The Attitude of Gratitude

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in Alhamdulillah tada and to be honest, when I was in Thailand and fusina was a yachtie armanino manga de la la la la la la la la la fecha de la wash Chateau La Ilaha Illa La La sharika Hashana Mohammed Abu Abu hora pseudo yeah yo Latina man otaku la hapa Ducati Aleta moto Nila Juan Tomasi moon. Yeah Johan NASA, Pura vida como la de la la comida. FC wahida mahalik amin has Elijah Baba. I mean humeri Jalan kathira manisa de la la de de la una behavioral or Han in a la hochanda la Cooperativa. Yeah, you're Latina, I'm Ana De La Hoya puluh, Poland sadita useless la Kuma Melaka silicon xinova con, one minute a la hora, sudah, hufa defesa fellows and alima after praising Allah

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azza wa jal, who's certainly deserving of more praise than we can ever give. And asking for our love to protect us and to guide us and to bless us and to direct us. And after reminding myself I knew the taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, and its paramount importance in this world and in the next.

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We stated last week, that upon Sulaiman Alayhi Salaam, hearing the wise profound compassionate initiative, taking words of the end,

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tab SMR blah he came in only her he smiled and began to laugh in amusement. From her statement, the statement of the end will be zero in the end he said, Oh Allah drive me or inspire me and ash Khurana I'm attack to thank you for your favors, and let the Antalya that you blessed me with and blessed my parents with while I only do one hour my lasagna, Hansa and direct me inspire me guide me to do acts that you will be pleased with righteous acts that would cause you to be pleased with me

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was killing the bureaucratic theory by the kosala hain and admit me by your mercy among your righteous servants.

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We spoke about some reflections regarding the statement of the end. And now some few moments of reflection on the statement of a man and he said him himself. When he saw this great blessing, he smiled in amusement.

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And he's reacted by connecting with this blessing with a loss of Hannah who with Allah immediately. He said, Oh Allah, you've been so good to me. You've been so good to me to allow these blessings to exist for me, for allotting me these favors.

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And this is something very contrasted with most of humanity, who, if they thank God, they thank god sparingly every now and then, or, or thank god lates when the blessing is already gone.

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But the prophets of Allah when they are blessed, and every time they're blessed, and at every moment, they're in a state of shock. They don't leave that station. They have mastered the station of shortcut of gratitude to a lot of zero agenda. It's ingrained in their call it their psychology call it their spirituality, it is ingrained in their attitude. That's why they call it in English, the attitude of gratitude. That's where it's supposed to be. You find use of alayhis salam at the height of his glory when everyone prostrates to him in that same moment, not later, he steps aside and says I'll be at a 10 minute mark. Oh my lord, you've granted me such kingdom.

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them, while I'm telling him that we had if you taught me the interpretation of events and dreams, you are the Originator of the heavens and the earth. And so when he You are my guardian in this world and the next telephony Muslim allow me like today, man, I said, I'm just said, admit me with the righteous. He says, allow me to die and Muslim and allow me to catch up with the righteous, and our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have the most beautiful dog he used to make that we should always make, he would say Allahumma inni arrow to becoming zywall in airmatic, what the hell would you pick, Oh Allah, I seek protection with you from the departure of your blessings. Meaning

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while they're there, he's saying, oh, Allah, don't let them leave as opposed to others. Once they leave as a man. I didn't realize how blessed I was still now, when it's gone. He says, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the vanish mint departure of your blessings. What the hell really, I feel sick. And you're sparing of me from so many trials, so many ordeal so many difficulties from being averted to me. You're sparing of me being averted, meaning I get subjected to trials. So he's not just making drama and trials, not just making the island he loses the blessing. And then of what Sulaiman Ali Salaam did here, which is also so instructive for us, is that he said, Oh Allah, you've

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been so good to me, allow me a chance to show thanks for how good you've been to me. And to my parents. This is powerful. Because what those his parents have to do with this blessing, he's the one that here's the and speaking, what's the relationship, he realizes that he is an extension of his parents. And that is why in the hole and so many times, thankfulness to God is paired with thankfulness to parents, and we covered the advice of Look, man, and he sent him to his son, and his family when he was at daycare, thank me and thank your parents. So for him to see that this blessing I'm in is actually a gift to my parents before it was a gift to me. It is the result of the out of

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my parents for me. It is the result of the righteousness of my parents that I got. That's of what he did here. He's constantly remembering immediately the blessing of Allah, but also the blessing of parents.

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And when I think of these two paired up over and over again in the Quran, I can't help but contrast that see the difference between this and a society and a time. When thankfulness to Allah is given one day a year, called the night of Thanksgiving.

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And thankfulness to each parent is given one day a year called Mother's Day and Father's Day.

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And if you believe there's nothing wrong with celebrating these days, I have no problem with that. I personally do not celebrate them for a number of reasons. But I want you that even if you're of those who celebrate them to be very, very careful of falling into this trap of reducing thankfulness to a date, whether it be to Allah or thankfulness, any of your parents to a date, because when you do that, it will not work. It will not make you thankful, it will not make you grateful to Allah azza wa jal or grateful to your parents. Think about it. Think about

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mother's or Father's Day, what happens in our society, you bring them a gift card, you bring them some flowers, you you take them out to a restaurant, is that really our debt to our parents? That's really about us, making ourselves feel better that at least we're doing something it's called reductionism. When you lower the bar over and over and over again, to what you're already satisfied with doing turns out to be right, absolutely not.

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Is it pleasing to our parents? Is it gratitude to our parents who throw them something their way on one day a year? Does that please our parents, maybe they're they've settled because they know they'll get nothing else. But that is not how we show gratitude to our parents and you will not feel grateful for your parents if you have a calendar date to remind you to remember them. And likewise with Allah connecting the two gratefulness to Allah Zilla Jen, will you be grateful to Allah by sitting down at dinner and saying this is the day when we want to remember how grateful we are to have what we have in front of us now it will not work. What will work is what Allah guided us to

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah Allah Allah, Allah Abdi and yet could an excellent, Madhu Allah.

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Allah Allah is pleased what pleases Him that every time you eat a meal you thank him for it and hamdulillah and every time you drink a sip you thank you for doing that as often as you eat and drink will ingrain that mentality in you?

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Allah azza wa jal who gave you 24 hours in your day and expect

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Have you to be on time for 30 minutes of those 24 hours in total a spread out divided 30 minutes to pray your five father and say in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and each of them are Rahmani Raheem, that will ingrain gratitude in you to wake up each morning as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would and talk and say Alhamdulillah he left the euro dollar euro high praise be to Allah who returned my soul to me this morning. What I find if he just said the end pardoned me meaning and being tried in my health, he pardoned me in my body, he gave me my physical abilities. Whatever Dinelli vehicle, he would say, and permitted for me to remember him permitted for me another chance,

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when you put that paradigm that system together, then you will be grateful. And you will develop

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the attitude of gratitude as they say, because if you don't have it as a part of you, you will not be able just to conjure it up by the press of a button on some date, it won't work.

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That is why they say it is supposed to be about thanks, living living things, not just giving things as like a calendar date once again, and look at the proof in front of you. What has happened when you reduce the gratitude to one day in a year, if you are of those who do so the very next day became Black Friday, it became a day to think about what we don't have right and go shopping for more. It doesn't work if Allah guided us not just to that we need to be thankful. But how to actually become thankful to respect his blessings to associate him the blesser with the blessings, not be distracted by the blessings from him. So kinda what to add. Because if we do the Baraka, the

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goodness of that gets stripped, you don't even notice it. But when you have this attitude, it's a mindset. It's a mentality. It's not a moment, it's not a date. It's nothing, even when it's like that you will notice and enjoy the blessings and everything was there. The big things are the small things, however you define small and big.

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Whether it's the things you have are the things you don't, you'll still be grateful. Because even the things you don't your your positive, thankful mindset will tell you, I don't have that. That means I have something good, right? I don't have a clean house. That means my kids are I have children, right? all this noise means I have a family. This laundry means I have close. This pane means that I'm alive. When the attitude The lens is there, you will see blessings and everything you will feel grateful truly.

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Whether it's something big, something small, something you have even something you don't whether it's something of the present or even the blessings of the past. Because when you're grateful that's where you are. Then even if you no longer have the blessing, you look back and say I had that for 10 years. I didn't have to have it. I wasn't Oh did I love that no me anything. hamdulillah for 10 years hamdulillah for 15 years. Some people don't even have that for that long. They didn't have it at all, not for a moment. Even if it's a blessing in the past akula probably has our stuff Rama Rama

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva La ilaha illallah wa ala sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammedan Aveda who whenever you hold on to them

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and if we are of those who pray Our five and praise Allah after our meals and say this every morning then we need to be more mindful as we do it. Contemplate reflect Don't be superficial. Don't be a gear in life's engine pull out be like Abu Hamza familia Rihanna hola who used to say and they would record about him that he would sit there and say Oh Allah I'm that young person that you raised well I can handle Praise be to you. Oh Allah I am that weak person that you strengthen All Praise be to you. I am that poor person that you enrich so all praise me to you. I'm that ignorant person that you educated so all praise be to you. I am that last person that you direct it's all praise be to

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I am that single person that you got married.

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So all praise be to you. I was that lonely person that you gave a child to so all praise be to you. I was that scared person that you secure it so he would go down a list. In one sentence. He would sit there and say I was that traveler that you brought back home safely. All Praise be to you. I was that sick person that you healed. So all praise be to you. Be that live that even if you won't state it. Be mindful of thanks, live thanks. May Allah make us people who are grateful and have a better be meaningful as expressions of our thanks and our indebtedness to Allah. That's an endless work. That's an endless job that we can never finish. I love them. I mean, finally, as you know, it is

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customary a cultural thing that they do.

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This society to

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donate after all of this spending is over on GivingTuesday. And you know, last year that by Allah's grace, we put our hands together and we pulled together on GivingTuesday over $100,000 to double our parking lot and everything else you will see a video floating around in the coming days in sha Allah, the year 2021 there have been tons of hours put in place dozens and dozens of brothers and sisters working hard to make 2021 a huge leap in our community, not buildings, not infrastructure, the work, especially the family unit will be our dedication for 2021 you will have heard some of you about the youth director that Alhamdulillah is on boarded now who will have check ins with our youth

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week in and week out and activities, not just fun, fun, and learning and character development and career prep all of this inshallah, along with so many other dedicated programs for our sisters and otherwise. But please be with us in sha Allah put our hands together. So we make another huge leap. The idea is to try to push this message every year in a way that other communities cannot get done have not been able to get done

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every five or six years to be very honest. This is how we are measuring things now. So please help us be the light to Allah. Look out for the links and donate generously. And may Allah azza wa jal make this a unique community. May Allah allow us to serve our community in a way that is pleasing to Him and allows for people to see before we open our mouths to the value of this Dean, I love him. I mean, may Allah zildjian make this a thriving Muslim Life Center that people hear about in every corner of the world and tried to replicate and allow us the acceptance of that in the heavens. I love them. I mean, a lot of them have fallen our hammer lahoma fell in our hammer. A lot of them

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have fallen out hammer on them in a bed again Rebecca kyren advocate in Alabama, Georgia Karin lakisha Carrie in la cara have been let him in let him move between la Kiowa Hina Mooney being alone and Mr. Bonner, aloha Mishima, Ivana, Aloha, Mr. Medina workshift under heavy J. Hi. Aloha mystery Madonna what Hamilton issue Maradona. I mean, what Hamilton Hamilton muslimeen What's a la la hora de la Baraka, Nabina Muhammad Allah Allah He was like the edge very

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