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Edris Khamissa
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10 past 11 salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Welcome to aanrader Islam international it is Thursday morning however this morning my usual guest who joins me for the Idris camisa is not available he is on a flight internal flight and it is I will not be joining us this morning however, I will carry on with you inshallah Aziz and inshallah I will continue the discussion First up, we're going to be looking at a little bit of Islamic history, something of interest that

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Muslims introduced to the world and the civilization that Muslims brought to the world and inshallah highlighting a little bit of

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what Muslims have done in the world. In summary, we'll be looking at five inventions, five Muslim inventions, that changed the world. inshallah, that will be the first segment of our program this morning and then after that, we're going to go on to an Islamic discussion and something social, anything that you would like me to discuss, you're most welcome to SMS 0731738461. If you have any questions, any parenting issues, anything that you'd like to bring up something with regards to education or you're struggling with your kids, or even if it is a marriage related issue, if you would like me to discuss it, you're most welcome to SMS 0731738461. And looking at the questions

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And the day begins as the night of the Sun dissipates the darkness of the night. And now the new

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every Monday to Friday, a lot in terms of fees and prosperity then when he is in

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the early morning Vicar program

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comprising the virtues of Vicar seed of

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various beautiful Vicar recitations, the 42 routes but they have judgment one day only for me to argue with men so ever recites a lot on me one inshallah Allah, Allah danglies to your heart's content in

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the garden of remembrance, the gardens for those who remember the gardens.

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With the sunrises, it rises for everyone showing molana teenagers such on all mushrooms monday through thursday between 11 and 12pm live out of ermelo Mpumalanga, the place where the sunrises regular contributions from Alana

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and Idris camisa.

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Welcome back to amateur radio Islam International. Yes, we said we're going to speaking about some inventions by Muslims that changed the world. The first thing that we're going to be speaking about is coffee, coffee in the world. Today, they are and this is an article that comes out of the website last Islamic history after reference our articles

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Coffee, about 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world. 1000 600 million cups of coffee. And many people rely on coffee as part of their daily routines. But they're very few were actually aware that this beverage has Muslim regions. According to the historical record in the 1400s, coffee became a popular drink among Muslims in Yemen. And the legend goes that a shepherd something in Yemen something Ethiopia, notice that his goats became very energetic and jumpy, and they ate beans from a particular tree. He then took the courage to fly them himself, and he noticed that they gave him an extra boost. Over time, the tradition of roasting the beans and immersing them

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in water to create a sour yet powerful drink developed in this coffee was born. So the original coffee started off in Yemen. And some say in Ethiopia. Now the glass is regardless of whether or not the story of the shepherd ever really happened. Kava coffee, definitely found its way from the highlands of Yemen, to the rest of the Ottoman Empire. And coffee houses specializing in coffee began to spring up in all major cities of the Muslim world, Cairo, Istanbul, Damascus, Baghdad. And you know, if you just take the names of the cities in history, they give you an image of bustling busy centers of Islamic power and Islamic knowledge and Islamic culture, Islamic heritage.

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On the other hand, if you take the names of these cities today, take the names of the city study indicate Criollo you think of the atrocities that have been carried out against Muslims and between Muslims.

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And then you look at Istanbul. And you look at the turmoil that took place there.

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And then you look at Damascus, and you think of yesterday's massacre in Damascus, when you think of Baghdad, and you think of the American invasion of Iraq, and your your heart sinks, when you think about all of these things, but as Muslims, we take

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constantly consolation from the fact that our predecessors, our ancestors, and the heritage that we came from was very, very rich. And this is just a temporary stage that the Muslim Ummah is going through, and this Muslim countries and Muslim cities are going through, and we will regain our former glory, that is certain, and it is a promise from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And, okay, coming back to our discussion, the coffee houses specializing in coffee began to spring up in all of these major cities and from the Muslim world, the drink, found its way into Europe, through the great merchant city of Venice. And it was first denounced as a Muslim drink by Catholic authorities. So

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first and coffee came onto the market and people started as in a dusting into something nice and something good to drink. And let's have a taste of it. Let's try it out. The Catholic authorities found out about the simplicity, don't touch that drink. That's a Muslim drink, you can attach that link. And then it became part of the European culture, at least part of the great part of European homes of culture of upmarket living, and of the lower end, and everybody's having coffee, the coffee houses of the 1600s it was when philosophers met and really discussed issues such as the rights of man, the role of government in the mosque with democracy and all of the great thoughts and thinkers

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of the time. And these discussions over this beverage over coffee spawned what became the Enlightenment one of the most powerful intellectual movements of the modern world and would be perhaps interesting just to look at what the Enlightenment was all about.

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you look at the mind, enlightenment, the American Revolution and

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look at Islam role in the line in enlightenment. This is the political and social ideas that caused the American colonists to revolt against the British Empire, are formulated in a movement known as the enlightenment. This is a ninth enlightenment was an intellectual movement that argued that science and reason should be the basis of human society. It shouldn't they shouldn't be blind folio falling of monarchs in the church authority. And on July 4 1776, in Philadelphia, the American revolutionaries signed the Declaration of Independence in documents written by Thomas Jefferson and heavily influenced by the Enlightenment which you

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made official the break from Great Britain, Britain and the establishment of the United States of America. The enlightenment was driven by a group of European philosophers and scientists who are going against the prevailing ideas of covenants in Europe at the time. Monks, these thinkers were people such as john Locke, Rene describe is Isaac Newton, and Montesquieu.

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And if you look at the history of these individuals, and just a little bit of link that they had,

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Locke, daily, john Locke directly took the idea from a Muslim philosopher from the 1100s. Even the profane, unable to fight his book hate, even though he aka then he describes an identical idea about how humans Act is a blank slate, absorbing experiences and information from the surroundings. And then, other other philosophers, Isaac Newton was greatly influenced by mill Haytham, the Muslim scientists who pioneered the scientific method, optics in the laws of motion. And in Europe, innovation was well known, and his ideas about science and philosophy also well known.

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Isaac Newton, for us one evening hastened the idea that there are natural laws that run the universe. And then Montesquieu, on the other hand, is usually cited as the first to propose the ideas of separation of government in separate branches. And during his time in in Europe, monarchs held absolute power and shared control of the state was was no one the Muslim world had had historically never been in such a funny kind of sin. In the past empires held the most power. They also existed the idea of Shura Council whose job it was to advise the philosopher

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and there's all of these things then led to the revolution. So we came to the first one, the first Muslim invention that changed the world. One was coffee, the second one was something dreaded by most learners in school algebra. While many secondary school students struggled through math classes, and they don't particularly

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appreciate the importance of algebra. It's one of the most important contributions of the Muslim golden age to the modern world. It was developed by the great scientist and mathematician Mohammed Abu Musab al Hauer Islam, and he lived from 780 to 850 in Persian in Iraq, and in his monumental book Al Kitab. Al Mustapha. Saville jabber well, maka Bella. The English translation of the title is The compendious book on calculation by completion and balancing the set forth the basic principles of algebraic equations. The name of the book itself contains the word algebra, meaning completion. And the Latin word algebra algebra is derived from the Arabic word algebra. And then he explains how

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to use algebraic equations and with unknown variables to solve real world problems such as soccer calculation and inheritance, division, etc. and a unique aspect of his reason for developing algebra is the desire to make calculations mandated by Islamic law easier to compete in a world without calculators and computers of Hana. His reason for developing algebra was to make calculations, which is Tomic law commands, like the card and inheritance and such, etc. to make those calculations easier, in a world without calculators and computers, and hilarious Miss books are translated into Latin in Europeans in the 1000s, and the 1100s. And it was known as elbow reach knee, elbow reach

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That was the surface a word that was developed by His name is hilarious, me. And without his work in developing algebra, modern practical applications of math, engineering, all of those would not be possible. And his works were used as math textbooks in European universities for hundreds of years after his death. That's the second great invention of Muslims that changed the world. The third great invention is degree granting universities. Speaking of universities, that is also an invention made possible by the Muslim world. Early on in Islamic history. machines were schools in the same people who led Sarah would teach groups of students about Islamic sciences for an et cetera. And as

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the Muslim world grew, there needed to be some formalized institutions known as madrasahs. And that was dedicated to the education of students in the first formal madrasah was at a place called El carabin. Founded in 859, by Fatima, Al

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theory in phase Morocco. So the first university was founded by a Muslim woman in Morocco.

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And her school attracted some of the leading scholars of North Africa as well as the names brightest students at Al Karim. As students are taught by teachers for a number of years in a variety of subjects. And at the end of the program, the teachers,

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you know, declared that the students are qualified in the boot camp in a certificate does not mean as as an ijazah, a diploma or a certificate degree. And that recognizes that the student understood the material is now qualified to teach it as well. And the first degree granting education Institute's quickly spread throughout the Muslim world as heaven was founded in Cairo in 1970. And in 1000, the seljuks established dozens of madrasahs throughout the Middle East. And the universities of Bologna in Italy, and Oxford, in London in England, were founded in the 11th and 12th centuries, and continued the Muslim tradition of granting degrees to students who deserve them

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and using it as a judge of a person's qualifications in a particular subject. Those universities came much later after the establishment of the Islamic University. And then the third study the as the the fourth invention brought on by Muslims into the world was military marching bands. And

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this was during the 1300s. It also made the Ottoman army one of the most powerful armies in the world. And then chris Christie in Europe and the others took on from this tradition. And then the final one that that we're going to be discussing today is cameras, cameras.

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The the world without photography would be hard to imagine, and this photography in everything billion dollar companies like Instagram canon, they are based on the idea of capturing light from the scene, creating an image from it, reproducing that image you have photography, every cell phone has a camera. You have CCTV use it for crime prevention you visit for many, many, many different uses.

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doing so taking pictures would have been impossible without the work of 11th century Muslim scientist in mill Haytham and he developed the field of optics and described how the first cameras work. He was working in Cairo, the early 1000s in Manhattan was one of the greatest scientists of all time. to regulate scientific advancements. He developed the scientific method the basic process by which all scientific research is conducted. When he was put under house arrest by the rule of hacking. He had the time and ability to study how light works. His research partially focused on how the pinhole camera worked. And Haytham was the first scientist to realize a tiny hole is put onto

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the side of a lightproof box. The rays of the light from the outside are projected through that pinhole into the box and onto the back wall of it lies the smaller the pinhole the sharper the image quality, and gave him the ability to build cameras that are incredibly accurate and sharp when capturing images. And even heisha. Hasan's discoveries regarding cameras now to project and capture images led to the modern development of cameras around the same concepts. Without his research into how light travels through apertures is projected by them to modern mechanisms inside everyone scammers would not exist. So Hannah law

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it's 29 minutes after 11 we make sure that Allah Subhana Allah that He has blessed the Muslim Ummah with such luminaries and people who,

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who went into such research, the lesson that we draw from here is that inshallah, we need to also develop our abilities and strengths and strengths and senses and intelligence and knowledge. To the extent that we are able to also make a positive impact on the world that is what we need to do make a positive impact on the lives of others and make positive impact on the world, which isn't everyone has the capacity, the capability, the ability of making a positive impact on the lives of others. It all just depends on the attitude that we have and how we channel our energies positively Shambhala is 1130 you're listening to our MasterCard ladies time international we're gonna go for a break when

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we come back we received an SMS and inshallah we will discuss it and others as well. Stay tuned to the Canadian International.

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When the sun rises, it rises for everyone joining Maulana June. He starts on Monday to Thursday between 11 and 12pm live out of ermelo Mpumalanga, the place where the sunrises regular contributions by Milan as

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well as mature

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and Idris homies

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28 minutes before 12 Welcome back to all my secondary Islam international legislative then interesting as soon as anything this can be a good place for the discussion that we're gonna have to the SMM. Allah has three boys, aged 11 nine 711 and nine year olds are always fighting for Nana cookies advice, what can I do activities to give them to make love grow between them or to stop the fighting? This is a problem that I think almost every parent may be experiencing Illa Mashallah very few parents enjoy children who do not have any sort of what we would term sibling rivalry between them. And many kids are lucky enough to become the best of friends with their siblings. But it's

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also common, it's common for, for brothers and sisters to fight. It's common for them to swing back and forth between adoring each other and testing each other. And this is a good basis for our discussion this morning. And if you have anything related to this, you're most welcome to Ask or any other questions as well 0731738461.

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This this sibling rivalry usually starts before, even before the second child is born. So the first child would already have some sort of

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an easiness about the seconds even before the child is born. And this continues as kids grow and make copies for everything from toys, to attention to money to whatever else it may be. And isn't it is the different stages of development, then the needs change definitely, and

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change a lot. And that affects how they relate to one another as a payment. Definitely, it will be frustrating will be upsetting for you to watch and to hear your kids fight with one another especially if you're sitting in a car. And you know, there's a great amount of stress and tension between the children. And if you have a house that's full of conflict, it's going to be stressful for everyone. And it's hard to know how to stop the fighting. And it's hard to know even whether you should get involved at all in fighting but you can take steps you can take steps to promote peace in your household. And you can take steps to help your kids get along.

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So firstly

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This is why we're what I'm reading out to him discussing with you It comes from an article and inshallah Cesar will discuss it from this article inshallah not my professional opinion, this is a professional opinion of this person who prepared the article

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comes from kidshealth.org website. So, firstly we need to understand why two children fight and they are different reasons, they experience some degree of jealousy or competition, and this will then play into squabbles a beginning. And there are other factors also that might might influence how they how often the fight how severe also the fighting gets, the One reason is evolving needs for children, their needs change all the time, the anxieties change, the identities change. And this is

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this affects now how they relate to one another. toddlers are naturally protective of the toys and of their belongings and they want to control things themselves. They are learning to assert their will, and they will assert their will at every time. If you have a baby brother or sister. In this picture, this child picks up the toddler story, the oldest child may recap may react aggressively. school aged kids have a strong concept of fairness and equality. So they may not understand why the siblings of other ages are treated differently. Or they may even feel like one child gets preferential treatment over the other. This was happens with school aged kids. Teenagers. On the

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other hand, they are now developing in this lady's question of the 11 year old going into his teens, they are now developing a sense of individuality and independence. And they won't like to help with household responsibilities. They won't want to take care of their siblings, they may not even want to spend time together with the family. And all of these differences in the needs will

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influence the way they fight with one another.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:53

Another factor that affects the behavior may rivalry a rivalry between them is individual temperaments your children have each one they own individual temperaments, their moods are different, the disposition is different, the adaptability is different, and very unique personalities is what plays a role in how well they get along with one another. Once I've made the lay back laid back other is easily irritated. And then they would get into a fight. One child is especially clingy to the parents, and the throw to the parents for comfort and love. And this child will be disliked by the siblings, who see this sort of clingy behavior and they want the same type

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and same amount of attention. So, each one has the individual temperaments and this also is a cause of fights.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:07

Another cause of rivalry is special needs or sick children, sometimes

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one of your children may be needing special attention due to illness, or maybe learning or emotional issues, maybe trauma, whatever, they may require more presenter time you need to spend more time sitting with them, cuddling them talking to them. And now this will affect the other children who will pick up on this disparity in this and vain are going to act out to get attention or out of fear of what's happening to the other child, you know, they

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want to

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get some sort of attention out of this whole thing. And then that is one thing that affects

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sibling rivalry. Another thing that causes sibling sibling rivalry, his role models, the way the presents resolve problems and disagreements that will set a an example for children.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:33

So if you and your spouse work through conflict in a way that's respectful, productive, not aggressive, then the children with will adopt the same tactics really run into problems with one another. If your kids see you, as parents, normally shouting at each other slamming doors, arguing loudly when you have problems, they are most likely going to pick up on the same habits and follow the same steps. So

00:29:35 --> 00:29:43

now, you understand the reasons that cause other factors that cause the rivalry, evolving needs,

00:29:44 --> 00:29:59

individual temperaments, special needs or sick kids. And the way that you set an example as parents is the four reasons or four things that would cause sibling rivalry. Now what do you do when

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

The fighting starts this is

00:30:04 --> 00:30:49

the steps that you need to take, it may be common for brothers and sisters to fight. And it's not pleasant for anyone in the house. And as a family you can own tolerate a certain amount of conflict, and the fighting starts. Firstly, whenever possible, don't get involved, you step in only this danger of physical harm. If you have always been going to intervene, you're going to risk creating other problems, one of the children will start expecting your help, and wait for you to come to the rescue. And they won't learn how to work out the problems on their own. Also, there is a risk that you without realizing make it appear to one child, that the other one is always being protected.

00:30:50 --> 00:30:55

And this would all it would would then create even more resentment in the child.

00:30:57 --> 00:31:32

On the other hand, the rescued children, the child who's whose help you came for may feel that they can get away with more, because they're always being saved by the parents. And if you're concerned by the language that your kids use, or the name calling, it's appropriate for you to coach kids through what they are feeling. And teach them to use appropriate words, do you really feel that it's either your parent that your brother is a monkey or a baboon? Or do you really feel like throwing your child

00:31:34 --> 00:31:58

out of the house in university, this type of words, throwing your brother out of the house or getting rid of them or throwing them away or whatever, and you can coach them about it. But it's definitely from intervening, stepping in and separating the kids, and even then encourage the children to resolve the crisis themselves. And if you do step in, try to resolve problems with your kids, not for your kids fight to

00:32:00 --> 00:32:40

resolve the problem with your kids, not for your kids. How do you do? How do you resolve the problem with your kids and not for your kids? Here's some steps that you can consider one, separate kids until the outcome, sometimes it's best just to give them space for a little while, and not immediately rehash and start to conflict all over again. The fight can start again and can become even worse, it's going to make this of any experience, separate them, let them go their separate ways with the emotions tied down, and then you start resolving the problem. Don't put too much focus on figuring out which child is to blame. And this is what we would normally do. So who started this

00:32:40 --> 00:32:57

problem. I want to know who started the first or who shouted the first who who stole whose toy. And you start off like that. But that's not productive. Don't put too much of focus on figuring out which child is to blame. It takes to to fight and anyone who is involved

00:32:58 --> 00:33:07

in the fight is partly responsible. next fight to set up a win win situation so that each child gains something out of it.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:35

When they both want the same toy, perhaps there's a game that they could play together for the toy instead. And, you know, as children cope with disputes, they also learn important skills that will serve them for life like how to value the perspectives of another person how to compromise and negotiate and how to control aggressive impulses, what you said when the fighting actually starts. Firstly, don't get involved. If you

00:33:37 --> 00:33:50

have to get involved. If you're using bad language and name calling them approach them to use more suitable, more respectable names and encourage them to resolve the crisis themselves. If you want to

00:33:51 --> 00:34:10

get involved and solve it with him, separate them until they are calm, and let them solve with afterwards. Don't put too much of focus on figuring it out, figuring out which child is to blame, and try and set up if it's over a toy and try and set up a win win situation that they can both play with it and both

00:34:11 --> 00:34:12


00:34:13 --> 00:34:50

the equal satisfaction out of it. inshallah, we'll go for a short break. Now when we come back, we're going to be discussing how to help each get along. The simple things like the question that the lady asked that question really prompted an interesting discussion and there are many parents I believe who would be taking benefit out of this, helping kids get along and simple things that you can do everyday to prevent fighting. We'll be speaking about that. inshallah, just after this break is gone quarter to 12 you're listening to music, or radio, some international stationed

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And Idris homies.

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Welcome back to our mashreq on radio Islam International, we are discussing concerning sibling rivalry. And the discussion that we're going to be talking about sorry, that we were going to be discussing now is helping kids to get along as simple things you can do every day to prevent fighting. How do we do this? Firstly, you set ground rules for acceptable behavior, you tell the kids to keep their hands to themselves. And that is no cursing, no swearing, no name calling, no shouting, no door slamming. That's the basic things of acceptable behavior and kept the children's input also, as well and the rules as well as the consequences if they break the rules. Now this

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would teach the children that they are responsible for their own actions, regardless of what the situation is required, regardless of how they are provoked. And this would also discourage any attempts to negotiate regarding who was right or wrong. So let them set the rules, read them set the punishment. And then this is what you implement in case is

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average of those rules. Also, don't let kids make you think that everything always has to be fair and equal. Sometimes one kid needs more than the other one child would need more attention than the other you can't have everything equal and fair all of the time. The child was sick, obviously can be treated the same. As a child who's healthy and well established, he could definitely need more attention. Also be proactive. give your child a one on one attention. Whatever the interest, whatever their needs may be keep your child with one on one attention. For example, when I used to go outdoors, take them for a walk. When I say go cycling go with him. No one has to sit and read

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certainly with him. If one wants to talk about guys, or computers, cell phones, even if it's

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Something you don't understand certain talk to them about that, ask them questions about that. Also, another point, make it, make sure that your children have their own space in their own time to do whatever they want to do. You have to play toys by themselves, let them play, you have to play with friends, without the little brother sister taking along, let them go. If you want to enjoy activities without having to share it, sometimes them, let them to keep them. Sometimes they own

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space, so that they can have the satisfaction of doing things themselves. And then the rest of the time they can, and she into things for the siblings.

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Important, show your kids and tell your kids that for you. Love is not something that comes with limits, it's unlimited. And it's not going to be like that, as if your love is shared by all because you love each one equally. And as much. And let them know that children know that they are safe, they're important they are loved, and that their needs will be met. You as a family are working towards having their needs met, and have fun together as a family.

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Whether you have a little pride together, you throw a ball around, you play a board game, or in between establishing a peaceful way for your kids to spend time together relate to each other. This can also often lead to problems, but like we said this way of solving those tensions between them. And parental attention is sometimes most

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mostly the reason why kids fight. And so fun family activities can help reduce the conflict. And if your children frequently squabble over the same things, for example, the game console, or the cell phone, or the computer, or whatever else it may be in roster for us that says it says that this child can use it at this hour, the star can use it at this hour, and you stick to that roster.

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And if they keep fighting about that particular item, then you put it away altogether, and they keep fighting about it is causing problems and put it away all together. And if fights with between the school age kids are frequent hold weekly family meetings, and you need to repeat the rules about the fighting and review past successes in reducing conflicts and consider programming children can earn points

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towards the fun and fun, family oriented activity. And you need to recognize when kids just need time apart from each other, and the family dynamics. And you know, maybe children need to play on their own completely

00:42:50 --> 00:43:33

silvan fight just to get the parents attention sometimes. And now you need to take time out of your own. And when you leave, the incentive for fighting is gone also. So if you are not a whose attention I begin to fight for, so you separate yourself from them, and they don't want to be fighting for anything. And when your own fuse is getting short. Maybe they'll tell you or your partner, your husband, tell your wife that, you know, you think over for a little while I'm taking a short break. And in a small percentage of families This is the emphasis smaller, small percentage of families, the conflict between brothers and sisters is so severe that it disrupts daily functioning

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and it can even affect children emotionally or psychologically. In that case, it would be wise to get help from a professional from a psychologist or counselor and you need to seek help only if if it is so severe that it's leading to marital problems between you and your spouse, if it could create a real danger of physical harm to any family member, if it is damaging to the self esteem or psychological well being of the family member or if it may be related to other significant concerns such as depression etc, then you need to seek professional help in trying to overcome the problems. So, there is a basic discussion on sibling libraries you can Zealand for listening to the program

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already some international because it was very interesting discussing with this with you it was good for me also to get some insight on how to handle these issues, especially the reasons why children fight because that quickly evolving needs they have different needs at different ages of they have realized this right fit the individual temperaments, and then special needs sick children. The role model that you present as a parent in solving conflicts could also

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affect why and the reason why children deal with conflicts in the way they do and why they fight.

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as well that was interesting for me to learn as well as you can Zealand to you for listening to the program this morning should come to my studio at Brahim Shah and frangioni just happened this Thursday morning. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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