Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Basis Of Friendship

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of friendship in the context of the day of judgment, and how it can be a source of happiness and happiness for everyone. They encourage the audience to examine the basis of friendship and make friends with people who share the love of Islam. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of friendships and relationships in the context of the day of judgment.
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Shangri La salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said,

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yo ma is him by the only by I don't I do Illa

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That friend is

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Hillary, the

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daughter of Colleen, Lazarus friends, on the day of judgments will become enemies of each other.

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Except the lottery.

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I remind myself a new to examine the basis of friendship.

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We make friends for many reasons.

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Sometimes it may be one because by default, we just happen to be in the company of some people, there is not not even any conscious decision that so and so should be my friend. First of all in Islam, to do something without a conscious near itself does not dishonor the whole point of Islam is to live thoughtfully to live with a clear need every single thing. Because of the Arizona is on the line in Arizona very, very Neverland Albania,

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that the result of a deed is based on denier. So if you have a deed which has no Nia, then that deed is not valid at all. I mean, in Nigeria, also, for example, if you want to if you are in need of also, and you haven't been wanting to hold on to what a restaurant was even you had no idea.

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So in the issue of friends, the thing to do I remind myself when you first of all, what is the basis of friendship? Why do we pay for it with with anybody.

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I want you to think of each of your friends from this angle as a Why is this person my friend vaudeville, because, as I said, First do some first sometimes you make friends without even thinking about it. Other times we make friends because they are popular.

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So you want to be somebody that person is popular, you sometimes make friends because somebody is so called powerful. So you want to make friends with someone who is rich or someone who has got some power and authority, so that you are known to be that person's friend.

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But remember Allah Subhana Allah says, On the day of judgment,

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on others of these friends will actually become enemies of each other.

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The goal on that day was rather than the mother and father will dominate from the children, the children will run away from their parents.

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The friend will run away from the friend and the brother will run away from the brother.

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So on that day, the only people who will not be enemies to each other who will still be together, and who will still be friends. And those friends who are most people

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who have not won the lottery, which means what which means that the basis of friendship between those people is the love of Allah.

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The basis of friendship is the love of Allah. Why are they friends because they both love Allah Anahata Allah and they want to serve Allah subhana wa sallam.

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So they are in order to serve the deen of Allah Samantha.

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And that is what brings the hope and that is what brings the Polo was such people close together. And then those who are close together and they love each other, not because of the individual, but because both of them share the love of Alice one over the hi

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and Alexandra this this kind of friendship will last these kinds of friendship will remain. And this kind of friendship will not only remain in this world, but it will remain also on the day of judgment when nothing else no other relationship will remain.

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Every single other relationship including the biological genetic relationships of the on the various and children will be finished. But the relationship that remains and Allah subhanaw taala said in his column, the only relationship between

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the friendship of Turkey and therefore we remind myself and you to examine the basis of friendship, why do we have friends? Remember, friends can be the source of hire. Our friends can be the source of sharp

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because Allah Raja also serves as a worker about the same issue of friends.

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Where the friend will say why.

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Yeah, then he

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will and

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he will say why did I why ever? Why did I have this person as a friend?

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Because he led me astray in the learning. He made me Cobra

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so friendship can be

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resource of good friendship can be the source of that many cases you find, for example, how to young children starts working because of friends, this is a friend smoking. So you start smoking his coffee, he hates it, he doesn't like it, but he started doing it. And then he continues to do it. And he's buying for himself

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a very painful and horrible death. Nothing is

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all bad habits come because of events.

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Nobody goes by no person goes by No, I think I'm going to go and try to do this wrong ignore is because friends are there that circle of influence is there a way to this club that club displays that place and because of that influence, you also start doing some things which you know, should not be doing, but you do.

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So friendship is a very important thing. extremely important.

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But not important because of how people think, important because this friendship can land you in the sky, or the friendship can land you in the boat.

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And going on the day of judgment and saying Yeah, like then is no good, because that day, that is that is over. That day is a day for

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the rewards. It's not a day, to do things. It's a day to day formula.

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And that is why I asked Allah subhanaw taala to join our hearts for his sake. ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us friends for historic and asked us rather to keep these friendships of our strong and alive while we are in this world and strong ally when we go before him in German. And as well as that because His love is the basis on which we joined together. Then May Allah subhanaw taala use his hope and his love as the basis on which he will give us the share of his hours on the day when there will be no shade except his shade and of Allah

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along the learning.

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Yo mala

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and we are innovating the same graph for ourselves as they were like give us the shade your shade on the day when there will be no shade, except you give us the shade of yours on the day when there will be no shade except your shade. And all the way to get that is to have friends and make friendships on the basis of the

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love of data, which is something which is the foundation for taqwa.

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What is this guy as I mentioned many times, that why is the fear of offending the one EULA?

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That is the connection between the law and the Bureau of Labor Law. That is why

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you're not hearing

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me in any case you

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will acquire is to fear to disobey the fear to offend share to be displeasing to the one we love. And if all of us we love Allah and that is the basis of our friendship. Then we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this the basis of our measure, on the day of judgment was Allah Allah Allah will carry us happy as mine

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