Nouman Ali Khan – Dealing With Non Muslims

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © A man describes his faith in Islam and how it applies to his personal life, including his grandfather's Christian heritage and his own personal history as a weren't-on-roll worker. He criticizes the way Islam is taught and tells people not to disrespect Muslims. He argues that Islam does not teach hate towards Muslims and that studying it is a waste of time.
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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not deal with the people in Makkah, and he isolated himself, we would not be taking Shahada. Today, I am a Muslim because my father is a Muslim whose father is a Muslim whose father is a Muslim whose father is a Muslim whose father is a Buddhist.

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I come from a Buddhist heritage, I looked it up. My great great great grandfather was actually a Buddhist. And he became a Muslim.

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Somebody had to talk to him and not treat him like nudges. Somebody had to show him courtesy. Somebody had to treat him like a human being. Somebody had to show him love and respect. You know?

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I was in the elevator in the hotel over here and the guy's name was what was his name? lithic.

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is hard to pronounce starts with an H. I didn't think

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obviously not a Muslim name. Do you know what happens? You read the name and you say okay is a Muslim guy. Mohammed is American brother. How are you? Hindu, the man to

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know Hey, how's it going? Good, sir. He's he used to work in the works in the hotel, how long you've been working for months? How's the job? It's hard.

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And it's tough. I know. And we just became friends just chatted a little I talked to a coffee.

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Relax, guys. The Dean does not teach you to hate non Muslims. This Dean came to bring dignity to all human beings when it comes to karma. Bunny. Adam, Allah says we gave respect to the children of Adam. I'll say that again. Allah says, Allah gave respect to who? To who? Children of Adam. So every child of Adam alayhis salam has been given respect by who? By Allah, how do you don't give them respect?

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Allah gives them respect. You don't give them respect. And you think Islam tells you to disrespect them. Islam tells you to look at them as evil. You don't even understand the eye when Allah talks about being not just where is the ayah? Where does it occur? What surah does it occur? What context does it occur in and how does it apply? We don't want to know because we just want to look at the surface and not study deeply. We don't have the time to study deeply. This is all the opposite of wisdom.

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