Majed Mahmoud – 5 Powerful Steps To Connect With The Quran

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The importance of reading and listening to the Quran in connection with others is emphasized, along with the need for practice and understanding the meaning of the Bible. The use of various techniques such as putting on masks, reading the Quran, and listening to audio is emphasized. The importance of reading and acting on the Quran is also emphasized, along with the use of the Quran as a book of law and medicine for various issues. The segment concludes with a discussion of the use of the Quran as a tool for medicine and how it can be used for various issues.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I am leaving you with something. If you hold tight to, you will never go astray. If you hold tight to you will have the best of this life and the afterlife. What is it your also Allah, He said Kitab Allah, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the book which also lays asylum teaches us is the connection we have between us and Allah. And if we cut that connection, we are dead. Now we are dead though biologically we may be alive. No, we're dead. And these are not my words or my eloquent speech. No, it's the eloquent speech of Mohammed Allah you thought it was Salaam? Look what what he said. He says method will levy the example of the one. He

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has the Quran Allah Who remembers Allah and the greatest of remembrance is the Quran. And the one who doesn't do the Chroma can Hey, we'll make it on who's alive and who's dead. This is one extreme of the ones who are not connected to the Quran. And then you have the other opposite and May Allah make us of the good and the Arab Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says of other groups the opposite. He says in the relay, Nina meanness, Allah has a special list of VIP people. People who Allah's love to them is not like anyone else. People who are less care to them is not like anyone else. So those are how they said yes. Now who is that list? Who are these people? He said a Hello

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on. Hello Lai. raha Sato. They are the people of the Quran. They are ullas VIP list you don't mess around with them because Allah got their back May Allah make you all of them era There are five things if you were able to touch all these five as our scholars they teach us backed up from Quran and Hadith inshallah we will be of that group. Perhaps maybe Allah will call you by name me, you yes in sha Allah. One time Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah, he was an authentic narration. He went to obey evening cap. He says yeah, obey.

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Allah told me to read Quran to you.

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Obey he says as a man your ob, Allah mentioned my name to you. He says Nam, Allah said, Mohammed read Quran to obey. Rebecca obey, obey start to cry. Allah mentioned me by name, and will lie he will mention you in sha Allah by name. If you remember Allah and you connect with Allah with the Quran. Obey Him Nikita was not known to donate so much money like Earth man. Obey was not known to be so strong in the battlefield, like Khalid obey was not known to be a collector of the Hadith like Abu hurayrah obey Eve Nika was known of someone who has tried his best to apply every command in the Quran. live by every I understand every word possible, obey even niqab. May Allah mention you all by

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name, in a good way Europe, one of the five steps through listening and reading the Quran that's how we connect, listen and read the Quran. I am sure you will all agree with me. It does not be fitting for someone to say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah without having any portion of their day reading the Quran is not befitting May Allah grant you all Jen, they are up. It's not. So make sure you do what's necessary to have that scheduled that minute to that hour, whatever it takes to have the Quran part of your life. on my end, you know, what I actually tried to utilize and bank on is my kids Koran classes. So I tried to use that and my worst days, if I'm so busy, I go and my Quran is

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me teaching it to my kids. So use these moments. So now of the ways to get you to the Quran is by encouraging your children Allahu Akbar, use that that team that you have, and that's also about righteousness. May Allah make you all have rights as children? Yup. I know. I know what some may think, brother I struggle, brother and for me to read a page of the Quran you're talking about 25 minutes. one page, I understand. And also Alas, Adam understands, and Allah the best of all of us under knows very well. Rasool Allah says Allah says, the one who reads the Quran via tatata What does that mean? no one reads the Quran and struggles.

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He says fellow are drawn to rewards, what is it jasola the reward which means of the struggle and the reward of the citation. May Allah bless you all and increases in reward eurobodalla mean? So one of the five steps to connect to the Quran through reading and listening. Number two, through contemplating and understanding the meanings brothers and sisters, once again is it be fitting that we read kulu Allah had more than any other sort of besides Fatiha and we do not know what till today. What a summit means.

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Is it befitting May Allah forgive us to connect to the Quran you try your best to have your schedule every now and then. Okay. Know what day

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It's actually more emphasis on understanding on an eye on a word, a summit. A summit is the one who everyone needs but he needs no one.

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That's one of its meanings. You think of event mosteiro De La Hoya and we look at we contemplate the Quran as color. He says people whenever you go by the Quran and you hear

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a man who are you who believe, he says pay attention why? because anytime in the Quran cover to cover, you read yeah you alladhina amanu then after it is a command.

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Remember that anytime there's a command, either something for you that you need to do, or something for you that you need to stay away from a lot of contemplation a lot that's to the third way to be able to connect with the Quran and have very strong ties with it. So you can be of that VIP list May Allah make us all of them is what brothers and sisters to use the Quran as a book of law. None. Use the Quran as a book of law. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim warmaster left dumphy II mean Shea in for Hawk mu L Allah, you have a problem of inheritance. Go back to the Quran. Go back to the authentic narrations of Brahma seldom,

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that's what Allah says to us. If you have any disagreement, then go back to the Quran. You have an issue between husband and wife divorce, who pays this and who pays that? Yeah, go back to the Quran that will help you to guide you in sha Allah. May Allah make it easy for all of you. And please, I beg every one of you don't be of those who use the Quran when it's for them and they are banned in the Quran with against them.

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Allah says Allah taught me know nothing about Al Kitab furono be about Allah says that no Quran you want to believe in a portion of it and disregard the other portion don't do that. The alumnae cuz people would think the whole Koran cover to cover yada but I mean with understanding and wisdom Yeah, Allah. That's for the fourth one sorry to mention here is to act upon the Quran. So the fourth point is to act upon the Quran. You go by the IRA, while bah bah bah do not back by to one another. So you try Yeah, Allah help me. Don't back not back by one another. You go by the Quran Allah says yeah, and you have leadin Manu, alteon la Hawa lt or Russell over you who believe obey Allah and

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obey the Prophet of Allah. So you apply the Quran this fourth step, the Prophet says this, you listen to me like those people will know how to know where they come from. We upload some of these hottap and someone says, Yeah, don't mention a hadith. Allah, Allah Allah Allah. What do you mean don't mention a hadith stick to the Quran? That's a statement of either an ignorant or an arrogant no third option. May Allah grant us wisdom and Adam and respect Rasul Allah, how did you get the Quran mister? How did you get the Quran? Wasn't Allah tala to jabril gibreel toto Mohammed, Mohammed Salah Sarah to the Sahaba and you got it. So why did you trust that site? But the same way I did

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came across wasallam said it was the harbor to get and he got it. So why you chose this over that. May Allah protect us. May Allah protect us. We have to have at their booth Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the fifth and last step to connect with the Quran. I know that we have wonderful doctors in the crowd. The Quran is means of medication. To connect with the Quran to be of the view of the Quran is to use the Quran not just your citation, not just contemplation to act upon it that's great to judge by it that's wonderful but to also use it as medicine. Yes to the soul, but also to the body to the body Nam to the body to digest what the * Buhari Rasul Allah is our

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solemn his Sahaba his companions, they were traveling, they passed by a city, that city the leader of theirs, was stung by a poisonous snake. And that leader was destroyed, he could not move, he could not walk. He was on pretty much deathbed, the people who are under that leader in that village, they tried everything to cure him anything possible. Nothing worked. When the Sahaba were passing by travelers, the people in that village he said people, you guys travelers, do you have any medication in your field in your area that can cure the man that we have our leader he he got poisoned in this body. So one of us have said yes, I can attempt to do something. So he came. He

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read Quran over that leader Alhamdulillah Europe bien, la Annie, our rock man, you're watching Maliki only Dean till the end of the surah the Hadith says and he got up that man who was stung by the poison could not walk he got up as if nothing has happened. You read the Quran not to test it but while believing in its power, the words of Allah Jalla Jalla wa ala rasulillah salam when they came back to the Prophet

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They told him the story the profit approved or disapproved. He says Nam he confirmed that throttle Fatiha can be recited onto a pain to be able to cure it. May Allah make us people of the Quran. So what's your plan with the Quran, especially now that Ramadan is coming? May Allah allow you to have a proper plan in Ramadan and outside Ramadan Amira, Bella lemon, I said whatever I have said akuto Cody Harada was done through Allah li walakum festal through sickles forgiveness, he is the most forgiving

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