Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #20

Sulaiman Moola
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Upon your wajima rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, wobbly Bella masala, Raj Giuliani Darren Hardy imagine attain him in our Naboo have now Huma will have now will be now Julio john bainer, a woman's Aurora sadhak Allahu la vim. That is verse 32, out of the 110 verses of Surah tolka have and now the chapter takes a different turn and a different twist in terms of the story. So we have concluded the discussion pertaining to the miraculous nature of those that slept in the cave, if you recall, and let me just jog your memory momentarily. When we discuss the themes that will feature in this chapter, we spoke about the hate monotheism murrah life after death and return into Allah

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resurrection. Of course, the mysterious nature of how these youth took shelter and amnesty. And also we had mentioned in that segment, that this chapter speaks about the repugnant nature of pride and arrogance, and the consequences of haughtiness law yet Hello, Jana, he will not enter Jana in whose heart is an atom an iota of pride. And why is pride so evil and deplorable and despicable and detestable in the eyes of the Almighty? Because pride might be one offense, but it becomes a blockage to 1000 virtues. If you're a proud person, you won't apologize if you're a proud person, you won't greet First, if you're a proud person, you will not accept the invite from a humble

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person. If you're a proud person, you'll be uncomfortable sitting with people who have lower social standing than yourself, financially speaking, etc. So pride might be one evil per se, but in essence, it becomes a blockage to 1000 virtues. So that being said, Now Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about an incident that had occurred, some say in the previous nations in Bani Israel according to one view, and yet they are different views regarding when it occurred, etc. But the focus is the message that comes out from this story and that is verse number 32. Allah subhanho wa Taala says watery Bella masala Raja Laney jannali Heidi Hema Jan attaining

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what rib and narrate la home to them methylene the example Roger lane to people Gianna we had made we had granted Li idema to one of them. What do they belong masala Roger Laney jannali ahead imagine attaining an ad. We had blessed him with two vineyards, two gardens of grapes, right. The key word in between we gave him we gave him when Allah subhanaw taala exhorts us to spend Allah says huami Mara sakana hoon FICO and they spend of the money that we gave them. So Gianna we had given a hardy Hema one out of the two gentlemen attain him in another honor is the plural of the word winner to grape gardens to vineyards, what have now been alkalyn

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and we had surrounded these two vineyards with date palms, so you know you go to some person's farm he has this beautiful view he has this lovely ambiance. He has these, you know what a waterfall lovely feature. He has some horses grazing in the meadows. He has some, you know, livestock close by. It's it's it just compliments just beautiful. It's breathtaking. And it just gives you a very therapeutic feeling. So can you imagine this person Some say they were brothers other say they were just colleagues and companions again at the MoMA a Bahama hula. If Allah did not mention those details, then just leave it as Allah has not expounded on it. So jharna had imagined and attained

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him in an odd one out of the two had to venules have now who might be naphthalene we had surrounded it with date bonds, which are early Nabina houmous Zahra and we had also created a plantation beneath bear between it. So you have these vineyards in between there's a plantation around it. There are date palms, can you imagine those that are into farming

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farmer tiller into agriculture. He will tell you about the richness and the beauty and the splendor in the footnotes of gela Lane and likewise in 10 rural at the Han. The view is given that these were two brothers in Bani Israel who inherited 8000 dinars from their father from the legacy dinar gold coins versus their home silver coins. So, dinar was a rich acid, one out of the two decided to develop his world and you know, he became a disbeliever and the other was a bias conscious ally, a, you know a conscious person. And as this one brother decided to invest in material things, the other the pious brother decided to donate it in the cause of good and invest for himself in Arthur, we

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learn from the authentic hadith that the messenger sallallahu Sallam said that Jana each person's gender is a barren land and it is in nama here try to run whatever you planned for yourself is what will grow in Jana. So let's move on to the details of the story. And then we pick up on great lessons as we move on to brothers inherited 1000 dinars, one invested materially the other one invested it spiritually. One became arrogant, proud, haughty and a disbeliever. The other one was humble simple and a pious believer when you're buying a home is Zara and between these when yarns and date bombs we have allowed for a another plantation to grow as well. Verse 33, kill tell Jana

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Dini are dead to ocula ha, Kiran telogen attorney, dead to Oh cola ha while I'm doubling minuti both these gardens both these orchards, kill telogen attain, gave forth its produce in full.

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So he had the date bombs, he had the vengeance and he had the plantation. Everything was given maximum produce at optimum it was given its produce. Sometimes you have a good year you have a bad year, you have a harvest in one crop, you don't have a harvest in another crop. Either the climate was not favorable or the rain was not adequate, etc. So these things negatively impact the produce. But when it came to this person, it was happening it was all going well. In addition to the assets he had the assets were growing, it was multiplying it was increasing killed telogen attain qilta as you would know in basic Arabic grammar is dual Gen attained the two origins kaiteriteri Gen attain a

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debt to oeko Lucha gay fourth its produce while I'm doubling minuti. When I'm done postman who say there was no shortage there was no deficiency. So a person has multiple businesses. It's all going good. His returns are handsome, his dividends are great. He is flourishing on every front is retail is going good. His wholesale is going good his manufacturer is going good. You know what money is coming in containers are arriving dispatches happening, it's happening life is happening to telogen attaining to ocula both the orchards gave forth its produce in full well I'm doubly Minho Shea and they did not fall short in its produce in any way. What fungi are now c'est la La Romana hora, verse

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33. And we had caused a liver to gush between the two for JIRA for JIRA, tough JIRA to make something to flow Salama between eight meaning between the two orchards. Nohara a river

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so this is beautiful. You have this lovely orchard you have this date bombs. You have these vineyards, you have a river, you're sitting outside outdoor activity with the family. Some people's homes or backyards are more opulent and offer more of luxury than probably a resort or hotel would do and are often say and it's food for thought that when we travel for an outing or a vacation, then we package or we pack in our bags, more than what others live with in their homes. We often when we leave, we have a camping tent, we have a bag, we have amenities, we have edibles, we have resources, we have so many other related accessories with us that we take in the event of in the event of

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perhaps this Perhaps that is just out day it's a it's a it's a family reunion or it's a boys get together or it's a camping trip or it's a fishing trip. The things we take along with us often are more elaborate and lavish than what people live with what people live with. So

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This man had it all going, he had it all going, what for jharna. And we had caused nakahara, a river to gush forth between this. So just picture this year. And you know, in travels, we've been to many people's homes. And you've seen that, you know, Allah has blessed some people with wealth and affluence and comfort and luxury. And I often say that, when it becomes difficult for a person living hand to mouth, to to detach from this world, can you imagine how challenging it is going to be for the one who's attached to such a life of opulence and comfort and luxury, a person who has like little attachments to him, and yet he is also fond of his surroundings, and the little things

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that he has, and he has an attachment and an inclination towards it. And, you know, he also finds death to be difficult. Can you imagine when we would be in the lap of super comfort, luxury and effluence and opulence? How much more difficult it would be for us to detach from it. When it's time to leave this world May Allah make it easy for us. So that is verse 33. And then verse 34, Allah subhanaw taala still elaborates on what Allah what can Allah who work on Allah who Samar and in addition to that, he had other fruit? And many say, Yeah, he had surplus assets. In other words, it was the two vineyards, it was surrounded by date palms, there was this river flowing between it,

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there was this plantation there. And that's not all. What can Allahu someren.

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To put context to it in today's time, you see a person Wow, this this, this whole, wholesale belongs to him? Yes. And you know what this adjacent property is also ease and across the road, the manufacturing plant is easy as well. And that's besides the investments he has out? Sure. That's besides the investments he has out? Sure. So the man you know, what has diversified these investments. And he's got property, he's got business, he's got manufacturing, he's into real estate, he's got a lot happening, what can Allah who somehow what can Allah who summer, and besides that he had fruit, meaning besides that he had other investments as well. Okay. So now he meets up

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with his colleague, his acquaintance, his associate, or his brother, according to the variation of interpretations, and this is life. Things You know, sometimes you part ways and you bump into each other after years by the world of the Almighty. I won't forget a newspaper caption and an article that had caught my mind as a kid when I was growing up, twins meet after 32 years, twins meet after 32 years. And that's how life is one moves to another country other one moves then yeah, things just move on. And okay, in today's world, you have easier access to stay in touch through, you know, what the different media forums that we have, etc. But then too, sometimes people are on their own, you

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know, what bugs and happenings of life anyway, we're gonna know who we are now inverse the default Allah says he has many other acids and the context and this is mentioned in Romani.

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That is now meeting up with his colleague, Fatah Allah, Who, what kind Allah who tomaron Fatah, Al Elisa, Avi. So he meets up with his companion, the word Sahib, his companion, and he finds his poor is a pauper is a destitute? What happened to you? I mean, we inherited the same amount of money on the opinion of inheritance, as suggested by some experts of the field. Well, I gave it in charity. Okay, great, great. happy for you. Good luck to you. Well, let me show you what I did. Let me show you what I did. And before he could display arrogance with his tongue, his body language was already proud. When I have reflection of one of the very golden advisors of my honorable dad, may Allah

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preserve him with goodness, and May Allah reward our venerable parents and teachers for always imparting these good devalues to us. And my dad would often say to myself and my siblings that have a humble demeanor, have a humble disposition, that you appear to be accessible you appear to be accessible and amenable that even if you cannot oblige to a request or a seed to the request, let your body language give us the notion that someone can approach you you know, if a

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Begay is looking at you let him feel I can talk to this man I can ask him, if a person has a need let your body language be in such a way. And of course the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the famous Hadith, that a woman who was mentally impaired a woman who was mentally impaired, could come and hold the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and take one side, take him one on one side, and then I asked him to help and assist. And he had days and aeration. During the time of Satan, Amara, the Allah when I knew that there was a woman who was mentally impaired, who had some disabilities, and she would roam the streets of Medina, and due to her this ability and her impairment, at time

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she is to come out, and obviously, she used to conduct herself in a manner which was not, you know, what suitable for society. And she was excused because of her mental condition. So say now, Amara, the Allahu anhu said to her that Oh, sister, staying indoors and I will take care of all your needs, I will take care of all your needs. And hence, if you study the period of Homer, then you will realize that it was him who created you know what Doug canals who put up roads, who employed more advanced and orlimar and paid them good salaries, who build homes, who empowered people who empowered people, he created the Islamic infrastructure, and he had mobilized so many people etc.

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So, the inception of you know, what a home for people who needs special needs or has special care, etc. It was said, Now, Amara, the Allahu anhu, had planted the seeds, but he did it on a very personal level, he did it on a very, very personal care in one on one level.

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And so Satan Armada, despite being the halifa will take care of the needs of this woman who was mentally impaired. And then when said, Now Amara, the Alon who passed away, someone said to her, in a lady nahi Padma RWJ, that the person who told you staying indoors because of your condition is passed away. So you can come out and you can roam around and you can do whatever you need to.

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And sometimes the person because of a condition can disrupt the atmosphere, be it a classroom environment, or a formal gathering due to their condition, and say, Now, Amara, the olana, had respect, you know, in a dignified way, put certain limitations on her, so that there was a decent amount of management of affairs in society and he took care of all her needs. So people said to her, that aroma is passed on now you can come out, so she said the armor is such a person that I would honor his sentiments even after his demise, I would honor his sentiments even after his demise. While Well, today's young man would ignore his father just when it's out of sight nevermind when

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he's late, my dad cannot see it's fine. We can do whatever we want to. Can you imagine what an impact said? Now remember the Alon who had so far lately sahibi he now meets up with his companion and he says to him,

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tala Lisa sahibi. He will Who were you How are we to who as part of dialogue as part of discussion with Jelena insane Whoa, whoa, when you fall through, it was actually mutual rivalry, because the message that follows there on is quite clear and explicit, it was just not a discussion. It was actually flashing his his wealth and showing his his opulence. So verse 34, for Tada, he said, the disbeliever out of the two brothers, Lisa heavy he to his brother well, who are you? How are we? How are you? How are we room? Oh, how are wild speak speaking while communicating while conversing with Julian says, well, who are you far clearer who in arrogance, and you know What brother? Can I tell

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you something and act thirimanne gamma Allah wa zunar fara.

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I have more wealth than you. And I am more dominant than you. And there are more people with me and me extra room in Guatemala, I have more wealth than you. So sometimes you don't realize that I don't realize my brother and I'm in no position to sit and reproach or rebuke or chastise or admonish anyone else I need to look into myself. Because the brutal truth is we don't realize how we sound we don't realize how we sound. Again, my honorable father's advice comes to mind. May Allah preserve him with goodness, and, you know, this is his advice, and my mum echoes it as well. That always tells us that when you have to pay someone a salary, then do it in a humble way. Don't just drop the

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envelope. Don't make the field the person

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feel worthless, make him understand and feel that he deserves it. She's entitled to it. In fact, give them the notion that I've underpaid, you have underpaid, you let them feel empowered, let them feel empowered, let them feel empowered. And that's how we should be doing that your body language a or expression is be the gardener PETA domestic helper, a breed, a fellow employee, been someone who's done some casual labor. Thank you what they say in English, give people more than what they deserve, and you're a winner. give people more than what they deserve, and you're the winner. And if you squeeze that man and you milk that person and exploit him, go around the corner and it will

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haunt you back. It will come back to you, you will make no money by hurting a laborer and exploiting him. Take it from me, my brother, take it from me my sister by negotiate like, like, look at the man. It's an extremely hot day. He's toiling his labor in. He also has a family, and now he's desperate. You know what, and then you reduce that amount of money as well. And he walks away with a sore heart. In fact, just today I read a very beautiful Urdu proverb.

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Wow. And I'm grateful to Allah. In fact, my mum, my mum prayed for me this morning and I can just see that da, that she said that when you speak Allah will inspire you with things you had not thought of. And I literally witness it as I'm speaking. So the oldu poet says

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de la mer, Rihanna, cinco de la mer, Rihanna. seago. gunmetal Sabina de. De La Mer, Rihanna. siko. garment dosa be right there. Learn to live in the hearts of people. We all live in houses. We all live in houses. What's the achievement? Learn to occupy a place in the heart of a person? Let him live there. When a person touches you one law he lives in your heart. He lives in your heart lawyer wrote about her daughter karapatan Punahou when a person has made that impression on you. He lives with you. Right? So de la mera Hennessey called Garner Metro service.

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Learn to live in the hearts of people and how will you live in the heart of us in a person's heart? Give him extra surprise him when he goes back Wow, he's going to pray and he will he will pray for you. You know I said this just as a quick reflection and no no no credit to myself. So there's a fellow worker and a gardener who comes home and he does some work etc. So I try my level best to just give him something additional and surplus etc. So, in his very humble, simple sincere way he always takes me and you know acknowledges me and then he says this lying to me boss and this is just his words. I mean this you know, I always say there is only one sovereign being and one boss and

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that is Allah Woolfolk. Only the remain alim knowledge belongs to Allah sovereignity belongs to Allah and he tells me this your please don't die before me. If you're going to die, you must follow me. I want to come here die before you and then you must die. Right now, obviously, that's not going to happen because nobody has control. But please, I pray to God. And I'm saying to you, my brother and I'm saying to you, my sister. Take the doors of people and love in the hearts of people live in the hearts of people. Some people leave scars, others leave marks, leave a mark and don't leave a scar. Some people leave scars, others leave marks. Don't leave a scar, leave a mark.

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What they say don't dent a person by your negative comment. Don't dent a person by your negative comment. Anyway, body language of arrogance going back to verse that 34 fatale sahibi well Who are you? How are we route, he said to his companion. While he was boastful while he was bragging, while he was raving under me at thirimanne Kamala, I have more wealth than you were arzoo naffaa law and I am more dominant than you in terms of companions, right I am more honorable. So nefer from the lower wing perspective, the dictionary refers to three to 10. So in other words, he had children, he had people around him, he had a presence he had some you know what?

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Security etc. He had he had a presence around him, Well, this man was living hand to mouth, a pauper, etc. and at thirimanne, Kemal and Donna Farah, sometimes we don't realize it my brother, we are saying it. What what's that saying in? I came across where a person said I think Allah Rumi Rahim Allah said

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That music is forbidden. And that is the clutter of your dishes in the neighborhood of a pauper that you know what your dishes or my sister your jewelry is jingling away when somebody doesn't have clothes, or my exclusive mobile is ringing away when someone cannot communicate with the near and dear ones. So you know what that sound of that of that dishes and cutlery and vessels or that jewelry, or that, you know, whistles and bells of yours as part of the opulence that we enjoy. Is is the worst form of music against the ears of someone who did not eat at all. What did the Prophet salaallah ism said la you mean la yo mean la yo mean? He's not a believer. He's not a believer who

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only be of Allah whose neighbor is not saved from his evil or who eats to his belly is full and his neighbor is hungry, who eats to His will and his neighbor is hungry. So he says to his companion and AXA Roman Kamala, I have more wealth than you were asuna Farah, and I'm more honorable as far as companions are concerned. Look at my presence. And those were the words of Abu Jamal in the 16. Joe's in chapter 19 in chapter 19 in Surah Merriam were either total alim donor by 19 Carla de nikephoros Nadine, I am Anu. And when I was clear verses were recited to them, the disbelievers said to the believers, he will very praying for you Rama karma, which of the two groups are better in

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terms of location and position where as a new Nydia and more noble in terms of the gathering. So looking at our club, lady, our club, our meeting, our location where we hang out, and we you set out, look at those that attend our gathering and look at your hangout plays. Look at what you have on a Saturday night and what you eat and look at the restaurants in which we dine. Look at our places of holiday and look at your places of holiday.

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And so what did they say you will very tiny Hiram Mocambo accendo Nadia Coleman, Ghana football Allah, the verse continues. So then we move on to verse 35. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What does Allah janitor who and he entered his orchard that does believe that the arrogant the wealthy, the proud, Romani Allah Lucy Baghdadi says the car can the Sabbath is suggestive of the fact that he took his companion worth. The verse of the Quran says the Hala enter jannetty who has altered the context of the narrative suggests the fact he took his brother Come, come come and show you where it comes in. As you can see this Yep. Now you showing your business and your operation to a man who

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whose dream cannot reach this place, whose dream cannot reach this place.

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Leave alone, his wealth, even his remote aspirations cannot and he has children as well. And you know, he would wish that for himself. What does Allah He entered janetta who his orchard Ruhama and he says taking his companion worth and then wahoo or barley Molina say the discussion continues beyond. But there's almost like an interjection between the two. He entered and he uttered and in between Allah said, while he harmed no one but himself. Wow. Well, in other words, his arrogance, his pride, his flamboyance was only destructive to himself. mania de la bufala Madonna bufala ha de la, we read in the hotbar, the one whom Allah guides nobody can must guide and the one whom Allah

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must guides that nobody can guide him, what are your daughter Allah has say, and you cannot harm Allah in any way. Yari by the lens, who nursery photographer Rooney Whelan, tebu, Dorie Furtado, Rooney, oh my servants, you cannot benefit me, nor can you harm me. These things don't apply to Allah. Allah is beyond that year. It doesn't apply to the almighty neither harm nor benefit. So we will end on this note to leave it at this point here. They meet up after a long time, the one has gone down financially materially but he's station and proximity with Allah is very great, and he's very close to the Almighty. The other one has his world anchored proud, arrogant and haughty. He

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holds the hand of his companion in the context of Romani and they walk into the orchard and the Quran says we

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With his arrogance, he harmed the nun but himself was sallallahu wasallam. And maybe you know Muhammad Ali he was happy he adjumani well hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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