Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan With The Quran – Day 24

Nouman Ali Khan
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Yo MA in your story, nurse and now that this testimony has begun, then the next scene that is described is Yama is installed in us the day on which people are going to be. It says spread out. But sadara in Arabic, really interesting word it's used for. It's the opposite of what other, what other is actually when you're in the desert, and you're looking for water.

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And of course, if you're in the desert looking for water, and you find it like follow ma Meridian, you get your water, and then you move on, you don't stay at the water, you get whatever you need, and then you carry on with your journey. And the idea of getting water and moving on is sadara. That's why you bring the animals to drink. And then you take them on their way. And this is why even in the story of Musa alayhis, Salaam landestheater, use little chicken Cubby, we're not going to feed our animals give our animals water until we replenish them and they can move on. And our data is too old to do the job. We have to do it ourselves. That's what those women told musasa. same word

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was used, you still hear the majority of form? Yes, total nurses used? What does it mean? It actually means when people move on from the watershed. Bear with me, that sounds complicated. When people move on from the watershed, Ally's describing this entire life that we lived, like you were on a journey in the desert,

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a long journey and there was a brief stop by some water, and you had a little bit to replenish yourself. And then the journey goes on. As if to describe 1000s of years even more countless years before you and I came to this earth, Allah had already created us, our rule already existed, all of them already existed since the time of Adam and Islam, we have been around a very long time. And then Allah took our rule, put it inside our mother. And let us have a little bit of this a little bit of water for a little while on this earth. This was just a pitstop. And then it's time to move on. Because the next station, the journey goes on. And so your slowness is actually people are done

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with this temporary stop. And now it's time for them to move on. But once they move on, in this temporary stop, they all shared the planet, they all shared neighborhoods, they all shared family, even believer and disbeliever was in the same family. Remember, in the previous surah, we saw that people would not have been one fokin wouldn't have been separated until albena came. Now unless as as people will move on from this journey. Now they won't be together anymore, I started they're going to be broken up into groups broken up into several groups heading in several different directions. This is picking up from a theme that we've already read. In the last chapter, same word

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again, your efforts go in different directions and picking up from that, depending on the kinds of efforts your life was made up of. That's the group you'll belong to heading in a different direction based on your actions. And just like that, and that sort of in Yamashita efforts, and diversity was together here, a start comes with our mouth, just like Sadie and shatta. And I started our mouth. So I started euro Armada home. So they may be shown their deeds, people will move on from the watershed people will pass along from this life because it's this is over the earth is telling you that time is done. There's no more risk here. Now the only risk left is that of the orchestra. And now when

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you go forward, you are going to be broken up into varieties of groups. So you may be shown your deeds, the Euro Armada home, you know what that suggests, that suggests that people are going to be categorized not by race, they're not going to be categorized by height or color or language. They're going to be categorized by deeds. You know, the murderer from here, and the murderer from Australia and the murderer from Bangladesh, or wherever else, all bunched together. They're all in one place. The muscley, the faster the giver of charity, the forgiver wherever they were from whatever generation they were from whatever region they were from, whatever society they were from, whatever

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profit they were from, bunch together by category of deed, Euro Armada home, that's one kind of categorization. Then we'll find other categorization Yeoman, Luca Luna zombie mommy him, the day on which we call everybody by their leaders, meaning who did they follow? Who did they follow mean meaning by their profits or their false gods and everything else. So there are multiple kinds of categorizations on Judgement Day that have been identified, perhaps referring to the different stages of judgment. But in any case, Now Allah says people will have moved on and there'll be broken up into groups so they may be shown their deeds, she says, into shelter says tamala g w fasudil. V

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is Ella Ella Nikita nama Philip de la sala de la la Ilaha be inherited dunya les set Bidadi makhan. Simple like the fact that the word you know, the word yesterday was used is only there to describe it as the opposite of what order to stop for water actually to move on from the water because this world was never a place we were meant to stay forever. And so we come to the concluding part of this remarkable

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We're all familiar with Scala rotting. And so then whoever may have done the equivalent in weight mythical in Arabic is the equivalent of the weight of something like this is mythical of that means this one weighs as much as that. When you compare two things, that's mythical. Okay? mezcal is a unit of measure, like you can say nowadays a gram, or a milligram, or a kilogram or a pound, those old myths can actually in old Arabic, a means by which weight is measured a standard by which weight is measured. So Allah says, Whoever may have done the worth of a euro, the weight, I won't translate variety of good, we'll see it. If you have done if you've Yamal actually means consciously done.

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Amelie includes Nia and it Farrell doesn't, whoever consciously did an act of good and meant to do something good, even if it's the worst of what Allah calls is Allah now what is the euro zone? My euro issue is shams, mineral, mineral haba. That is if you're sitting by a window on a sunny day, and you see little fibers of dust flying around.

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One of those is called a dove.

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And what does that weigh?

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Allah says the equivalent of the weight of that of a good deed a human being will see.

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That is almost impossible to see to begin with. Forget weigh, forget value. In other words, human beings will be shocked on that day that Allah counted the good deeds that they never even thought about. It didn't even occur to them that that was a good deed. And Allah will have counted it, and they will see it. This is the second time in the surah. You're talking about the shock of the human being. The first shock of the human being was when the earth was shaking up. And the human being saying, What is wrong with this? What's going on with the earth man? Aha. The second time The human being is shocked, is when he sees or she sees a speck like a flying bit of dust. By the way, where

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does this come from the earth it rises from the earth. So you sign the beginning of the sutra, the Earth is giving up its heavy burdens. And now by the end, not only are their heavy burdens of means of consequence, by the end of it, every speck is of consequence. And that's why the two times the word sickle was used as Carl was for the heavy loads of the earth. Yama isn't, you know, in the beginning well as Raja escala. And now the same root origin again, woman familia myth, Allah de Ratan hiren, Yahoo. And it's a mercy from Allah azza wa jal, when we think of that judgment, a, we think of our bad deeds first. And in the surah, everything is so scary, but by the time he gets to

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the end, he says, before I tell you about your bad deeds, let me tell you first, none of your good deeds are going to be wasted away. There's not a good deed that will not go on record, it will be counted and it will be measured, even if it's so small that it was impossible to measure in this world. Now, here herein lies the question, how is something impossible to measure in this world, but it's so valuable on judgments are of any value on judgment day? You see, the thing is, when the prophet SAW Allah says, In normal Dharma do miniart actions are entirely dependent on their intentions. That is not how the world works. That is only how Islam works. That's not how the real

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world or this this worldly life, that's not how it works. If somebody does a great job, or does everything they needed to market the product to sell the product, and they made no sales. They made no sales will keep their job again and lose their job, lose their job, you didn't get the results. And they go to their boss and say, you know, in MLM Albanians,

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actions are bad. I mean, I intended to make the sales. And we're in a while equilibrium MANOVA. Every person should get rewarded according to their intention. My intention was to make more sales than I've ever been made in history. Yes, I didn't make a single sale. But since I should be rewarded based on my intentions, I need a bonus. That is not how the world works. The world works on results. What impact did you have? How much sales did you make? How many audience did you have? How many people attended the program? How much money did you raise? How many people did you feed, like a charitable organization, its success is going to be some bar graphs, what you can measure what you

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can see, but somebody living in some apartment somewhere, and he's helping their neighbor out, or whatever, that's not on a chart anywhere. You understand? The same way, there's a fundraiser, and they say, who's gonna give 50,000 and nobody raises their hand because it's awkward, but some guy writes a check for

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a logger. And by the end of it, somebody fundraisers like already over people are dying, they're falling off in their chairs, and the guy's not letting go and he says, okay, who's gonna get $5?

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Right? And when somebody says $5, a ticket is much lower.

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It's not like that anymore. I was like,

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Hello, like that. But what do you know that there's someone in the audience who only

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We had $5.50. And they gave $5.

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You don't know that. In this world, it only added to the balance by $5. But in the next world, that $5 may be worth way more than anybody in this world could ever have imagined. The scales of that day are different. Because they are based on the level of sacrifice, you made, the level of difficulty you went through the level of difficulty I had to go. So that day, it may be that the 50,000 was worth nothing, or worth less than the 50 cents on the other side, or the quarter. On the other side, it may be that case. So this is Miss Carla donathan, what you thought was nothing. Nobody else thought it was significant. Your contribution, who would even know who would even care? Today, for

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example, we think about the like, think of the scholars that have passed this Dean along to us, right. And those scholars that passed as Dean long, many of them we don't know much about their mothers, we don't know much about their fathers, we don't know much about their influences, and the love that their mother showed them, who we may not even know maybe the reason they became who they are. But nobody give credit to the mom, who really knows much details about the mom unless he talked about his mom or wrote something about her we don't know. But that woman who the world doesn't know and her son or her daughter, everybody knows that woman is reaping so much from the oma because of

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what she did you understand, there are people on the scene and there are people behind the scenes, there are people that are prominent than people that are invisible. On the day of judgment, you'll see that this this is why law calls it like a law, what law

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it's like a game and a play. And even the idea of learning. Some say is playing along like somebody looks like a king, somebody looks like a beggar. But on Judgement Day, the beggar looks like a king and the king looks like a beggar. Things are gonna flip. So whoever had may have done even the worst of a flying piece of dirt, a speck flying in the air, something weightless in this world, even the worth of that they will see and the other implication of that of course, is even if in the spiritual sense it was worth so little like we prayed but our mind was somewhere else. We made mistakes in our prayer or will do was faulty or whatever else. It was some like 99% the salon was horrible at 1% of

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good that was in an A level account that to * give that to you. You know, this is why at the end of our prayer, we set up another couple Minda master except from us, okay, it was broken. It was flawed. It was a lot of problems in it. But whatever patch job we gave you just take it from us. You know you accept it from us. That's the door of Abraham la salon passed on to us. And for us. It's a lot more valid, you know, because he built a cabin with a dog. We do what we do and then we make cat likes up from us, you know? So this is what familiar with Carla tsaatan Hi, Ron. Hello

Surah Az-Zalzalah

In the final passage of Surah Az-Zalzalah, Allah describes the moment of resurrection and how our deeds will be weighed on the Day of Judgment. Ustadh Nouman explains to us that the word “yasdur” gives an entire spectrum of meaning that implies that our existence on this earth was no more than a brief stop at a watershed in a desert journey. During this temporary stop, believers and disbelievers live together side by side, but at the end of this journey they will be separated and shown their deeds. It’s a mercy from Allah that none of our good deeds will be forgotten, even if they weigh the equivalent of a speck of dust. On the scales of Judgment Day, good deeds and good intentions, no matter how small they seem in human terms, have the heaviest weight.

2017-06-20 – Ramadan 2017

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