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Allah tonight we have a very special actually not one special guests with two special guests that have that in honor I mean we're joined by chef Mohammed the Shinobi. About about him the developer I mean, we're blessed to have as a fellow at European who's written on the proofs of prophethood as well as the names of Allah subhanaw taala and so many other dimensions. And we actually just released the clip last night on to know Him is to love him, which is, you know, series about getting to know a lot of the practical implications of that. And we're joined by the man of many talents. Mashallah. Not that chef Mohammed is not a man of many talents, but chef Hamada shoukry, who is

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speaker spoken word artist, baller. So Danny, you know, Sudan is has a special place in our hearts. So how did it all I mean, we're blessed to have chef Ahmad with us to inshallah Tada. And the way that we're going to do this tonight, a little different is reflect on the name of Aziz, and I'll talk about why, and what the dimensions of that are, you know, we've been using these nightly reminders to talk about,

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you know, some of the reflections from sort of Rahim and inserta Ibrahim, and on the first page of pseudo Brahim, the name and Aziz comes twice comes from the first

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Aziz al Hamid and it comes once again which inshallah time I'll elaborate on a few more for a few more nights, at least the context of it as he's hacking and you see that name and Aziz multiple times and so I thought it would be a good idea for us to reflect on this name of allah subhana wa tada with Chef Mohammed the Chanel he of course has been working on Names of Allah series and shamov, who teaches a course on the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala with a motive Institute.

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So I'm going to start off by asking chef Mohammed the shonali

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to give us some just initial insights into the dimensions of this naman Sharma fellowship look along

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for the gracious invite of smaller hungry laughs local seminar, so Lila.

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I'm going to try to to keep this extra brief, especially with Shay Hamada being this being his enterprise with his His Majesty class of the Muslim Institute. And I've constantly benefited from the the gems and the deep dives. He takes us into the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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But just a few thoughts that I had in mind to share about Allah's Name and Aziz, you know, which is translated as mighty or the almighty or whatnot or otherwise, Allah Subhana Allah data and he says in the Quran, for example, in that Illa he in the race that Allah Jamia that there is a which is the quality from which the name of a disease or which the name of a disease reflects might roughly translated as my honor power so many things, it belongs to Allah entirely. And so every facet of his of mine belongs to Allah, then the Quran actually doesn't leave it to us to figure out what that means. It you know, furnishes such detail on what azeez means, at least as much of it as we can

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understand as human beings. So the scholars usually mentioned that through context, when you see where this name arise in the Quran, it arises to imply three concepts or even paired sometimes with three names, or three types of meanings. And they are power independence and,

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and domination, or dominance or sovereignty.

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And this is very, very beautiful that allows it teaches us and guides our thoughts along to how to conceptualize his name. Of course, in human capacity, we can never fully comprehend a law. So the first of them is the law. zS means power. That's the first dimension that Allah is perfect, and he's perfect in his power.

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And that is why Allah Subhana Allah says other law accorded it they don't give a law proper estimate. Those who deny him in a lot of our universities are not as strong and as easy. So strength, power, and people never being able to fully assess it. And most people not admitting it in the first place, is the meaning of that verse. That's why it all comes together in that package like that. And so recognizing a loss of power is without the name of Aziz calls us to fame has like a really beautiful, call it an exercise. He says, if you were to imagine that

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the strength of all the creatures that were ever created, were gathered in one creature, right, he had the collective strength of all the creatures combined. And then that creature was all the collective strength of his strength is now given to all the creatures so they all become equally strong, as strong as creation collectively, that strength that all of that compared to he doesn't say Allah, He says compared to one of the bearers of a lust throne.

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The disparity between

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That strength and the variable was thrown is bigger than the disparity between a mosquito and the variable was thrown. So there is no comparison and this is just one of the creation of a law just to show you that it is beyond the brink of death of assessing just our Almighty, Allah Subhana. Allah Allah is, but then you come to independence that are lost. And he's as he is, he also implies that he has no needs. And that's very beautiful because sometimes people exude such strength, that they're able to sacrifice something like wow, it's really impressive. He was able to swallow that or endure that or stomach that pain. But independence means there is no sacrifice, he has no need, he

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has no deficiency, there is no void, there is no loss whatsoever. And that is where we constantly revisit the concept of sopin. Out of Baker, a baker is at the mercy food glorified a lot the Lord of Might, above all these partners and these equals and these assistants and all that, you know even one of the meanings that should always come to mind when you recite it because see when Allah says men that lead the SVR in that who elaborated in it, who is the one that can intercede like step in and vouch for somebody else in front of a lot, without a lot, just graciously allowing it, of the meanings there is that Allah does not need anything from anyone and doesn't know any favors to

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anyone, and is not afraid of consequences from anyone. And that is why only by his gracious permission, can anyone ever step in.

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But then there's the third concept that just completes the meaning. This is what's so beautiful about how the Quran teaches us how to understand Allah Subhana Allah, which is the concept of dominance, that is his mind his power permeates all things, because I can have the ability to act and secondarily independence, I'm not going to suffer any loss or consequences if I act. But that doesn't mean I'm always acting, right. But the fact that Alice power

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is the dominant over all things. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For example, good 11 the medical model cannot say Oh Allah, owner of Kingdom but it's not really kingdom because kingdoms like property. Kingdom here means control over Kingdom sovereignty. Right? So sovereignty means money cannot mean

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he says he gives kingdom to whomever he wishes. And then he says he pulls Kingdom snatches plucks it from whoever he wishes because we're also limited that we don't want to give it up with Allah because he's infinite. He gives it and no one else wants to give it up. So he has to pluck it's kind of without meaning there's no willingness in there. And so the fact that and then the I continue to say to resume and Tasha right, you're the one that honors and gives mic to empowers whoever you want, but to the lumen Tasha and you humiliate or you debase and take away from your humble whomever you want. Subhana Allah God. And so

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the idea that Allah has power permeates all things, is a huge concept. It's not like a law, if he wants his power will show up. No, his power exists in all places. And you know, one of the things we tried to do with the just to close this out, we try to do with the,

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with the of Allah series, the names of Allah series that you have been is that we try to offer like something that's Yes, intellectually sound, but also, you know, something spiritually therapeutic, if you will, something that invigorates our faith help us, you know, bring these these meanings to the front. Because, you know, interestingly just comes to mind like mostly men, right? Have you ever heard, he constantly invokes the word the Almighty, the Almighty, the Almighty, He said to me once that, like his Twitter account is dedicated to people that believe in an almighty even if they're not Muslim, right, he doesn't address anything else on his Twitter, but that and so we most almost

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everyone admits that there's a greater power, but and they admit that he's the Almighty, then what makes his tweets so like motivational, right? The fact that you can actually think about on a deeper level, let these meanings awaken in you let them settle. So that's what we tried to do in the pain pieces is to help people along. And another objective of that was to help people purge some doubts that could exist in you, we try to I try to pick a doubt each paper, that knowing that particular name of Allah can help mitigate help, you know, get out of our system. And so knowing that I was in ICS, he's in full control. That helps people get past lots of things. But but the but one of the

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things that comes to mind that I haven't written about this yet, is people say, if I was in full control, how do I have control? One of the early Muslims used to say Allah is not just more merciful than to punish you for something that he puts on you. But he's also more Aziz, than to have to force you into doing things that are aligned with his plan. So kind of hold on. He meaning his greater plan, of course, you have like the fact that Allah is in full control, but at the same time, you have some sort of control enough control to be accountable in front of Allah. That's an enigma for the human psyche, right. That's why the problems are seldom said

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In looking at other firms, they hold back on conduct, but there will naturally be blind spots to fully understanding how Allah can have the ability to be in control of all things. And yet I still have this test of what I will do with my agents.

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And so these are the three meanings power, independence, and then their dominance. But at the same time, one of the downsides we tried to purge with that is that Allah is in full control. And he's so powerful that he doesn't need to force me or you serve my little bit of, you know, willful agency to still be in control. So kind of with that, that's just how it is. He is gentle, gentle. Let me You know, I've spoken too much already leave the Florida modern law allow for us, you better understanding of them, and a life of acquaintance with him alone, man. I mean, I've been I mean,

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that was a wonderful, a lot of wonderful reflections.

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You know, and I echo what she had mentioned, of course, about the, the incredible spiritual nature of the names of Allah Subhana Dada, and it is the most spirituality enriching topic, it is the most email lifting topic is to know about lots of data, it is the greatest subject because there is no, there is nothing greater to be studied than the last panel, I thought his names and his attributes. And I have a you know, I don't know if I told Jeff Mohammed, this, but I've mentioned this in a lot of my introductions to the His Majesty seminar

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is that one of the reasons I have a number of stories that made me decide that I wanted to, I wanted to teach the seminars, my first seminar with an alumnus, too. And that was one of those, those, those experiences that I had was actually with him. We were at a convention together. And we were sitting in the, in the, in the cafeteria of the convention. Jeff Hammond goes to me, he says, Have you ever read the book, my law by chefs and Manitoba law? And I said, I said, No, but you know, Chef said, Man, I have I have a relationship with him, I have a rule with him. And that is that when he writes a book, I have to read it. I just didn't know that that book existed. And so he said, you

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know, go ahead, and I went, and I, I found it.

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A couple months later, I see him and he goes, did you read the book, and I said, I've been reading through it since the last time I saw you. And it was because, you know, normally with the names of Allah, we kind of, we assume we relegate it to Sunday school, it's looked at as a superficial topic, a fluffy topic, it's not as academic as soul and, and you know, and fifth, even and even other aspects of theology, you know, those are those are looked at as the MIDI, you know, intellectual subjects, whereas the names of loss, you know, it's just a song that you sing when you're a kid, you know, you, you learn what the meanings are, and that's pretty much it. But, you know, that book, in

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particular, opened up a world for me an ocean of getting to know who Allah Subhana Allah Dinah was. And of course, that ended up being

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a lot more books on the particular topic to come to an Hamid our to come to an Aziz, you know, that name Allah and Aziz

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Aziz, this name of Allah subhanho wa Taala is one of the most frequent names that appears in the Koran. You know, you have a lot of names of the Koran that you know are famous names that appear like maybe three four, a some of the appears once a Latif appears seven times, you know, you're talking about very, very rare occurrences, even though some of these names are incredibly famous. And so when you have a name like an ICS, that appears 92 times in the whole lot, that is an incredible amount. And you see that as these is paired with so many names as well in the hold on. I wasn't planning on getting into the pairings but just one pairing that does appear in sort of

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Abraham, but it also appears somewhere else, which is as these are, meet Allah subhana wa tada is the mighty and the Praiseworthy, he is praiseworthy because of all of his attributes, but Allah Subhana Allah is the mighty indicating his incredible control. A large part of that is perfect control over his creation. And as easy as that have me the peers of Sudoku as well. And I just want to I want to give us a glimpse as to how we understand this name. Allah subhanaw taala describes a massacre that happens. Allah subhanaw taala says, well, man, knock on women whom Allah, you know, be light, as he said, Hamid, he describes a massacre that happens to a believing community and the loss

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of Hannah data says the only reason why they were hated was because they believed in a disease and Hamid, they believed in a loss of habitat as he's the one who is praiseworthy. He's the Lord who's deserving of being worshipped. Why would why would people be killed for believing in a lord who is powerful and mighty and Hammett? but also a beautiful subtlety?

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A powerful subtlety from that combination of names is that Allah Subhana. Allah is describing this, this, this event, and he calls himself and as these edits conclusion to indicate that a loss of Hannah Diallo could have prevented it, Allah subhanaw taala could have made their fires cold and peaceful, like the fire of MIT his setup, these were people who were actually burned in trenches, a loss of high note data, there's a I mean, they are limitless, the amount of interventions that could have happened, but Allah Subhana Allah in His decree, decreed in his death, his father, he decreed that this event happened, and he is an Aziz, and he is at high meat, he is praiseworthy in that,

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because the consequences of that event were praiseworthy for the believers. And this is something for us to remember a lot of times, we are grieved by everything that we see around us, we recognize that a loss of Hanover that is that disease, that last panel to Allah is also an Hamid in both of those circumstances that allow us to kind of died and nothing happens except that a lot allows it to happen. And a lot is that I mean, these are, inshallah praiseworthy consequences for everyone involved, as long as they hold on to their faith, as long as they seek reward for it. And as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I mean, in our hokulani affair, the affair of the believer is

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uniquely, only good for them, everything that happens to them, and that's only for the believer. Why? Because if something good happens to them, they are thankful, and that is better for them. And if something bad happens to them, they are patient, and that is better for them. And so, you know, to answer that very popular question as to why do bad things happen to good people? The answer to that is bad things don't happen to good people. Only good happens to the believer, but that is only for the believer, because of the way that they interpret and the way that they transform that which is disliked that happens to them, they're able to transform it into that which will be praiseworthy

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in its consequences. Fruits of disease, there are two fruits that I'll share with you. And these are two fruits that in the in His Majesty seminar we talked about these two fruits are constants for every name of a lot of that has to do with his strength in his power. So whether it's in disease, or whether it's a job, or whether it's alcohol or a job, BOD is the compeller of the hot is the dominant or the overpower. I'll give you the great all of these names, and more will have to constant consequences and then they will have different other fruits as well. But these are two constant fruits and that is the fruit of luck. One the fruit of token

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the fruits of taqwa and the fruit of token. The fruit of taqwa Why? Because I become cautious and wary of oppressing or harming anybody and being diluted by my own strength, because behind that victim is a lord who is Aziz

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a lord who is Jabbar a lord who is a heart behind every oppressed soul is a lord who is stronger than me. So it should inspire tough when me and number two is the fruit of TOEIC good. I should be able to rely on Allah Subhana Allah because I understand that he is mighty and I should not fear the harm and the strength of anybody, because behind me is a lord who is mighty Allah subhana.ss token idolizes, Rahim, Allah commands this and he says, rely upon and as he said, the mighty Alright, the Merciful Olivia like a Hannah Tahoma Toluca said you didn't notice me like him a lot mentioned five attributes in this series of verses to secure your reliance on him. He is the mighty, He is

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merciful. He's not going to put you through anything that is greater than what you can bear. He is more merciful to you than you are to yourself. And he is always seeing you always hearing you and always knowledgeable of your circumstance, even if nobody knows you're paying Allah Subhana data knows if nobody knows your circumstances. Allah Subhana diatas was aware of it and he is mighty able to change your circumstances and He is merciful as you go through everything that you go through.

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Like my brother could become beautiful reflections and somehow life they can sort of brought him by the way, there's this. There's also this meshing together and Aziz and Hamid last palletizers Leeteuk region asimina Guru Mattila no read me that you would that you would guide people from the darkness to the light by the permission of your Lord, and he's as evil Hamid right. And so what that means is that Allah subhanaw taala is praiseworthy, whether you praise him or not, because he is Al Aziz. And a few hours later, Aziz and Hakeem is speaking about the idea of those that end up going astray. And those that you know, and the idea of people choosing their path, of course, always under

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the will of a loss of hundreds Anna but choosing their path and person choosing to turn away from a loss of hundreds and in the process being turned away from a loss. So who that guidance comes to and things that happen.

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And he has a he is a disease of Hakeem. And I think that there's also something to be said about that, that his he is all wise whether you can access his wisdom or not and you can never access his wisdom, he is all knowing whether you can have a glimpse of understanding or perceiving that knowledge or not you I mean a loss is all knowing. So, him being Aziz and Hamid Aziz and Hakeem, he is praiseworthy, whether you praise him or not, he is wise whether I think one of the practical implications and maybe each of you, if you have anything further to say about that, but his wisdom is all encompassing and perfect, whether you can access or understand any element of that wisdom or

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not, because he is he is the all knowing he is the all wise he is the all praiseworthy, any last one minute or you know, chime in from from both of you inshallah time.

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So, let's your homework.

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So, I 100% I echo what you said it was an I can't really add to it much, Hamid. Is Hamid is interesting, because it's different than Mahmoud Hamid is the one who is the one of praiseworthy attributes. Mahmoud is the one who is praised. And so Hamid is the one who is praiseworthy, whether they're praised or not, like you mentioned, just like Habib is the one who has the attributes deserving of love. And maboob is the one who is loved. And so Habib is actually it is it is an independent attribute. And independent attributes are always stronger than those that are conditional that requires someone's someone else's action. And so a lot of kind of data being made

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is the one who, whether or not everybody praises him or not, he's the one who has praiseworthy attributes. And I very much appreciate chiffon which is like a look at for for the invitation, and Chef Mohammed for the companionship not just on this webinar, but your companionship over the past however long it's been Allah Subhana Allah bless you both. And the His Majesty seminar is online. For those who are interested, we are today is actually the last day to sign up and you can get access to that online

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Something very fast in conclusion that the chip is someone has made a whole lot in that book mentions

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two things actually like the he says that if you want to stir the meaning of it in your life, as I was saying earlier, you need to actually how do you bring this to the front? He says it's his book, right? He says in that work metabolizes a blockquote. His book a book of Isaiah, right. And so people that are distanced from this book, and don't drink from the fountain of this book,

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they wind up not realizing that he's an Aziz and that is why they don't have that Takashi Hamada spoke about even ethically right they cut corners. So, for example,

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those that were fearful about the consequences of the prophet SAW Selim coming to Medina

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they cut corners and basically started developing a coalition against them and they said lay a holiday in rajani in Medina, they have done that as soon and then you know, now we got bigger numbers than him we'll just you know, coalesce and we'll just push him out and when they come back to Medina, the ones that are really Aziz us are going to throw out these these weak links. And Allah said what is belongs to Allah and His Messenger in the believer and the hypocrite doesn't realize until the hypocrites whose heart becomes compromised because he's missing from these books right? They start cutting corners because the weight of a was great and this is not their right similarly

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when people event when you avenge yourself a lot as in the same year said, you will wind up cutting corners right you'll wind up committing violent transgressing against people when you make it your habit to be vengeful. And that's why the prophet SAW said them said that you know mezzetta level I would then be off when it is when you just leave it to Allah is right when you just pardon people make that your habit you're allowed to event but let your habit your safe space your corner be forgiving people Allah does not increase a person in their forgiveness except in his in mind and an honoring you cut corners. I know I need to get mine. right because you don't have enough relegation

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to Allah because the weight of his answer is not there. And so the idea of stirring these meanings is very important. I'm just again discussing them so that we can actually have this lived experience of not needing to panic not needing to cut corners, not needing to feel like we don't have a lousy standing behind every person who's a disadvantage but you Hamas it about it.

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Absolutely beautiful design like it and the avola series is on yaqeen as well. In fact, we just released a paper on a salon today. And you can also see the tinola Mr. loved him. It says that it was done with Chef Hamish and now he and myself that lecture but it really wasn't I just handed it off to him at all and it was a slam dunk carrier preface

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opener massage it and realize it and gather us in person together somehow I miss seeing you both and being with you both May Allah bless

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for the great work that you do, but by the way, you you mentioned at the beginning that I was a baller. I wish unfortunately I don't play ball. Oh.

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So I'm from Queens and it's just embarrassing everywhere I go people want to play ball and I don't play. Michelle Obama is a is a baller though he played Yes, yes, I heard.

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I've heard. Unfortunately, I'm, you know, I'm more of a viewer than a player.

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But may Allah have mercy on both of your fathers By the way, I also want to point to that your mother tributes his father to Lani and

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and it was beautiful a few days ago, I'm sure from our I know your father passed away about six years ago, right? Six, seven years ago.

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A lot of mercy on them both. And your mother, your mother? I mean,

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she has set you guys up to make that for my mom.

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I need to set me up for that.

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Chef Omar, put you on the spot close us off with spoken word. Spoken Word. Okay, so I don't know why I shouldn't I should have expected that.

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Because I like ever asked you to do that. Yeah, we'll just do a classic. Just a quick one about about Jen because we hope on the topic of our parents that we are all reunited with our loved ones in Paradise and introduce them to each other and chiffon. More said in Genesis, I mean,

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so close your eyes and imagine this eternal bliss your every wish at your fingertips and more. perched on a throne near a stream so serene and exquisite. A scene you've never seen yet you still dream of more gone his paint is gone his fear God is grief gone our tears, idol speech you shall never hear and the prophets make up your social sphere, and more. The martyrs the righteous and the truthful to you are from them and they from you. They held tightly to what they knew was true and to join them. You did too. There's more maidens chase to restrain their gaze last in a glance for days and days Fun and frolic as a child plays with a breath that leaves your lips His praise of the one

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who gave you more. Imagine you and your father and your mother with ages the same imagine showing off your book with no shame. Imagine nice with the companions, their stories to entertain. Now imagine Muhammad Sallallahu audience and knowing your name. What could be there more gardens underneath which rivers flow a goal so far, and yet so close a journey we're taking for those who know tell me do you not wish to go for more for all of the bounties and all of the grace and all of the sights and the smells and the taste will be forgotten without a trace as if frozen in time and space. When you see his face. When an excellent master of a miserable slave you forgot and he

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forgave he gave you guidance and he still he gave you guidance and you still straight. You asked for mercy that he gave and more and more and more

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or less data grant as general

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as I can log on to both of you for joining tonight. So now I want to come on down and cut