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Hi, I'm Ron I will help were called attalla eva Latina amo taco la haka. Ducati he watamu tuna illa Anta Muslim moon, un NASA takota Bakula de holla. Hakuna nevsun wahida Well hello caminhadas jaha webadmin humare john and Kathy Ron one Isa What's up? Hola. Hola de TESSA anunoby he will or harm in the law cannot equal merkiva you hola Deena Armando taco la Hulu Colin sadita useless la come Armada convoy for lecan zunow back home woman utwory la hora Sula, who Fokker the faza fosun alima. My Barrett We begin by praising Allah subhana wa tada and bearing witness that no one has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him. The prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his busted path until the day of judgment. And we ask a lot to make us amongst them Allah I mean, the brothers and sisters, we often talk about how we utilize the stories in the Quran for our benefits, that Allah did not give us stories, especially of perseverance or of persecution, of poverty or of power, except that we take lessons from them and they are timeless lessons. One of the things that caught up to him Allah Allah mentions is that while the Sharia

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changes over time, from profits, a profit the various laws, we know that the creed stays the same, that the oneness of Allah does not change the nature of prophethood does not change. And he says something very interesting. He also says that the dynamics of a wallum and of mob loom of a oppressor and the oppressed do not change the dynamics of how wealth can corrupt people or people can become arrogance because of what Allah has bestowed upon them, or humbled because of what has been withheld from them. None of that changes. So Subhan Allah the study of human history, when you study arrogant nations, and oppressed nations, arrogant tyrants, and righteous people that rise up

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amongst the oppressed, people that see through the kingdom that has been given to them which are very rare, this is a man it his Salaam, those that are like him, or whether you study the people who have been wronged to a point that they make it a point to advocate for those that are being wrong, like them, all of these are stories that are so timeless, that they can relate to us in every single generation, which is why Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps them for us in the Quran, so that we can do to dub wars so that we can contemplate over them. Now when it comes to the stories of the oppressed, and the stories of how Allah gives victory to the oppressed, as the Muslims have now just settled in

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after 13 years of persecution, or after hosting the people that have been persecuted for over a decade, they have yet to go into a battle with the people of Mecca, who have put their foots on their necks for over a decade in Mecca, who have taken their wealth killed their family members, humiliated them, spit on them in public, all of that without seeing Allah subhanaw taala doing anything to those people in Mecca in their lifetimes just yet.

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And it is in that time period that Allah reveals to them the story of David and Goliath, the story of Thor loot and Jr. loot. Quaaludes being saw john loot being Goliath it is in that time frame when they have just moved to Medina not knowing that the Battle of bed is going to come upon them sooner than they think. Because the Battle of bed that of course came out of circumstances that were not planned for. And Allah subhana wa tada reveals and suit that buck Dada verse 246, onwards for a few ayaats the story of the Buddha at his salon and a wicked generation of Bani Israel in that then went through a filtering process, a filtration process because every nation goes through power and then

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becomes arrogance and then is humiliated. And then amongst the persecuted you have the righteous that rise up and a righteous generation. And Benny is my Ian is no exception to that.

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They go between these two poles. And so Allah subhana wa tada gives to the Prophet slicin them and the believers the story of a righteous generation of Benny Islam, he that arose out of a wicked generation of Benny slogging through the filtration process of power and oppression. And it's very powerful that that's being given to the Muslims because they will witness that transition in their own lifetimes. Now Allah subhana wa tada will remind the believers in Medina

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After better, about better, once better takes place. The lesson that Allah gives them after the lesson that Allah gives them after tabuk is not to recall an incident that they have never seen, but to recall something that they have seen, when Allah gave them Nusra anthem Abdullah, while you were small, while you were oppressed, Allah gave you victory Allah sent you angels because you were righteous, your hearts were in the right place. your minds were in the right place. You were connected in the right way. So Allah gave you victory. So Allah would remind them after better have better multiple times in the Quran, and us by extension, but here they haven't yet faced budish and

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before I go to the story of David and Goliath, I want to make one thing very clear.

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as Muslims, we ascribe ourselves to the righteous on the basis of their righteousness and belief. And we distance ourselves from the wicked on the basis of their wickedness. Meaning what, when we read about the prophets of money is thrown in and the righteous of money, isn't it, we ascribe ourselves to them. And when we read about the wicked, of any group of people, any nation, even if that might be your lineage, or my lineage, we distance ourselves from them because we are bound by faith and righteousness. And so we take pride in Buddha and his Salah, we take pride in the prophets of Benny Islam and the rightness of Benny is slightly and distance ourselves from the wicked. And by

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the way, just to note, even though you read john lewis, Goliath is from the Philistines. There is no connection to the Philistines who are not even Arabs to the modern day Philistine. Just as there is no connection to those who ascribe themselves to Benny slightly from a lineage perspective to those from Benny sly Eden the Quran, this is faith and wickedness and we ascribe ourselves to people of faith and righteousness and distance ourselves from people of wickedness until the end and power. Now, what is the law tell us lm tala Isla mela indeni Islam Elan and Verity Moosa it thought he didn't have enough

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money can no coffee Sabina Carla Hello sh m in quotevalet complete completado Allah to partido pardue women learn who partied a visa Villa what could the original in the arena webinar enough alum quotevalet multi title so when no Illa Paulina Minho will la hora de mama vitamin starts with verse 246. Allah says, Do you recall when a prophet after musante his Salah, who is this prophet, according to the mill festival, this is Samuel Ali, his Salah, a prophet from Benny Islam.

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And they said to their prophets, send us a king that will fight for the sake of Allah, and we will fight but behind him, then he had gone through a transition at this point where they had power, they oppressed and now they were oppressed and powerless. And they still have profits amongst them, and they still have some rights amongst them. And they say to their profits, sons, for us a king, ask Allah to send us a king so that we can take back, we can reclaim our place of power and position in this world. No, cartel feasibility said we will fight for the sake of Allah. But to Pamela, there's a clue in this if there's a clue in this verse, When Samuel Salaam responds and says, How do I know

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that you're going to be sincere and that they did not respond with their love of Allah, they respond with? What do we have to lose? We've already been driven out of our homes, we've already been humiliated. And that's the wrong answer right away. Because the motivations should not be worldly. So they just said no content, FISA be the law will fight in the way of God, but they're saying we've been humiliated, we have nothing to lose anyway. We might as well give this a shot and we might as well go forward. We are not people who turn to Allah only because we have nothing else to turn to. We are people who turn to Allah when we have everything and when we have nothing because we realize

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that everything stems from God. Everything good comes from Allah subhana wa tada and so once Allah Subhana tada sense a king amongst them,

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they turned away except for a few amongst them what caught

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in Allah America copilots America. The Prophet responded to them and said, Allah has chosen followed a righteous man amongst you to be your kink. How did they respond? And they Economou carlina when I knew I had to be working in home, while I'm used to certain minalima they said wait a minute by aleut who is pollute, pollute is not a person of wealth or status. polluters is a person the scholars mentioned from the tribe of Binyamin and he Salaam he was from the weaker tribes, the lesser tribes. We you know, and they've been so accustomed to having new standards of wealth and power that they said wait a minute, we want someone who's royal, someone who's Noble.

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To lead us, so why should he lead us when he's poor? They mentioned his poverty. Also a wrong answer. What it allows us to kind of what's our response in the last author who's an econ wizard who does potential enemy will just, Allah chose him amongst you and increased him in knowledge and wisdom in his physical body in his physical strength. What is this talking about? in Allah mentions, that knowledge is what gives a person superiority, especially or only if it manifests in taqwa? impiety. And so this is praiseworthy knowledge, which manifested itself in piety. Duluth was a righteous man, a knowledgeable man. And Allah gave him as Jisun which literally means by the way, he

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was the tallest man amongst them and the strongest man amongst them. Goliath, who was the oppressor on the other side, Goliath was a huge man, and they said, pollut being the tallest amongst many Israel, he would not come to the shoulder of dilute of Goliath. He's a monstrous human being a huge man, powerful oppressor. So Allah Subhana, WA tada responds and says, he's been chosen for his piety, his knowledge, as well as his physical strength, and you need to follow him Allah gives his dominion to whom he wants, what did they respond with? Can you send us a sign, give us an iron. Allah gives them a sign. Allah subhana wa tada gives them the taboos, which was basically a box that

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had some of the belongings of Musa alayhis salaam, and how wrong it is Salaam that the people used to find blessing from Baraka from. And it was taken from them by their enemies as Benny slightly was in a difficult situation at this point, Allah subhana wa tada brought it back from the enemies, and the angels placed it right at their doorstep. That is a sign that Allah is the one who is going to give you victory, or keep you in defeats. Follow your leader, follow that King. And so Talos goes forward, and they follow followed. first test comes, they get to a river. And they are not allowed to drink from that river, though they are very thirsty. Remember, we talked last week about the

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connection between summer and steadfastness, patience and fasting and courage holding yourself back? They're very thirsty. And a test comes to them from Allah don't drink from the river right now. hold yourself back. And what does that do? It expels the real ones from the fake ones. And so that 80,000 dwindles into 4000 graduates, 4000 men, and then through another period of testing, they become 313. What does that number sound like? But I bustled the alone time I'm home, I said, the same number of the people have better panela. So the righteous amongst them are always very few. They're always khaleel. In every generation is Pamela, the righteous are Pauline. There are few. But through that

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few great things happen. And so far, Luke routes out all of the rest of them. Remember what I love to tell the profit sites on about the hypocrites and taboos that claim to be Muslim, but they just cause the moral, you know, they just brought a demoralizing effect to the Muslims, a loss of hundreds and told the prophets lie some it's better that they don't go out with you. It's better to have a small group of people that are dedicated to Allah that are righteous than to have people that are back and forth and swinging between righteousness and falsehood. And so now pollut goes forward. And he has the same number of the people of Bethel amongst him to take on this massive army

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amongst his soldiers, was that was it his Salah,

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and would it his Salam was not a huge person physically, he wasn't yet declared to be a prophet. He was just one of the righteous men of Benny slightly

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and that would only his Salaam as followed calls out and says who's going to fight Janu? Sam says I will do it.

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What does he have? He has a slingshot. He has a stone. So Pamela, if there is any image that comes to your mind, think about that iconic image of fattest Buddha standing in front of a tank with his stone, not fearing that tank in front of him that would only his Salam is not afraid of Goliath. He's not afraid of giants. What can you do with that stone? What can you do with that slingshot? Bismillah by the permission of alike and do a lot with it.

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And he comes forth to fight Janos and this was before the battle started just like every other battle, you have the three that come out from each side or the one or the two.

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The duel that takes place before the battle that would only Salaam comes out and there will be only his Salaam is victorious against john lute from the very beginning. Well let me borrow Zhu Li dilute our God he called Robin f river Elena Saba along with a bit apadana one foreigner lm calm and caffeine Allah says this righteous group of people as they came forth, what did they do? They may do?

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They said, Oh Allah pour upon us patients, what type of patients are they talking about? Are they talking about the patients with, you know, their desires? Are they talking about the patients with hardship or are they talking about courage and steadfast and so I want you to connect to last week's quote about the courage and steadfastness to continue but I've been afraid Elena Sabra poor upon us we'll set up a domino, plant our feet firmly and grant us victory over a disbelieving army.

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And that would Ali Salaam, overcomes jackfruits has a moon Bismillah wa katalor the ooda loop. hula hula will hit meta while alemayehu Minaya Sha, Allah subhanaw taala says they overcame that army by the permission of Allah. And that would killed Goliath, David killed Goliath. And Allah gave that with it. He said on all sorts of things, knowledge, wisdom. It was from this group of people, dear brothers and sisters, that they're not actually saying was the most righteous generation of money, isn't it? When the prophets lie Some said they had amongst them death on people that were spoken to by the angels inspired towards good. It was from that small group of 313 that will daddy Salaam

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rose. These were the righteous ones that learned the lesson of a previous generation. And what did Allah do for them? Allah subhana wa tada softened the Iren subject it's the mountains for them, gave them all sorts of things that will daddy his Salah, someone that Allah love and someone Allah elevated to and someone Allah subhana wa tada gave Prophethood to after that incidents. Almost every lesson that can possibly be derived for a people that are subjected to humiliation and oppression can be taken from these few ayaats and

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one of the things that is not read into this though, is the righteousness of the Buddha and his Salaam, outside of any type of physical strength and battle. What is the profit slice and I'm praise about the Buddha he

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did he praises slingshot skills that he praised the Buddha and his Salaam for the kingdom that he would amass? Or did he say that the best car the best fast thing is the fast thing of David. That would it he would fast one day and he would break his fast another day. The best dm the best night prayer is the night prayer of that would it his Salaam, that last third of the nights. That was the habit of that would it his salon to pray the last third of the nights that our Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam praised and prayed so that we also would praise and pray. That's what we take from the prophets. That's what we take from them, that righteousness infuses victory in every single way

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possible that the smallness of means are growing by the great length of 200 and dedication and pm and siyam. And that that is a timeless lesson. And then the impact of that is more than just a loss of power inside of getting you out of your oppression. But a loss of Hannah, what's Allah making you firmly planted in the earth There is also another thing that we take from this, that every generation is either its own worst enemy,

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or its own ability, by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala to rise. You cannot discount the hypocrisy, the corruption, the oppression, the things that led to the humiliation of a generation before the elevation of a generation. And every time Allah tells us the stories, Allah tells us to look within. Look within every single one of us is a part of the equation. What role do I play in my prayer in my going forth for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhana wa tada grant us that righteousness and that power through righteousness, not one that is sought for the sake of this world but that is sought for the elevation in the hereafter may last anti grant us the companionship

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of the prophets lie some agenda for widows. A lot of that stuff. I mean, first off, he wrote in a horror for wine

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was talking to the woman whether La Nina will want me nuts well Muslim in all Muslim out here a minimal amount in the casimiro periurban Mooji Buddha Allah for

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Our Hamner waterfront Nevada to either robina fusina inland

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then a corner Pasadena Illa. Anta subhanak inner corner you know what I mean? A lot of creativity Dena, what would come home I came out of buena salado robina habla and I mean as far as you know the reaction of kurata Aryan, which I'm not in with Selena imama along also the one and also the Athena fimasartan Adi Mahara beha La La Nina with bought me no affiliation I was one of them and being inside me rebelled a lot in the last little bit it was Sam where he took the the quarterback away and handed fracture he would want to carry with you to come in and lock into the Coronavirus Corolla if kuroko wash crew Island area is it what are the cola Coca Cola Leanna Matheson our own welcome