What is advice in Islam?

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As Muslims who are supposed to accept advice, Yanni you can reflect over the story of sila Holly has sent him, Salah who was sent to the moon. He gave them a lot of advice. He told them to worship Allah He told them to keep away from the camel and don't touch it. The story is long. But at the end when Allah azza wa jal destroyed all of the mood, the entire disbelieving nation of the mood will all destroy them perished. And they leave floodlit lion Yeah, and emotionless on Earth. Sign Hala you Salam and the believers that were with him, they passed by these bodies, and you know what he said? He looked at them. And he says, one I saw

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what actually led to a Buddha Nelson he and he just looked at him lifeless. And he said, I advised you, but you people didn't love the people that gave advice. This is why you've ended the way you are. And it's just going to get worse from then on in the grave, and in the resurrection, and on the punishment on the day of judgment. And in the meeting with Allah azza wa jal Allahu Akbar, what happens after this? What was the problem? Well, it could lead to a boon and now Sahelian you did not love those who gave advice and you did not accept the advice for my brothers in Islam, Muslims as Muslims carrying the message of la ilaha illa Allah any advice that's given to us you need to

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actually see it as it is called min Allah. It is this it's provision from Allah subhanho wa taala. Where all my lovely Allahu Anhu he said Lehi, Rafi home in late and also Hoon, what a higher of a poem in liath, balloon and masa, there is absolutely no goodness in people that do not advise each other. And in people that do not accept the advice. And in this statement of Mr. Robert, Allah Who and he is not giving the understanding that there is no goodness in people whatsoever. He's just saying I need the most essential form of goodness which is unnecessary. If we don't have this in our lives, and we do not accept that, then there is no goodness in us for you speaking about an

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essential goodness, which is a Messiah that is supposed to be a part of our life. Well, how can never use Allahu alayhi wa sallam when he described his entire Dean in one word? You know what he said in one authentic hadith? He said a dean a nursery ha. A Dean a nursery ha. Dean is all about advice all about advice. This is this is the main pillar of a dean. Just like when the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, allows you out of you know and helps you out offer meaning if you did everything in house, and you missed out offer come back next year because that has you is not accepted. It's not correct. For deenis like that, and not see her. Give advice to each other to

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your children. Children give advice to their parents, all the give advice to the younger, the younger, to the older and so on. This is a dean and wallah. If we were true Muslims, yeah and in the meaning of Islam and Muslims that Allah azza wa jal wants for us. We'll accept the advice with no question. And not only that, but we will try to act and implement the advice then Allah subhanho wa taala. He teaches us that the ultimate purpose of the Quran and the Sunnah, what is it? What's the ultimate purpose of Quran was sunnah just to have a dog in the masjid, hang it up on the walls. We'll just read it whenever you can and move on. That's not the ultimate purpose. Until you're

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deceived if you think that's the ultimate purpose, the ultimate purpose of the Quran is to understand and implement, this is the purpose. Well, Allah you if you were to understand one area per day, one area per week, and implemented one law he says much better than reading the entire Quran from the beginning to end not understanding anything, and not implementing anything. Rather, that's going to be dangerous for you, as it will come on the day of judgment as a witness against you saying, Oh Allah, he read me in the day in the night. He memorized me. He kept reading he listened. He loved listening to different reciters What did you take out of that? How much did you

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take and how much did you implement? And I'm giving an an introduction now so you can understand what advice in Islam means. I don't care if the entire football was to just focus on this matter. Then then Muslims have lost the meaning of what advice is, we've lost what it is. Advice is for you to open your ears and to bring it right into your heart and to start acting with your limbs to this advice, Allah azza wa jal he says in the Quran, well under whom falou man you are gonna be like, a higher Allahu Masha that the theta. Allah azza wa jal, he says, had they only implemented that which they were advised to do.

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Allah azza wa jal, he says, meaning it's a problem. And Allah has already addressed this problem in the Quran. And he's given us the solution. He seen if you only implemented the advice, like Anna hire Allah whom it would have been better for them. And who among us now that he said

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Getting doesn't want his situation to be better. Well, Allah is telling you this is what is better for you. You don't have to go there and here and go see this person and read this to discover what's better for you. Allah has already told you what's better for you just implement the advice that's given. Especially when it's Milan Quran woman, a sunnah it's authentic tilaka what defines a Muslim? What is the meaning of a Muslim Wallah, he most of us have become an image today, no substance, no reality. And you know, an image. This is the weakness of the Muslims all around the world, people have become just an image, no substance to ElDeen whatsoever. No attachment to the dean whatsoever.

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Whatever is in our desire, we do whatever is convenient from the Dean we follow. What we follow from the dean for most is just because it's convenient. Otherwise, if it required the sacrifice, and you require that I step down and apologize to someone, or it required something from me that it's too big, I can't do forget it. But if it's convenient, we'll do it. Simple. Solo time is at this time, it's convenient. Let's do it. I really wronged someone, and I have a benefit in apologizing to him. I'll do it. Because there's convenience for me. For most of us, that's how it is. And this this when we live an image of Islam, the enemy of Allah who will never fear us. Yeah, let me give you an

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example. If I was to hold a poster now, and I've closed the poster up, and I've said to you, brothers, I'm about to open this poster. But please keep seated. No one worry. Don't get scared. It's going to be alright, it's going to be normal. And then I opened the poster. And you saw a picture of a lion with his canine out. Do you all laugh at me? Yeah. What's what's scary about it's just an image to picture. You know, you know, when people will get scared. When I say behind the door, there's a lion, there's a real lion. That's when people start getting worried. And this is what we've become an image of Islam. What do you think will fear us? Who would look at us in fee if

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we're only an image, no matter the real Islam that we're supposed to live in where the people begin to feel the Muslims and take them seriously, and give them the rights that belong to them all around the world, is when you implement your dean. And Dean is implemented when we're given advice. That's when it's implemented. You listen, you come to the hotbar you listen to something, you take it and you implement it. Allah azza wa jal, he said when I know him once again, final now you are gonna be like, Can I hire alone? Well, I shut that the theater and they only implemented that which were they were advised, it would have been much better for them much better, socially, physically, among their

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family in their community. Why should that be that Allah azza wa jal would have given them steadfastness and increase them in the guidance and in their knowledge