Omar Suleiman – Conquering Your Insecurities

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The use of shelling to exploit insecurity and social validation in marketing is discussed, along with the importance of embracing Islam as a means of achieving hangups. The segment also touches on the theory that shameless behavior is preying on people's insecurities and that it is impossible to overcome. The segment concludes with a discussion of the three individuals who embraced Islam, including sister Al Dr. hour and a woman named Jana Dinmont.
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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessing path until the day of judgment, and we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah humma I mean, your brothers and sisters, oftentimes when we talk about what leads a person down this path of following their desires, and leads them to a path of sin, and leads them to

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a place of violating the rules of Allah subhanaw taala and leads them to a place of forgetting their purpose, we often address the footsteps of Shavon, the footsteps of the devil and the whispers of the devil, from a place of a shower from the place of desire. That's Pamela, one thing that's very interesting when you read about the tactics of the shape on of the devil within the Quran, and how the prophets, like some spoke about them, is that it's often that the shape on enters into a person's soul from a place of fear, from a place of insecurity, from the place where that person feels most vulnerable, and then takes that and exploits it into a desire to be desirable, a desire

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to be wealthy, a desire to be secured a desire to have the places and the access, that they felt like they were unworthy of, should they not compromise on the very principles and purpose that Allah Subhana Allah has given to them. What I mean by that is that the shape on enters from a place of fear. And it's very interesting, because if you look at the way that marketing works, many times it's to exploit an insecurity, creating insecurity and then exploiting insecurity. People have body image issues. And so, there are all types of products that are marketed towards the insecurity of body image, people have issues with social acceptance, and so there are all sorts of products and

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things that are marketed towards social validation. All of these different things are marketed to feast on an exploit and insecurity. And subhanAllah I want us to actually look through in these few minutes in sha Allah tan some of the verses of the Quran and some of the Hadith of the prophets lie some in this regard. And then think about how this works. The prophets lie Selim says, and this is a Hadith from a companion by the name of Sabra Nabil faqih, a lot of the Allahu Taala animal, And subhanAllah I believe it's the only Hadith that he narrates, if not one of the only Hadith that he narrates, and what a hadith to narrate from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called as a

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marriage Rasulullah sallallahu and he was telling me a quote, he said, I heard the Prophet slice, and I'm saying, in the shavasana, Cardellini, Adam might be a trophy, that Verily the shape on has sat on every single path, he tries to obstruct every path, that the son of Adam that the child of Adam wishes to take for Cardella, who will be tolerated Islam. So he first tries to obstruct his path to Islam. How many people sat in Mecca, and believed that the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed the Prophet of Allah, but they thought about the consequences of embracing that message. Hence, they never embraced that message. And they sat back in Makkah, and

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they waited to see what would happen, many of them probably passing away before they had the opportunity to embrace Islam. This is a highly consequential choice, this is a very difficult choice that you have to make. So think about a person in Mecca, and the Prophet slice and um comes and the shaytaan gets in the way, notice the shaytaan does not try here to talk about the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because that battle is already won. Intellectually, you already know this is the truth. That's the point. You've already been convinced that this is the truth, but instead tries to exploit an insecurity for cada to slim or whatever. rodina Codina, bah, bah Arabic?

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Are you going to become Muslim? And abandon the religion of your parents and the abandon the religion of your forefathers and their fathers? meaning are you going to put behind your legacy? And in a deeply tribalistic society, you're giving up on everything that used to give you value? What used to give you value in that society was, Who is your father? What is your tribe? Are you going to turn your back on all of that the emotional manipulation, and we know that it was used against the companions that a parent would say that I will starve myself until you relinquish this faith? And so the shape on obstructs the path by preying on that explaining that not even trying to mess with who

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the prophets like Selim is anymore, or what the message is, and also allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam said, for our Sahoo for us nama

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So that person disobeyed that devil and became Muslim anyway, they had the resolve, and they had the sincerity. And they had the security to say that pleasing Allah and doing the right thing is worth the social consequence here. And I'll do it and they became Muslim. And then the stakes were raised. You now were forced to flee out of persecution to make Hijra. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the shaitan comes, we thought it will Hijra on the way to the migration, just as you're about to leave Mecca, and leave behind everything that you've earned, all that you've worked for. And if you're a person who lives in that type of society, you've been everywhere trying to earn

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your living, buy your first home, have your your space in Makkah, and says to her, Do you know what's out there? I Robot Kasana. UK, are you really going to make hits? Or are you really going to migrate and leave behind your land and your earth? Everything that you've earned all of your freedom in your own home? We're in NEMA methadone Mohajer can methylene Pharisee fill to fill plenty. And Verily the one who migrates and immigrants is like someone who is a tethered horse feel flu it is the horses pen. So it's like you're tied to you're tied to something you're tied up horse. Think about the horse with all of its strength and its desire to go free. And you're going to be a

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tethered horse stuck to a pole and it's pen operating always within the small space, because that's not your home. And you'll never feel like you're at home. Are you really willing to give up all of that that freedom that property that space for Islam, and the person the Prophet SAW he said I'm says I saw HuFa Hajah that person disobeyed the shape on and makes Hijra. Some Mikado, Allah who betrayed equal jihad, and then that person gets in the way of striving in the path of Allah subhana Tirana. And of course, in the context of the early Muslims, this is better.

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Now the same people that caused you to flee, are in pursuit of you and you have to go to the battlefield.

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And on the opposite side of that, are all of those people this is such a difficult choice that you have to make. But look at the way the shape on tries to exploit. He doesn't call you a coward. He doesn't try to tell you you know what, look at their strength and look at yours. In this situation. This shaytaan says that are you really going to go out there and lose yourself and lose your wealth I thought to call to fair talk, tell and you will kill and be killed for tuning Catherine Maura, and then your wife will marry other than you while you're someone man. And then your wealth will be distributed amongst other than you. You're gonna lose your family, you're gonna lose everything that

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is precious to you tries to mess with that person's sense of honor that person's sense of dignity. Are you really going to lose all of that? Don't you know what happens afterwards?

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Are you really willing to take that risk, and the profit slice and I'm sad found Sahil for jarhead and that person continued forward and they fought for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Now so let's say Sam goes on to see that it doesn't matter what happens with this person at the end of the day, whether everything materializes to their worst fears or not kind of havoc on Allah Allah, that it is a right upon Allah and you'll treat her Jana, that Allah subhanaw taala will enter that person into gem. The prophets like some said, whether this person dies in a battlefield or this person falls off of their mounts or this person drowns or this person dies of anything else, this person will enter

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Jannah because they conquered the whispers of the shape on that preyed on their greatest sense of insecurity, their greatest sense of fear. And who are we as human beings, we look for a sense of safety, we look for a sense of stability. And Allah azza wa jal even mentions this as a favor to Quraysh Allah the Altamaha, manuring, well, I'm Anna home and hope. Allah is the One who fed you when you were hungry provided for you. And the one who granted you a sense of security when you were afraid. But Shavon knows that these are things that he can exploit and a human being that he can look towards and cause a great sense of fear. Now Subhan Allah why is this so important when we're

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talking about the tactics of Shavon particularly when it comes to exploiting our insecurities? Because if you look into the depth of the literature from the root amount in this regard, they're in a mouth when they speak about Ischia to knifes, the purification of the soul.

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They tried to get you to dig as deep as possible into where you found yourself first inclining towards certain things as the man moving on Josie Rahim Allah says, if you fall, if you get tripped up, you want to go back to the place that tripped you up, find the object that tripped you up. Find where you're

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garment got caught on, don't just rip it and keep moving forward. And a lot of times before a person had a desire to be more beautiful, they had a fear of undesirability, before a person got into this level of trying to have more and more wealth, they had a fear of the implications of poverty. And when you actually seek to identify where you used to get your sense of validation from where you used to get your sense of meaning from, and then the desires that came after that, you'll find that there might be an insecurity there that you have as a human being, because every single one of us has something there a fear. And I'm not saying you go back and you yell at your parents, and you say

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that you used to do this to me, and that's why I now have you know, I'm always seeking approval from people because used to talk to me this way, or I grew up in this environment. And it was because of this. I'm not saying making an excuse. I'm saying, find what caused you these insecurities, and don't even let the shape on in there solve the insecurities themselves? Because the desires will come after? Why is it that people crave attention? Well, what was the deficits before that led them to crave attention? Why is it that a person assigns their dignity and their sense of validation in certain things? Well, what was the deficit before that shape on might be preying upon? And

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subhanAllah? I want to end here, with something very profound in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal talks about the fear factor of the shaitan, to try to stop you from moving towards the right direction because of fears that he will manipulate. And also the desires that he will embellish that feast upon your greatest insecurities. But he also talks about the centrality of Tohei the centrality of monotheism and all of this, what is the greatest sense of validation? What is the way that you overcome these insecurities? There are individual pathways that you look to them, and you start to interrupt and say, I need to solve this problem and stop this leak. That the shaytaan is preying

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upon that the devil is preying upon, but then there is a connection to Allah subhanaw taala that gives you a new sense of validation. What do I mean by that fella Taha, for whom? waha phony

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don't be afraid of them be afraid of me.

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Fella attack showhome walk shoni Subhanallah in this I in particular, and honestly I heard it and so lots and budget and I was thinking about this particular I fell attack show homophony don't fear them, but fear me. It's interesting here because that idea came down when Allah changed the Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca. You know what they said to the Prophet sign Salam, some of the people of the Book, they said starker Rajat Illa, call me he were in Edina, call me the man must have missed his people and missed the religion of his people. To suggest that the prophets lie someone was going to incline towards paganism by facing Mecca and not facing Jerusalem anymore. And Allah subhanaw

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taala says fella to show homage onI don't worry about them. Don't worry about what they say. Don't worry about the comments, they're gonna throw your way it doesn't matter if they excommunicate you. It doesn't matter if they say you're not a prophet of Allah, it doesn't matter. Seek your validation from Allah subhanaw taala. And the highest level that Allah mentions of the believers, while I have phone and OMA Tila and they don't fear the blame of the blamer because they start to assign a sense of self worth. Through their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala the Hadith of the Prophet sign some in Allah Allah young little Illa sorry, Kamala, Sadie, come, Allah does not look at your

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physical beings. He doesn't look at your strength. He doesn't look at your physical attraction. That's not what Allah is interested in. You know, subhanAllah we talk about Islam, you know, emphasizing fitness. Islam doesn't emphasize fitness so that other people could look at you and admire your muscle tone. Islam doesn't emphasize fitness so that you could look the parts. It emphasizes it because of the Amana of the body to do better for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So on the profit side, some says Allah doesn't look at that. But Allah looks at your hearts, and Allah looks at your deeds. Illa coleauxv Camilla Armonico that's what Allah looks up. And so you start to

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find your sense of validation in how beautiful is my heart to Allah? How beautiful are my deeds to Allah? What is it that I'm seeking from him? How much better is his reward than the reward in the compensation of anything else in this world that someone else can promise me?

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And you solve the insecurities in the general sense always by coming back to Allah subhanaw taala by finding security in his approval, by finding security in his protection, by finding security and his pleasure, it changes the equation every single time, so that all of those natural human fears melt in the love of the Divine. They melt in that relationship with Allah subhanaw taala

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May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to resolve whatever those insecurities are, that the shaytaan will exploit and protect us from transgressing and protect us from harming ourselves to please others that will never be pleased with us and allow us to seek His pleasure and to seek His reward and his paradise and may Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us, when we are led astray, by whatever fears and whatever desires that we have. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to have good endings and allow us to be amongst those that enter the highest level of paradise and for the Dosen Allah with our beloved prophets of Allah Azza wa salam, Allah Amin Akula, Koba was Toffolo he will actually start

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you must mean festival in the whole before Rahim.

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allahi wa sahbihi wa Manuela, the brothers and sisters, you know that hadith from the Prophet sign Salam, not everyone in Mecca feared the same things in the exact same ways, meaning the consequence of one person embracing Islam and what tribal implications that was going to have were different for some people. Not everyone had the same sacrifice in terms of wealth, I'm the amount of narrow follow the Allah and who is giving up a lot more in Mecca to go to Medina to become that migrant than many other people. Not everyone had to worry about families that they would leave behind. And not everyone was as jealous as everyone else.

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Not everyone had the same sense of a theater where the Shavon will be able to play on that type of fear and that type of insecurity. When you see people around you that embrace Islam today in this climate, I want you to realize that it's not only a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala and a blessing for you. But I want you to also recognize that it's a sign that whatever it is that we have that holds us back, we have no excuses for ourselves. There are three separate people here embracing Islam today. All three of them came from different distances. We have one sister that flew from Washington to take her shahada here today Subhan Allah, I want you to look at these and not just

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say, Allahu Akbar, and how amazing I want you to look at that and say that's a hedger. That's a proof against me as well. And for me as well, that whatever the obstacle, Allah is worth that obstacle, So may Allah subhanaw taala bless our new brothers and sisters today. I mean, Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with that Yaqeen with that certainty as well to conquer anything in our lives. Allama Mininova you know, it's what a Muslim you know what a Muslim at Aloha, even humble Emirates in Nicosia on Caribbean Mooji with their words. Allahumma Freeland, our Hannah why for Anna wala to Robin Valentina and Fuson our inland chakra and I will tell him, then a call Nana mineral ha

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serene Allah Homina careful when to Hibbeler Alpha fat for Ana, Allah homoclinic Do it Dina Roberta Hamama Kimata bonus yada Robinette habit and as you know the reality and Kurata Aryan or Jana Dinmont subpoena Imam Lama is one and most of the Athena female sciatica or the womb of Arabia. Allah is number one Muslim meanwhile dilla Szybko Academy been with them and then Allah Allah Allah Vitamina with lightning in last version of the phone number being inside the mean about Allah in the La Jolla, San Juan Ito quarterback, way and hurt and fascia you will one carry will bury your head will come in Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has to come wash crew and in their mouth. Is it

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luck on one of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Ying Matheson, Arun wildly masala

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