lil are not having given extra in terms of your charity because the baseline is that your enough's is to be purified Teskey to be purged of the things that could possibly take it away from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Otherwise, in its nature, it is on its way back to Allah subhana wa Tada. So when we talk about a woman, and we talk about the idea of oppression, and that's what I do want to talk about today and wrongdoing, we usually approach it from whoever

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amongst human Rahman co mooncup, whoever amongst you seasoned evil, and let him change it with his hand for you to hold it. And then if he cannot change it with his hand than with his tongue, and if he cannot change it with his tongue, then he should hate it in his heart. And that is adna Lima, that's the lowest of faith. That's the weakest situation, I want to approach it from another direction, which is this idea of knowingly or unknowingly being from those who aid an oppressor or aid in the oppression of those that they claim to champion Allah azza wa jal says what Tao and auditability with Taqwa were not our enemy, what everyone cooperate with one another, in bitter in

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righteousness and in goodness, and do not cooperate in sin and transgression. And so you are either in one of those two boats there is no one that is neutral or in between, you either work with the people in good or you work with the people in sin, Allah subhanaw taala also says, One Tober Kendall Isla Ladino Mala Mo, do not incline towards those who oppress fetzima Second one up or else you may be touched by the fire will not come and do any law him and Alia, mulatto and so on and you will not find beside Allah subhanaw taala a protector and you will not be given victory. And Allah as was mentioned this idea of inclining leaning towards those being somewhat ambiguous about your support

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of the oppressed but being soft when it comes to the oppressor, leaning and inclining towards those who commit volume and specifically Subhan Allah for those who are in a place of privilege, those who are in a place where they've escaped the immediate consequences of the boom Allah azza wa jal Annalisa Musa alayhis salam kala Bhima and I'm Talia Belen. Akuna here on the muslimeen ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that Musa it is Salam says that, Oh Allah as you have favored me, then a corner over here and in which I mean, I'm not going to be a supporter. I don't want to find myself being an assistant to those criminals and to those oppressors just because I've gotten out of the immediate

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wrath of fit own. Do not let me become an assistant. Or do not let me be one who in some way assists the work of Fidel the work of the oppressor. And there's an interesting Hadith, usually not one that you hear when you hear about the capacity of rulers because usually the Hadith that are put out there in regards to those who rule are ones that entail obedience and ones that entail following them. But there's this Hadith from the Prophet slicin which is also authentic, from kind of an original all the Allahu Tada I know when he describes the scene, he says also la Seisen came out to us and we were sitting a large group of us out of an agile Arabs and non Arabs, meaning this was a

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community that had expanded beyond

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Just being a makin phenomenon the deen of Allah was already showing that this was a universal deen and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came out to us and said it smell Listen to me. Hello Samaritan. Do you hear me? That's cool nobody O'Meara there will be after me. Leaders manda La La him facade Dhaka home because it'd be him. Whoever enters upon them and affirms their lives whoever enters into their presence and affirms their lies. Well, Anna Hamada wouldn't meet him and supports them in their oppression. Felisa mini Well, that's to me, no, he is not for me, and I am not from Him and He will not drink from my help. He will not drink from my fountain May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to

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be amongst those that are from the Prophet, slice alum. And that drink from his held that drink from the hand of the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them a drink that would do away with our thirst for all of eternity. On the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that whoever on the other hand opposes them, does not affirm their lives. Then he is from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for whom I'm in New Ana Minho? He is from me, and I am from him. We're sorry to Allah, you'll help and he will be amongst those that drink from my hand. This is an interesting Hadith and it's one that you could easily read over and simply say, well, Hamdulillah I

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don't enter upon tyrants Hamdulillah I don't directly support tyrants and Hamdulillah I don't do this. I don't do that. The same time. This idea of what it means to be from those who support tyranny is one that we have to dissect a little bit and be very self critical. There's a story Reema Rahim, Allah Tala that's narrated authentically, but Imam and Marwadi Rahim Allah Tada he said that the prison guard of Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah Tada so John entered upon Him one day for Katya about Abdullah and Hadith Olivia roja feel what valonna were outlining him so here he said to Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah to Allah is the narration about those who oppress and their supporters

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authentic. They mama Rahim Allah said yes it is. So the guard responded. Aleph enemy an outline of one AMA, he said in that case, am I from those who support the oppressors listen to what he said. He said outline on walima man yet Hulu Shahrukh? Well, UFC was held back. Well, usually Hota amoc Well, will you be Are we a study monk? He said no. Those that support oppressors is the one who cuts your hair. The one who prepares your food, the one who washes your club's, the one who buys and sells from you. Meaning that's the one who would be considered from the supporters of the oppressors for a man to come in and foresee him. As for you, you are from the people of London themselves, you

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yourself are an oppressor. There's another narration by the Imams of Yana thodi Rahim Allah to Allah da Hayat that a Taylor came to him. And he said to me, Mom, the Fianna 30 Rahim Allah to Allah in the elite Lucia so fun that I tailor the garments of the tyrants. He said if I told on him an outline of what do you see me Oh Imam to be considered amongst those that aid the oppressors. So he responded, he says but antamina Lotta mighty unfussy him. He said, rather, you are an oppressor yourself. Imagine the tailor of the tyrant. The one who tailors the clothes of the tyrant, you are actually from the people who learn. He said outline of one ama menu be Roman calibre when

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he said the supporters of the lotto mean, the supporters of the oppressors are the ones that purchase and trade in you, with your threads in your needles as for you, you yourself, are amongst the oppressors. Now, somehow, you could read that and you could say, Wow, you could, you could read that. And you could come away with a reverence of the tradition. But I don't want you to stop there. I don't want you to stop at admiration of the moms, I want you to ask yourself, Where do I fall in this discussion?

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Where do we and our families fall in this discussion? Considering the present circumstances, this idea of being so careful to not be amongst the oppressors? Subhanallah I was explaining to a group of people why these ions about UCLA Amalia team, consuming the wealth of an orphan that sounds odd and an almost outdated when you read it in the Quran. For some people that don't understand these concepts. What do you mean, consuming the wealth of an orphan because an orphan in the society of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was the most exploited individual. They would not be given the rights of inheritance, nor the compassion of parenting, but at the same time, they'd be put out

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there to work. And then there was nothing to protect, what they would earn nothing to protect their food and their earnings and their drink. I want Allah has revealed all of these ions

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about not consuming the wealth of an orphan to Allah, what are the Sahaba say they say, you know, we would pick up food from our own children's plates. You know, if you're walking into your house and your kids are eating and you pick up something to eat from your child, but as for the food of the team, the food of the orphan, we wouldn't even dare put our finger in the food of your team. After those ayaats came down, that was their level of Taqwa and piety. And in our deen we look at ourselves like that. We look at ourselves with that scrutiny to say, look, I don't want to participate in anything that could be of that violation when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala or

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private deeds, the Haram and the not too shabby heart the doubtful matters, the gray areas I don't want to be in the gray area with Allah subhanho wa taala. I want to be in the clear. Likewise, when it comes to voting with an addition you know, when you think about how money you think about how money there's how money that is earned through haram ways selling haram products, money that a person earns through riba money you know, interest and usury, that type of held on right you sell haram in your store, you earn in a haram way, that type of haram, that type of how money is haram for you, but it's headed for other than you, according to most of the scholars, meaning what someone

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else eats from your food and drink. That's not their fault, you earned it in a haram way. They received it in a halal way, however, to how Allah money that is earned by transgression, by hustle by, by, by by theft and aggression, if you know that the person in front of you partakes in that, that money is haram for you as well. You can't touch their stuff. If you know that that person is an actual thief, if that person is an aggressor, because this adds on to the right of Allah subhanaw taala that you earn in Milan, that you also that you also do not transgress human beings. Now, what does this have to do with us, talking about Philistine we're talking about Palestine. We're talking

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about a cause, and a people that have been suffocated by governments around the world, economically, the participation unfortunately, knowingly and unknowingly and their oppression, the United States government being the greatest cover for the Israeli aggression, the greatest funder of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Someone says our tax dollars are bad. I don't want my tax dollars to go towards oppression. Well, that doesn't mean don't pay taxes. That means fight until your taxes are not used that way anymore. Insist and fight back. I don't want to participate in that way. I don't want to have a hand in the oppression of my brothers and sisters, when you talk about

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the BDS movement, and you talk about the idea of boycotting an oppressor and what that spiritually means to a person. You know, people debate effectiveness and this and this and that walk about what it's spiritually means to ground our families in this idea that I will not purchase the products of an oppressor knowingly, I will be principled enough in my family to say you know what, we're going to forego this. Teach your families that to be inconvenienced for your beliefs and principles is noble and rewardable. Everything counts, even the small things, that's where you reflect on the piano, thodi and emails and things of that sort. It all counts, not enough to just forward a

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unverified WhatsApp message. Think about it, put it in your own house, put yourself to the test business owners, you know, who are your wholesalers? Who are you consuming from? And you say I'm not going to patronize the hotels or the homeless of the oppressor, or their dates or their deodorants. And I'm going to teach my kids that, you know, we're going to be a little bit inconvenienced, because we're not going to participate in these things, and will insist on the larger transactions that oppressors should not be given blank text. And I certainly don't want to have a penny to do with it. Work for that. Teacher family that? Yes, it's inconvenient. Yes, sometimes it's going to

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get really difficult, because those that unfortunately consumed the rights and the dignity of your brothers and sisters around the world also tend to come packaged and some of the most prominent companies that we have over here, we all have to insist on that. It's not just about that tailor. And what the tailor was effectively impacting in terms of the tyranny in his society. It was that I don't want any part of that. So it's not just because it's effective or not effective. It's because it's our ethical duty, first and foremost, and then you talk about how to make it more effective, but you act on your ethics, and you put yourself to the test. And the last thing is your brothers

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and sisters and I want to cover these last three points, did they lie to Allah in the capacity of what just because you are Muslim in one way, does not mean you are not while in another. Just because you yourself are wronged in one way does not mean

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that you are not vollum You are not an oppressor in another way. How does it stop us from becoming ourselves oppressors. There are people that will cry and shout and scream about the oppressors on TV, but they're ignoring the one in the mirror, you oppress your family and you talk about oppression.

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You cheat your brother and sister and you talk about the illegal consumption in these and these Muslim rulers that are using Muslim resources to oppress other Muslims. What about yourself, hold yourself to that standard. First and foremost, you can't complain about another oppressor and be an oppressor at home. That's the first one you need to deal with. And then collectively as a people, holding ourselves to different standards, making sure that we are never in any way going to compromise the support of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada by being guilty of some sort of oppression ourselves. And so three things in this regard that they mentioned. Number one, do not let your

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enemies be the bar by which you set your ethics. You maintain your moral code, you maintain the way of the prophets of Allah who it was set, the bar of what is an ethical code is the bar of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It's the bar of Taqwa and the sun being at the top of it, God consciousness and piety and excellence being at the top of it. We don't let anyone else

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cause us to become dirty like them because of the way that they're wronging us the victory of sola Medina let you be Rahim, Allah Tala was not just removing the tyrants from the Holy Land, but keeping his ways wholly and free from tyranny when he had the upper hand, and we celebrate that well as the Magna cum Shanna annual Coleman and Aneta deal. Don't let your hatred of a people cause you to swear from justice. Why, because that's when you really have to hold yourself to a standard of justice when you don't like the person or you don't like the people, and you still scrutinize yourself and hold yourself to justice. And so our enemies can never become our teachers, we have a

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moral code, we have a standard, and that standard is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And what he has taught us number two, and I know that this one, you know, may not come off the best way to some, but it's something we have to hold ourselves to do not support the oppressors of your brothers and sisters, or the oppressor of your brothers and sisters, because he's supposedly an ally to you against your oppressor. We call out those who champion human rights, but ignore the Palestinian cause all the time, and they are many, the greatest hypocrisy that you'll find in human rights discourse is usually on the opposite end of this, let's acknowledge this and get that out of the way

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and I'm not suggesting anything else you'll find people champion every cause in the world legitimate, illegitimate, but be a complete hypocrite on Palestine athletes, academics, influencers, we see it all the time.

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So let's look inwards in sha Allah to Anna, we're not those people have all sorts of courage for other causes, but nothing but cowardice. When it comes to Palestine, we can't be guilty of the same thing. And so I'll say it, no dignified person to find themselves rejecting the Israeli bombs over Gaza, but whitewashing the chemical warfare of Bashar Al Assad against his own people in wholetime. And vice versa. You can't be opposed to illegal Israeli settlements, but for Chinese internment camps for the Oilers and vice versa. You can't be opposed to Israeli military propaganda, but perpetuate American police propaganda and vice versa. We have to be consistent you either are with a

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volume or the month room, and the Prophet slice and I'm said be the servant of Allah that is Muslim, not the one that Islam be with the servant of Allah that is Muslim, not the one that has done and be with the one that's oppressed, not the one that's oppressing. Consistently hold ourselves to a standard. That's how we purify ourselves as well. And we, being an oppressed people does not give you the selectivity in which oppressors you can support or oppose. It just makes your steadfastness in the face of oppression that much more rewardable Number three, not totally more info Second, and this is the most important one. Do not wrong yourselves with sins. Do not wrong yourselves with sins

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on a lie. Look back at Salon and fantasy of all the Allahu Taala on one Saturday, we will possibly Allahu Tada. And as they're at the Tigris River in this battle with the most arrogant empire of their day, the Persian Empire and they're looking at the river and side and salon or the Allahu Tada and Houma are sitting on one horse and they have an entire army behind them and there's a river in front of them and they have this conversation with one another die little the Allahu Tada and who says, I spoon Allah when their mother Joaquin Allah He Leon Sauron allah how Alia where are you? Iran Allah Medina, what is the man Allah I do in Namibia confit JC Bahujan Oldland Oman targetable

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Hassan pitiful words. He said Allah sufficient for us and he's the greatest protector. I swear

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will give victory to his loving servants, that he will make victorious as dean, and that he will defeat his enemies so long as there is no transgression or sin within our army that would void our good deeds.

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You see, they weren't looking at the size of the army on the other side or their oppressors or the palaces or the dynamics of the river and they weren't doing the math before they were doing the taqwa. They were thinking first and foremost about what what do I have in myself as a people and as individuals. You can't ask Allah for his muscle while partaking in his ASEAN ask Allah for his victory, while actively disobeyed disobeying him we've got to put ourselves to the test. And that is something by the way, that is a lifelong project that does not stop until we reach our graves. Yeah, you had the nominal in tongues for Allah Hi on soracom Are you sub bit Akadama calm? Oh, you who

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believe if you support Allah, He will support you. And he will make your feet firm. May Allah subhana wa Tada. Count us amongst the supporters and may Allah subhanaw taala keep our hearts pure. May Allah keep our cause pure. May Allah keep our feet firm. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who are just in their families with themselves with their communities. May Allah subhana wa autonomy because the people that establish justice across the board may Allah subhana wa Tada protect us from any form of London no more than a little naughty. I'm going to piano transgression is darkness on the Day of Judgment. May Allah give us light and protect us from that

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darkness on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala Give victory to our brothers and sisters and Philistine and to the oppressed all over the world. May Allah subhanaw taala count as amongst their supporters, Allah I mean, a cold call the harder stuff but Allah Allah can when he saw it and was so mean for stuff in the whole of Orion

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Bernie he was like a human along with me you know and whatnot. Well Muslim you know what a Muslim man? Yeah, even humble and what? In Mecca Semia and Caribbean Mooji Buddha at ALMA Fitzalan our Hamner, or for a novella to Libnah Robin Varna and first an hour, I'm tougher than otter Hannah, an akuna minal Han, Celine La Mina Kat Von kiddin 12451 A llama familiarly Dina Robert Hamilton I come out of bonus the lotto opener habit element as well as you know the reality you know karate iron or journaling with zucchini mama alongside it one and we'll start afina fimasartan I'll do my tibia Allahumma Ehrlichia Vitamina blog meanwhile version I

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was one in the Danian salamin about Allah and Allah him little blindly with a sandal a tight little CORBA well, you we inherited fascia you wouldn't want to carry one buddy yeah, look, I'm not looking to the Quran. First Quran is Guru commerce guru while in their mouth is local. But as a guru like Akbar Allah Yama matassa own Welcome to Salah.