Yahya Ibrahim – Preparing for coronavirus in the upcoming Ramadan

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of preparing for COVID-19 and avoiding overwhelming others. They stress the need for everyone to be prepared and not overestimate others, as well as the importance of praying for oneself and not overestimating others. They also advise against going to the jamma and not bringing oneself into danger, as well as not bringing themselves into loss of control and not being an ally or partner until one is able to achieve their goals. The speakers provide advice on preparing for health and behavior, managing one's finances, stock, and medicine supplies, and encourage viewers to visit the legacy Institute at Legacy dot Institute for more information on outbreaks and the British Board ofiteracy.
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Last just another minute we'll wait for 2:30pm which is 630 6:30am London time, you can check out the links for other people in chat if you feel that there would be value for them in participating in a day.

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What I'm hoping as well as in chat law if there are questions as we go along, we'll try to end with maybe 510 minutes of questions and answers in things that may be of an appropriate nature that I'm capable of answering or being able to assist or participating.

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All right Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in that hamdulillah he number one is that you don't want to stuff you don't want to study when are we learning surely unforeseen element see you man enough, man Yeah, he level family level. I mean, you will follow her dealer. Where should we learn ilaha illallah wa Hola. sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammedan Abdullah he was a solo solo Allahu Allahu Allah early. He was actually he was sending kathira a lot more suddenly was sending more but it was it was very callous. He didn't want to be you know, Muhammad Sallallahu Ali Allahu Allah early. He was happy he was sending him

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along the alumna Madhya hinda. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to give us knowledge of that which we're ignorant of, and to make us from those who are virtuous. In spreading the deen of Allah azza wa jal, and that which is higher end good for mankind. I begin with a hadith that is narrated by the memorable Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This was a story that was conveyed to him that as the prophets I send them listened, he gave his judgment and verdict afterwards, there was a group of Sahaba who were traveling together, and one of them fell off his mouth fell off his camel or his horse, and his head would split open. And he began to bleed out. And the people who

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were traveling with him they put a tourniquet, they compressed it, they stopped the bleeding, they got, you know, oxygen back into him, and they saved his life Allahu monocle, Hamed. And they proceeded with their journey. He was still unwell, and eventually it was time for a soul bath. So everyone began to make their will do and this particular Sahabi who was injured he said to them, Asha, I fear that if I was to remove my turban to wipe water over my head from wild, which is what we're supposed to do, and we'll do it, I'm afraid if I do that, I can die it will hurt me it will it will make me ill. And perhaps I can make tea. Mm

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hmm. Should I not make the emblem so they recited a verse from the Koran which is the verse we all know for England did you do math and today Mmm, sorry done by you. But if you don't have water, then you make them when they said dental math, we have water there's no reason for you to make a mo and they apply their knowledge of the water and in a very

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confined way. So this particular hobby of out of luck within our that may Allah have mercy upon him, he undid his tourniquet. And he began to bleed out and he died. Later on when they informed the prophets I send them of what has transpired, he said Cthulhu they brought about his death. They were complicit in his death. elesa Aloo How dare they not send a rider forward? Had they How dare they not ask a question? How dare they not seek to clarify something they're not aware of? in them, as you've heard, I used to earn the cure to ignorance is to ask questions. And therefore the time that I want to spend today with you today is with the pursuit of that hadith of an Imam and Buhari

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describing this unfortunate state that at times, people with kind hearts with good knowledge of the Quran but misunderstanding of its application, people who are a specialist in one aspect, but not others, that they can at times bring greater harm although they intend good and this is something that we want to be very careful with in the discussion that I want to share with you today.

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I want to set a few important disclaimers. First, it's you know, it's meant to be as general advice and it's not specific for anyone or any place. I sit in my office here in Perth in Western Australia. My condition is very different to what it would be in London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, you know Singapore so Pamela they canceled also lots of jewelry last yesterday, and today there was no Salatu Juma that was performed in in the authorized statements, attitude, and similar things have been reoccurring throughout the United States throughout many parts of the world. And these are things that are now a common phenomenon.

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It's important to make note of where you are, who your local alumni are, they have a more right over you than the words that I share with you which are general in advice and nature. Number two, of course, the words that I say to our non specialists in the medical field or the medical industry or pharmaceutics, or the interaction of drugs. And my aim is not to speak about anything in that specific detail, but to speak about the importance of understanding, preparing and being ready to assist others, especially as it relates to the Coronavirus with our homes and our families in our communities.

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So with that, I wish to begin in sha Allah, there's two problems that Muslims in Australia in particular have, but one problem that is shared by Muslims all over the world. And that problem is that we are very much misunderstanding the concept of putting our trust in Allah in the sense that, you know, sometimes I'll even have this problem with family members. You know, somebody has been coughing for a week, maybe two weeks. And you say, Have you gone to the doctor? He said, No, no, hamdulillah you know, I I've been taking Zim Zim, I put some honey, Mashallah, in hot water, I added a little bit of vinegar, I've been increasing my vitamin C, inshallah, it'll go away. And so Pamela,

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we have this lackadaisical problem within our communities. We have this problem amongst Muslims, Muslims living in the West Muslims living in the east, where we do not take with seriousness, the effects of things that can harm us in greater ways. And therefore, you find that this is something that medical practitioners will say that there is an underreporting of illnesses from particular communities, that people wait far too long before they actually go out and seek treatment that had you come earlier, you would not be in this situation that you're in. So for that reason, it's important for us to speak about it from a standing up understanding preparedness, and the

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willingness to assist others. Number two, the second problem that we have in particular in Australia, we have this culture of, she'll be right Everything will be alright, yeah. And in shuttleq, here, couldn't you couldn't have you here, everything has here inshallah, it'll all end up well, couldn't condition it in half an hour, the harder everything is in the faith, and the determination of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And it's a mis applied understanding, not just amongst the Muslims, but also within the culture in Australia that I live in at the moment, where we kind of are not as proactive as we need to be and should be. So it's for those two reasons that I

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finally decided, I said, Look, you know, I want to speak about this. Because as a person who's seen in parts of my community as a leader who has an opportunity to maybe stand on a member or lead a large Islamic Institute here in Perth, the length for Islamic college, there's a duty of care that needs to be provided. Today, I lead Sultan Juma at our school, and we excluded all people who are not obligated to pray to normally I will do my there's nearly eight 900 children that are praying from year to year to year 12. Today, it was only year six to year 12, grade six to grade 12, half of the amount of students, we made sure that the students were seated for a you know, with a meter

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space between each other, that there was a gap between each other forward and backwards. And we make sure that the girls downstairs boys upstairs lots of room so that we take this precaution not because anyone is sick, but to train them that this is now a behavioral standard. So let's speak in a succinct manner. Let's first understand Coronavirus. Well, the first thing the first point that I want to express to you is

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there is a lot of misinformation. So there are some people who over exaggerate. And there are some people who under exaggerate and the truth will always be in the middle between the two. And what I say to you is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he tells us in the whole ancestor is going to be so I send them, especially in times of fear in difficulty, where who do his Oracle, to take your precaution? Yeah, Mohamed in the Battle of bed. And when it's time to pray in the Battle of ahead in the power of handle, don't just all your army pray and say that angels will protect those who do his job to protect yourself half of you pray half of you stand on guard. That concept is really

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important when you understand that Allah speaking to the Messenger of God, who is informed by God who Gabriel comes down to it is set up from Allah and he will sell them yet Allah puts it upon us to be the ones who look after ourselves. So that's the first most important understanding that you have to be very well prepared within yourself. Understand that the obligation of taking your taking care of yourself is not about the government. It's not about the Imams, it's not about leaders. It's not even about your parents is that you must really look after yourself look after what is right. So that's the first and most important point number and that comes as a Quranic Maxim as an apostle

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from the Koran Yeah, you are living it and then who am Fujiko alikum now are you believe Save yourselves and then your families for

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the torment of Hellfire that's an important onic Maxim, it's an important ideal to always be very self oriented, not self centered at the expense of others. But that falcoda Shetty, la RT in Arabic, we have a proverb that the one who doesn't have cannot get by must be able to gain the strength to be able to share it with others.

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As a point of understanding, it's important for us to let the science speak. And so Pamela, I've received all of these forwards. It's one of the reasons that prompted me to this, forwards things like if you make this drop, this may lead he left Eli auto room asked me he will already have his seminar. While he was semi I mean, that this will save you from any harm that happens. We don't disbelieve in the words of the Prophet Mohammed.

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Of course, that is going to be of great effect and value. But that must be coupled. As bad, it must be coupled by taking the means to achieving the protection from the door. So I can't say that dry and then jump into a lion's den, you would say that's foolish, that is tempting the power of a lot. And none of us have the power forced upon the law to save us or to assist us when it is with the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala to make the decision as he seeks. So understand that as an as a clear and important point. Another important verse that needs to be clarified is Allah Subhana. Allah says in the end of sort of buffer layer, you can leave a law when a person in law, a law does

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not bear

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bear upon a person more than they can withstand. That's not really the correct translation. What it means is a lot doesn't put a person in a circumstance that they do not have a way of dealing with it. And it could be that the best way to deal with it is solid. Another way to deal with it is that you call authorities to give you your rights. Another way to deal with it is that you have to fight back or raise your voice or Minka FOSS that Allah subhanaw taala never put anyone in a place where there is no opportunity for them to find an exit. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala we pray opens to us the doors that we may think are closed but are open through His mercy and His love. It's

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important also to understand

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that with every specialization there is somebody who is more specialist and it perhaps you might go to a medical doctor and he gives you a very general comment and your heart does not feel good about it not enough about it do gain specialist advice. And I say this for myself for my family but also for you as loved ones that at times, uh, you know, something doesn't sit in your heart. There's a Riba in the in the heart, there's a you know, something and agitation. Don't assume that that's enough. I've asked and once and that's it, or I asked mowlana Should I come to jumaane? He said, Yes, of course, it's tough for law, what Muslim doesn't come to Juma, but in your heart, you know

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that that, you know, in that Jamaat, there were people who are for example, on a jamaa to believe in Jamaica, and I don't want to isolate one particular community. But I use this as a real example, in Singapore, there were people who have gone to an HTML and they came back sick not knowing that they're sick. And it's important to understand that with this illness with this virus, it can lay latent within you for up to four days, five days, where you've shown no symptoms, but you are highly infectious.

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So therefore, you might consider that you know, these brothers, they were at that same HTML that those brothers in Singapore with and you make your own fatwa in your heart that no I'm, you know, that doctor, he gave me that very general thing or that email and it gave me the very general thing, I'm going to go ask the doctor and describe my situation. Understanding fifth is different to aim. And there's a difference between fashion and the understanding and knowledge. And the law separates this understanding the whole and so Allah speaks about profit Deadwood and profits will a man the Father and Son, and the law says goodland Tina hookman were in both of them, I gave wisdom and both

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of them I gave knowledge. But Allah speaks to a man and says warfare, Hannah has read a man to a man was able to understand from it what his father was not able to understand. And therefore what led me and him above everybody in knowledge. There's somebody who is more knowledgeable, somebody is more learned somebody who has a greater ability to understand the complexity of the issue. Part of the duty of the person who gives a discussion is an hookman a shape to be able to give a judgment on something. It is a byproduct of a woody to be able to understand its reality, its existential effect, to be able to understand it. And therefore I find it highly inappropriate that a person goes

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asks for advice that relates to medical issues, financial issues, from somebody who is not trained in it, and somebody who is not specialist in it. It's in the same way of asking, you know, religious advice from somebody who is not trained in it and not specialist in it.

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Those are points

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Understanding that are important. Understand that the older you are, the more effect this will have on you. And if there are people in your home that are, you know, elders that they are of greater danger than you and your children. And that's something that's very real, understand that governments will be making very, very quick decisions that will be on the snap people if he woke up and they couldn't leave, that just happened. And it's very likely in the United Kingdom, as it as we found in America that the declaration of the President was that there will be no more flights out of Europe. And you could imagine the shock of somebody who's in Germany, who now is unable to board a

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plane in Frankfurt to fly into New York, that's unprecedented. It's something that is, you know, something that requires for you and I to deliberate on to understand how quickly things are moving. Understand that there was very few people in Italy who were infected three weeks ago and understand the turmoil that especially the northern part of Italy, is in today. So what you may have today, in your community, in your household, in your messages in your area is normative. But what is to come may change with great fluidity that we it requires for us to kind of consider and pay attention to initially. So the second point, therefore, after these points of understanding is preparedness. And

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to Panama, one of the things that we as Muslims,

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you know, with our concept of teleco that I spoke about, that is a deficiency, if we don't apply it correctly, is that we kind of think everything will work out, eventually Everything will be fine. Now, as a Muslim, my neighbor has a right to me, and a job a little quarterback. So the prophets, I send them said, If you make soup, add a little bit more broth a little bit more water, so you have enough to share with your neighbors, this is an important Islamic ideal. So part of your preparedness to make yourself strong, is that you're not just preparing yourself and your family, but preparing for your community. So you can go out and volunteer so you can go out and share so

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that you can go out and give. So I say to you what is now known as the recommendations from the Center of Disease Control in America, what is being said, Now in Australia, in the United Kingdom, that yes, you should have levels of preparedness. So the first most important is for your medicines. So if you're a person who's a regular medicine, user, you need, you know, asthma puffers or you need insulin, or you have heart,

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high blood cholesterol, you have, you know, an irregular rhythm and you need you know, regular medication or you know, things that you take regularly or you're on medicines that keep your mental health in good order, which is going to become a very, very trying time, for those who don't have it on timely manners and in good regimens. I asked you to go visit your doctor, I asked you to go and get on hand medicines that are with you that are enough to see you through for a month or more. And that's the general recommendation of the Center of Disease Control. Dr. Nancy and others have spoken about it in the United States and all around the world, it's becoming common. So make sure that

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you're proactive in that. Number two, is, you know, household items. And things of you know, people have been, you know, it started in Australia, I think people were laughing and Australians about toilet paper. But I can tell you, it's the same problem. Now that is happening all around the world. So I have my brother in, you know, from Toronto, he's telling me, look, people are going crazy in Costco and grabbing what they can and you know,

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there will be shortages. And what I say to you is, is be ethical, be moral, and have some and have a son, but do look after those who are quarterback, those who are near for you. So be prepared. And make sure that you have good cleaning utensils and good supply of the foods you like. If it is by chance that you're asked to stay indoors as they have in Italy, you would rather that your children have their box of cornflakes if that's what they're used to, than trying to serve them bread with butter. Right? So preparedness is an Islamic ideal. And the prophets on the law. How do you sell them? As I shared with you that verse in the portal on wahoo, the historical prepare and get

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yourself ready and

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in prepared and I can say to you on my part, and to be any man in this capacity. I haven't hamdulillah made sure that I went out early, you know, three, four weeks ago to buy the medicines that are important. My mother in law recommended for her to get enough medicines that could last for a month or more. I made sure that you know there are certain staples of life that I bought a little bit more because if we don't use them because of this and it all fizzles out Ramadan is something we're going to share it with everyone anyway. If I have a little bit more there might be somebody in the homeless centers and other places I can share with them the things so I do recommend for you to

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take those precautions and make sure that you are prepared. Third is prepare spiritually

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Do not leave your morning well light this morning as we got out of the car myself and our children the normal routine we sat and before I leave and pull out of the driveway before I turn the car, I say Bismillah

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lay the lay of the room ask me a sheet and fill it out of the well if it's semi or send me an email you know we make that fkr Bismillah AR kill to Allah when a whole our whole with a loving Nah, I wouldn't be kalimat illa hit a madman chakra mahalo. You know, you repeat that three times you read a to courtesy when you wake up, you read it before you sleep, you make sure that your soda is a protection, and you increase your STL file in many, many, many fold. In the comment section, I will share a link to my Ramadan protection series, the Ramadan drop protection series that I did last Ramadan, and it's a playlist and I want you to listen to each of those different drives and they're

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32 out there that have 30 different effects in our protection. Protection between husbands and wives return a protection for our children for our home for our food for our risk for our and it's meant to be as a holistic treatment along with taking the means of understanding and the preparedness that I just spoke about.

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Be prepared to face challenge. And the concept of a Muslim is one of strength and movement is a believer who is strong and motivated or we have a lot a believer who is endowed with strength who has economic strength, mental strength, patience, endurance, is physically strong is healthy, is more loved by a lot more pleasing to Allah than a Muslim and a Mormon. Who isn't that what I say to you is what they found as things that relate to the Coronavirus is people who are obese are more likely to suffer people who have underlying health. That is due to non genetic things, things like smoking and you know, it's not from genetic propensity, but from an altered lifestyle. People who

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are consuming copious amounts of intoxicants or liquors, people who have a generally unhealthy lifestyle, who don't exercise who don't walk, who don't get their heart beating, who don't have a good large lung capacity who aren't, you know, physically fit, then it is something that has a greater impact and therefore prepare your household, your finances, your stocks, and your stocks of food, and also your medicine supplies. The last thing that I would say and I don't want it to be something of an alarmist is that you want to prepare your children were learning how to wash properly, how to wash their hands will do is not enough. You know, it's a ridiculous assertion as a

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martial law Muslims are safe we make we'll do it five times a day, washing with soap and learning how to wash and you know, removing your finger, you know your ring and washing under debt and putting back and your watch. You know, washing medically is different to just like this, making sure that your children when they come home from school, that they take out their clothing and goes into the laundry and maybe they take a shower if need be and get themselves cleaned before they see their grandmother before they kiss her before they eat with her. Not because they're definitely going to be infectious but you want to protect the elderly you want to protect the compromise so prepare

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routines. So here for example, at the Lankford Islamic college, although nobody's sick of having to deal with any infectious illnesses, we've made it a mandate nobody is sick with anything can come to school, not even a little sniffle, you know, an allergy or whatever, don't come to school. We've made it a mandate that in our soul. Now we don't pray shoulder to shoulder we actually separate a little bit further from each other, that no one is to share food with each other. We've made it a mandate to close down all events. And Pamela today was the highly anticipated family night we normally have nearly 1000 people come on campus, I give a talk, we've canceled it. And this is in

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its place. We normally have you know community events. And you know, parent teacher nights have been, you know, brought to an end, any teacher who has traveled out of Australia is not allowed back on campus for 14 days. And then a clean bill of health with a COVID 19 bill of health that they've taken a test and that they're free. Any students who came from overseas or didn't matter

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if how long they stayed in any one of the countries that were initially noted whether Thailand or Singapore or wherever, even if it was just transit, we didn't allow them to come on campus for the first two weeks. That was not because we don't have belief in Allah subhanaw taala but that was because of bill as well. We don't allow students now to go out for excursions or having incursions in the school. All of these are things that we have taken very, very seriously to protect our staff, our students and their well being our

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your well being and seeking pleasure and the bounty of Allah subhana wa Tada. I did recommend to our imams here in Perth and in fact in other places in Australia to begin to prepare for not having juwan and I'm going to say this to my dear brothers and sisters, obviously it's general advice and you can take it. If you are a person who has an immune compromised situation. If you are above the age of 4550 years old, I would recommend for you not to go and pray Juma not to attend the jamara I would say to you, you are from those who have the roofs are praying at home. The prophets I send them would say to people when there was heavy rainfall, rainfall, Tondo fullbeauty, Cumberland will

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make the other and say Salafi Will you to come pray in your homes, right? If this was the case, or something like that, and you find yourself in a compromised situation, don't put yourself in danger. And eventually the massage as is happening in Ireland, for example, in Singapore, in California in Seattle, these will be things that will become legally mandated, even though we really should take the initiative as leaders and make them voluntarily mandated. So I do recommend that you do not go to Salatu Juma and the jamara. If this reaches you in time, not out of fear of your color, but out of taking the love and that also that Allah has given you the love that a lot has for you, not

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putting yourself in danger when I do I do be idea come in. Don't put yourself in a place that is compromised. That's colossal panto to Allah to grant us higher in sha Allah.

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So prepare, finally assist to handle and be ready to assist, though, be ready to have a little bit more cash on hand that you can give to people whose businesses are beginning to suffer. Buy from your local Muslim butcher, buy from your local Muslim businesses, because they're going to be greatly impact. They don't have a large catchment. There might be bigger sales in mind, as you know, in Costco or some of the bigger shops, but you want to help your Muslim community and you want to help people to stay afloat. Keep your employees as as much as you can. The Coronavirus is not a medical

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pandemic as much as it is an academic pandemic. And this is almost as if it is a financial reset. If you read financial literature, if you listen to financial analysts, and if you kind of know where things are in this space, you will understand for example, in Australia for the federal government to promise small businesses anywhere from two to 25,000 as a non means tested handout for them to give every person who's on the dole or who's on the welfare system, more than $750 as a as a as a cash payment and to promise, you know, 18 point some $18 billion dollars 18,000 million dollars, in concessions and in and in stimulus, it tells you that there is economic downturns that are expected

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and it is something we are to prepare for. But be also willing to assist those who are within our families within our communities, who might not be able to take care of themselves as much as they should be willing to assist with food, be willing to assist with community and being able to assist by opening your home to people who may not find the ease and comfort that Allah has blessed us with. And being able to assist those who are abroad to handle it. If you're blessed like me to be in Australia, or America or Canada, or one of one at one of these, you know, wonderful places in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. And Allah has given you a near man giving you how you know that there are

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people who are in the Congo, in camps in you know, in Jordan, in Saudi Arabia, in Lebanon, who are unable to fit, you know, unable to fend for themselves, the Palestinians in Gaza, in in Darfur, in the West Bank, they are those who will now become their voices will become drowned out and people will not turn to them as much as they normally would. So make it a point of fact now that you feel what people have felt, how you know it. How ironic. So how not to be an ally or how symmetrical in the quarter of a law that Donald Trump began his presidency by banning particular types of people from particular types of places, and that some of those who cheered him in that are now facing some

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of the same kind of closures and then it's, you know, some cannot be louder and more noise and within the one who elevates and the one who humbles it is a loss of

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who is truly in control. So pay attention to the world be willing to partake and to share Linton and we'll be right that tune for for me, Matt Boone. You won't be able to find righteousness until you're able to apart from some of the things

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love the most. And it could be your time, your energy, your advice, your wealth, your you know knowledge, to assist those who may not be in that same place and position. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala opens our hearts and makes us from those who are cognizant of the needs of others as much as we seek to fulfill our family means as much as I, you know, I'm interested in making sure that my family and your families are well cared for, I want you to know that it is important to look abroad of us and to those who are in you know, that single mother whose child comes to the school and you know, doesn't have the lunch that your children have, be on the lookout for that, you know,

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be on the lookout for the luxuries that we have that other people haven't fulfilled their wants yet. And perhaps you missing your cup of coffee, and making one at home and being able to share that with others. And be a great virtue for you on the day of judgment and the light and approve for you. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And you'll use 11 to remove our depression and our sadness to protect us from this onslaught to make us from those who are carried in dignity and humility. That Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allows us to be able to rock man the servants of the merciful under the name shown on an order the homeowner walk upon the surface of the earth with humility, with the whole

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type of woman Yeah, he doing a hollow Salah. And when they're accosted by the ignorant, they say peace, I would be wrong to not remember the martyrs in sha Allah, the Shahada of Christ Church, and some kind of Law at this time last year.

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A couple of days from now. There was a massacre of ruka and sujeto. Those in Baku and subdued in Salatu. Juma who were gunned down a follower of the Allah for no reason except that they said Our Lord is Allah. So make your drop for them this day of Juma, ask Allah to join us with them in the highest levels of gender. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the death of the martyrs and the life of the righteous. And remember the words of the great roadmap to live this life as if it is endless, and to plan for it as if the Day of Judgment is not coming, but to also live this life as if your death is imminent, and that we live this life as if we are travelers who sat under a tree

00:32:18 --> 00:32:59

and are about to depart. And the tree and the fruit of this life does not distract us from the eventual journey, a number of dentists in a law that are returned to Allah Subhana Allah, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah opens our hearts to see the truth for what it is so that we follow it and opens our eyes to that yes, false who didn't sinful to that we can observe it and be distant from it. Well, suddenly lahoma was cillian was it robotic and Habiba whenever you know, when he now Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, that he was he was sending. Now if there are any comments or questions that anyone wants to put forward, I'll try to stay online for the next two or three minutes you can

00:32:59 --> 00:33:23

type them out inshallah, in the comments section, and I'll do my best to address them. In the end I hate to Allah. ask Allah Subhana Allah to elevate the praise of our interview Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his blessing day of Juma and to make us from those who are worthy of his Shiva, and to be honored by standing next to him on the day of the AMA, as we enter into gender to full dose amongst the first people long, I mean,

00:33:29 --> 00:33:30

long when I can have.

00:33:31 --> 00:34:12

Yes, brother Omar, you I do ask that you do share it with some of your family and your friends. May Allah subhanaw taala make it a blessing for them? What about using blackseed? We have a question from the Instagram, one of our sisters. Look blackseed is used by the prophets I send them but there's no detail of how it was used. Was it chewed? Was it swallowed? Was it oiled? Was it powdered was it sniffed was it eaten, there is a cure in the medicines of the prophets, I send them that are established. But it is not something that we can find cure just to that. So what I would say to you is if you do have aches and pains, do not simply limit yourself to black oil, flaxseed oil and

00:34:12 --> 00:34:29

mixing it with honey. Look, I have black seed oil in here. It's not that it's not something I don't use and it's a cream that I'll use if you know sunburn and things like that. So these are all things that you use, but we want to make sure that we do all that we can to fulfill our needs in sha Allah.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:59

What about those Muslims deceased and praying janessa Salah on them. This is a question from our brother, just like a locker from Sydney and those who have been affected with the virus. There's a detailed response by my dear brother Abu Isa near metal law. There's also a guideline that was written that we kind of shared in the hyena with it, of the British Board of scholars and Imams, and I will post both of them in the comment section to you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

really good resource in sha Allah, that you do get in contact with the bbsi British Board of scholars and Imams, I'm an associate of it. I'm not from the United Kingdom, but I am a part on their WhatsApp groups and other things and there is so much benefit that you can gain from that channel. Ah, so there are particular protocols that are to be followed with the deceased and the body. And those are things that you can refer to the detail provided by Mr. Isa and the British Board of imams. And perhaps it's something that we can replicate here in Australia in sha Allah.

00:35:38 --> 00:36:00

I sincerely ask what does the Quran and Sunnah say about outbreaks and diseases. Something that I would turn you to is a publication called prophetic guidance on epidemic diseases and Coronavirus, 2020 by chef Hasib nor, and you can find it as a PDF. If you go to

00:36:01 --> 00:36:11

the legacy Institute, the legacy Institute has it as a free download. And I'll try to share it

00:36:13 --> 00:36:15

in the comments as well in sha Allah.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:27

But I found it as a comprehensive kind of a resource that you can benefit from, and I think it would be worthy of your attention in sha Allah. So

00:36:30 --> 00:36:31

I will try to find

00:36:32 --> 00:36:36

the dean in this section be in the light on.

00:36:48 --> 00:36:55

And the website for it is legacy Institute at Legacy dot Institute.

00:36:56 --> 00:37:00

That is the website and I'll add that link for you here in Sharla.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:39

And you'll be able to access some more information on that. But there are many statements of the prophets I send them about not traveling into a place where there is illness, or traveling out of it if there is illness, or being distinct from others that you know are sick. So the prophets I sell them said, Pharaoh, flee and depart quickly from the person who has leprosy, the way you would flee from a lion. And this is a statement of our interview, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he puts the onus on us to take that precaution.

00:37:40 --> 00:38:17

Our brother Darcy was talking dirty, heavy like a law unrelated to the topic and under any circumstances may lead for a law by reading from a must have. Yes, this is something that is established in the action of the Sahaba and the tablet in, in fact, about the law and how she had a freed slave who used to read from almost half and lead her in prayer by it. The preference of course, is that reading should not be done. It should be from the heart. But if there's a need it can be done. And that is a normative position of some of the the main motherhood of Allison

00:38:32 --> 00:39:06

All right, this is where I will bring the discussion to a close I know that there will be other questions that may arise or have been sent that I might have overlooked. But I pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to understand to prepare and to be willing to assist others in this time of need. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us healing and success and security after fear alone. I mean, what Santa Monica was not a lie he will not occur to you rather your hair Brahim from Perth, Western Australia on March the 13th 2020

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