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Redefining Yourself We are bombarded with images on TV, movies, internet that effects our belief system, our concept of beauty, fun and success. Learn to make lasting changes by redefining your perspective.

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Assalamu alaikum. Today I'm going to discuss with you how we can redefine ourselves. We are bombarded with images that affect our belief system, our concept of what beauty is our concept of success, fun entertainment, all of these things that we see whether they're advertisements or movies, these things are affecting us and having a direct impact on us. Usually the advertisements are talking about, follow your desires, do what you want. And it's a concept and message of hedonism, where in Islam, there's a message of submission submitting to your Creator rather than submitting to your desires. It's about submitting to your Creator. In order to make lasting changes

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we need to redefine our perspective and how we view things because if we don't, we're going to be just like a Alka Seltzer if you know what an Alka Seltzer is, is that you drop it, it's a medicine, you drop in the water, it fizzes up for a while, and then it goes flat. And we don't want to be like that we don't want to make changes, and have it just last for a short period of time, we want to make changes that will be long lasting, there are times that people come in for therapy. And as soon as they see a slight improvement, they stopped coming. And when the underlying issues are not resolved, then they go back and they regressed to the way they were. So it's so important to see

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something through and to go in depth in order to get full results. In Islam, there is no concept of this is my body and I do what I want with it or this is my life, I do what I want with it there. All of these things that are given to us are an Amanda and Amanda is a trust. So the wealth that we're given our beauty, our life, our children, all of these things are given to us in trust, meaning that Allah has given these to us as a gift, and we are responsible to take care of it. And we have to do things according to the boundaries of a lot the who do have a lot. As a parent, we would never tolerate our child coming to us and saying, This is my life and I will do whatever I please we

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wouldn't accept this. And what about the respect that we need to have to Allah our Creator, so if we will not tolerate this, this kind of behavior from a child to a parent, then how much more respectful Do we need to be with Allah that Allah has given this life to us and so we could never have that mentality and attitude that this is my life and I do whatever I want or this is my body and I do whatever I please.

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Allah says in the Quran, Allah Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Margarita La Jolla Jana la come in Harajuku la k wacky putida leotta Hara calm in search of Maya, I am number six. Allah says Allah does not want to place you in difficulty, but he wants to purify you. The purpose of life has been puzzling philosophers. For years, there's been this, there's been this question about why have we been created? And what is our existence all about? And if we think about our purpose, is it really just to get an education get married, get a job have children Is that it? Is that the purpose of our life? Now in Islam, Allah has made this very, very simple for us that the

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purpose of life is to worship our Creator, and we can worship Him in many different ways that is not just through our ritualistic, let's say just the prayers or the fasting or things it's like, basically, in everything that we do is a way of worshipping our Creator. Allah says in Surah avaria I have 56 the smilla rahmanir rahim wanna holla pathogen now when

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Leah abou an AI Allah created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship me. And we have to look within and see what special talents do we have? What special gifts has a lot given us so that we can use this as a means to worship a lot. You need to look and see what these God given gifts are now someone could have the gift of being a writer, someone is a great educator, another person may be a great speaker. So we need to use these talents and use it as a way of spreading Islam as a way of

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of worshipping the Creator.

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If you don't take your God given gift, whatever it is, and you don't use it towards the betterment of Islam, what happens is that it is like being hired for a job from Allah and not showing up for work. Can you imagine that that you have been chosen, you've been chosen, because of your special talent, because of these special circumstances, you've been given this, and you don't use it, then it's kind of like not showing up for work for the job that Allah has assigned for you. I think it's really important to emphasize that in Islam, worship does not just mean doing the prayers and fasting and doing these ritualistic thing that it is on anything that you do, if you make it with

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the correct intention, then it's going to be seen as a form of worship. Because if you're, for instance, taking care of the house, and you do it with the intention of pleasing your Creator, then that is worship, if you're going to work to provide for your family and take care of the people around to that will be seen as worship. So everything that we do, we have to make sure that we correct our needs first, and then it will be counted at work as worship. So everything that we do could be on our scale of good deeds. And this is very important. And I think that when I realized this, it really affected the way I viewed housework. For instance, when I attended a class, and the

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speaker told me that even eating will be a source of worship, even cleaning up your house. And it just made me realize that everything, everything that we do, could be counted towards our good deeds. And I think that that's what makes Islam so special, that it is a complete way of life. And everything that we do can be an act of worship, depending on your intention, what we need to do is use our sphere of influence, and affect the ones who are around us. So whether it is our family members, our co workers, our classmates, we need to use all of these gifts that we have, and and influence those around us. If we don't take the time to redefine our perspectives, one of two things

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could happen, okay. So what we need to do is first think about how we have been affected that admit and realize that the things that we have seen whether whether like through the commercials, through the movies, to the through these things, we have to realize and admit that they have had some level of impact on the way we view our lives, the way we view happiness, the way we view success, beauty, all of these things are affected. So what we need to do is redefine them, because what happens is the way they are being defined, are not congruent to the to the Islamic principles. It's not congruent with it. So it goes actually exactly against it. So and the way they are formed, it's,

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it's haphazardly, we're not sitting down and thinking, Okay, my concept of beauty is this, or my definition of success is this, it is happening in a very subliminal way, every time we're viewing the pages of the magazines, it's affecting us each time, we're viewing certain shows certain movies, certain images, and billboards, they are all affecting us. So if we're not aware of this, and we don't realize the impact that it's having on our lives, then we can't redefine it. So we have to acknowledge first and foremost that we do need to make some kind of make some kind of change. And once we realize that, then we can take the necessary steps. If a person does not actively redefine

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these concepts for themselves, what would happen is one of two things. One is a person willingly gets up all the things that they used to do, which I had many friends who who embraced Islam, and they they gave up going out, they gave up the way they were dressing, they gave up so many things. And they did it willingly and happily, because they knew about the rewards that Allah was going to give them. So those individuals they give it up because they know all the reward that comes to them. It's kind of like making an investment. If I tell you that by investing $5 you will get $50,000 guaranteed that there is no doubt no risk, and you will get that which even question the fact of

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wanting to invest that $5 of course not you would give it freely. And so these individuals do give and do give up many things. But what happens is that if they're not redefining all these things, the happiness the beauty, the success, if they don't redefine that, they will be in on some on on some level unfulfilled and it will start affecting them emotionally it will start affecting them emotionally. So what could happen the second option

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Turn ative is that if a person gives up everything, and does not replace the the Haram activities, the forbidden things with permissible things with halaal activities, they will just get to a point where they can't take it anymore, and then they will abandon everything. So this is what we need to be careful about. And that's why it's so critical that everything that we give up that is that is forbidden that we replace it with something that is highlighted, because we can, we cannot have a void. If we have like an emptiness and we don't fill it, then what's going to happen is that a person is going to start feeling very unfulfilled, very unhappy. And they can't laugh like that very

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long. So they will just abandon at all. And I've seen that I've seen many instances where their converts who have freely given up everything, and they're trying to embrace the film and trying to live a good life. But because they feel very, very restricted, they are not allowing themselves like they've given up this thing. And they've given up that and there's like tons of things they've given up, and they haven't replaced it with anything that is permissible. So they start getting very, maybe frustrated or feel too close to. And Islam is not about that it's not about feeling closed in and constricted and restricted. There's so many things, actually, the permissible things are

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limitless. And the forbidden things you can count on your hand, I mean, it's just very, the number of things that you can do are very limited, very limited, in comparison to everything that you can do. So we have to try to make it as pleasant and as enjoyable for ourselves as we become closer to Allah because if we don't, then we won't be able to laugh. And we want to have lasting changes and to have lasting changes, we have to look at things in a different perspective. So an example of this is those individuals who want to lose weight. So you may be one of them that you've tried to lose weight. And you go and you go on these crash diets, and you try this and you try that and, and it

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works for a little bit. But then after a little while you can't take it anymore, because you may feel deprived, you feel like oh my god, I can't take this anymore, I'm not eating, and I'm starving. So what happens here, what happens is that, first of all, the person has to look at their relationship with food. What is it so this is about redefining your relationship with food. Many times parents use food as a way to pacify their children. So if if their child is crying, they will say if you stop crying, I'll get some ice cream. And if you're good, I'm going to give you some candy. And so this, the child starts associating very good feelings with food. So anytime as an

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adult, they start feeling a little bit sad, or they're crying, or they're feeling bad, they turned to food, because that's what made them feel good when they were little. Now, if someone is not aware of this, if they're not aware that as a child, they had this association with food, when they're trying to go on a diet, this is going to affect them. So this is what I'm talking about that these these crash diets won't work unless you go to the core of the issue. And that's like your relationship with with food. And I think in every aspect of our life is the same thing that we have to get to the courts to see how is it that we're viewing this or what has been our experience in the

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past. And then once we understand that, then we can make the necessary changes. Now I'm going to talk about like the concept of beauty, and how as women when we're flipping through those pages of Vogue, and Mademoiselle and L, and we're seeing these models and the way they look and the way they dress, these all have an impact on us and how we view beauty. And so as a Muslim woman, when we see this and if we think that this is the ultimate beauty, then it's going to be very hard for us to go out of the house and be dressed properly and do things according to Islam, unless we redefine the way we see beauty now isn't really beauty in seeing ladies that are half exposed, if we see that as,

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as the way beauty is defined, then when once a person even puts on his job, what happens is that they will continue to dress very provocatively. So you see that that the individual is, you know, choosing to to cover, but it's very, very provocative because they still think that beauty is the way the magazine's have defined that by wearing very tight clothes or very short clothes. And so unless they change what their concept of beauty is, they won't even be able to adhere to to the rules that Allah has set up. Now, if we look at it as beauty as not being provocative, but as being very elegant and pure, then and only then can we adhere wholeheartedly. Unless

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And sorts of nudge is 31 smilla rahmanir rahim what in law He manifests sama watashi, WA Marcel ottilia clld, NASA

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Xia Latina Sano, Bella hosta, and to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and he may requite, those who do evil with that which they have done, and reward those who do good with what is best, we need to be very grateful for everything that we have been given like as woman, regardless of our size, our height, our weight, whatever it is, we need to be really grateful that I know that many women have issues with their body image and how they view themselves. I've dealt with a lot of clients that have eating disorders, they're either trying to starve themselves to meet some ideal. And this can be really destructive, because these ideals, these models who are

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on the pages of the magazines, they are they are starving themselves, they are many of them are anorexic, and they have they have eating disorders. And if we're trying to be like this idea, then it's going to really, it's going to affect us. So what we need to do is embrace what we have been given and enjoy the beauty that Allah has given and stop trying to make so many different changes, we can always be motivated, work out, eat healthy and do that, but not in a way that is going to be destructive to us. And I challenge each one of you to look in the mirror and see something positive. Because many times what happens is that as look, as soon as a lady looks into the mirror, they see

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the flaws, they see the things that they would like to change, their thighs are too thick, and their stomach is too flabby and their skin is too wrinkly. And so I challenge you to look in the mirror and say and hamdulillah for the Nana that Allah has given you. And instead of trying to make so many different changes and being ungrateful to just embrace it, and and be your best not necessarily to try to meet some substandard or some ideal. I think it's very critical for those of you that do cover that you take good care of yourself, and you dress up at home, because this will affect your relationship with your spouse. And it also affects your own self esteem. Those individuals who kind

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of let themselves go, and they don't care about their weight or the way they're looking, it starts affecting their self esteem, and it starts affecting their mood. And many times people start feeling depressed, and they're not sure why. And it's because they've just kind of let themselves go. So it's really critical as Muslim women to take good care of ourselves, and this will please our husbands. And it's also helping us and we will get that fulfillment that maybe we were used to so about doing your hair, your makeup dressing nicely at home with your girlfriends as well. And I think that's what's so critical about having get togethers with your friends, having parties doing

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things that are fun, and helpful. And I think when you do that, then you feel completely fulfilled because you're doing all the things maybe you did before you started covering, yet it is within the boundaries of Allah. And I think that men are very visual creatures and that if you are not taking care of yourself and you're not fulfilling him in those ways, then they will resort to other means to get that same fulfillment. So I think it is a responsibility to make sure that we are doing that at home. Allah says in the Quran and certain says Zilla in is seven and eight. Priscilla Rahman and Rahim semi amen Miss Carla Ratan hi Ronnie. One HTML myth call ever written.

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If a person does an atom weight of good that he will be rewarded for it and if he does an atom weight of evil, he will see it and be punished for it. So we have to be very aware of that. Stay tuned when I will talk about how we can read the fine our perspective on entertainment.

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satellite channel, family COVID Welcome back. First part I was talking about redefining ourselves how we are bombarded with so many different images and these affect the way we define what beauty is what entertainment is. And unless we redefine these things, then we're not going to be fully

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contentid and talked about beauty and how our concept of beauty changes, and we need to redefine it. So now we're going to talk about the concept of entertainment. What is it that you view as being fun? A lot of times when you watch the movies that the things that they do for fun is not consistent or congruent with the Islamic principles. And you will see things like let's say, whether it's clubbing or dating, or dancing and all these things. And do you really feel rejuvenated and happy after these kind of events? or going to a concert when you're filled in this life with the loud noise and, and the smoke? Do you? Does your soul feel rejuvenated? Do you feel happy after this, I

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would guess that you feel very depleted that you feel drained. And it's kind of like watching six hours of TV if you sit in front of the TV and you just watch like six to 10 hours of TV. At the end, you don't feel energized, it's very different. So what we need to do is look at entertainment as a way of nourishing our soul that that is the way of truly gaining some kind of rejuvenation. Allah says in the Quran in search for Salaam Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim had to either match

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him somehow home What are those auto home? What do you do home be maca? No yamalube throughout the day of judgment they're hearing and their eyes and their skin will testify against them as to what they used to do. So many times when we are out trying to have a good time and we're trying to relax or be with our friends, we realize that we're doing things that are going against the sun, and we're ending up committing sins. And so that's why it's so important to look at things from an Islamic perspective to see how can I have fun without harming my soul, because every time that we commit a sin, it's like a black dot, you have another black.on your heart and another black thought. And what

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happens is that all these black thoughts will be on your heart until your heart is so hardened. And in certain pocket, Allah says in the Quran, that this heart will become so hard, it'll be like a rock and it says actually, it'll be worse than a rock. Because when a rock is split open, at least some water gushes out. But this heart is becomes very, very hard. And so we need to be careful. We don't want to have those spots of black sins on our heart, just because we're trying to have fun. That's why we have to look at it and see how can we enjoy ourselves without transgressing against a lot. What we need to do is find alternative. So for any haram activity, forbidden activity that

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you're abandoning, you need to replace it with a halal one. So let's take some examples as far as like instead of going out and

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going out to let's say, a party, a mix party, you could have a get together with your friends at home and enjoy the same kind of company and enjoy the environment without transgressing. Let's say, if you were used to watching certain movies, you can replace it with movies, that'll actually be beneficial to maybe watch more Federer and get, get more information about your dean, try to replace any kind of haraam activity with the halaal. One. For instance, if someone was accustomed to dancing before, maybe they could go to an all ladies gym, and have aerobics classes, do something that will fulfill you in a similar way. But within the boundaries that are established, everything that is

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forbidden is actually harmful to us. And there it serves to protect us in some way, by avoiding it. Let's take the example of a person on drugs you never look at them. And you say oh, I envy this person because they're on drugs because you know, that is harmful, you know that it's affecting their body, you know, that is ruining their lives, their relationships. So because we understand that we understand the harmfulness of it, we don't envy it and we don't want it in the same way. Every other thing that is not permissible to us has harmful effects. Now, whether whether we understand it or not, is a different story. Because sometimes because of our level of understanding

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our level of faith, we may not understand the wisdom behind some of the things that are not permissible to us, okay, because all of us wisdom is like an ocean. And it's like trying to pour the ocean into a little cup, okay, you could never do that. So we need to realize that Allah has the ultimate wisdom and everything that he says that is permissible, that means it's good for us in everything that is not permissible, is somehow harmful. So it's a way of protecting us. Once we understand this, then we give up the harmful the forbidden things very easily.

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And happily, because we know that this is Allah's way of protecting us, I think it's very critical to understand this. And that way we choose, we choose to do the things that is going to nourish our soul. So for instance, we take the example of going to, let's say, You're very, very tired, and you go to a lecture or a lecture that is spiritual, and it's uplifting. And how do you feel after that, even though you were you were exhausted, but listening to things that are nourishing to the soul, just makes you rejuvenated, you feel so much happier and elated, because we are body and soul, okay, and we need to be nourishing the soul as much as we're nourishing the body. And I think that, and

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Ramadan is a perfect example, that we are not, we're not sleeping, we're not eating. And yet, we feel so elated and Muslims around the world cannot wait till Ramadan, they cannot wait because it is a way it's like maybe just that one month in the year that they're actually doing so much. So much focus is on nourishing the soul. And that's why people are so much happier. Now, if we maintain this in our life, if we maintain that nourishment of the soul, then we can be at a very different level of happiness, and different level of fulfillment. So I think this is very important to keep in mind. We also need to keep in mind that there's so many permissible things and very few forbidden things

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when we when we realize that that we have so many things to choose from, and we're not as restricted as you may think. You just have to replace the activities and make sure that you don't keep a void in your life. If there's something that you used to do, and you loved it so much and it was forbidden, then try to find something just as fun, just as exciting. But that's permissible. And if you do that in every area of your life, then you will feel this ultimate fulfillment. And there's just such a greater level of happiness that you would not even want to look back and revert back or regress back to the way you are. Now we're going to talk about success. How do you define success?

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Is it having a lot of wealth? Is it owning properties or having the hottest cars, many people think of success as attaining a high degree, whether it's PhD, whether becoming a lawyer or an engineer, and having a high status or acquiring more wealth and gaining more things. So this is the way that most people look at success. But in reality, you see that all of these things are so fleeting, they they're not lasting. And so we have to redefine the way we look at success. If we want to have fulfillment. We need to look at it in a different perspective. And in the Koran Allah says this filata Hamada Rahim, y de La Nina, Nina t

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tagish tragedy

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to hell and Harrow holiday in a fee her holiday Tina fee. How can I tell you about Fiji?

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What is the one minute Allahu Akbar their legal Luca who one follows the law the law has promised to believers, men and woman Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell there and forever and beautiful mansions and gardens of Eden. But the greatest bliss is the good pleasure of Allah. That is the supreme success. So this is the way Allah defines success that this is the ultimate if you want to be successful, and it's forever and it's lasting happiness and lasting success, then it is by being obedient to Allah. So if we look at it is that attaining success is being able to go to 10 that that is the ultimate goal. And those individuals who strive for that, who work for that, and they attain

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it, that's having the ultimate success. And Allah says in the Quran inserts of 39 i a 20. Those who fear their Lord and keep their duty to him, for them are built lofty rooms, one above another under which reverse flow. This is the promise of Allah and Allah does not fail in his promise. So attaining true success is having understanding of the religion and implementing it because not only does it affect your life, hear that it protects you from so many things, but it also affects your hereafter and that's the long lasting success that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam says that the best of you are those who learn more on and teach it to others. And Allah also says in the Quran.

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Indeed the Hereafter is better for you than the present life. It is actually like an investment it is an investment in your aka in your heart.

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After. So everything that you do now, everything you do with the correct intention, that is then going to help you to achieve the ultimate success. And it is like planning for your retirement, if someone doesn't plan for it, then once they're retired, they'll see like, how are they going to live if they're not going to have any resources. So we need to plan just like we planned for this dunya, like we planned for, let's say, our children's education or for our retirement or for investments, we have to do those same actions for the Hereafter, we have to plan for it, we have to send we have to exert effort, actually, a very good way to live your life is taking steps for this dunya for for

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the heat this world, and simultaneously taking a step for the hereafter. So it has to be planning for each world. Because if you see an individual, for instance, who dropped out of school, they drop out in like, you know, fifth grade, and they sixth grade, and they stop educating themselves, and they just go out. And all they do is play video games, and they're just playing and hanging out and not doing anything with their life. What would you think of a person like this? And later on in life, if they don't have a job? And if they don't have money, and they don't have a home? Would you feel sympathy for them? I would guess not. You would think well, why didn't you get your act

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together? Why didn't you stay in school? Why didn't you work hard? Why don't you get a degree? Why didn't you get a job so that you could have a better future, that would be most of our attitudes. So that's the same thing with a person who doesn't plan for the aka if you if you are not investing in it, if you're not working hard towards it, and you're not planning for it, then you're going to face the same predicament that you will be in a situation where you have not prepared and it'll be too late. So we need to take this this time, and plan for the ultimate success. Because the success of this world is very, very temporary, we can be the best we can be successful and all of the worldly

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ways. And there's nothing wrong with that you should go and get your degree you should get married, have the titles have the success. Those are all permissible and encouraged. But we shouldn't make that our only focus and there should be planning for the hereafter and planning for the ultimate success. So it doesn't mean that you overlook all of the things of this dunya not at all Allah wants us to enjoy this world wants us to attain the best because the more you achieve, the more you can help the more you can have a bigger impact on your society. So it's not discouraging that. But at the same time you have to not make that your only goal that you should make your ultimate success,

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the hereafter. Allah confirms this in the Quran stating that you could have this dunya and the hereafter that you could work for the benefits of this world and for the hereafter. Allah states insert will cost us But seek with that wealth which Allah has bestowed on you the home of the hereafter and forget not your portion of the lawful enjoyment in this world. Now we're going to talk about your companions do you choose them? Because of the place they live? Or what they own? Or how you can benefit from them? Or do you choose them based on their righteousness? I think it's really, really critical that we redefine our concept of what a good friend is that many times people think

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of their friends, as a way of attaining certain things that they are the ones who will make things happen for them or is just the way of as a status. So we have to choose our friends accordingly. And find those who will encourage us for the best in this world and in the hereafter. Allah says in the Koran, the smilla rahmanir rahim whether in Latina, Latina home lion O Allah,

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at home, Allah hyah to Tonia, and leave alone, those who take the religious play and amusement and whom the life of this world has deceived. So Allah is telling us that we need to be very careful with the people that we choose because those who are heatless, those who are not caring about their religion, what will happen is that they'll start impacting you. So we need to be very, very careful in how we choose and choose for the right reasons. Choose individuals who will remind you of the hereafter. And I have had individuals in my life I've been blessed with them that have given me reminders of how to be better, encouraging me to be the best. And I think that was a turning point

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for me is when I surrounded myself with individuals who are even better than myself, who were practicing more who are more knowledgeable, so it became a competition to do good. It's very important that we surround ourselves with a support group.

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Because this is what will encourage us to be better and to be more motivated to make changes in our life and individuals who don't do that. And I've seen this amongst friends that they may change while all their friends have remained the same. And if they don't have the support group after a short period of time, they just regress back. So get yourself a support group, get yourself individuals who will encourage you who will be motivating the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that you are on the religion of your friends, so choose your friend carefully. So choose them for the right reasons, not just for the worldly things. But when you experience the friendship feasterville

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ally when someone is in your life, and they're encouraging you towards goodness and towards a better author, you will see that you will love this person and they will be a bond like no other friend should have certain characteristics that they encourage you towards that which is good prevent me from that which is head on. So if you have a good friend, and you're about to go astray, they pull you right back in, if you're about to be forgetful, let's say you're sitting around and you're about to forget your prayer. And they remind you, we need that in our life, because all of us get preoccupied our eemaan from fluctuates, it goes up and down. And that's why it's critical to have

00:36:22--> 00:37:03

people around us that are even stronger. Because the way I look at it is that we need to have friends that are helping us kind of pulling us up because maybe they're more knowledgeable, stronger in mind. And at the same time we have friends that we help out and that we encourage that it has to be simultaneous where we are getting pulled and strengthen and we are pulling and strengthening others. And when this happens together, you will find that you will find such fulfillment and such fulfillment in your friendships. So you may have friends that you go out with and you're having a good time with them, you're doing a lot of things that are wrong, and you think you're enjoying your

00:37:03--> 00:37:46

time with them. But what will happen is that even though you love them here in this world, in the Hereafter, they will be your enemies because Allah says in the Quran, that friends on that day will be foes to one another except Alma top one, that they will all be enemies, except those who encouraged each other to be good except those who had love and fear about law. We need to be careful not just with the people we befriend, but who we love, because those that we love, we will be resurrected and my son so if he loved the prophets, and you love the Sahaba, the new love the the wives of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, you will be rezac resurrected amongst them. If you're

00:37:46--> 00:38:30

loving, just let's say the movie stars and the singers and these people, you will be also resurrected amongst them. So we have to be sure that our heart and our love goes to the right people. And I can use the example of the wife of loot that even though she didn't commit anything wrong, but because she was a sympathizer that affected her. So we need to be very careful with the weather and better that our love and our loyalty for the sake of Allah. In conclusion, we are aware that all of the things that we are exposed to whether the things we see on TV or the things we see in the magazines all affect our perspectives. And by redefining our perspective, it will totally

00:38:30--> 00:38:57

have a big impact on us. The way we define what beauty is, what successes, who are companions is and what is success. All of this will affect our level of fulfillment. So we need to redefine these areas in order to have ultimate fulfillment in our life. So thank you so much for joining and inshallah Join me next time when we will discuss more things that will enhance your life

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