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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the characteristics of excessive wastefulness, including way of dressing and eating, the use of shabbat, and the importance of not taking water or getting hot water. They emphasize the need for people to pay close attention to their environment and not waste much water. The concept of "boody's behavior" is also discussed, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and how it can benefit the body and confidence. The segment ends with a recommendation to subscribe to the channel for more content.
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So, once a person is brought to in gratitude, the way shape on was brought to in gratitude or the way shape on became ungrateful, there are certain characteristics there are certain things that those people start to exhibit, the way that shape are exhibited. So, for example, we find a tip the last panel to Allah mentions a sense of extravagance. And if you if you realize ungrateful people, one of the trends of ungrateful people or one of the dominating traits of ungrateful people is that they're wasteful, right? They're excessive, they, you know, they don't really care much for, you know, for the small things in life or for, you know, for being careful with, with with the blessings

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that have already been given to them. You know, if you go to a Ramadan if thought in a developed country and most of our massages, right, you find people will take a few bites of food and they have no issue whatsoever, throwing away those plates and that's a trait of ingratitude. Okay. That's a trait of ingratitude. You're not recognizing the blessing of that food. Okay, so Allah Subhana Allah says, In the Quran, in the animal bed, varina canto Juana shall clean that people that are excessive in their wastefulness, are the brothers of shape or are the family members of shape? Ah, now I know you've probably listened to other explanations of this, but but, you know, pay very close attention

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in sha Allah to Allah to the distinction that Allah Subhana Allah is giving to these people. Okay, this title in particular. Now, the prophets lie Selim he condemned wastefulness and everything and again in gratitude leads to wastefulness okay? He condemned it in regards to our you know, the way that we dress ourselves, he condemned it in and that doesn't mean that he didn't dress nice because even the prophets lie Selim would like to dress nice and the last printout tells us who was enough to command the coolness to take your good clothes to the message of the you know, your good appearance. It doesn't mean that it's not okay to spend on Cologne and perfume and so on so forth.

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But the profits license you know, he, he condemned wastefulness in regards to our accessories and to our clothes and to those types of things. He condemned wastefulness and he condemned being excessive with our food. Okay, we are people as the prophets lie Selim taught us that don't eat until we're hungry. And when we eat, we don't fill our stomach. So the prophets lie some condemned a Shabbat, a person filling his stomach all the way eating to his fill, I shall the law and her she says that the first bidder in Islam, I would have had the third fifth Islam bear the multi dose realized so I sell them the first innovation in Islam after the death of the Prophet slicin was a sham. There was

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people eating to their filth, she said, this will have never used to eat to their fill. But now people eat to their fill. That's not something that we see from the prophets license. So you condemn that type of wastefulness. He even condemned wastefulness all along he was in regards to matters of worship a God. So he said, when you do will do when you when you, when you wash yourself for prayer, when you do your ablution he sets the lie solemn, do not do not use more water than you need. And he said even if you have a flowing river in front of you, you still should not be excessive with the water that you use for your mobile Subhanallah you know, I was just in hedging and hedge you know,

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we're forced to in certain places make we'll do it with a water bottle and you'd be surprised that sometimes with one water bottle two people could actually make well if you're paying attention to people could actually make will do it. But we run the sink at full we'll take a break, we'll take a phone call and still leave the sink running. That's excessiveness that's in gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for the blessing of water that's been given to you. So if that's in regards to worship, then what about other things? So Allah mentions different categories of wastefulness and excessiveness and the loss of Hannah to Allah talks about Islam. And I want you to pay very close

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attention to this because Allah mentions Islam in verb form and a noun form and Muslim defeat. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about this level of wastefulness now, slough is wastefulness in things that are helpful for us in their nature. But we are extravagant with those things. The definition from one of the great time burying your head lalana fellow while I can no sorry for the fairly he Yeah, hello, Lana ferula when I can mostly fulfill fairly which means that doing that action or whatever it is, that's in front of us, that's halaal in and of itself, okay? But we become extravagant within that action. What's the evidence for that? Allah Subhana Allah says what could you wish trouble

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well, ah, two three food, eat and drink but do not be extravagant. Eating and drinking is hella right. Doing well though, is hella okay. It's it's necessary. It's required. It's part of our job and so on so forth. But don't do is slough. Don't be extravagant with those things. Don't be wasteful with those types of things. Now there is another another level of extravagance.

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And that's beyond a Seraph. And that's a tab view. And a tab lead is when the action itself is how long and facade anyway, and that's the that's what the majority of the companions in the tab, you're in *, but that's the meaning of theater that its performance is how long in and of itself, so you're spending on something How long? excessive excessively, okay with extravagance, and so a loss of hundreds, Allah says in a mobile arena can mean that those who are constantly okay, because mobility means someone constantly in a state of those who are constantly spending on how long and being extravagant and spending on how long are the brothers of the shape bond. Now, what is the

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meaning of brother or sister in this context, there are three different effects in the Arabic language that the scholars mentioned. One of them is anomalism, right? And methodic, which means that he constantly is with that person, he never leaves that person. Okay, so that person never leaves the shade lawn. That's one way of looking at it. And that's what the majority of scholars said, This means, okay, because in the Arabic language, the way that the Arabs speak, if someone travels a lot, they say,

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okay, the brother of travel, if someone is constantly seeing and seen in the classroom, they say that this is the brother of knowledge. Mme it has Salaam was referred to, in a condescending manner. Yeah. to how to when they were mocking her, they said, Oh, sister of how to one, okay, because she resembles how to do his setup in her worship, or, you know, they were saying that you, you know, you claim to be like how to win someone that worships Allah subhana wa, tada, but you fall in, like how to win. So that's the second definition then, is a Shabbat, which is resemblance that you resemble, okay, someone to a point that you're called the brother or the sister of that person. And this is

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also true, because you are resembling shape on in this regard, because the blessings that have been given to shape on he uses them against the loss of Hannah hoghton. Right, he uses them to guide people away to lead people astray. And take them away from Allah subhanaw taala. And the third one is another which is to benefits, okay, to benefit one another. All right, and how do you benefit shape on when you spend on how long you keep, you know, from a marketing perspective, and from a business perspective, you keep that how long I'm going, alright, you are fueling that how long? Alright, so that's one way, you're also giving shape on confidence. So when you spend on how, Tom,

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you're helping that industry flourish, okay. So if you're buying drugs, you're helping that drug industry, of course, how long drugs and let's not get into that right now. But you're helping that industry flourish. If you're consuming *, you're helping the * industry flourish. So you're actually supporting the shape on, you're actually overly of shape on in that regard. And you know, at the same time, you're giving shape on a level of confidence and strength. All right, because you're showing him that he can indeed lead people astray. And that you will do the work that he's doing for him. Okay, so you're also benefiting the shape font. So it's a palette

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all of the three different meanings of brotherhood, that are mentioned in the Arabic language would apply to this ayah in animal but verina can Juana shell being the one who spends extravagantly upon how Tom is is like a brother or a sister to shape on? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from being from the followers of shape or to protect us from being from the family of shape on We ask Allah subhanaw taala instead to make us from our body to make us from the few Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box

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