How the Prophet Treated his Neighbours

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In an hamdulillah you know him I don't want to stay on you know he want to stop you don't want to study whenever we're really tired I mean surely and fusina woman see Dr. Medina in omiya de la la la, la la

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la la la la la la jolla Sheree Kara wash one no Mohammed Abu hora solo or solo hola Rahmatullah alameen wa meaning one 110 Sadiq in Geneva Jemaine, and Allahu

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wa sahbihi aryan and omean was at unsummon Old Firm bulama de hierro managers at nebia. No matter what as soon as he salat wa salam o as it were Ballykelly while he was happy. Well Allah Jimmy minister Navy soon he walked up

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to me laomi Dean

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oc kumaun, FC beatifull la eterna VaynerMedia tequila

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Raja, we

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are present due to a law alone and then we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and forgiveness. Truly him Allah subhanho wa Taala guides not can mislead and he Humala leaves to go straight there is none who can guide and everyone says there's nothing worthy of worship save alone. And then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both a servant and His Messenger. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In the Quran, along yester female mela he can use hulan woman and nurse that Indeed Allah has chosen messengers from amongst the angels and amongst the people. And so it is a loss of power now with the ILO who chose those who would be the leaders

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amongst the people, and serve as an example for humanity in how we sleep, and how we awake, and how we eat and how we drink, and how we live every facet of our lives. And the greatest obligation

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of the prophets and the messengers. And the heart of their mission was to enhance our interactions with each other, our moral standard, our ethics, our character, and our mannerisms. Because all of those, all of those features are interconnected. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the map worth to live with him muckety muck, he said that I was only sent to perfect noble character. And so the intent of sending messengers to mankind, to be leaders in conduct

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is to perfect the nobility of our character, to enhance the way that we interact with each other. And because of this loss of paranoia with Allah and the Prophet himself, consistently tied our belief

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and our system of beliefs without our characteristics, our rituals, our alphabet that are tied to our mannerisms. And you see this throughout the Quran. When Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to pray, he said wildling the slaughter in Nevada,

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he will Moncure Allah said established

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indeed solder removes or prevents fascia and mukarram. It prevents lewd behavior and conduct an evil conduct.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to speak about charity,

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he said hold on

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to Hiraman sada.

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Allah said that a kind word

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and a word of forgiveness is better than Southern

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which is followed by evil character, Southern core, which is followed by harm Southern Virginia

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meaning that almost a penalty is saying

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they would be better for the person to say words of forgiveness and kindness to the poor. To say to them, I'm sorry, I cannot help you today. I'm sorry, I cannot be there. May Allah forgive me May Allah bless you. It's better to say a kind of a word of kindness than to give that person money. But then to follow that money with harm.

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That every time you see them, you remind them you gave them money. Remember when I gave you money,

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and men will ever to follow the person constantly reminding them of how you help them and to give them the money and to tell them yeah, here's the money, we'll get a job now. Here's the money and you say something rude and something mean to them.

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And unless parents are Listen, if you're just

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Choosing between these two,

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it's better for you to have such a kind word and capture and then for you to give this other file and use that as a means to have bad at a bad manners with the poor. So to maintain good character is actually more important. And whenever Allah subhanaw taala obligated us with worship and acts of obedience, he connected it to our treatment of other people. When it came to Hajj, he told us without without whenever superfun Hajj that when it comes to hide your conduct is important. When it comes to fasting, your conduct is important. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men can rely on The Omen,

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Fela vgr The Prophet said, Whoever believes in a lion in the last day, then they should not harm their neighbors. woman can a

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value chrimbo crimbo. And whoever believes in a lot in the last day, then let them honor their guests. When they can do you will Yeoman failure.

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And whoever believes in a lot in the last day, then let them speak good or remain silence. The Prophet is tying your belief in the law, and in the last day to what to your interactions and your treatment of other people.

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And when the last panel data chose to describe our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quran,

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he could have chosen to describe him by his attributes of knowledge. And he sallallahu wasallam was the most knowledgeable of men.

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And he could have chosen

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to describe him by his attributes of eloquence and he was the most eloquent of men. And he could have chosen to describe him by his beauty, and he was the most beautiful of men.

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But Allah subhanaw taala when he described our Prophet sallallahu, and he was sending them, he said, we're in a color photo of him. He said, Indeed, you are a great swirl character. You are upon a great standard of character. When he described our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said as he is when Allah Hema

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How do you

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mean Oh for him, he said, I agree with him that you should suffer the profit. profits in the long run, even send him so much love for the Muslims. He is grieved when they suffer. And he is concerned over the believers and he is constantly compassionate and constantly merciful. It was through the excellent moral character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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There are lots of panel data described him for bml recommends him in a lie in in 1001.

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Allah subhanaw taala says it is because of a mercy of a law that you were lenient to them, that you were lenient to the Sahaba when open.

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But were you rude and harsh in your hearts, learn from them and how they would have all disbanded from around you. Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala saying to the Prophet, despite the fact that you are receiving from Allah, despite the fact that you are receiving the code and the word of the law,

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if you were not lenient to them, and if you were harsh and rude to them, LEM sub lumen herrlich, all of the all of them would have run away from you.

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But instead, Allah subhanaw taala gave our Prophet this excellent moral character. And because of this, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in Nikola Tesla when a NASA BMR

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whenever acting as our womb income, must Balaji versus the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you cannot enrich the people with your wealth. You can't convince them with your wealth. You can't make people good Muslims by giving them money.

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Politicians in many countries will give people money for them to like them, the people will take the money and still not like them.

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You can't win people over with money. But what wins them over? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a cheerful face and good character, a cheerful face and excellent character.

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And this is the leadership of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did not amass wealth and power to force the people to act the way that he wanted. Rather, it was through his normal treatments along the way and he will send them the not only the Sahaba followed him, but generations after generations after generations continue to follow our Prophet sallallahu Adamson them

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And you know, we have every capacity

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of being kind and compassionate, and honorable and our treatment of other people. But the difference between us and between the righteous people, the difference between us, and between the prophets and the messengers and the people of righteousness. What separates us is that we

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have excellent manners when we think the person we're dealing with can help us in the dunya

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this person can help me get a job, this person can help me get fame, this person can help me get this or that. Those people we know how to have excellent character with them.

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But when we are dealing with people that we don't think they can do anything for us in our lives, or people we are just passing by in this world, and we probably are never going to see again, that moral character of ours drops. And that's the difference between us and the prophets and the righteous people. They treated everybody with respect. Because they were intending a loss of Hannah to Allah with their treatment of others. They were seeking a loss of panel data with their treatment of others. They were honoring the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala, when they were honoring the people, even if those people could not help them in the dunya.

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And so it is a means to get closer to Allah azza wa jal. And we see this normal treatment of our profits in the long run, you set them in many instances, look at this story through the eyes of David Harrison, along

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who at the time was not a Muslim, and he was the chief of his tribe. He was a man of importance. And he came to meet with the Prophet salallahu early he was sending them. He said, so we were walking, holding hands, the customer, and they're walking, talking to each other. He said an elderly woman came by

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and she said to the Prophet sallallahu, you send them Nila hija, said, I need you for something. He said, so the Prophet left my hand. And he went to the woman.

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And she's talking to him and complaining to him and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is listening to her and trying to help her and trying to advise her and trying to deal with her problem. And are they even had to look at this.

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And he says, I have been in met the kings. I've met the kings of the Romans and the Persians. I've seen the kings and the

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delegates, and I've seen the ministers and I've seen all the people of power.

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And the prophets of aloha leaves me to go to an old woman

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who is not beautiful, who is not powerful, who's not rich, she's poor. And the Prophet leaves a man of importance to go deal with her problems. So he looks at this and he said, Well, la Hema had the he left and malu. In de la Colombia. He said, this is not the character of the kings. This is not the character of those who want power, and prestige. He said, this is only the character of the prophets. So Allahu Allah, he was setting them. We see how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do this throughout his life. The slave girl would come and grab the hand of our Prophet Sall along wherever you send them. To Pamela you know, little girls, I have two young girls. And I tell

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my young girls go say Sam, Tom,

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goes into them to your uncle, a friend of mine.

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She will feel shy, she'll turn away This is the nature of young girls.

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And this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the leader of the people. He has the most prestige, the most respect the most reverence amongst the people. And she is a slave girl, not even a regular girl who is free she is a slave. in this society, the slave has less prestige than the free person. And yet the slave girl felt every comfort to take the hand of our Prophet sallallahu earlier send them fella ins are young woman yet he had

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a flu shot. The Prophet wouldn't remove his hand from her hand until she took him wherever she wanted. She would take the Prophet

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I have a problem with this storekeeper. I have a problem with this person deal with it for me, the profit will go with her some a lot more how to yourself. This was his edit this was his mannerisms, with the people surrounding him. even look at his anger with his enemies. The Prophet sallallahu even said in one sitting with Ayesha

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and a group of young men from the Jewish people of Medina wanted to insult the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. So as they're walking by quickly, instead of saying I said

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May peace

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upon you.

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This learned their words to try to insult the Prophet. So they said SM at a con, but they said it quickly to try to hide it. And I said means, you know, poison or death be upon you. So they say this to the prophet SAW the low as me definitely upon you. And they see quickly, hoping the Prophet wouldn't understand and they can insult him this way.

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And so the Prophet heard them, and he said, What alikum and upon you,

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I sure heard what they said and she became incensed. She became angry. Like every believer would be angry when the prophets of the lowly cinemas insulted so she responded. And she said as Sam alikoum when

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she said may definitely upon you, and may the curse of a lobby upon you, and may the anger of a lobby upon you.

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And the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said Melania Ayesha, he said, Take it easy or Ayesha? Take it easy or Ayesha? Allah.

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You need to have kindness. You need to have gentleness, way Yeah, killer will flourish. And I warn you against having harshness, and having, you know, this type of coarseness and anger.

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I just sent to the Prophet sallallahu and send them all messenger of Allah. Didn't you hear what they said to you? They were insulting you. Didn't you hear what they said? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yes, Didn't you hear what I said? I responded it back to them.

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And a lot will accept my dad used to jab me when I used to jab when I used to jab when at home, a lot will accept my daughter and he will not accept.

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And this is really powerful, especially in connection with, you know, recent events. Because there are people who will come and tell you, when the Prophet is insulted, you know, just turn away from them ignore it doesn't matter.

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And that's wrong, because the Prophet responded when they insulted him, he responded.

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And at the same time, there are those who go beyond the pale. And their response goes beyond even our sedia.

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And they respond with court with you know, in violence even.

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And our profits a little low at least, and responded a response that was proportionate. And he didn't go into harsh language or crude language. Oh, he said, Well, I'm a comin upon you as well. And upon you. He maintained his character, even against those who wanted to insult him.

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And that's a great lesson for us to understand. And if this is his treatments on the long way, I'd even send them with those who sought to harm him and insult him. What do you think about his treatment with others? Look at how the Prophet still along well you send them we treat his neighbors and be available for them. So the law when you send them and our prophets all along, and you send them said personally, was Wesley Joe, he said three things, to have good character, and to have good family relations to keep and uphold your family relationships, and to be a good neighbor. He said, these are things use enough ammo, they increase your life, we are gonna be out and they build your

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homes, if you want to have a healthy home. These are things you need to institute in your home, if you want to have a long life. And I've had a lot look at all the statistics now that show you people have long lives are people who are affable, people who have good character, you know, they tend to treat their family well I've good family relationships have good relationships in their life. That's been one of the actually the prime statistical reasons that people have longer lives and healthier lives. People have good relationships. The problem is is you have a good relationship with your family, with your neighbor and increase your life

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and the profits on the lawn Where are you sending them to the mechanic I'm gonna be lined with The Omen after for years and

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whoever believes that a lot in the last day let them show excellence to their neighbors and the prophets all along wherever you send them. He was given at times in his life, terrible neighbor, neighbors. He said I was given the most evil of neighbors between Abu lahab and our webinar every morning, where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lived in Mecca. And he said, and they would put rubbish in front of his door in front of his house. They would put harmful things in front of his house on the lawn. Where are you sending them? What did he do? The most? He said to them was a huge, yeah, I'm dumb enough and you would you I didn't have that. He would say well, but I'm dumb enough. What

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kind of neighborly conduct is this? But the Prophet would bear their harm, who would bear their difficulties a little longer. How do you send them and he's on the lower end he was sent him when he went to Medina. And he did Hinderer though he was running for his life, because of what the people of Mecca had been doing to him. He left behind the value of the long line.

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We know he left behind the alley in his bed to take his place while he left and innovated their suspicion. But there was another reason the profits a little lower and he left it behind because people in Mecca and trusted the profit and they will leave their belongings with the profit. Even some of his enemies would leave their belongings with him, they take care of this for me. So in his home, he had interest payments, and he left it behind so that he would give back all those interest payments to people and perform before he would perform the hyjal himself. While the long line and the profits in the long run he was sending them.

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When the Sahaba came to him, they said on messenger of Allah, there is a woman

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kaffee Rasul Allah, she prays a lot, and she fasts a lot. And she gives some a lot.

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So vgr, Ana, abilty, Sania etc. Only problem is she would harm her neighbors with her tongue. She would say mean things to them. She would say rude things to them. But she was excessive in her sauna and in her so they'll find inner fasting. Realize who's saying this to the Prophet. It's the companions.

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The Companions themselves are saying to the Prophet, she prays a lot. So imagine how much she prays. She fasts a lot. So imagine how much she fasts for us if someone fast once a week we say Mashallah, you know, the Sahaba for them to say this person fasts a lot, how much is each fasting? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in

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the process that that woman's in the Hellfire

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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la hola human Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Human three times he said angrily. By Allah they do not believe by a lot they do not believe who will messenger of Allah mela young men who Jarrah who, though is the one whose neighbor is not safe from their evil conduct, from their evil treatment from the evil things that they would say the prophets a little longer after you send him we see in his life. When a neighbor of his a Jewish man, his son became ill, and was on his deathbed. The Prophet went to visit him.

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And he saw the young boy on his deathbed he's struggling to live. The Prophet gave him Dawa told him believe in Allah, except the snam.

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And the father of the Jewish boy said to his son, yeah, boonie is smelly Mohammed. He said, Oh, my son, listen to Mohammed's and the boy accepted Islam and then died.

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And this is a very powerful Hadith, you don't even have time to really dissect it. But you know, our Father loves for his children even more than what he would love for himself. And the reason why would he tell his son to accept a religion that he didn't accept himself? Maybe there were dunya reasons that kept him from accepting Islam. But he knew the truth and how did he know it was the truth, because he's a neighbor of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he sees his ads have been diseases of love, and he sees his excellent treatment of his neighbors, but he even tells his son, listen to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the prophet SAW along where it was send them

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many examples. When he had another neighbor, a Jewish neighborhood, insults him.

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When he would see him the neighbor would insult him. Then after a while, he didn't see the neighbor for a while. So he asked about it, what's wrong with him. They said, the man is illicit the Prophet went to visit him. And after he visited him, the man of course, his nature with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam changed, he stopped insulting him the way that he had been doing so. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instructed us with our neighbors to an extensive degree, and will not over the long run, said, My beloved Salah long where it was, Selim told me whenever you cook, a stew or a soup factory that increased the amount of water that you do, why he said, and keep

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your neighbors in mind, cook even more than you normally would, and keep your neighbors in mind so that you can send them food. And the Prophet would say to his own wives, don't forget your neighbors, when you can offer them a shot, even if you're just giving them the foot of the sheep. That's all that we have. Don't forget your neighbors. This is the way of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the way that he would treat his neighbors and this is why in Medina, the young girls have been in a job where the neighbors of the prophets on the lower end said they would sing the Prophet walk in the street and he heard them singing. And they would say words of poetry. No

00:24:37--> 00:24:58

jawwad in many in the job Yeah, yeah, but then Mohammed and Hydra job they would say these words of poetry We are the girls have been on the job. What an excellent neighbor is Muhammad Sallallahu Allah send them and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam when he heard this, he responded to them and he said, Well, lo Yeah, I'm a new book and Allah knows that I indeed love all of you. Welcome.

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In normal for writing,

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civil law, the law sort of cinema and also the law, he was early, he was a woman wide up.

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I know our time is very short, I just want to mention a couple of things. inshallah, you know, we have an obligation with our neighbors. And we see right now, the COVID cases are rising significantly.

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And we have a responsibility in Charlotte to try to do our best to ensure that there is no spread of this. And particularly, you know, to make sure that there isn't a lock down, we've already seen other countries, the UK already went into another lockdown because of the COVID cases, we want to avoid that we want to protect, you know, to keep our messages open so that we can continue to pray in Gemma as much as possible. So please take it seriously. I'm just asking all of you, myself as well to take it seriously to make sure that we're not

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you know, spreading it. We know we're not going and visiting other people's homes, they've asked people not to visit others other people's homes to have other people over. Let's try to inshallah as much as possible ensure that we're not contributing to the spread in order to keep and shall our neighbors safe and our family safe and our entire society safe as well. Finally, inshallah, there's a project some brothers are doing, they want to put up a billboard on the highway, though our profits in the long run you send them and his character and to link it to a website where people can get more information inshallah. So anything you donate today will go inshallah to that project, and

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I hope inshallah, all of you will donate to that in Aloma equals soluna and NaVi, you will also learn how to use an image Sima, Aloma savasana maliseet you know, whatever, you know, have you been Mohammed? Mohammed the medical tech unit abroad, also a metal school effect so nearly

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immediately oma Dean, he was highly

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I don't mean anything