The spread of Islam to Latin America

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Friday Sermon (11-21-2014) Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick – The spread of Islam to Latin America

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The conversation discusses the importance of peace in Latin America and the globalist agenda. It touches on the population, the region's population, and the importance of Islam in gaining control over the world. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a conference on Muslim leaders.

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Alhamdulillah hora below the mean velocity but a little more talking What are at one Illa Allah Dolly mean? Why should one La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika was shadow Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo solo la la la, la la la he was happy woman da da what he was done ob suniti illa Yomi Dean will sell them to Sleeman kathira Ababa.

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for SQL enough see the top of Allah azza wa jal with some evil ta ye akula la suparna Rosa Billa shaytani regime. Yeah, you have the Drina, Armando taco LA, wa kulu polenta Dida you slay the medical field aku no Baku, Omen UT la vida Sula, faqad phazzer fosun Ultima appraise the due to Allah Lord of the worlds and surely the best reward

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is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I'd be a witness that allows one and has no partners. And that Muhammad, the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. And may Allah constantly always send peace and blessings to Mohammed,

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to his family, to his companions to all those who call to his way and establish his son, to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows. I begin by reminding myself and you of the importance of taqwa, the importance of the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, the awareness of the reality of the Creator

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of the heavens and the earth.

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And when a person passes from the earth, the earth, it is the sunlight and is the way of the Muslims that we say in lillahi wa in LA he logically, we said, Surely we come from Allah, and surely we will return to Allah.

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And it is a trauma. In the time of trauma, we say this. But this is a statement. This is an understanding that we should carry with us constantly.

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That we come from the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and we will go back in a transition

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to our Lord,

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and that we should listen to the words of Allah subhanaw taala. Take heed from the warnings of the last prophet Mohammed Salah Salah, we should hear this and we should obey.

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Because Allah azza wa jal has revealed to us eternal knowledge he has given to us the court and he has given to us guidance that not only guided the original companions that will continue to guide us today.

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And in this book, Allah azza wa jal tells us who you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, wa kulu Colin sadita. Speak a straightforward word. He would repair your deeds, forgive you of your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has surely gained a mighty trial. And so Allah speaks about after taqwa that the words that we say, should be a colon sadita, clear, straightforward. Blocking any falsehood is like a set like a dam to block any false clear statements that we should make and that clarity is something that we

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want wants to be around. It is that clarity that humanity needs today.

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In a world of confusion, where information is coming to us, constantly, we have to filter through this information, to try to find out and realize what actually is true, and what has been

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made up by men.

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The last prophet Muhammad SAW seldom was known sodic must do.

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He was the truthful one.

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And he was believed by those who were truthful.

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And then a hadith along Hadith reported by doe Ban rhodiola one, the prophet SAW seldom begins talking about the vastness of his mission.

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Talking about the extent of the oma and he tells us in Nala hatzolah Leah for itema sharika havarti Baja, we're in the middle komati

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Surya Blue mazovia li minha

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the prophet SAW some of them said in Allah azza wa jal arte, Allah folded up the earth for me.

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This is a miraculous thing, where you could actually see the extent of the earth, it was like folded up to be in one picture.

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And so the Prophet said, I could see to the Far East, and I could see to the far west.

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And a lot informed me, the prophet said, that the extent that the my oma would spread over and possess, as far as I could see, on both sides, so this is a miraculous thing for a man living in Arabia 1400 years ago, who does not have access

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to television, to movies, the cameras, the internet, to be able to see the vastness of the earth, and to be given a prediction, which eventually came true.

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Because within 100 years, the Muslims had spread far to the west, all the way to the to the Atlantic Ocean.

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And it is reported that Akbar ignacia Rahim, Allah, the great Tabby, rode his horse across North Africa. And he reached the Atlantic and he went right into the ocean.

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And he looked across the ocean, and he said, If I knew there was land, across this ocean, I'll take this message across, I'll continue. That was the spirit of the of the early believers. on the eastern side, the Muslims reach high into the mountains of Nepal, they read, they went down into China, within 100 years, the message has spread that far, way up to the north, into Russia, deep south, on the Swahili coast of East Africa.

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And so the distance of the Muslims was an amazing distance, and contrary to what people say.

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And even recently, they tried to write it, that Muslims conquered these lands with large armies, subjugating the people. This is not true.

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The reality was, the Muslims were a small in number.

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The largest number of Sahaba was reported to be only about 140,000 that witnessed the arafat sermon.

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And the prophet SAW seldom said, Those who are present, take the message to all those assets. In other words, the rest of humanity. So with a small number of people,

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but with a message of tawheed of unity, unifying the concept of God unifying humanity that we're all part of one family, unifying knowledge, that sacred knowledge and secular knowledge are the same.

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All knowledge comes from Allah azza wa jal, with this concept with this thirst that the believers had to travel and to gain knowledge, they were able to reach far into the DDD east and far into the West.

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Recently, about two weeks ago, the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan, he announced in a big conference, a major conference, it was considered to be the first ever Latin American Muslim leaders conference that was held in Istanbul, Turkey. This is just recently. So these are Latin American leaders from Mexico all the way down to Deep South America.

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And it's surprising that what other Latin American leaders who what Muslims are in this region, how can something like this be possible? We thought there was only a few people in that part of the world. But a large conference was held. And in this conference, our brother, leader of the Turkish people, is the gun. He said the religion of Islam was widespread before Columbus.

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Muslim sailors had arrived on the shores of America in 1178.

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hit this editor gone speaking now, they arrived on the shores of America in 1178.

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Now this shook the press. The American press exploded now. Right is trying to come back How dare you say something like this. How

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Do you make a report like this editor gun as part of his proof?

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He had the paper of one of our brothers use of Motorola, who was a Canadian, Arab Muslim,

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who had written about this as well. He used this paper to show that Columbus came around the shore of Cuba. And he looked up to the hill and he said, there is a Mesquita there is a Masjid, on the top of this hill. And the Spanish knew very well what mustards were because Muslims had lived in their country, almost 800 years.

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And so he used this as a proof. But the press now went up against them. This is not true. Maybe it just was a it looked like a Masjid. It was the silhouette of a rock formation that he saw.

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Little did I know that there is actually a lot of evidence for this, that a person named Cyrus Gordon, who wrote a book called before Columbus, this is not a Muslim. He talked about a ship that was wrecked in 1971.

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And on the shipwreck off the coast of Venezuela, this is in South America, they found a chest of gold coins. Most of the coins were Roman coins, dating back to the fourth century AD, but there were two coins that had Arabic writing on it. And these coins dated back to the eighth century AD. And so when the scientists looked at the ship, the conclusion was that it was a Morris ship, meaning a Muslim ship, a ship with Muslims from Spain, who had come into the region 50 sailors were on the ship. And that reached approximately 800 ad.

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Little did our president know in this bold statement that he made, and the importance of the statement is that the Columbus story is what they call a foundational myths. It is the root of Western civilization. It is a column that supports the whole justification for the colonization of the Americas. So if you shake the column, then you are ideologically shaking the whole civilization. So this was a powerful statement that he made.

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There is also proof that Muslim writers writing in the Arabic language and the writings are still available in libraries today.

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That in 1956, Elon Musk Rudy, in his book Muruga, Omaha, Donald Joe Hart, in this famous text, he wrote about the journey of a man named husch class inside

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who left around 889 ad

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that he left from Lisbon. What is now Lisbon in Portugal, he went into the ocean. He stayed a period of time and he came back with all types of goods. And everybody in Spain everybody in Al Andalus knew about the journey of harsh costs. In 1999, Abubakar Eben Omar al Katia spoke about the journey of Eben Fado, who went into the ocean, found islands on the ocean, and then returned back to North Africa in the 11th century, Al idrisi. In his work keytab Alma Malik, while mosaddek writes about the journey of what he called Mahadeva and that they went into the ocean found a deserted island, and from that island went to another set, and they spoke with the king who had an interpreter who

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could speak Arabic.

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See, 11th century he writes this, the king's interpreter could speak Arabic.

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So Arabic speaking people, Muslims have been going across the ocean and trading and doing business with the people.

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There is also proof from the 14th century or the Romani and masala calibre from American umsaw, who speaks about the journey of the great West African ruler, Mansa Musa, who made pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324. Remember, 1492 Columbus 1390. He made it made that journey in 1342.

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And on that journey, months of Moosa carried with him somewhere between 65 to 72,000 people.

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When he reached into Egypt, he spoke with Al Omar, these reporters, and he said my older brother, Abu Bakar, left the shores of West Africa.

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And he left with 2000 ships, and he never returned.

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These are the mandinka people known for their traveling across West Africa. They traveled across and now records clearly state and show how the mandinka Muslims came across using the currents that take you from Senegal, right into Brazil. They traveled across

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the Amazon basin.

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They traveled into Peru,

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into Central America and up into what is now the United States.

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A Harvard University Professor Leo Weiner, who wrote Africa and the discovery of America shows that they mix with the First Nations native people, the Aboriginal people, they were living here in this part of the world. That is the reality that we as Muslims are not privy to.

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That is Colin sadita. So when President Erdogan faced the world and said Columbus didn't discover America, he was speaking a straightforward word.

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Little did he know

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that also or he didn't bring it out in his speech, that right in Turkey itself,

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there is hard evidence, because the statement is being made to rebut the words of Indira Gandhi are saying, you have no solid proof.

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You have no Arcola archaeological proof, you have no solid proof for this. But there is a map that was found in 1929.

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It was found in the library of Serato. in Istanbul, it was dated Muharram 919, after the digital, which is the equivalent of 1530.

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And in this the author Pirie race, had a series of maps which he gave to the Sultan Salim the second. And on the map was the map of South America. This is 1513.

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And on this map, which is preserved up until today, it had the correct longitude all the way across from Egypt all the way across to Brazil. It had its latitude and longitude. Everything is almost correct. The coast of Guyana and Brazil is almost exact.

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How could they know this? In 1530?

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Why does the world why is the world not made privy to this?

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But the response was, again, the president lied. He had no solid proof. Where is this physical evidence? But no there is in Mexico City between 1939 to 1965.

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In the art history College in Mexico City, a display was clearly there, which had pottery heads, which had terracotta, which had figures showing the faces of Muslims. And when they dated it, it dates long before Columbus.

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When Columbus came and he writes in his writings, he found the people with gold. The native people of the islands had gold they call it guanine.

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And the guanine is the same alloy as the Golden West Africa exactly the same.

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And the West African mandinka word is cunneen or guanine. It is the same as guanine.

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They also found out historians and geographers.

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People of anthropology, they found out that names stripes all over Central America are exactly the same as in West Africa. There is a people now living in Belize, living on the coastline called Garifuna.

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And they speak in African language, and they have Muslim cultural practices. They do not eat pork.

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They believe in one God, and they are returning to their faith up until today.

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little to the right. It's who spoke against President Erdogan know

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that on July 31 1502, a Spanish boat reports and it's in the memoirs of the Columbus family. The Spanish boat passes a morish boat in the Caribbean.

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And on the boat, there are women who are covering their face in the way that women used to do it in Granada. The cloth the clothing is the same as Granada in Spain.

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Little did they realize

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that the reality of this part of the world is now coming forward to the truth.

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This is

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Poland sadita Allah subhanaw taala tells us kulu, Poland sadita use laquan Malika.

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If you speak a straightforward word, he will repair your deeds while you fail upon the new backhoe, he'll forgive your sense. That's how important the truth is. There can be no peace. Without truth.

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There can be no peace in this land, without justice will never solve the Palestinian issue. Unless the true story of Palestine, showing everybody's story is given to the world, and then we judge. And so Colin sadita is an extremely important concept. And Howard Zinn,

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an American writer, who wrote the People's History of America, he spoke about the island of Hispaniola. This is the show you the difference between the truth and what we are given the island of Hispaniola,

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which is now Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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When the Spanish came, they were 3 million people on this island. It is it was considered to be the most densely populated area in the world. 3 million people.

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But when the Spanish got finished with them, murdering and slaving and killing within 50 years, there were only 200 people left. This is the story of the Americans that we do not hear. And unless there is truth, which is spoken in the land.

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There will never be peace. And Muslims have to be those who have colons Dida, Allah commanded us with this kulu Colin sadita is a command speak

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straightforward word. So what happened to these Muslims today in Latin America, you will be surprised to know that in Venezuela

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the same place where the ship was wrecked. Today there are over 100,000 Muslims in Venezuela.

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In Colombia,

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a bell was found in the church in the Palazzo della Inquisition.

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And it said written they thought it was a design and it said natural Islam be be Hiawatha Allah it said Islam spread with the with the waving of banners. Right now in Latin America. This is from the area of Mexico down to the South 5% of the population in Latin America, or Arabic speaking people.

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That means somewhere between 25 to 30 million people

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in Latin America speak Arabic. This is shocking information. Some of the countries like in Argentina, have 9% of their population are Arabic speaking people.

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Also, we find

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a huge population in Brazil.

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And so from this 25 to 30 million people, many of them are Muslims, the majority are Christians. But many of the Arabic speaking people, millions are Muslims. And now we see the importance of the conference of Latin American Muslim leaders, that this is a center of Islam. And people are rising up now coming forward. And our leaders have to be bold enough and strong enough to speak straightforward, bold enough and strong enough to gain the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and we can only pray that Allah azza wa jal would bless all of us to speak a straightforward word that Allah would repair our deeds and forgive us of our sins. And with this inshallah, we can gain the greatest

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rewards are colloquially how that was Dr. Ali welcome. When he said it was the minimum Coulee Dam been established in the whole of Puerto Rico

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Alhamdulillah Allah hadn't I hadn't thought of the summit, Allah The Lamia Allah while I'm youlet while I'm yaku la Hoku for one a hot well suddenly will sell them other parts of Milan via even more selling Nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy edge my robot. Yeah Eva de la tapa la hi Soma quantum warrior kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the liquidly oma fitna. We're fitna to Almighty Allah

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Prophet peace be Parliament said every nation has a trial and test and the trial and test of this nation is wealth where your Kunal hawks Aparna Mook piranha Amira Nala mala ekata who you saw Luna Allah Nabi yeah are you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi was elimu Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala AB de cada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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wa Allahu anahola Rashidi, Abu Bakar, Omar, Manoir de wannabe Rama, Amara Hamid Alhamdulillah Allah Dr. Donnelly had wallmark una de la tarea lo Lana de la Rabbana LA to the Hulu bada bada it had a Tana will have Linda Mila docudrama in the council will have Robin of Fairfield enter the new banner will cafe under say artina Waterford, Amara, Allah MacPhail and Muslim meanwhile Muslim at one Nina well minette

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mentum Well I'm what beautiful Chica Amara jaimini Bella Hama como la la la jolla San Ysidro portable

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for shy when mukava ja is a con la la come to the Quran and Islam