The Epistemological Role of the Fitra in Light of Western Proofs for the Existence of God

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so don't want to lie about wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala the one and the unique, it is he that we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the one who revealed the Quran and he taught to man how to speak. So we worship Him alone and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada for guidance in all of our affairs. Today inshallah Tada, I'll be speaking about the role of the fitrah. And in particular, through the writings and teachings of shapeless have even Taymiyah. And how that plays a role when it comes to our discussion of atheism, agnosticism, and also a rejection of Islam. Now, we're all aware that the current religious trends of the western

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world is that across every single denomination without exception, there has been a decrease in church attendance, mosque attendance, and in attendance in all organized religion. And every single faith tradition is dealing with his own crises. We are not immune from the problem is happening in the broader society. And what we discover is that many of the millennial generation are affiliating with no organized religion, and also not quite embracing atheism. The term that has been given in some academic literature is the nuns, not the Mun nun, not the head, Jabba nuns, the nuns, those that have nothing, no, and he. And if you look at statistics, this is a Gallup survey, one of the

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most comprehensive surveys done about religiosity. I want you to take a look at this statistic over here in the year 2019. So this is like two, three years old now. Almost 40% of those of the millennials said that they don't identify with any religion 1/3 More than 1/3, almost a half. And within 510 years, it will be more than a half by the way. This is in America, in Nordic countries in Sweden, for example, upwards of 70, or 80% of the population says that they don't identify with any faith tradition. And obviously the elders, they still do. You can tell if you're above 70 years old, then yes, they're still religion. But this is the generation as we all understand, that's going to

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grow up to be these people and 510 2030 years or graft is slowly going to be shifting right words. And unless and until we do something, similar rates not to this level are being found in our own communities. Now, contrary to popular perception, the alternative to religion is not atheism. That is not the default. Those who self identify as atheists are still a minority. The alternative to religion is some vacuous ideology that has been called by some researchers, moralistic therapeutic, deism, MTD, moralistic therapeutic deism is the one can call it I call it the religion of secular liberalism, this is what it is. And surveys have shown that the default amongst the next generation,

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the largest group of affiliated ideologies of religion larger than Christianity, much larger than any other faith tradition of the millennials is a hodgepodge of ideas that have come under the rubric of MTD, there is no creed per se, but some general trends can be observed. There is a belief in some higher power and the belief that this higher power, the goal of life is that we should be kind and good to one another. And if we do that and find our happiness, then we have lived our lives. MTD centers around the goal of self fulfillment and happiness, whatever that means to those generations, we have to find ourselves we have to be happy, and there is a notion of being good unto

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others. And that is why it is called moralistic because the emphasis is not on aqidah. It's not on creed. It's not on rituals. It's not on laws, the emphasis is on being good to other people. It is therapeutic because it gives them a meaning in life. It makes them feel good about themselves. It's therapeutic because when you eliminate religion from your heart, you have to

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replace it with something, you have to have something that answers the viewer questions of life and so MTD gives them that internal therapy. And it is deistic. Because it does believe in a higher power. The default of this next generation is that yeah, there's probably some force out there, let's call him God. But God is not an integral part of our lives as human beings. He's not involved daily, and he doesn't care about our daily actions. It is to petty it is the God of the philosopher by the way, even seen and others of the back in the day, it is too petty for that divine being to really care about our personal hygiene, our eating and drinking our sexuality, why would that Divine

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Being care about something of this nature, however, if we need him, he's there for us. And so we do reach out to him at times of distress, when our children is sick, when we need to pass the exam will call out to God, otherwise, he doesn't really care that much about us. And He wants us to live good lives. And a lot of them do believe in half of the opposite of not the full Africa. They believe in gender but not jahannam. Right? By and large this this this category of people, they're not interested in punishments, why would a God punish his own creation, but they do want some comfort of an afterlife for those that are good. And so this is an again, this is not a creed, you will find

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plenty of people who obviously would come under this rubric, but then might disagree with one of the aspects within within this list over here. Now, of course, we've done Alhamdulillah you guys have been here a day and a half. I think you have all done the primary Western proofs for the existence of God. And I'm not going to go over them the standard philosophical proofs you have the ontological which is a very technical, philosophical by definition, you have the cosmological, which all of you that have studied the textbooks or the people of Kalam whether they're Shalimar 3d Marchesini. This is the standard Kalam Cosmological Argument, you have the teleological, which is the argument from

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fine design. And then you can definitely add here the fine tuned universe argument, which is a development of the teleological here's are the standard three philosophical proofs. You also have the three existential proofs, you look at the world around you, and you say, Hold on a sec, there is a universal morality. And morality doesn't make sense from Darwin's theory. Morality doesn't make sense if we're just here to live and procreate. So the fact that there is a moral code, which is general universal, there's also the argument from beauty. Augustine of Hippo, for example, famously remarked, that the fact that we appreciate beauty, it's not just that the universe is beautiful,

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that the sunset rising has an impact on us. It's the fact that why would biology Why would a cold and and unexist non existent God care about putting appreciation of his artwork, the very fact that we appreciate the creation of Allah, according to this argument indicates that there is a Creator who wanted us to appreciate that beauty. You also have, of course, the the transcendence argument, which is basically that humans seek for a higher meaning that people every human being after a while, yes, in their 20s in their teenage years, it's all shut out. No problem. When you move beyond that, when you get to 3040, doesn't matter how you've lived your life, you start thinking, what am I

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here for? What's the purpose of life, the very fact that those questions are coming is an argument that there is a being there who created you for a purpose, that's the transcendence argument. You also have the triple experiential proofs, which is you so existential is of course, your existence, and you're dealing with the world around you. Experiential is your personal experience. You have of course, miracles, which is if you believe in miracles, every single faith tradition, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, every single faith tradition, they have their miracles, and they believe in them, and they are certain that their god exists, because they have experienced those

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miracles, or holy people in their faith tradition have experienced those miracles, that is the proof for miracles. You also have the proof of consciousness, which is somewhat overlapping transcendence, but slightly different. The fact that humans are sentience beings, the fact that they have cognition, and metacognition, the fact that they analyze, they think they ponder, this doesn't make sense if we're just a bunch of atomic particles put together. And then you also have the argument from Destiny. And that is that clearly, certain things are beyond your control, where we were born with society, our parents, and so it seems as if especially those that believe in karma, it seems as

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if there is a reason in what is happening, and so there must be a higher power out there, you can add on its own Pascal's Wager, which we're not even going to go into because that's a completely separate category. These are the 10 primary proofs, I think you have already done them plenty of times by the other speakers. Now, the question here is of course, what is the alternative? And the alternative for even Taymiyah in particular in his school, is the notion of the fitrah the notion of the fitrah fifth rot Allah Hilah de Satara NASA Alia Kulu mo Luden. EULA fitrah for about Oahu you have with any heat? Oh, you will not see Ronnie Oh, you might Giussani the notion of there being a

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fifth rock that is implanted by Allah subhanho wa Taala inside all of us are given to me from my

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research that I've done. This is one of the sections of my PhD that you have in your in your binders. Even Taymiyah was the first, as far as I'm aware, to develop an entire theory about around the fitrah. He was the first to use the fifth rock as an epistemological source. By epistemology here we mean a source of knowledge, we mean something that is conveying to you information that you do not otherwise know. And for Ibn Taymiyyah, the Aachen and the fitrah, and the revelation from Allah are three sources, and they work in tandem, they work in unison, if the fifth rock is pure, and if the ACA is good, then the WHA Hae will be all together working together. But if there is a

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corruption, and that's going to cause problems, and from this paradigm, atheism, agnosticism, and rejection of Islam is coming from a corruption of the fitrah. Now again, in your, in your, in your, in the paper that you have that I've written, all of this is in a lot more detail. But for even Taymiyah, the fifth rock, and this is this isn't just even Taymiyah. But Dare I say that many other theologians? In fact, I haven't found anybody before him that really extrapolated on this notion, and used it the way that even Taymiyah did. That Ibn Taymiyyah considered the fitrah, first and foremost to be implanted by Allah. It is not acquired. Everybody has it the same when they're born.

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Nobody has more or less, you're all given the same pure fitrah. It is not learned. You're not born on a clean slate, a tabula rasa? No, it is a priori knowledge you already have it, it is embedded in you, as well, the fifth row, what exactly does it tell you? The fifth row tells you knowledge that is necessary and certain knowledge that is the Rudy and Yukine, according to Ibn Taymiyyah, you know it without knowing why you know it, and you know it without it having been proven to you, and the epistemic value, I either wait, the Hajia of that knowledge is higher than anything you can derive from philosophical proofs. In fact, sometimes everything he says even mathematical proofs are not as

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strong as what the fifth row tells you. So the level of certainty that the fifth rock conveys, it is something that cannot be compared with any acquired knowledge, why, because it is embedded it is inside of you. And of course, one of the points of the fifth rock is that the fitrah tells you certain things of them, there is a higher being, and that being is one, and that being should be loved, and that it feels good to worship that being all of this is coming from the fifth rock, which is why by the way, every single religion on earth, at some level is monotheistic, at some level, every religion, including Hinduism, including Zoroastrianism, at some level, there is a higher God,

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because the fitrah demands there to be one ultimate Rob above all of the others. This is the fifth rock as well, the fifth rock yearns for that higher purpose. And so the fitrah wants to know the truth. It has a desire to understand why it's there. This is where that that that that notion comes up searching, of wanting to know why am I here? Who created me, that's what the fedora does. Also, the fitrah tells us the general realities of morality. The fifth, Allah wants us to be good. And when we are good, we feel good, being good. There are two separate things. A human being feels good, being good, even a non Muslim, why do you think that people who don't have any amount are generous

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to the beggar on the street? Why? Because the pleasure that the soul gets from being generous, is more to that person than the money he's handed over to the poor person. This is strictly it's inside of us. You cannot negate it, you feel good, being good. And you know what good is kindness, mercy, good to elderly people, you know, those that are disabled, you treat them? Well, that's in our fitrah. And all societies around the globe have these universal ideas of what is right and what is good. The fitrah can be nourished and it is also corruptible, the fitrah does not remain stagnant. Yes, we are all born equally upon the fifth row. By the way, we are not all born equally upon

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African, some are naturally more rational than others. We are not born equally upon wealth upon privilege, everyone is different as for the fifth rock, unless of course the child is not you know, mentally normal. Generally speaking, every one of us has the same pure fitrah we're given the same filter, but then from childhood from those toddler years, the fifth rock can either be nourished or it can be corrupted. So the filter is pure when it comes out. But then for Ebola who you have with any heat, oh, you know Serani heat, oh, you might use any heat. Ebola who here of course me about to leave. It's not just about when it is also in which timer it is all

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So out on top. So if the child is raised in an environment where the fitrah is constantly hammered, it's constantly went to down, then it is very possible that the fifth rock can become extremely feeble. And it is even possible to completely destroy the fifth or the fifth rock can be destroyed to the point of non redemption, unless Allah wills a miracle, it can be destroyed. And conversely, if the child is raised in a good environment, and fed the nourishment of the fifth rock, even Taymiyah says the primary nourishment of the fifth rock is the revelation the way to the prophets, that is the primary nourishment. So anything to do with Allah subhanho wa taala, decoded the Quran

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rabada Tilawat anything to do with the seer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam connecting with the way because the way he came to affirm the fitrah, the why he came to affirm the fifth row, and that is why I would prophesy some did not say that his parents make him a Muslim. And by the way, technical point, even even Taymiyah says this. Don't want to walk into too much trouble here. I try my best not to get into controversy here. The term convert and revert actually goes back to this issue as well. Right, the child is not born a Muslim with a capital M that is wrong to say. Because if the child is born a Muslim with a capital M, and then he grows up as a Christian, you call that

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Ryda. And there I come to the water Dean, the child is not born a Muslim, he didn't say that the Prophet says and he said it is born upon the fitrah. So the fifth or the pure fitrah leads to Islam, the person converts to the faith he reverts to the fitrah. Again, a technical point, no big deal if you want to insist on that language is fine. But technically speaking, somebody who embraces Islam, after having been born in a different faith has converted he's a convert to the faith, he's reverted to the fifth row. The fifth row is not the same as Islam. Islam is more than the fifth row. The fifth row only tells you the basics and of those basics La ilaha illa. Allah Yes, the fifth row does

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tell you that, but it does not tell you the name of that God. It doesn't tell you how to worship that God, it doesn't tell you the details of the Shediac. And by the way, this is shown in the famous height of the body as well, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was doing a nightly raid on a community. He didn't know if they're Muslim or not. And so somebody gave the gun. And when the person said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, the prophet systems that idol fitrah. Then when he says, Hello, Allah, hi, Lola, then he said, these are Muslims. The phrase, Allahu Akbar is broader than Islam. And you can believe and Christians believe, and Jews believe, and many faith

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traditions believe that indeed, Allah is Akbar, but they're not Muslim. So the prophets have said, Allahu Akbar, Allah fitrah. Then when the shahada was given, this is not unique Islam, that's not something more when you know that your God is Allah, and you're only going to worship that entity that is giving what Islam gives. So the point is that the FITARA, the fitrah, acts in tandem in harmony with the Aachen and with the washy, three different sources of knowledge, but the fifth route is deeper psychologically than the Auckland. And to corrupt the ACA is easier than to corrupt the federal to corrupt the ACA is easier than to corrupt the federal so the fifth, or if it is pure,

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can act as a checks and balances to the outcome, which is why so many people embrace Islam because their religions didn't make sense to them their fifth or was pure. There are Christians in this audience X Christians, they will tell you, I just never understood the Trinity. He's told it his mind is holding it but it's FITARA is rejecting it's not possible. I don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that's the filter of overriding vetoing the action. So the filter is the deep embedded faculty. And if action is applied correctly, it will be in conformity and if y is understood correctly, it will be in conformity. However, what if the data has been corrupted? What if that

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epistemic faculty is no longer there, in this case, the person might not be able to recognize the truth or even reject the truth when it is presented to him. Now that the filter has been corrupted, the article can easily go astray and he can listen to another version of the why hate where he thinks it is why, and he will be happy with that. This is a brief chart that kind of explains what I'm coming up that the truth for Ibn Taymiyyah is anchored by the fifth row that is embedded that is you're born with it, then you acquire correct intellect, you learn it you are taught it different educational systems will give you different understandings of the intellect right us here in the

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West we are taught very differently than people in other places how to think what to do, how does our methodology not everyone is the same in this regard. Some people are naturally born more intellectually inclined, and some people acquire a little bit along the way that is correct into well, that is intellect the Quran so that sorry, the fitrah you're born into you acquire what you know from the intellect and you are exposed

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To the Quran. But what pre dates what is the precursor to the other two, it's the fifth row. So if the fifth row is pure, and it is exposed to that which is correct, then it will anchor the correct action. Now the Apple can tell you more than the fifth row, obviously, the Apple can discover so many things. The fifth note it doesn't tell you any of that stuff. The fifth row has really basic knowledge, but it is certain knowledge it is firm knowledge, so the apple continue a lot of stuff. Likewise, the Quran will come and the Quran will also confirm everything in the fitrah. By the way, here's the point. Everything in the FITARA without exception is confirmed by both correct intellect

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and by explicit Quran. However, if your fitrah has been destroyed, then your circle of the intellect can go beyond the truth. What you believe to be true intellectually can be beyond the truth. Likewise, if your filter has been destroyed, then your belief in another supposed revelation or your misinterpretation of the Quran might also be possible. So it is the fifth row that anchors the both of them. Now, if the fifth row is corrupted, even Taymiyah says it's not all gone, it can still be nurtured and brought back if Allah wills it to be and how is the fifth robot back it is brought back by connection to his creator by spirituality by dua, and vicar by the Quran. Even Taymiyah mentions

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that the strongest nourishment for the fitrah is the Quran because the Quran came down to affirm the fifth row. So this is given to me as generic epistemology. Now, when you look at the 10 Western proofs, we can ignore the first one because honestly, it is completely philosophies just to play with words, the definition of God, I'm talking about the ontological one, we can also ignore Pascal's Wager, because honestly, again, that's just too basic and whatnot. So you really have eight, you really have eight primary proofs. And of them, six are linked directly to the fifth row. The teleological, even Taymiyah mentions the fifth.

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The fifth row recognizes the fifth row recognizes the perfection of the creation. And the fifth row sees that this creation must have had a creator because it is in harmony that is teleological. You understand morality. The fifth law tells us what is right and wrong, you understand beauty as well. It's a part of that transcendence and consciousness. It is the fifth row that is searching for the truth hasn't been Tamia said, it is the fifth row that wants to derive and wants to push the its owner or its saw him to discover what the truth is. And then of course, I did not go down over here. I think it's a footnote in my paper, a number of early scholars including me, okay, and by the way,

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especially even Abdullah bottle, he talked about the fifth rot from the nahi of other, which I didn't talk about in front of you guys, but it's in my paper. And so believe it or not, yes, very explicitly, the fifth was also linked with other and so because of this as well, you can include the argument from Destiny. So basically, more than three fourths or three fourths to be precise of the philosophical arguments propagated by Eastern by Western philosophers can easily be subsumed by the one notion of the of the fitrah. Now, again, before we finish up, shall open the floor for some discussion. So a number of academic studies and surveys have been done, about the rise of

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agnosticism and the nuns and atheism. And this has now been pretty much verified that the primary cause of leaving religion, not just Islam, any religion, is not the intellectual arguments posited by New Atheists or whatnot. No, these are triggers, there are underlying causes, the primary cause, from our perspective would be a spiritual one. And this is in conformity with the notion of the fifth rock, you cannot become an agnostic or even somebody who doesn't believe in organized religion, unless your fitrah has been corrupted. It is not an intellectual problem primarily. And this is a key point that I cannot underscore enough that the primary reason why people leave this

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faith and all other faiths is because of causes not directly related to the intellect not directly related to sophisticated arguments by the New Atheists about the non existence of God. Rather, it is because of social factors, it is because of ethical issues of moral dilemmas, it is because of the bad reputation that religion and religiosity has, it is because it is becoming more and more common in the norm for the younger generation, and especially the intellectuals of this of this civilization to be publicly atheistic. So it allows for the next generation, it's hip, it's cool to be an agnostic and atheist, it's backward to be a part of an organized religion. These are the norms

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now and it facilitates now such a young man or woman whose has not really been nourished upon the fitrah then is exposed to this social reality and then comes across a few intellectual arguments. Those arguments trigger the person's departure, but they didn't cause it. They did not cause it primarily the primary

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Causes of leaving the faith, our social and spiritual also, rarely, rarely does a person just switch over immediately. Rather, the fitrah has to be eroded over a period of time. It's a gradual process that the filter is worn down, because the fifth drop is embedded so much in the soul because it is so deep in our subconscious. It doesn't just go away because of something No, it must be constantly attached constant.

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Constant Shubo heart constant cultural issues and then slowly but surely the fitrah whittles down until it is nothing. So what then is the solution? I recommend and Allah azza wa jal knows best that we are actually coming to the table too late or I say this is too late. We're coming too late. We are primarily concentrated on rational responses. And that's let me say this bluntly is a mistake of the highest magnitude. You're trying to win, it's pretty much too late, try to escape block the escape route, he's already decided he wants to leave the very fact that somebody can be questioning the existence of God, frankly, that's already you're in the red zone. The fitrah has been so much

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destroyed and tampered with that Allah who was dying, may Allah protect us all. We have to start thinking preventative measures, we have to start thinking long term, we have to start from here, nourishing the fitrah making sure the fitrah is strong before it is exposed to these types of notions. Before society has a place to ruin it. The fitrah has to be nourished now how is it nourished? That's a very how practically, how will we do it? That's another discussion altogether. There's an interesting book out that actually was the talk of the town like last year, it's called the benefit auction, the Benedict option, the Benedict option in this a very conservative Christian,

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very intellectual thinker, he analyzes the reality of Christianity, he correctly points out that Christianity is pretty much a dead faith. Now, he points this out that it's gone mainstream Christianity, conservative Christianity, and he simply says that we're going to have to wait for society to self implode, it's really bizarre thesis. We don't have the power as Christians in America to challenge status quo to challenge the LGBT to challenge morality to challenge hedonism, narcissism and this obsession with happiness, what the heck is happiness anyway? Who's going to define it? Who knows what happiness is, but that's what the moral therapeutic deism is about. So

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what is the Benedict option? Literally, that's his view. I'm not saying that's the only thing but definitely, there's a kernel of wisdom. He says, concentrate on communities and families. By the way, this is all to do. This is all fitrah make sure your children are around like minded children, good Christians. He said, send them to places that are only good Christians are there, make sure they're nourished upon that belief before they face the real world. And he has an entire book, The Benedict option being the there was Saint Benedict that who cut off from society and worshipped in his monastery. He's not saying we worship in a monastery, but he's saying as close as we can, we

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have to preserve our their version of Eman until he believes society is going to self crumble because no society that is so hedonistic and so obsessed with one's desires, is going to last long term. My point is that you can take relief aspects, but there's no question that we need to start thinking of here. Before we get over there. Almost all of us when we talk about atheism, and with my utmost respect, even many of our articles, and many of our lectures, they're talking about this, and that's already too late. We have to start talking about this. What do we do to our children, with our children in our communities to make sure that their fitrah is nourished to make sure they're

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strong upon Eman so that when these ideas and doubts come their fitrah automatically dismisses it, like Allah says in the Quran. aphylla Keisha, is there any doubt about God? This is the smackdown of the fifth row. Are you really questioning God End of story, QED, you don't need abstract philosophical proofs. Because if you're going to get there, it's not going to work. The filter is gone. So the point being, we have to talk about this as well then as well, we have talked about spiritual nourishment. And that is when somebody comes to you flirting with agnosticism, atheism, rather than jumping to the rational, start with here, start with your and ask this person to

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especially if they're Muslim thinking about or having to bother would not tell them PRAY, LISTEN to the Quran. You know what I tell when somebody comes to me? So Joe, let's just do this for one week, increase your search those by 10 seconds. That's what I say. Every search that you do, just stay there for 10 seconds more. That's all I said. Just do it one week. And if you still have these doubts come back to me, because not every rational issue can be responded in a rational manner that is satisfactory to the modern generation. That's another big issue that I don't want to get into here. But anyway, the point being that we also have to realize, frankly, in the Culatta demon,

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you're not going to be able to save everybody if the filter is gone beyond

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beyond recognition, then not much can be done. But the point is, you do not know when you speak to that person, you don't know if there's still some filter left or not. So you have to deal with every person as somebody potentially whose filter is recoverable. Okay, let's conclude a shallow to Allah with any questions that we have. But one one advice that I give along with Stan Miller, protect all of us, dear Misha, especially with my utmost love and respect my request to all of you, if you're asked a question about something that you haven't studied in detail, whether it's evolution, whether it's the existence of evil, whether it's a question of modern philosophy, handed over to a

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specialist, because the sentiment is the perception is of the next generation that our roadmap class don't understand our issues and problems, they don't understand the impact of Darwinism, whatnot. And a lot of times, not always, when somebody answers beyond his expertise, his simplistic responses reinforces that notion that some of our machines are disconnected from the reality of biology, the reality of this and what I advise is that if you haven't studied it, stick with point number two, which is the spiritual and then take the rational to those who have studied it, if they come to you with some really deep ethical dilemmas really deep problems of athletes of the CEO of the Profit

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System. And by the way, that is another huge topic. If you look at

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a lot of the motor channels, I do listen to them, and I have a track of what they're doing. They have groups and whatnot, and I get to their forwards and whatnot. If you look at much of their discussion, it actually involves ethical issues of the syrup, and the notion of how could a prophet of God sauce and and be doing this type of stuff? It's not like we don't believe in God. It's like how could this religion be from God, which is what we said moral therapeutic deism. Now if you're able to respond and you've studied it, then Alhamdulillah go there. But even if you haven't, all of us can help in this regard. spiritual nourishment, advise them to turn back to Allah make dua listen

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to the Quran, advise them and talk to them the alternative, it's good, you use the Quranic methodology. Do you really doubt God? Leave it at that that is the strongest refutation of all philosophical proofs aphylla He shocked you really think this came out of nothing? That's good enough um, political motivation among all these Quranic rhetorical questions are based upon the existence of the fitrah. And that's where you should go as well. Now, if you have studied Alhamdulillah go to these responses. If you haven't, no problem, we all have our specialties and all of you are specialists in fields that all of us are not specialists. And then you take this young

00:32:34--> 00:32:59

man, this young woman, and you take him to somebody who knows who has studied, you know, what Darwinism is who has studied the real problems of whatever issue they're bringing up and you will be better off that way. Because if you make a mistake here, he's going to say hello, as I thought our Misha our scholars don't know anything, so they're going to leave it at that. So in any case, I hope that a shallow This was of some benefit to us. And with that insha Allah to Allah, we open the floor for q&a If my mic allows me

00:33:01--> 00:33:14

to produce a copy, so we only have 10 minutes so please, for the brothers and Michelle and sisters who are going to ask their questions make it brief, lexical handshower to allow as many as possible for the

00:33:17--> 00:33:18

what's going on.

00:33:24--> 00:33:25

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

00:33:26--> 00:33:48

inshallah are the few things I want to ask but I'll keep it short, the role of modesty higher with this generation. In my work with youth, we find that HYAH is really disappearing, and it's dying out. And what's your position on HIA its connection to Fetullah and the importance of preserving it to develop a nourish email.

00:33:49--> 00:34:32

The issue of higher being linked to the fitrah is direct because of the morality topic. It is ingrained in us as human beings that we want to cover up and to not be covered is a corruption of the fifth one. You have any other method isn't it Coronavirus and you worry so article militia, but and then it company versa. Man came down to this earth clothes that is the default. Unlike the biblical narrative came down naked no man came down clothed and Allah azza wa jal put in our fitrah that we should be covered up and that's why hire is of a man. And that's why our profit system said every dean has a hole and the hole of our deen is higher. So definitely not having higher is also a

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

destruction of the fitrah. And that is why so many people are attracted to Islam because of its rules of modesty, because it is a deen that is still upon hire in many ways. So definitely fitrah and higher are directly linked together. And that's another point. We have to preserve our hire in our own communities. We have to preserve a motor company obviously this big question of to what level and whatnot but still overall, there's no question that higher up is directly linked to Philip

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

And if we have societies where there still will be called traditional family values or whatever, there's still going to be that notion of height between men and women, it will play a role in allowing people to see the truth of this space. Now the problem comes, if your filter has been corrupted completely, then as even Taymiyah says, You shall see the hackers bolted in the bottom half. So they're gonna come and say, Oh, my God, you have men and women in separate audiences, this is gender segregation, oh, my god, your women wear this and women don't have to worry. So the fifth has been completely corrupted. And that's there's, you really cannot argue, once the fitrah has gone

00:35:36--> 00:35:44

to that level, you really cannot argue. So the classic Hadith by the way, of the man coming and say he wants to do.

00:35:45--> 00:35:52

And we always have to have technical difficulties in every Muslim conference or conference, you have to have

00:35:53--> 00:35:55

the wireless one, do we even have one?

00:36:06--> 00:36:11

So the famous hadith of demand coming and saying he wants to do Xena, and the Prophet system is saying

00:36:12--> 00:36:40

about the omega. And the man says, no, no, no. What are you going to do? If the man you meet says, yeah, why not? Which is the reality of society of our time? The fitrah has gone so much that you cannot use that argument anymore. You can't if the person says yeah, why not? Why don't eat Adam to study was not match up. So the filter has been corrupted to that level. And then all you can do is generic DUA and listen to the Quran make you

00:36:42--> 00:36:43


00:36:51--> 00:36:52

The mic, the mic, turn it on.

00:36:55--> 00:36:57

Sorry about the delay. So

00:36:59--> 00:37:14

thank you for your delivery. It really kept me focused, I did not sleep during lecture. So usually for the number two is, I think I need to qualify my question Fairest, yes, about the title.

00:37:16--> 00:37:22

Se ism, and fitrah. My question has to do with

00:37:24--> 00:38:03

fitrah. And history of Tafseer. When it started with the creation of man, the creation of Adam, or the revelation from newer from, or from what have we said, the beginning of the Quran? Very good question. What is the origin of the fifth rock? And how back does it go? The other thing is about Tabitha, sitting as of now that said, what livers for those who don't know, any education? For those who knows Arabic?

00:38:06--> 00:38:48

So this is my question. Okay. So the first question line, or I understood, when shall, and shall and the first question is about the origins of the fitrah. And the origins of the fifth rock. I used to say, 20, or something years ago that the pitfall goes back to the meat. But now I have changed my opinion about this. And it seems to me that the gap is a manifestation of the fifth or the fitrah predates the meat. So what is the meat up with many Ajinomoto to him, who was pushing us to build up the code, follow the law, right? And when Allah created Adam, when the rule reached his nose and tickled his nose, he said, Alhamdulillah without our having taught him anything, Allah did not speak

00:38:48--> 00:39:26

to Adam until that point in time, and without anyone Adam says Alhamdulillah and then Allah says your Hamrick, Allah, word, where did that hamdulillah come from? And how did the meet out take place with the, with the theory of Adam, as you know, the Hadith, and was that there was a madman and others that Allah subhanho wa Taala took from the suitable other from the law of Adam, all of the necessary all of the souls and he scattered them in front of him that took place in your mind and our thoughts. And he said to them, unless they come once again, the rhetorical question he did not say, I am your Lord, because that will be teaching us He is asking us a rhetorical question. And the

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

purpose of a rhetorical question is to emphasize something that is already known unless to be wrong, am I not your Lord, they already knew Allah was their board. So the Anita is a manifestation of the fifth row. Therefore, we have no option but to say that the fifth row is embedded in our rule. The fifth row is embedded in our rule. It is a part of our DNA, like the mind, like the body has a mind. So the fitter has the soul, the soul has the equivalent and that is the fetal, like the body has the actin so the soul

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

Another faculty and that is that the fiddle, ask for a second question of double hotgloo for Sydney. And I think I understood that one that where does the person who doesn't know anything come in? I think you're asking about factor if I understood you correctly, obviously, the the notion of how much information will the FITARA convey to the island factor,

00:40:21--> 00:40:52

even Taymiyah. Along with him or visitor, they said that you would have a knowledge of God, you will have a knowledge of morality, you will have a knowledge of right and wrong, you would have a knowledge of monotheism as well. As you know, the Shire and others. They said, this is not necessary at all. And it's no big deal. If they don't have that knowledge, then activities are in between, as you're aware of this, even Taymiyah agreed with obviously the other three schools by saying they're not going to be punished. So even if they may differentiate between the knowledge that is conveyed by the fifth rock and the accountability in front of Allah by what the filter conveys, even Taymiyah

00:40:52--> 00:41:23

agreed with them or visited in terms of knowledge and he agreed with obviously the other side soon is soon is over. The lack of accountability, Allah is not going to punish you. Allah is not going to punish you will not condemn why Divina had Lavasa or Sula, but you will still know the fifth, you will, you should still know that Allah is One who is worthy of worship that good is good. Evil is evil. The Morteza says you should know and act and if you don't, you're sinful they're gonna go to hell. That's in a nutshell, if I understood your question

00:41:31--> 00:42:09

man, Rahim said I want to go to law. Yes, just from my education you had mentioned because I want to make sure that I'm clear when I teach the Jamaat, where I'm from, you had mentioned you said children are not born Muslim. So help me understand basically your studies, once a law says a sort of harsh i a number 78 We have named you muslim, both before and in this revelation. What's your understanding of that to help me understand that more clearly, Inshallah, based on your, your points, so Allah is speaking to us directly as adults who believe in your Quran, who was not coming with the meaning ALLAH is not speaking to all of mankind realize, clearly, if the verse were

00:42:09--> 00:42:44

applicable to every child, then that verse applies to Christians and Jews and Allah is saying he has called you Muslims. Allah is speaking to us as adults reading the Quran, believing in the Quran, who are somaclonal Muslimeen. He is the one that has called you Muslims, male kaaboo In all previous nations, what we had the analysts of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the fitrah, is amenable to Islam, the fifth rock is the ground in which the seed of Islam is planted. If you don't have that ground, the seed of Islam will not be planted, but the seed and the ground are two separate things. So you can say the fifth row is the soil, the seed is the revelation from Allah

00:42:44--> 00:43:03

subhana, WA Tada. And then the way or the sooner or the Prophet system is like the light that's coming. So you have the ground, the soil, the fitrah, all of this put together, if you don't have the fitrah, then when Islam is presented, there is no soil for it to go into. Right. So the fifth Allah and Islam or compatible, amenable, but they're not the same thing.

00:43:05--> 00:43:38

The time is over, but we can allow one more question. So now I can make it brief, please. Okay. So my quick conversation, I mean, my quick question is that when you are dealing with individuals that are like questioning some as well, and you know, how do you determine when they're centralized, completely destroyed or not? And how do you practically deal with that individual? Do you just end the conversation? Do you give them resources? Excellent question. There is no way whatsoever to verify how much data is learned.

00:43:39--> 00:43:52

And the best examples for this are some of the Sahaba like formidable football, but the one who people thought there is no way somebody like him is going to convert, right? And the example of those who work the worst and yet they converted like

00:43:54--> 00:44:32

you do not know, I do not know. And that is why we deal with everybody, as if the potential for the fitrah is still there. That's our job, whether it happens or not enough to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now what needs to be done? As I explained, there is no it's in the paper. It's not a science, it's an art and you do not know what is going to spark the person who's faithful. You do not know it could be hearing the Quran. It could be the sense of community, it could be your kindness when you smile, that small act is going to make him feel you know what, this is a good feeling. It's something small, usually speaking, and I mentioned this in the paper as well. The best example for

00:44:32--> 00:45:00

this is conversion stories. All of us muslims love to hear conversion stories. Have you ever noticed that no two stories are ever alike. It's as if everybody in the world converts for different reasons. Because the conversion story, it's just the outer thing that triggered the conversion. Inner it's the fetal. That convergence story is not the reason why the person is converted, that person's fistula was pure, and something in Islam triggered that fitrah to be manifested what

00:45:00--> 00:45:33

that trigger is is the conversion story. Now listen to all of the convergence stories there are Congress in this audience as well. Everyone will be different you and I know people who converted when they saw such that they couldn't read when they heard the Quran, when they read the Quran, they converted because of the generosity of the Muslim ummah, when they visited the Middle East or Pakistan, people are so nice to them that come which is lacking in the eastern the Western world because of that they converted. You know what, that's not why they converted. That's the outer reason the widely converted their FitPro was pure. What does that show us we do not have a clear cut

00:45:33--> 00:46:02

scientific point by point methodology of how to revive the fifth rather we act in accordance with the sooner we live our lives as Muslims overall and we interact with this person with the gentleness kindness and compassion that all of us should do. And we hope in sha Allah to either something we do something our community does something that humanely the Quran is going to trigger that. That's all that we can do. It's not a science with a clear cut equation. It is an art and you don't teach our practices