Omar Suleiman – In the Darkest Night

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The emotional impact of recent events, including the woman who lost her life due to a death, is discussed. The "hasha" of the Prophet sallavi, which is a "hasha" for everyone, is highlighted as a "hasha" for everyone. The " pest apocalypse" crisis leads to loss of loved loved loved people, and the "hasha" of the Prophet sallavi is discussed as a "hasha" for everyone. The "hasha" of the Prophet sallavi is also discussed, and people are warned not to give up on their beliefs and to act with their emotions. The importance of rethinking one's actions is emphasized, and people are warned not to take advantage of tests and trials.
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smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. While only he was so happy he or Manuela, usually I hate going last because that's when everyone's already dead and ready to go home. But Mashallah, you guys clearly still have some energy in you. And hamdulillah I've heard that the conference has been absolutely amazing. So I asked last time that everything that you benefited with today that you're able to use it, to elevate your status in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And to better your situation, and the Africa along I mean, a lot of reward all the volunteers, all the Messiah, all of the attendees, everyone that made this event happen. I mean,

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so I actually handle I,

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I don't I'll summarize this, but it is very much so relevant to the topic.

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I had a very emotional day, sort of a roller coaster. So I, I went this morning to NASA. And that's not why I missed the talk. I'll explain to you in a minute why I missed the talk. I went this morning to NASA, with my, with my family

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to kill time, because I was waiting on an opportunity to visit somebody. And that time was not yet there. And he lives just five minutes away from there. So I had the opportunity to take my family there. And somehow the law, I got there. And as I sat in the first theater where they give you the history of launches and things of that sort, and my daughter was sitting in my lap, it struck me that I actually remembered so Pamela being sitting in my dad's lap, you know, decades ago, watching the same movie. And I thought to myself till Killa Yamanaka, we don't have enough time, you know, flies and the day switch. And now I'm the parents and I've got a child in my lap. And it was

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humbling to remember that right. And some had a lot I had the opportunity to visit my uncle who lives in who lives in Clear Lake as well. Many of you don't know that I have a maternal uncle that lives in Clear Lake. Most of Hannah law has only been given a few weeks or a few months to live. And I remember the days of joy and the days of happiness. And that made me think so how to love what in what an illusion this life is. But I don't want to give you all a message of despair. I don't want to give you all a message of no hope. Because what makes our Deen so special is that it makes death. Though we all hate it. No one likes that no one likes thinking about death. No one likes that

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separation from their families and so on so forth. But it makes it meaningful there. It's not the end, we believe in something after not only do we believe in something after we believe in something of more importance, and we believe believe in something more meaningful than that which comes before it. In fact, we see this life as only a preparation for that which comes after. So it gives us something to look forward to. And it gives us something to think about. And it gives us something to absorb. And it allows us as we are departing from this world, and I asked a lot for you. And I everyone in this room has a good ending. Because I've seen people with good endings. And I can tell

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you having been around people as they're dying. Somehow a lot being around righteous people, when they leave this world is absolutely beautiful. You see smiling, you see calmness, you see tranquility, you see it in their eyes, that they're already seeing something and you can see that they're already longing for something that's coming next. It's absolutely beautiful to see that. Because you know that there's something else I can see for Han in the in the front row. You're around dying people all the time in the ER. Personally, Tom is beautiful. Seeing someone with a good ending is something that's absolutely amazing. It's absolutely beautiful. And the Prophet slicin

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taught us too long for that and to ask Allah for it, that Allah makes the best of our deeds, the last of them so I asked a lot that he makes all of us have a beautiful ending. He allows all of us to have a beautiful ending, and to be greeted by angels of mercy that will wrap us up in the coffin of agenda of Paradise with the musk of Paradise and take us to the alien take us to the highest ranks and register us with Allah subhanho to Allah because Verily, if that time is good, then everything that follows is good. But the nature of my talk and what I'm going to share with you all today, actually relates a lot more to what should have the Nasir was just talking about what Shahab

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the Nasir was talking about where I at and signs in the Koran and the signs that are to make you stop and pause and reflect

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and re assess everything. reassess your spiritual state reassess your direction, reassess whether or not your approach to life is fundamentally correct or flawed. It forces you to pause and reflect and reflection is a broad term reflection is an umbrella

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Because there's there are a lot of different types of reflection, and some reflections are deeper than others, and more meaningful than others. And what I'm going to address is the other side of that, when it's not an idea of the Quran, or verse of the Quran, but it's something that happens to you in life, it's a major shake up, that suddenly hits you in life and somehow to law, it is so inevitable that everyone that thought they would have escaped, it got hit with it at some points that test that trial. That's so different from every other trial and test in life, you've been hit with pain, you've had major, major tragedies in life. And you were able to power through those and

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you were able to say, and Hamdulillah, and you thought, because you succeeded with that test that any other test that comes to you in life, you're going to react the same way. You developed a sense of confidence. And you see other people go through crisis. And when I say crisis, I don't mean crisis. In regards to the scalability of the tragedy, I mean, crisis in the way that they're responding to it crisis in the utter confusion that they're left in after they've been hit with that major tragedy. And you go and hamdulillah that didn't happen to me, I went through a similar tragedy, and I didn't go through that. And maybe Allah Subhana, Allah will test you in a different

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way. Maybe you were well fortified for the nature of the tragedy that that person was going through. So maybe you just really know how to deal with the loss of relatives, though it's a very difficult test to deal with, but maybe you were really prepared for that. And you've seen other people lose their relative so when you lost your relatives, you were well fortified. But you never expected a test of another nature to shake you up in the way that it shakes you up. What am I talking about?

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shuttled the alarm allowed Tana, she was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of

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she faulty model the Allahu Allah who was pregnant with some of the Allahu taala angle, her first child on solane, the mother of Anna signo Malik, may Allah be pleased with them both. And a few other of the women of the unsought were holding their buckets of water. And they had their their their bandages, and they had their their medical gear to nurse the victims of it. They were only a few women because they had a sense of invincibility as a community because if we want better the way that we want better, and only last a handful of people, then surely we will handle it the same way. If Allah gave us victory and bedded, where we will, where we were less armed, where we were less

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equipped than we are now in a hut. Surely Allah Subhana hoods Allah is going to make this easy, and we're going to win this. And the amount of casualties that we're going to suffer are not going to be that many. So it's only a handful of women, I shoveled the alarm on her was one of them.

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And then the Muslims start falling.

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People start getting slaughtered and massacred some of them so badly that they cannot be recognized, except by their fingertips, like the uncle of NSA. podomatic.

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And suddenly there's chaos and tragedy and he shall hold the Allahu taala. And her says, we lifted our bias there the anklets of the women showed because they lifted their eye bias because they were running to the battlefield, trying to nurse all of these people that are falling dead, trying to nurse all of these people that are critically wounded. Some women did it a little differently. Oh, my model on the low end has stood in front of the profits license, picked up a sword and started defending the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But suddenly, this was a tragedy. That was not expected by anybody. The believers had a sense of invincibility. What's happening here? The Prophet

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sly Salaam is dead. That's what's being shouted out battalion now Mohammed Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself has been killed. The people are screaming. They try to run in different directions but they're being surrounded by both sides. Everything has changed. The nature of this battle has changed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not die. But he was very close. He was struck in various ways. In his shoulder in his face, the blood was running down his face. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fell into a ditch and literally had a man driving his helmet into his head.

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Both of his front teeth knocked out Salalah hardy who was selling

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and he had to be carried because he couldn't even walk after the beating that he endured in the Battle of hurt. And he shut the alarm and has saw that she saw the profit slice in them that day. She saw the hopelessness in the faces of so many people when they lost them.

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That she saw Hamner been just running to the battlefield over the mutilated body of massage or made her husband. She he saw they saw Sophia the sister of hands on the allow Tyler and Sophia men's abdomen color or the alarm and her running to the battlefield. And the profits license told NSF nomadic he said NGOs are told as obey. Go stop her Don't let her see Hamza, don't let her see her brother. And she's insisting and trying to go forth and see the mutilated body of hemsedal the law. And the prophets lie. Some said Don't let her come. Don't let her see it. And the prophets license them cried on the day of or heard in a way that the companions never heard him cry. When he saw the

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body of hemsedal, the luevano that was his uncle, that was his brother. He was the same age as him. He was so close to the messenger sallallahu it was him he was so beloved to him. And he was a he was a pillar in this community. One of the first strong man if not the first strong man to embrace this faith, and now he's lying dead

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and mutilated. That hurt. And the prophets lie, some cried a lot. And he shall have the alarm on her. She remembers nursing the wounds of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the despair in the city of Medina, losing all the people that they did. Why do I give you this lengthy introduction? Because I saw the alarm on her side. I asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was the worst day of your life.

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Because she saw that and she could not imagine a day more horrendous than the day of a hit. She could not imagine a bloodier day a day of more hopelessness and helplessness than the day of

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jasola was that the worst day of your life and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no,

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it was actually the last day of life. It was actually the last day of those two weeks of calling the people of thought of to Islam, and being rejected in the way that he was rejected salallahu alayhi wasallam and being run out, pelted with stones and finding himself sallallahu wasallam. In a lonely place, under a tree where no one else is with him. And only Allah Subhana hoods Allah sees him and hears in a lonely place where he could not complain to anybody other than Allah, where he did not have emotional support, where no one cared that he was crying the way that he was crying, where no one cared that he was wounded. That was the worst day of my life. Why

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did the prophets lie some bleed more on the day of five than he did? On or hurt? No. he bled more in our heads. In five he was pelted with stones and words, and are heard he was struck with sword, someone lahardee he was solemn and literally almost killed. But five was worse. And I saw the alarm. And I didn't see the Prophet sallallahu it was settlement law. She was too young. She wasn't married to the Prophet slicin. At the time, she didn't know what that day was like, she didn't know what that time period was like, but she saw him and or her then just assume that tragedy must have been the worst. Because that shook the community and it took away the sense of invincibility that this

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community had.

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But if was worse, why? Why was thought if worse, not because of the pain, not because of the wounds, but because of the nature of the test of thought was different. This was that trial that hits you so hard, that it forces you to re assess and re analyze everything that has happened up until that point, it makes you look back at life all the way up until that point and say, Where am I going? What am I doing? Is it worth it? Is it the right thing? That's the breaking point in a person's life. That's the point where you you know the pressure has been building all this time. I mean, he was forced sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the boycott in the era of the boy cup, to hear the kids

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crying at night because they were too hungry. And they were too thirsty, and their parents had nothing to feed them. Nothing to give them. He had to hear those cries every night sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Abuja had would stop him and say you're doing that to your people. Your message is causing those children to cry. That's pressure that hurts. He had to get in the grave sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and receive the body of a digital the allowance Anna and her and bury her knowing that what caused her death or what what what what spurred it was the boycott that happened as a result of his message within the same three days. He had to bury his uncle urbopama he had to see it

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Go down the drain sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a matter of 10 years after life was beautiful, and fine, and Khadija was smiling, and obatala was smiling, and we were a happy family. And we had nothing in our lives that would cause us any distress. Suddenly, he's lost them all. And the pressure is building. But the breaking point, didn't hit him yet. sallallahu wasallam because the prophets, I some throughout all of that still knew it's worth it.

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If I've got to sacrifice this, and that family has to go, reputation has to go, we have we're going to be persecuted this way. He still had that resolved some alarms on him, he still knew it was worth it. And he still had hope and determination. that things were just going things were about to turn around that where I'm at right now. And you can imagine if you're the profit slice, I'm standing in the empty grave of Khadija all the law on her receiving her body.

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that it can't get worse than this. I can't be treated any worse than the people of Mecca have treated me, it can only get better. From here, he still had hopes on the law to sell them, there was still a sense of resolve, but thought it was the breaking point. Because thought of seemed to be the decisive closed door that it is not getting better after this. It doesn't matter who you go to with this message. Each and every single time, the intensity of the rejection is only going to increase. And now the prophets lie Selim is sitting under a tree and assail Kabir right around the error error area five, and looking up and wondering, you know, Allah, Ya Allah. What is it? What now? What

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what's the what is the what is the manifest state? What is this a manifestation of? Is this your anger with me a lot? What what's going to come next? If I've been rejected by the people of Mecca, and I've been rejected by the people of life, and I've lost my family members in the process? What is possibly going to change? Now? What comes next? And is this a manifestation of your anger? That moment that the Prophet slicin I'm faced is a decisive moment. It's a turning point in his life, sallAllahu wasallam. And all of us have that moment in our lives granted, at a far less degree of intensity than what the prophet slicin face. But everybody gets hit with a moment like that, in

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life, a test like that in life, where it's not about the intensity of the pain. It's the confusion, and the wondering what comes next. And what have I done up until this point where you start looking to your past, and you start looking to your future, and seemingly, everything suddenly is subject to questioning the constants in your life that you've had up until that point, your marriage, your family life, your career, whatever stability you had in your, in your life, at that point, suddenly, your foundation has shaken. And you're wondering, what now, what comes next. For some people, it's the death of a family member that they really love someone that they could count on through thick

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and thin. For some people, it's I've been a successful businessman my entire life. And suddenly, suddenly, my career is in jeopardy, and I'm having to worry about paying the bills. For some people. It's I've had a wonderful marriage, my entire life, our entire lives, we used to sit and tell each other that nothing would ever happen. And we used to look to other couples falling apart and say that will never be us. But now you're questioning that as well. And then worse than all of that, when the other Billa is one, your faith, your foundation of faith is now subject to questioning and you're going is it all real? I mean, I know I love this Dean. And I know I felt great when I was at

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the seminar and at the conference and at the class and the messages that I know what I'm a bomb was special and stuff. But is it real? Or is it not real? That type of test is the decisive test. It is the crisis that almost every individual and human being will face in their lives. And at that moment, it's a matter of the word that you will say and literally how you will react that will determine at totally or utterly

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whether you will come into the guardianship of Allah subhanho wa Taala or whether you will be left to face the rest of the tests that come after that in ways that you have no help. It's a really, really scary moment. For some people. It's the midlife crisis had either Bella should who or Bella Albertina Sana, a person reaches their strength.

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They reach their peak at the age of 33. Then they reach the age of 40. They could look back and they could say what have I done until now? They could look back and they could reassess their level of religiosity. And in this case what Allah mentions to us God or Bo Is there any an escort on aromatic Allah t Anam to Allah Yahweh Allah wa t de the person who reacted positively and said, Oh Allah, I recognize this nirma now I recognize this blessing. I recognize the great burden that my parents incurred because of me and what they've done for me, I recognize that I'm at a very decisive point in my life, but I'd be Oh zero need an escort and aromatic Allah to Anam to Allah, Yahweh, Allah wa

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today, Oh Allah, broaden my chest, expand my horizon allow me to really recognize it From now on, and to thank you, and thank my parents for the blessing of Islam upon us when I saw the handlebar and it's a rededication that from now on for the rest of my life. Yeah, Allah, I'm going to only do things that are pleasing to you.

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Well, I'll slowly feed the reality and oh my god, I have kids I need to worry about to

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Allah make them righteous. Don't let them have to go through the trials that I went through. Don't let them have to go through the confusion in questioning that I went through. Especially for the Ria to Allah correct them in need to go to a lake I'm turning back to Ya Allah I've, I've done a lot well in Nieminen, muslimeen and I am amongst those who submit that's one means of that point in life where it's like okay, reassess, re analyze, and it turns out to be the right way. But let's talk about this test as it comes to you. The nature of that test. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the very first prophets that he was informed about in the Quran was who

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anybody know

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the first prophets that came in the Quran, mentioned to the Prophet sly salon was Yunus it his setup.

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First we really helped me Rob beaker while at concasseur. He will Hootie is another wahama Quran. Allah mentions to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that be patient with the command of your Lord. Don't be like Yunus it his setup saw a bit Hoot when he called upon Allah Subhana Allah when he was swallow, don't wait until that moment don't find yourself in that situation that Eunice allihies salaam found himself in to call upon Allah subhana wa tada and ask Allah subhana wa tada for help Lola and tada Raka who never met him and Robbie, he had the mercy of Allah not come to him and the forgiveness of the Lord not come to him at that point where he was at, then he would have

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laid in disgrace, bear humiliated for the rest of his existence. It's amazing a loss of heroines at us as the other and then the other, sort of Lost Planet. Allah says, that led me that he bought me he helped me you but I soon I would have left him in the stomach of that well until the day of judgment, he would have stayed there forever, not just in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense, as one who broke at that decisive moment, when that point came to him and abandoned everything that he had up until that point, he would have been in a miserable situation. Jonas alayhis salam would have been doomed literally until the day of judgment, he would have went down as

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that Prophet, the prophet that turned away and the Prophet that died in disgrace, he would have went down that way.

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But fajita hora boo fudge Allah humanists, la haine, Allah chose him and made him from the writers. What does that mean? Yunus faced his breaking points. He had that moment where you know what, I give up on you people. It's that moment where you're reanalyzing everything you're reassessing there is no good and new people there is no hope and new people the punishment of Allah is coming upon you and done and he turned away from Allah from those people. Mohamed livan Allah comi he was angry with his people he steaming it he was happy to hear of their destruction or to know that they were going to be destroyed. But the problem was not that well one Allah Nikita LA, Allah subhana wa tada said,

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and he thought that we wouldn't punish him for turning away.

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Then his people Subhana Allah threw him off of that ship. If not, Rahim, Allah tada said that Eunice alayhis salam abandon the data to the people that would save them from drowning in their code for drowning in their disbelief. And so in like manner, the people on that ship abandoned him and allowed him to drown in his physical death. They knew when they threw him overboard, he's gonna die. They didn't care because they were trying to save themselves. It came back to him in like manner and

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Loss of high notes add a sense a whale to swallow him.

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And he's in the stomach of that whale. And some had a lot as much as you talk about this seriously, if you have to close your eyes, and imagine you've just been thrown overboard, you're drowning, and you know, as you're drowning,

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that it's about to be over. It's it's a very, very, you know, harsh way to go, right, because you know, that your breath, your oxygen is getting less and less, you're unable to hold your breath, you're drowning, and suddenly you're swallowed by a whale.

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It's a dark night, even though the law says, imagine the scene fee of almighty laid in the darkness of the Knights in the darkness of the ocean, in the darkness of the stomach of that Well, I mean, where am i right now? And where did I land myself in and you talk about a time to reassess and reevaluate, literally in the stomach of a whale. And the acids are eating away at you. And somehow a lot at that moment, seriously, you're deciding his Salaam at that moment. If there I mean that that is a moment to really despair. That's a moment to give up. That's a moment to say. There is it's absolutely impossible. anything good is going to come out of this. And somehow the law he calls upon

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Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And it's amazing. He says, Yeah, Allah, I'm calling you from a place I don't think anyone has ever called you from before.

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Subhana Allah I seriously doubt that anyone has ever been in the situation that I'm in right now. I'm calling you from a place. I don't think anyone has called you from before in the stomach of a whale and the bottom of the ocean. In the darkness of the night. He can't see anything. He can't see anything. He's just getting hits and he's disintegrating from that from from the acid and so on so forth. And he calls upon a loss of Hannah hoods Allah and Isla in Sub Saharan Africa in new Quantum eovaldi mean

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La ilaha illa Anta socon oka in new quantum in a while. I mean, La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in new quantum in a while. I mean, I'm not even going to have the audacity to ask you to get me out of the stomach of this. Well, I'm just calling upon you. Yeah, Allah, La Ilaha Illa. And there is no God, but you, Suppan, how perfect are you? How perfect are you? In the consuming of while? I mean, I am the one with the imperfections. I am the one who wronged himself. This was not you? Oh Allah. I'm not bitter. It was a moment of realization. And what a moment to have that realization. I have no complaints to Ya Allah, I know that I deserve what just came to me. I know that I deserve to be in

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this desperate situation. De La Ilaha. illa Anta subhanak in new quantum in a while, I mean, I'm not going to plead my case with you, and tell you about how terrible My people are and what they did to me, because the circumstances are irrelevant to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's not about the circumstances. It's about Allah. Make taking a covenant with you. And you taking a covenant with Allah, and you abandoning that covenant, and a lot told you he would test you a lot told you he would send you moments like that. A lot told you he would send you he would he would send you moments that would really, really burn.

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It's not about how much it will how much it burned, or what it felt like, or how terrible the circumstances were. Allah already told you that was going to happen and you took a covenant with a law that you would obey Him and you would worship Him and you would turn to him no matter how severe those circumstances got. You thought it was all good. You thought based on your previous tests and your previous trials, you'd be able to weather any storm but this storm is different. You undecided and Salah has no complaints. He does not plead his case. He doesn't say yeah, Allah, these people are unlike any people I know knew how to his Salam had suffered for 950 years. My people are

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different from the people of know how to answer. He didn't do any of that.

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Either. Learn to some how to get new quantum and our vitamin. Yeah, Allah. I messed up. I've got nothing to blame you for subhanak I'm not bitter with you. I'm not saying Yeah, luck. Could you have not given me that severe of a test? Because if you would have made it a little bit lighter than I think I would have succeeded with my people. No, subchronic you're perfect. You are perfect. Your decree is perfect. Your wisdom is perfect. Your reasoning is perfect. Your mercy is undeniable. You

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Justice is perfect. Your judgment is infallible. Yeah, Allah, you're perfect. I messed up, I misread the situation, I reacted the wrong way. All of that is contained within szczepanik how perfect are you?

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And the angels hear this voice in the heavens, and they say, salt on my roof. mean mechanics.

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That's a voice that we've heard before. From a very strange place, the stomach of a will.

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And Allah subhana wa tada says, honey vana Gina hamina.

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What Cavalli cannon gentlemen, we saved him from that darkness. We got him out. The will spit him onto an island. He laid there he suffered. The sun rose and it burned him because of the acid on his body. Eunice did not ask to be saved. Yunus just wanted to be forgiven, because that's the goal of life is to not disobey Allah in a way that would disqualify you from his forgiveness. Your Salah his Salaam had given up hope on going back to his people and things being all good there. That was a done deal. Just forgive me, Allah. Allah forgave him. And Allah allowed him to be laying bare as the sun rose on him and his body burned and then Subhana Allah, he went back to his people. And what did

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he find? All of them were Muslim. All of them accepted his religion. And it wasn't like 70 or 80. People like know how to use Salaam at least had some followers, right? the civilization of mineva in Iraq was a civilization that allowed us to be Rahim Allah says that urus alayhis salam came back and found 100,000 believers, he found an entire civilization of believers that were now embracing him and accepting his message Allah made the way out for him. Allah subhanho wa Taala made the way out for him. But it took that crushing moment to re analyze and to reassess. And at that moment of you react the way you're supposed to react, what comes after is nothing but for two had nothing but

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victories in life, nothing but the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala and perspective and, and and the and the fortress within your heart to be able to deal with any test that's going to come after that. You pass that test, and everything after that comes easy in the relative sense. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he faced that breaking point what could have been the unfree him? What could have been the point where the prophets license said, enough of these people destroy them? The Prophet seisen did not just, you know, have the opportunity to wish for a lot to destroy them. He had the angel set by a lot offering to him to destroy them. He could have sallallahu alayhi wa

00:33:09 --> 00:33:25

sallam said, This is enough. I've had enough and really broke but he didn't. And Subhana Allah on that day, the man that came to him to serve him grapes, I Deus.

00:33:26 --> 00:33:51

And the prophets lie Selim said Bismillah before he ate those grapes, and and that said, people in this land, don't say Bismillah Where did you get that from? He says, Where are you from? He says Nineveh in Iraq. He said, Oh, from the land of UK is solid and be asylum, my rights his brother, the righteous Prophet, unisim domata Jonah unisaw Islam, that's where you're from. He says, How do you know?

00:33:52 --> 00:34:37

And he says he's an abbey. I'm an abbey, and then NBR our brothers in a loss of Hannah hoods. And how amazing the first person the Prophet slicin was told about in the Quran from the MBR was unison Islam don't give up. And on the worst day of his life, when any one of us would have given up Allah sends him a fruit from his brother Eunice and in his Salah. This is why you shouldn't give up. Because even if those people reject their children might accept Islam and that's exactly what the draft of the Prophet slicin was on thought maybe the generations after will be different and Allah gave it to him. Dear brothers and sisters, my time is up, but I want you to recognize the Prophet

00:34:37 --> 00:34:47

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, There are a key the noon the death of my brother Eunice it his Salaam, ma there are

00:34:48 --> 00:34:58

no person in distress calls upon Allah with that darat except that Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer him

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Acknowledge the loss, oneness. Acknowledge the loss perfection. acknowledge your own shortcomings face that test. And when everything else seems to be a moving piece in life, solidify yourself. Try to grab and hold on in those moments and remember, everyone has been here before, each and every single person. Every person faces that moment in life, even the envy of Allah, even the prophets of Allah. At that moment, you hold your ground, you solidify yourself. ask Allah for protection. ask Allah for forgiveness, have the right people around you to remind you of Allah subhanaw taala you need them at that time to remind you of a loss of Hannah to add a plan to your feet firmly and in

00:35:46 --> 00:36:28

sha Allah to Allah. Everything that comes after that will be something that you can deal with. I ask Allah Subhana hoods Allah, not to test or burden any one of us beyond our scopes. I ask Allah subhana wa tada that when we face moments in life where the test is so severe, that it confuses us and that it shakes our record that Allah Subhana Allah makes that a means of our Eman becoming stronger and firmer. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala that when we inevitably face tests and trials in life, that the last moments of our lives are moments of pleasure and tranquility and satisfaction and contentment with Allah subhana wa tada and that Allah subhana wa tada looks at us and despite

00:36:28 --> 00:36:41

all of our shortcomings, and everything that we brought to that day, a loss of hundreds out of overwhelms us with His mercy on that day and for the rest of our eternity alone. I mean barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum

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