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Alhamdulillah no matter who want to study you know when to stop Pharaoh whenever Oulu bIllahi min. SharonI fusina Women say eat it at Marlena Miyata Hillel will follow mobile Allah who may yield Lilford AHA the Allah wa shadow Allah Allah in the law wash the whole ash rica well ash How do I know Mohammed Abdullah? Who will assume so the water boy was salam Who are they? Yeah Johanna Deena amor otaku Allahu Akbar to party he while at a mountain in an hour until was the moon yeah you had NASA Sakuraba Kamala the Halacha coming of some way the whole apartment has Oh Jaha orbits them in Houma region and cathedral when he saw what up hola hola de Tessa Luna he will or ham in Allaha Kana

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Alikum rocky Abba yah yah holiday and on top Allah will Hulu Olin Cydia useless a combined Malecon young feed Welcome to New back home mama you para la Sula for the files and folders and all the email about the in stock or Hadith the Kitab Allah he will fight on who the WHO THE Mohammed bin Abdullah he SallAllahu i They were either early he was he was sending my shot

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to her or coulomb that's in beta.

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Allah Allah, Allah Dalton fanatee Hamdulillah we praise Allah we seek his aid and his forgiveness We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and of our bad deeds, whomsoever Allah guides and then can misguide.

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And whomsoever Allah allow us to be led astray nine can guide her right and I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Who to Allah, the Exalted and that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him as his last messenger and servants oh you believe be mindful of Allah and dinette except in a state of submission to Him alone, oh humanity, be mindful of Allah Who created you from a single soul. And from that created his mates and from that scatters many men and women, oh humanity. Be mindful of Allah and do not cut off relations with your kin with your relatives. And D Allah is Rafi he is the monitor over you. Oh humanity be mindful of Allah and speak the truth in

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order for him to accept you have your deeds and forgive us of our shortcomings. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved the greatest achievement as to what follows. And deed the best speech is the book of Allah who Subhana whom want to either be exalted and the best guidance is that a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, peace and blessings be upon him. And of the worst affairs in our doctrinal system of Islam are the newly invented ones for every newly invented affair in this situation. And for every affair in this situation is an innovation or for every innovation is a form of going astray. And for every form of going astray is in the fire of hell.

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Mike was at the entrance of the masala holding on to the hinges of the door. You see, Mike was someone

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that was known in a particular community. Mike used to go around the area. And he used to rap a lot used to write poetry.

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But this time, Mike was at the door of a holy place.

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He was about to enter.

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As he's about to enter, something stops him he holds on to the hinges of the master doorway of the Masjid. He didn't he wouldn't go in.

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And as I am looking at Mike, his head is down, dreadlocks all the way down to his chest. He's crying. I've never seen my cry before in my life.

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So when I asked Mike, Mike, what's up what's going on? He said, I can't do it, man. I said, What are you talking about? He said, I'm not worthy.

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You see Mike alloga myself, we're going into the master to ask about Islam. We were on our journey to make that conversion reversion. We were on our journey to see if it was worth it. If this is the real thing, if Islam is really the truth, is our confidence in ourselves being that we're doing the right thing, because we had a level of confidence in God, in which that time we heard was ALLAH.

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Whereupon, when I looked at Mike and I said, Mike, you're in the right place. This is the place and it's good to feel that you're not worthy. But we have to make the change and there has to be a beginning there has to be a start. You have to make the difference. And that confidence you have in Allah subhanho wa Taala is exactly what brought you here. And there are forces that are trying to take you weigh at the last moment, literally at the door of the Masjid.

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Competence in a lot of brothers and sisters is the apostle, it is the foundation. Nowadays, you're hearing things about Gender Wars, men not wanting to get married, red pill, blue pill, all these types of pills.

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Women saying that their bosses and the modern woman,

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young teenagers not understanding the fact that they're

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Parents do understand and then sometimes our parents don't understand culturally. But there is one thing that binds us all together. And I want to share that. And the beautiful story in the chapter of Torah, the 20th chapter of the Quran goes deep in this apostle Alvine. You see as Muslims, it is important when we face any issue

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that we initially have competence that it's mentioned by the one that created all things, where do we find it? And where he told us to find it? We've heard this so many times in the Quran, in the actualization in the Quran, and the Sunnah the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, but sometimes it requires us to dig deep

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and going to the people of knowledge to understand that they're the ones that can extract the reality bring life to the knots, the new suits that were in it, the authoritative texts, when we turn to it, it brings light to our hearts and gives us the strong, pure, unadulterated and full of integrity. That foundation, Allah Subhana Allah says in the beginning of the chapter of Taha at the beginning of the chapter, he mentions his greatness in his authority.

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But right after that, he asks a question and goes into a very important subject matter.

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A couple of weeks ago, we encountered a day that was Alvine it was a great day. And it was a day speaking about the greatness of Allah. Many of us say yes, it was the day that Moses split the sea, that Allah saved Moses and saved the Muslims at that time.

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But it really is a day that shows the greatness of Allah for a reason amongst reasons.

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Allah asked the question, what attack a hadith do Musa it has a story of Musa come to you, it ran out on football and he it him cuckoo knee and a stone out on the alley to eat min habeas corpus in oh actually to Island.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about the story of Moses. But what we need to understand in the Quran, Allah will take snippets from stories of prophets and put them in different places, or throughout the Quran in different places for a particular reason.

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You see, this is starting from the middle of the life of Moses before he became a prophet.

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To our Moses on a Salam, we know the story which Allah subhanaw taala will rewind and cover it in sha Allah. But he's starting at the time when Moses was leaving from a place called medi and because he was on the run because he accidentally killed someone defending the honor of someone that was from his people from being destroyed in and he accidentally killed someone and fled to Medina and gotten married, stayed there for eight or 10 years, got married and on his way back to Egypt, where he was particularly an orphan a funeral home because fear Alan's wife saw him and loved him and took him in. Allah's mythos has had the story of Moses come to you when he saw a blazing fire and told

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his family in Khufu.

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Stay here I have encountered some fire perhaps I will take up a summon from the staff. I'll put it in the fire and I can use it for us as a guiding light as you do either. Natty Buddha. While I'm at New Dr. Musa when he arrived at the fight, it will he was called New dia he was called in me on a lot Booker first la Laker in capital word in Mocha Desi.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is revealing Himself to Moses now brothers and sisters, he said Verity

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I am your Lord take your sandals off for verily you are in the blessed valley of Tada

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the blessed Valley have to ask someone mentioned Mount Sinai and this is one of the ruins that scholars mention it's important or it's befitting to take your sandals off in a blessed place I eat MSG.

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Well enough turtuk epistemic Lima you will then Allah says I have chosen you. So listen closely to what is being you have your

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why what is being revealed to you, in any and alone the ILA in the Buddha and he will have chemo salata, Lee Vickery, then Allah subhanho wa Taala establishes something for all of us here brothers, brothers and sisters, Allah says in any and Allah very says, I am your Lord. The now he says, I am Allah.

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There is no one worthy of worship except me. Brothers and sisters here. Allah we are all familiar with this name will lie there are people that are not familiar with this thing outside of these doors, Muslims and non Muslims Subhan Allah,

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Allah says and Allah and then he says, There is no

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worthy of worship except me. Anytime we hear the name Allah, we automatically know that it is something that deserves worship by himself. It is a name of Tawheed it is a name of monotheism. There may be may be other names that have other implications behind them. But when you hear the name of Allah, we immediately know it's the God of the Muslims at least and that is a monotheistic religion.

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With that knowledge, what is required, but Buddha Nene, Allah after he introduces himself says who he is, he said, worship me, but Yanni be suddenly Danika the fact that you know my name, what does that imply and what does that demand for you to worship me? And what how do you actualize this worship many times is you are people that are coming back to the religion.

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Okay, I know that Allah is what am I supposed to do that but the neat worship me, how do I do that? How do I do that? A theme is Salah, to establish the prayer

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to the best of your ability. establish the prayer. Sometimes we may pray and we don't feel anything. This is human. But are you struggling to feel something? Are you struggling to detach from the dunya to try to detach from this world and remember what matters most why? Akina salata for what reason, leave victory. You see how Allah mentions it very concise. He makes it very clear. I am Allah There is no unworthy, unworthy worship except me, worship me. And established a prayer for my remembrance to prayer is to remember Allah brothers and sisters, many times we don't know what that even means. Well, let's think of situations that have happened in our life and think of a name of Allah that is

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associated with it. I just had a child you're in prayer and you're thinking you're visualizing your child, think of a result. When you say Alhamdulillah Hara, Bella Alameen, all praises do Tim think of good things that have happened in your life. And when you say that Hamdulillah that is how we detach from the dunya using elements of the doing it and remembering the name of Allah and things that are connected to the dunya because Allah created the dunya you remembering Allah

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in tier two Academy will fee introduce a coolness in the match is the last kinda dollar establishes another thing here he's saying, Look, basically time is limited. In the SAT to add to tune the hour is about to come.

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I was about to icad goofy had to hide it because that couldn't understand the math test. For every soul will be rewarded for what it has done. So Allah is showing here that look, remember me but this prayer, but time is limited, the Hour will be established, immediately showing that you weren't here for a purpose. But you're so done.

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You mean you'll be here with tobacco? Well, who fights out the bill Allah mentions, okay, there's going to be people that will try to take you away from this message. They will try to take you away from this. Remember, it's your praying, you remembering me, but there will be people that will try to take you away from this. But now you're so done.

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Do not let the people that do not believe in it. Mullah you. What about her well, who they follow their desires, and you will be of those that may be destroyed. Do not follow those people that will take you away from the remembrance of Allah, young men, young women, men, women, we have to be aware of those people, places and things that will take us away from the decree from the remembrance of Allah wa Alayhi. And it is a battle but the battle is beloved by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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This is so important for all of us. The struggle is real, as they say. Allah loves the struggle as long as the struggle is first remembrance and the prayer is one, if not the strongest mechanism to remember Allah to detach from the world to detach from your job, to detach from social media to detach from bad people, places and things and have your time with Allah. Brothers and sisters, if you are not making the effort to pray, what do you expect with the results of the things that you do? And more importantly, what do you expect with your thoughts and your perceptions about life about people? What do you expect with your perception about God?

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If Allah has created a system for you to be the best version of yourself and have a rippling effect on people around you, what do you expect?

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So when Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying here, do not follow those people.

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Then Allah subhana wa Taala establishes his greatness.

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This is important as well, Allah subhanho wa Taala will show Himself to you in ways that if you're not a tentative it will pass right by you. And guess which mechanism is one of the strongest ways to think about and remember the signs of Allah. So Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says here, woman I attended cabbie, Yemeni UK Yeah, Musa. Vinny establishes. He's starting something else here. He says oh Musa what is that your right hand ball there? Hey, I saw I took karate who should be high level on me when he

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he asked Moses What's that in your right hand most of what Moses is going to use to tap on the fire and to use as a form of guidance which he told his wife

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he said, It's my cane. It's my staff I use it to get leads to bring down or to guide the livestock the sheep to make them go a certain direction.

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All right, okay. Hi yah Musa. Then Allah said, Throw this data, but don't call her but he they're here hanging it.

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Musa through the stack, Allah told him throw the stack, and then it turned into a snake or the hood what I took off center II do see a lot to help

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a lot and told him

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HIPAA, take it don't have any fear, we'll return it to its original form.

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What Mumia Dakka ala Jana, he gets a good job. Oh, I mean, Lady sue in. I attend. Oh, hurrah.

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Allah is establishing something here after he told Moses throw the staff at turns into a snake pick up the snake.

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Don't be afraid.

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And then he says put that put your hand in your pocket or in your side. It will come out white illuminating what you see Moses with dark skin and some scholars which was dark, it will come out white. And this whiteness is not a sickness. Don't think it's a sickness, don't think it's some type of disease.

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When the lady saw in, and then Allah says, I It's an another sign

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Ludia came in. Tino kumara. For us to show up for us to show you our great signs, brothers and sisters.

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The word I doesn't only mean verse, I mean sign.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala communicates to you through I add

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your health isn't I will be unphysical fly to Basilan in your own cells. Do you not see

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with the semi elliptical curve no matter what I do, in the skies? Everything that our senses encounter is an eye and Allah is trying to tell you something. But do you take heed to that? When you are in Salah and you detach? Do you think of those signs? Your insalata Lawson do you think of the signs of salata? Luhan This is why it's important to detach and the salah to remember Allah. Anything that's happened in your life is a sign and based on your perception based on your strength based on your Eman, your trust what that will lead to off base in your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala do we look at those signs as a means for us to come closer to him? Or do they just pass by us?

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And we don't take heed to that. Cool look Ali Hello Mustafa Ali, welcome when he sat down with me for stuck in 104 Rahim.

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hamdulillah how to accelerate he was shockula who Allah told me he wanted it. So here Allah subhanho wa Taala establishes His Oneness. The first thing that he starts with is the AKI the, the belief in Allah subhana wa Tada, this is the anchor, this is the foundation this is our purpose of life. This is ultimately why while we are here, everything we do in this life should be a sign of thanking Allah subhana wa Tada and every other thing than ourselves, including ourselves is a sign for us to look at to ponder over to come back to him. The means that we use to come in touch with those signs is the thicker the thicker of Allah and this is why I have no plan Subhanallah he mentions that Vic

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off Bulman dua that remembrance of Allah is even greater than dua, because when you remember ALLAH, you're not asking for anything. You're mentioning his greatness you're mentioning his honor. And even from the adaptive dua is mentioning the names and attributes of Allah and then asking him from the adapter we see even surpass the adapter thicker we see. Dua is mentioning Allah has forgotten the chapter of the Fatiha we mentioned his names you mentioned his greatness. hamdulillah Mandarin Malik Yomi Dean, yeah, can I believe then we asked him

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Akima salata be the key.

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Allah shows his great science, many signs in our life. Then Allah subhana wa, at last month Allah after proving himself and showing himself with miraculous signs. Notice he's showing Musa the look, I have the power to do everything. That which you wouldn't even imagine just happened in front of you. And I wanted to test your allegiance. Allah will test you brothers and sisters. Many times I sit with people that were born Muslim, and I asked them

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Have you converted to Islam as well?

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Because the tests in your life, especially growing up, you have a lot of questions. Has that certainty set well in your heart, that you believe in the one that created you and you trust in Him? You believe in him and you believe him when he speaks in the Quran?

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Because there will be a mission. Each and every single one of us has a mission in our life that we need to fulfill Allah subhanho wa Taala tells him after that after he shows his signs, then he gives him the mission. It habit either if you're an owner in a hookah Hall, go to fit around the oppressor the one that said He is Allah that He is the robot Allah that He is your Lord the Most High. He says go to fit around for really he has transgressed the bounds he's wouldn't be on the bounce.

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Musa recognizing the greatness asked Allah a couple of favors. All that up Mishra. He saw that he were your Siddeley Emery lapada melissani 1000 only. Oh Allah opened my chest is Shakti Saudi Allah maestra like I saw the rock, oh Allah opened my chest, expand my chest and make my affairs easy for me. And take out the knot in my tongue because some scars that he spoke with the list didn't speak clearly. To where they can understand my statements, which I didn't eat was it I mean, I really have a history to be sad. Well actually Koofi, MD K new sub B Hakka caffeine Utah when it's called aka caffeine at all neck wound tip now I'll see you at all. Then he mentions that my brother had on

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accompany me in strength.

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Let him accompany accompany me wants to do to be sad and he could be someone that helps me in my affairs. To weekend mention you a lot. When not Graca Theodore inequitably nebo theater for rarely you can see you're the overseer of all things fall under the OT, like Musa wala pada man and Nolleke Emma Watson O'Hara. So after Moses asked for a loss Portela asked him, Okay, I'm gonna go on this mission make me strong, allow people to understand me. Let my cue allow my brothers to come with me. Allah said you have been granted what you asked. But then Allah subhana Medina reminds him of what he did for him in the past, before he went to the blazing Fire. Remember the beginning of the story.

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He reminds them what happened in the past, Allah is reminding him to show that look, even though I'm giving you all of this, know that I am the one that bestows all favors upon you. I am the one you rely on. Do not rely on the means brothers and sisters, you rely on the creator of the means. You see everything in our life brothers and sisters. Law wants us to bring it back to him. A trial that we may face, we seek forgiveness. The prayer is an opportunity for you to close your eyes or look at a particular place on the ground and think about what Allah has done for you. Whether he's taking something away and you asked him for patience or whether he's given you something and you thank him.

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Allah says well another man and knowledge Mr. Lawton okra, and we have granted you something but we agreed to do something again, moderates and okra.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing him that I grant you my favors.

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That He grants him His favors. And he goes on to speak about how Subhanallah when Moses was born, that was the year that Koreatown was killing off the young babies, the young males because he had a dream that one of them would take over his kingship. And one year he would need them Ben Israel, because Israel they were the servants of the tibia of the elites, Egyptians at that time which fairground was from them. So the bento is right to the children of Israel, from the servants of them. Moses was from them.

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So for our kill them one year and leave them one year so they can have servants. So the year that Moses was born, Allah subhanaw taala told Moses mother to put him in the taboos, l EP Yum, and to put him in the sea or the river. The tablet is a box to put Moses a baby in the box and they chopped off clusters Allah subhanaw taala says, do not have any fear in order to Leakey with Illumina and Morsani, they barely will return them to you and make him

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from the messengers. So if you look in the chapter of gos, Allah subhanaw taala, protected Musa the people that picked him up were spirit Allen's army and ask you, the wife of Iran said let's keep him gotta go to NMD when he's someone beautiful, he may be something that someone that will help us and hamdulillah is something that's beautiful. Then the story continues where Moses grows up sees the fighting between the battle Israel eel, and the cool to be the topic and then he hits one of them. He dies, that's when he feeds to medium and that's where we started at the beginning of the hotbar. But Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us here due to time

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it seems she took a photo who has a dual ma foo

00:24:58--> 00:25:00

when his sister Allah's reminding

00:25:00--> 00:25:25

Moses, he's telling him now remember when your sister and she went to the crowd of people and said, Can I guide you to someone, someone that can take care of him? Because when Moses was a baby, he would not breastfeed from anyone they would bring to him women, as the wife would figure out what brings him certain women to try to breastfeed Musa and Musa would refuse all of them. So Moses sister would spy and see so she came forth and she said, I know someone basically, that I could take to them.

00:25:26--> 00:26:07

But NACA ILA will make a new one. Then Allah says, and we returned you to your mother, so she would not have any fear or sadness. Or cartel turnips, fina Jain el camino de la Mujer fatten caribou tuna, then allometry is another blessing and you kill someone. Remember? Remember, remember that time you got into an argument with your wife and you screamed at her in front of your children, and now your children treat females a certain way. Remember that time you didn't sit with your children and now your son is acting a certain way you see yourself and your son, but you won't. You won't admit it to Allah even. Remember those times. Remember those times you made a mistake and didn't

00:26:07--> 00:26:15

admit it. Remember that time you violated someone you violated someone's son or daughter online offline. Remember that?

00:26:17--> 00:26:42

Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding you and that's why brothers and sisters, we have to rewind to remind in life, you got to rewind sometimes, that's why you have to sit back and leave distractions. And all of this brothers and sisters brings competence in a lawsuit panic attack. With that confidence and Allah by looking at his eye at looking at his signs

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past looking at the things that you've done and associating it with Allah, you've made a mistake. Yeah. Before yellow off yellow for willfully. Oh, the offer giving forgive me. Yeah, man and honey. Yeah, man, Montana, oh, the Merciful make me merciful with my children. Make me merciful with my parents. Yes. So Buddhists or Bernie, or the one that grants patient and the patient with the slave, make me patients grant me with patience, those signs from Allah, you ask ALLAH from his virtue.

00:27:14--> 00:27:31

Looking at the signs, and the more you do that, the more you will have competence in Allah subhanho wa taala. And that confidence in Allah brings cop self competence, that self esteem that we see a lot of our young males and females falling into.

00:27:32--> 00:27:44

When we look at self esteem, we don't ultimately start and end at self help books by people that don't know Allah. They may have principles of the fitrah but ultimately, we go back to those who know Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because it starts with something transcendent. Beyond green grass, white picket fence money, respect, likes, it's beyond that. It's your connection with Allah. And when you have the connection with Allah, your self confidence goes through the roof.

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And it has a rippling effect on those around you.

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Are banner ads, and if a junior has no he has no idea either, but not probably not working for the NSA to know what to look for them and abroad alone most of the slammer will mostly mean Allah Most of the slammer must mean almost almost to Dafina if you call the mechanic out about it I mean what it meant to him other than an indicator as soon as we got a machine yeah that's generally where the crumb in the law yeah you know and and Allah yet motivator I didn't want to accept it. What

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were you unhappy and frustrated? Well, monkey well here so Kamala Allah come to the karoun. Further the court of law Ha Jung Kotaku wash crew who underneath me he said, Come What are the crew law he Akbar? Allahu Yana momento snare on Rocky masala.